When Miss Emmie Was in Russia

English Governesses Before, During and After the October Revolution


Author: Harvey Pitcher

Publisher: Eland Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781906011499

Category: History

Page: 248

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An intimate and revealing portrait of pre-Revolutionary Russian society which, contrary to received wisdoms, reveals a complex, liberal, and humane society full of enormous potential and past achievement.

Selling Mrs. Consumer

Christine Frederick and the Rise of Household Efficiency


Author: Janice Williams Rutherford

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820327271

Category: House & Home

Page: 290

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This first book-length treatment of the life and work of Christine Frederick (1883-1970) reveals an important dilemma that faced educated women of the early twentieth century. Contrary to her professional role as home efficiency expert, advertising consultant, and consumer advocate, Christine Frederick espoused the nineteenth-century ideal of preserving the virtuous home--and a woman's place in it. In an effort to reconcile her desire to succeed in the public sphere of modernization and consumerism with the knowledge that most middle-class Americans still held traditional beliefs about gender roles, Frederick fashioned a career for herself that encouraged other women to remain at home. With the rise of home economics and scientific management, Frederick--college-educated but confined to the drudgery of housework--devised a plan for bringing the public sphere into the domestic. Her home would become her factory. She learned how to standardize tasks by observing labor-saving devices in industry and then applied this knowledge to housework. She standardized dishwashing, for example, by breaking the job into three separate operations: scraping and stacking, washing, and drying and putting away. Determined to train women to become proficient homemakers and efficient managers, Frederick secured a job writing articles for the Ladies' Home Journal. A professional career as home efficiency expert later expanded to include advertising consultant and consumer advocate. Frederick assured male advertisers that she knew women well and promised to help them sell to "Mrs. Consumer." While Frederick sought the power and influence available only to men, she promoted a division of labor by gender and therefore served the fall of the early-twentieth-century wave of feminism. Rutherford's engaging account of Christine Frederick's life reflects a dilemma that continues to affect women today--whether to seek professional gratification or adhere to traditional family values.

The Russian Revolution and Civil War 1917-1921

An Annotated Bibliography


Author: Jonathan Smele

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441119922

Category: History

Page: 656

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The Russian Revolution and Civil War in the years 1917 to 1921 is one of the most widely studied periods in history. It is also somewhat inevitably one that has generated a huge flow of literature in the decades that have passed since the events themselves. However, until now, historians of the revolution have had no dedicated bibliography of the period and little claim to bibliographical control over the literature. The Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1917-1921offers for the first time a comprehensive bibliographical guide to this crucial and fascinating period of history. The Bibliography focuses on the key years of 1917 to 1921, starting with the February Revolution of 1917 and concluding with the 10th Party Congress of March 1921, and covers all the key events of the intervening years. As such it identifies these crucial years as something more than simply the creation of a communist state.

Early Professional Women in Northern Europe, c. 1650–1850


Author: Johanna Ilmakunnas,Marjatta Rahikainen,Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317146743

Category: History

Page: 280

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This book focuses on early examples of women who may be said to have anticipated, in one way or another, modern professional and/or career-oriented women. The contributors to the book discuss women who may at least in some respect be seen as professionally ambitious, unlike the great majority of working women in the past. In order to improve their positions or to find better business opportunities, the women discussed in this book invested in developing their qualifications and professional skills, took economic or other kinds of risks, or moved to other countries. Socially, they range from elite women to women of middle-class and lower middle-class origin. In terms of theory, the book brings fresh insights into issues that have been long discussed in the field of women’s history and are also debated today. However, despite its focus on women, the book is conceptually not so much focused on gender as it is on profession, business, career, qualifications, skills, and work. By applying such concepts to analyzing women’s endeavours, the book aims at challenging the conventional ideas about them.

Witnesses Of The Russian Revolution


Author: Harvey Pitcher

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446413446

Category: History

Page: 336

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This is a book on the Russian Revolution with a difference. It unites the formal history and the individual memoir by telling the story of 1917 in the words of eyewitnesses who say history in the making. They witnessed two revolutions - the overthrow of Tsarism in March and the Bolshevik seizure of power in November - and described them with an immediacy that later accounts never achieve. These witnesses are British and American rather than Russian: as outsiders, they could see more of the game. They include diplomats, newspaper correspondents, the military, businessmen, even the occasional English governess. There are also adventurous young American radicals like John Reed, author of Ten Days That Shook the World, and unexpected figures like Arthur Ransome, who married Trotsky's secretary and later wrote such children's classic as Swallows and Amazons. Their brilliant journalism has been unread since 1917, while many other eyewitness accounts are published here for the first time. Harvey Pitcher skilfully weaves their accounts into a vivid and absorbing narrative, treating the witnesses' often conflicting views of the Revolution with impartiality and leaving readers free to form their own judgements. In a new Afterword to the Pimlico edition, Harvey Pitcher relates the events of 1917 to what is happening in Russia today.

At Home with the Gentry

A Victorian English Lady's Diary of Russian Country Life


Author: Amelia Lyons

Publisher: Drake International Services

ISBN: 9781900405058

Category: History

Page: 131

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This newly-discovered account of an Englishwoman's stay in the province of Tambov in the early 1850's provides a unique insight into the life of lthe Russian country gentry on the eve of the Crimean War. Far from the world of the Court and high society that is the usual focus of nineteenth-century travel-writing on Russia Miss Lyons (the attribution remains tentative) takes as her subject the daily occupations and concerns of landowners and peasants on the remote steppes. The result is a vivid personal record which is also an illuminating study of provincial life and estate culture. No comparable source provides such a range of factual information in such a direct, unpretentious ans interesting manner. Students of history will discern in this chronicle of ordinary life an understanding of Russian society, of its outward forms and underlying tensions, as acute as any to be found in contemporary discern in this chronicle of ordinary life an understanding of Russian society, of its outward forms and underlying tensions, as acute as any to be found in contemporary accounts of Russia. At the same time, readers of all kinds will respond to the intelligence, humor and warmth which constitute the special charm of these sketches, and to the qualities of mind and character which led their author on her intrepid journey into the very heartland of Russia.

Muir & Mirrielees

The Scottish Partnership that Became a Household Name in Russia


Author: Harvey J. Pitcher

Publisher: N.A


Category: Businessmen

Page: 201

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