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When Fraser Met Billy

Author : Louise Booth
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A mother offers a touching, true account of how a rescue cat named Billy transformed her autistic boy's life. Original.

Billy Hill Godfather of London The Unparalleled Saga of Britain s Most Powerful Post War Crime Boss

Author : Wensley Clarkson
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There will never be another Billy Hill - Reggie Kray. Bill had a great brain. There's no two ways about it - Frankie Fraser. I made Billy Hill. Then he got over the top of me. I should have shot Billy Hill. I really should. I'd have got ten years for it but it would have made me happy and I'd be out now - laughing - Jack Spot. I have no doubt that during his career Hill had some very senior officers in his pocket - Leonard 'Nipper' Read, legendary Scotland Yard detective. Billy Hill was Britain's first celebrity gangster. Born in London's impoverished Seven Dials, by the early 1950's he had control of the city's gambling rackets and masterminded a heist that set the template for the Great Train Robbery. He ruled the roost in the bloody era when the underworld's choice of weapon was the open razor. His violent clashes with onetime ally turned enemy Jack Spot became the stuff of legend, as Hill and his henchmen left the streets of Soho running red. But Hill was astute enough to choose his moment to get out, abdicating in favour of his gun-toting young protégés, the Kray twins . . . In this fast-moving biography, Wensley Clarkson charts the life of the only post-war British villain to truly make crime pay.

Billy Snedden

Author : Sir Billy Snedden
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Canadian criminal cases

Author :
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Fraser s Bride

Author : Elizabeth Graham
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The Billy Boys

Author : William S. Marshall
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Modern Canadian Plays

Author : Jerry Wasserman
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Rebellious Fraser s

Author : Miriam Mulford Hunt Thrall
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A history of the literary journal Fraser's Magazine that explores the wit and satire used by Thackeray and Carlyle to comment on the social misery accompanying the economic experimentation, and the young writers' 'war on sentimentality.' It also examines the relation of Carlyle to the magazine and the evolution of Thackeray's work und the editor, William Maginn.

Form Bob to Bungles and Now to Billy

Author : Raymond Aitchison
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Author : Dizzy Gillespie
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Renaissance of American Coinage 1909 1915

Author : Roger W. Burdette
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The Pull of the Moon

Author : Julie Paul
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Winner, 2015 City of Victoria Butler Prize for Adult Literature, a Globe and Mail top 100 pick for 2014, and winner of the Bronze Medal for Short Story Fiction at the 2015 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards Twelve short stories that examine what happens in the lives of characters who discover shocking truths about the people they thought they knew best. Whether set in a cottage or a Montreal market, a graveyard or a backyard, these stories transport you into the lives of people you�â�€�™ll recognize. Your neighbours may not want to make squirrels into pets or sell you a piece of the moon. Your son may not be asked to donate sperm to his girlfriend�â�€�™s mother. Your sister may not want you to bring a dead cat across the border. You may not have an imaginary husband, a secret brother, or a friend who has turned to murder in a custody battle. But in each of these stories, people are trying to figure out how to live in a world that doesn�â�€�™t always seem hospitable. With her keen poet�â�€�™s eye, Julie Paul examines human nature and animal instinct, as the characters in The Pull of the Moon try to negotiate their impulses and desires. Ultimately, they want what most of us want: connection, belonging, love, and forgiveness.


Author :
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Frontier Justice

Author : Tony Roberts
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“Frontier Justice is a very powerful and important book. It appears at a particularly significant time given the intense current debate about Aboriginal history. It is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the story of the Australian frontier.” Professor Henry Reynolds A challenging and illuminating history, Frontier Justice brings a fresh perspective to the Northern Territory’s remarkable frontier era. For the newcomer, the Gulf country—from the Queensland border to the overland telegraph line, and from the Barkly Tableland to the Roper River—was a harsh and in places impassable wilderness. To explorers like Leichhardt, it promised discovery, and to bold adventurers like the overlanders and pastoralists, a new start. For prospectors in their hundreds, it was a gateway to the riches of the Kimberley goldfields. To the 2,500 Aboriginal inhabitants, it was their physical and spiritual home. From the 1870s, with the opening of the Coast Track, cattlemen eager to lay claim to vast tracts of station land brought cattle in massive numbers and destruction to precious lagoons and fragile terrain. Black and white conflict escalated into unfettered violence and retaliation that would extend into the next century, displacing, and in some areas destroying, the original inhabitants. The vivid characters who people this meticulously researched and compelling history are indelibly etched from diaries and letters, archival records and eyewitness accounts. Included are maps with original place names, and previously unpublished photographs and illustrations. “A commanding study of race relations in the remote Gulf country. Tony Roberts uncovers compelling evidence of a litany of violence across some forty-odd years of rough borderlands dispossession in an encompassing, powerful and disturbing history.” Professor Raymond Evans

