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What s the Point of College

Author : Johann N. Neem
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Exploring how we can ensure that America's colleges remain places for intellectual inquiry and reflection, Neem does not just provide answers to the big questions surrounding higher education—he offers readers a guide for how to think about them.

College What s the Point

Author : David B. Van Heemst
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In the compelling bookCollege: What's the Point? Embracing the Mystery of the Kingdom in a Postmodern World, author David Van Heemst passionately and insightfully challenges Christian college students to abandon superficiality and apathy during their four years of college to instead go deep, ask the hard questions, and pursue a life of radical meaning. College: What's the Point? addresses the significant issues facing college students today such as identity, calling, academic integrity, relationships, and healthy sexuality to guide the reader in a thought-provoking journey of faith, reflection, and discovery.College: What's the Point?frames these difficult issues confronting college students in the context of biblical justice and God's redemptive purpose for the world, and speaks directly to the young adult desiring more than the status quo. The author invites students to use their time in college to grapple with the tough questions, to embrace the brokenness, and to participate in ushering in the Kingdom of God. Accessible and engaging, College: What's the Point? enables the reader to approach their college education with a deeper understanding of the impact of these years upon their life, their calling, and the world.

What s the Point

Author : Suzanne Mellor
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Examines the civic and political attitudes of young Australians. The study uses as its basis a study by the internationally recognised American researcher Caroline Hahn, who spent ten years investigating the political attitudes of students in the United States, England, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The author examines students' attitudes on classroom climate, political experience and interest, political trust, efficacy and confidence as well as equal political rights for women, free expression and civic rights. By using a modified Hahn questionnaire, the author is able to compare Victorian and overseas students. The picture that emerges of our students' political attitudes is quite negative and demonstrates curriculum deficiencies in our schools.

The Electoral College and Direct Election

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on the Constitution
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Preparation for Introductory College Physics

Author : Jon A. Celesia
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This light-hearted guide prepares students to be successful in any introductory physics course. As students work through the guide, they will discover the "cool" nature of the physical world and find out that physics can be fun! While this tutorial may be used with any text, it is inspired by and closely follows Physics: The Nature of Things, by Susan M. Lea and John Robert Burke, Brooks/Cole Publishing.

What s the Hold Up

Author : United States
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The College Anthology

Author : Walter Blair
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Think College

Author : Meg Grigal
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Help students with intellectual disabilities succeed in college with this comprehensive resource. You'll discover the big picture of today's postsecondary options and learn how to support students with disabilities before, during, and after a successful t

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Getting Into College

Author : O'Neal Turner
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You're no idiot, of course. You know that college life is full of exciting academic challenges, and you can't wait to gain independence from your parents and meet new friends. But when it comes to evaluating colleges, filling out application forms, and figuring out tuition expenses, you feel like you're back in second grade learning multiplication tables. Don't stay back just yet! The Complete Idiot's Guide® to College Planning, Second Edition helps make this difficult process go as smoothly as possible...and brings you closer to your dream education. In this completely revised and updated Complete Idiot's Guide®, you get: --Helpful guidelines on figuring out what you're looking for in a college. --Up-to-date information about applying for loans and scholarships. --Cutting-edge tips on putting together a winning application, earning high test scores, and getting impressive recommendations. --Simple steps on qualifying for financial aid.

College Basketball Prospectus 2008 2009

Author : Ken Pomeroy
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An authoritative guide to the upcoming college basketball season furnishes essays on diverse facets of the college game and previous season, previews of the thirty-one Division-I conferences, statistical analyses, profiles of the teams, and helpful projections for the 2008-2009 basketball season. Original.

Striving for Excellence in College

Author : M. Neil Browne
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The Journal of College Student Personnel

Author :
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The Lancet

Author :
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The Lancet London

Author :
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Natural Literacy

Author : Doug Dix
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Harold Shapiro, the former president of Princeton, ventured to say that theology had been divorced from the liberal. Professor Doug Dix's book is about arranging a remarriage. His analysis suggests the divorce goes deeper than Shapiro may have realized. Love has been divorced from learning because money has replaced truth as the object of affection. Now students learn to earn. Natural Literacy strives to motivate students and faculty to instead learn to love. What do we truly want to know? Doug Dix proposes that readers discover authentic answers by repairing their motives and returning to their natural roots. His perspective is innovative and certain to be controversial.

Critical Reading for College and Beyond

Author : Deborah Daiek
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Critical Reading for College and Beyond uses regular journaling and self-assessment techniques to help students hone their abilities to read, analyze, and respond to textbooks and other college-appropriate materials.

What s Your Point

Author : Bob Boylan
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Bob Boylan has taught thousands of executives the secrets to making powerful and effective presentations. Now you can take advantage of the foolproof techniques he teaches in his professional-level workshops to improve your own presentation skills. You'll learn to create world-class presentations with Boylan's proven 3-Step Method--an innovative approach to developing powerful presentations that is quick, simple, and effecivte. You'll capture your audience's attention--and make your point clearly--every time.

What is a Christian College

Author :
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College Decisions

Author : Joshua R. Gerow
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[The] purpose [of this book is] to provide you with the basic, core information and skills that will help you to do the very best you can in your college career. -Introd.

College Writing Resources with Readings

Author : Elizabeth Cloninger Long
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College Writing Resources is a complete resource for essay- and bridge-level writing courses, providing strong, clear writing instruction to guide students in the process and an unmatched amount of exercises. The AUTHOR uses a successful writing framework throughout the text to show students how to check their work for the elements of good writing at every stage of development. College Writing Resources is a complete resource for essay- and bridge-level writing courses, providing strong, clear writing instruction to guide students in the process and an unmatched amount of exercises. Successful writing framework integrated throughout the text, Appealing four-color design with more than 75 color photos and 30 diagrams , Cultural literacy themein each chapter, A companion Lab Manual provides additional reinforcement.