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What s the Score

Author : Bonnie J. Morris
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-- Bonnie Morris brings with her a fanbase of athletes and current and previous students who admire her and follow her activities, of which there are many. I expect that she will be a strong and active marketing partner. -- The book's publication will coincide with the 50th anniversary of Title IX (June 2022) and the anniversary of the historic King-Riggs tennis match also coming up (September 2023). -- This book fufills a Red Lightning Books strategic goal to bring in works that showcase American culture and appeal to enthusiasts of popular culture, trends and current events, including in this case a rise in interest around women's sports and issues around pay equity, and sports in general. -- The target audience includes a trade/general readership interested in sports, athletics and gender, teaching athletes, women's studies, Title IX policies, and more.

Knowing the Score

Author : David Papineau
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'A tour de force that provides fresh insight not only into the nature of sport, but cooperation, the mind, altruism, teamwork, leadership, tribalism and ritualism. It's a book that every sports fan should read, and every sports writer should absorb' Matthew Syed 'David Papineau's book is an important contribution to our thinking about sports, society, psychology, and moral philosophy. But it is also much more than that. Gripping from start to finish, it is a terrific read full of humour and good sense. You don't even have to like sports to enjoy it' Ian Buruma Why do sports competitors choke? How can Roger Federer select which shot to play in 400 milliseconds? Should foreign-born footballers be eligible to play for England? Why do opposing professional cyclists help each other? Why do American and European golfers hate each other? Why does test cricket run in families? Why is punching tolerated in rugby but not in soccer? These may not look like philosophical questions, but David Papineau shows that under the surface they all raise long-standing philosophical issues. To get to the bottom of these and other sporting puzzles, we need help from metaphysics or ethics, or from the philosophy of mind or political philosophy, as well as numerous other philosophical disciplines. Knowing the Score will be an entertaining, fact-filled and erudite book that ranges far and wide through the sporting world. As a prominent philosopher who is also an enthusiastic amateur sportsman and omnivorous sports fan, David Papineau is uniquely well-placed to show how philosophy can illuminate sporting issues. By bringing his philosophical expertise to bear, he will add a new dimension to the way we think about sport.

Representing Australian Aboriginal Music and Dance 1930 1970

Author : Amanda Harris
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Shortlisted for the 2021 Prime Minister's Literary Award for Australian History. Representing Australian Aboriginal Music and Dance 1930-1970 offers a rethinking of recent Australian music history. Amanda Harris presents accounts of Aboriginal music and dance by Aboriginal performers on public stages. Harris also historicizes the practices of non-Indigenous art music composers evoking Aboriginal music in their works, placing this in the context of emerging cultural institutions and policy frameworks. Centralizing auditory worlds and audio-visual evidence, Harris shows the direct relationship between the limits on Aboriginal people's mobility and non-Indigenous representations of Aboriginal culture. This book seeks to listen to Aboriginal accounts of disruption and continuation of Aboriginal cultural practices and features contributions from Aboriginal scholars Shannon Foster, Tiriki Onus and Nardi Simpson as personal interpretations of their family and community histories. Contextualizing recent music and dance practices in broader histories of policy, settler colonial structures, and postcolonizing efforts, the book offers a new lens on the development of Australian musical cultures.

The Round Table

Author :
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The Crew

Author : Mike Ryan
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Jack Carter has a beautiful wife, two young kids, a modest home, and a steady job. But he’s got one big problem. The bills are piling up and he’s falling behind on every payment imaginable. Running out of options, his old life is starting to look pretty good again. Dominic Cirella’s got what most criminals and cops alike would consider one of the top crews in the area. But now he’s got a problem too. One member of his crew has grown too hard to handle and Cirella feels he needs a replacement. Cirella’s number one option is to replace his crew member with a former member of the crew. The only one who escaped jail time and started a new life, Jack Carter. If Cirella can get Carter on board, then they’ll both have a problem together. Can they pull off an armored car job while under police surveillance?

Biocontamination Control for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Author : Tim Sandle
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Biocontamination Control for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare outlines a biocontamination strategy that tracks bio-burden control and reduction at each transition in classified areas of a facility. This key part of controlling risk escalation can lead to the contamination of medicinal products, hence necessary tracking precautions are essential. Regulatory authorities have challenged pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and those in manufacturing practice to adopt a holistic approach to contamination control. New technologies are needed to introduce barriers between personnel and the environment, and to provide a rapid and more accurate assessment of risk. This book offers guidance on building a complete biocontamination strategy. Provides the information necessary for a facility to build a complete biocontamination strategy Helps facilities understand the main biocontamination risks to medicinal products Assists the reader in navigating regulatory requirements Provides insight into developing an environmental monitoring program Covers the types of rapid microbiological monitoring methods now available, as well as current legislation

Themes in the Philosophy of Music

Author : Stephen Davies
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Is music a language of the emotions? How do recorded pop songs differ from works created for live performance? Is John Cage's silent piece, 4'33", music? Stephen Davies's new book collects some of his most important papers on central topics in the philosophy of music. As well as perennial questions, Davies addresses contemporary controversies, including the impact of modern technology on the presentation and reception of both new and old musical works. These essays, two ofthem new and previously unpublished, are self-standing but thematically connected, and will be of great interest to philosophers, aestheticians, and to theorists of music and art.

The Rise and Fall of National Test Scores

Author : Gilbert R. Austin
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The Rise and Fall of National Test Scores examines, in some depth, the nature of test score changes over an extended period of time and in a broad range of subject matters and levels of schooling. The book contains chapters contributed by experts on various aspects of educational tests and score interpretation and uses. The text discusses the interpretations of trends in college admissions test scores and questions about the post-admission performance of ethnic minority students. The book examines general school achievement trends of high school students and the trends observed in broad-based testing programs of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). The complexities involved in obtaining dependable data with which to make informed judgments about reading achievement trends are examined. The text further tackles the positive and negative trends in academic achievement in Science with particular emphasis on the effects of curriculum revision; as well as the problems of mathematics testing. The book then describes test score trends and problems in Great Britain and Ireland, with attention given to the similarities and differences of those countries and the United States. Educators, researchers, political leaders, and informed, interested laymen will find the book invaluable.

Accuracy of Individual Scores Expressed in Percentile Ranks

Author : David Roth Rogosa
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The Paper Canoe

Author : Eugenio Barba
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