The Torch We Throw The Dundurn WWI Historical Library

Author : Brereton Greenhous
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The giant conflagration of the First World War created the world we live in today, and its history is replete with stirring battles, mind-boggling strategies, and geopolitical manoeuvring. However, the real story was lived in the trenches of Europe and the lonely households of those left behind. The stories of this period are full of tragedy, anger, and loss but also inspirational courage. This special five-book bundle presents some of these stories, from brave Canadian contributions to the battlefields at Ypres and Amiens, to the specific untold story of Canada’s unheralded 58th Division, to an analysis of the myth and legend of air ace Billy Bishop, to the voice of one single soldier, Deward Barnes, told through his diary. These books provide new and enlightening perspectives on the war. Amiens Hell in Flanders Fields It Made you Think of Home The Making of Billy Bishop Second to None

Gangland Bosses

Author : James Morton
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In August 1955 two men fought on the corner of Frith Street and Old Compton Street, Soho. From the dreadful injuries they inflicted on each other it easily could have been a hanging matter, but ironically it became known as 'The Fight that Never Was'. It was, however, to have enormous repercussions in the battle for control of Soho and its clubs and for the bookmakers' pitches on the racecourses. It also led to the inexorable rise of the Kray twins. One of the men fighting was Jack Spot, the self-proclaimed defender of the Jewish community against Fascism. The other was the half Italian Albert Dimes, the right hand man of Spot's one-time friend and later nemesis Billy Hill, rightly described as the nearest Britain has ever had to a mastermind. Meticulously researched, including interviews with the survivors of the era, this is the story of the rise and fall of Spot from an East End background and Hill from a criminal family in Holborn, as well as that of their spiritual mentor Darby Sabini, the King of the Racecourses in the 1920s and 1930s and his successors Alf and Harry White.

Andrew Jones M H R

Author : Andrew Jones
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Wells Fargo Messenger

Author :
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Running with the Krays

Author : Billy Webb
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Running with the Krays lifts the liid off London's underworld, from street gangs and race-course con games to protection rackets, beatings, maimings, intimidation and even murders. It reveals elements of police corruption and provides insights into the interdependence of both sides of the underworld scene - a compelling and gruesome account of how the other half of London lives. Born in wartime London's east end, Billy Webb grew up in the violence of air-raids and street warfare. His first weapon was a knuckleduster which he had made to measure for the price of five cigarettes when he was 11. When he first met the Krays they were scraping a living by doorknocking for old clothes to be sold in street markets. For three years he and the twins were on the run together as army deserters, and over the course of time, he was a friend, ally and foe of the Krays in their violent rise to fame.

The Strong Silent Type

Author : Buck Rainey
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Many of the stars of silent westerns were young horse wranglers who left the open fields to make some extra money bulldogging steers and chasing Indians around arenas in traveling Wild West shows. They made their way to Hollywood when the popularity of the Wild West shows began to decline, found work acting in action-packed silent westerns, and became idols for early moviegoers everywhere. Over 100 of those cowboys who starred in silent westerns between 1903 and 1930 are highlighted in this work. Among those included are Broncho Billy Anderson, Art Acord, Harry Carey, William Desmond, Hoot Gibson, William S. Hart, Jack Hoxie, William Farnum, Jack Holt, Buck Jones, J. Warren Kerrigan, Tim McCoy, Ken Maynard, Tom Mix, Fred Thompson, Fred Cody, Bob Custer, Jack Daugherty, William Duncan, Neal Hart, Leo Maloney, Pete Morrison, Jack Mower, Dustin Farnum, George Larkin, Jack Perrin, Buddy Roosevelt, William Russell, Bob Steele, Tom Tyler, and Wally Wales, to name just a few. Biographical information and a complete filmography are provided for each actor. Richly illustrated with over 300 picture stills.