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What s Happening to Ellie

Author : Kate E. Reynolds
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Ellie notices that her body is changing. Hair is growing in new places and there are other changes happening too. Ellie's mum helps her understand that she has started growing into a woman. Following Ellie as she begins to notice changes to her body, this simple resource helps parents and carers teach girls with autism and related conditions about puberty. It covers all the changes that they will experience, both emotional such as new feelings and physical such as periods. This fully illustrated positive and entertaining book provides the perfect opportunity to talk about puberty with girls and young women with autism or related conditions.

Dead on Cue

Author : Sally Spencer
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The latest Chief Inspector Woodend mystery With the newspapers screaming for a quick solution, this is a case no one wants to touch -- so naturally it is Chief Inspector Woodend who finds himself left holding the baby. With his usual panache, Cloggin'-it Charlie quickly immerses himself of the world of television, meeting people he has previously only seen as characters on the screen, learning that while there may be honour among thieves there does not seem to be much on the set of Maddox Row. The question, it soon becomes apparent, is not who wanted to kill Valerie Farnsworth, but who didn't. And will the murderer stop at only one victim? There are those in the know who are convinced that he won't.

The Waking Dark

Author : Robin Wasserman
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The town of Oleander is postcard perfect. Until one day. The day the Devil came to Oleander. Whatever they called it, through the months to come - through the funerals and the dinners and the sidelong glances between formerly trusting neighbours - it was all anyone could talk about. It seemed safe to assume it was all anyone would ever talk about, just as it was assumed that Oleander had been changed for ever, and that, once buried, the bodies would stay in the ground. But then the storms came . . .

Princess Ellie s Secret

Author : Diana Kimpton
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Princess Ellie is pony-mad! She loves helping out at the stables and riding her ponies. It's so long since she learned to ride on Shadow, her Shetland pony, that now her feet touch the ground when she's riding him. The King thinks she looks silly and decides to sell Shadow. But Ellie can't bear to lose him. Can she invent a plan to save Shadow? Includes pony facts, quizzes and downloadable colouring sheets. "A heady cocktail of princesses, horses and mystery is enough to make any girl giddy. The text trots along with humour and enough horsey fact to hold the attention, while the lovely drawings help fit faces to story." - BBC Parenting

Finding Claire

Author : Pamela Humphrey
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She wakes up in the back of a van, and her whole world changes. ​Injured and afraid—with no recollection of who she is—she stumbles through the Texas Hill Country with a photo labeled Claire. Seeking safety, she knocks at Alex’s cabin door. He protects her, even though she stirs up memories that haunt him. ​She wants her life back. He wants to ease his guilt and will protect her even if it means risking his own life. Together they search, hoping questions will be answered by Finding Claire.

Escape from Innocence

Author : Mary Haskell Curtis
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Ellie Homans, artist and wife of a prominent surgeon, lives in sumptuous luxury in a Boston suburb. Senator Alexander Lindsay, of Bostonian aristocracy, is vital, handsome, and politically powerful. But privilege has shielded neither from loveless marriages. Together they find a passionate commitment that submerges their mutual devotion to fidelity and personal integrity. The discovery of their affair leads Ellie s husband to devise a life-threatening method to imprison his wife in her unwanted marriage. He unwittingly passes his vendetta to his daughter, whose fury brings mother and daughter to the brink of disaster. Ellie s escape from innocence to costly awareness leads her to the realization that love, no matter how mature, can have a dreadful price. A woman finally discovers what she wants and what it costs. Ellie Homans keeps a running tally of "shoulds" in her mind, a list of her failures as the wife of an eminent surgeon from one of Boston's first families and mother to a son following in his father's footsteps and a daughter who hates her. The list is a catalog of battles she's lost over the years, from the decoration of the house to where her daughter Annie should go to college. Curtis (Song for a Lifetime, 1999) unfolds this romantic drama set among the New England aristocracy with an assured hand. Rich, engaging characters demonstrate that love often comes at a high price. -Kirkus Discoveries"

Healing Children

Author : Kurt Newman, M.D.
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A National Bestseller An “astounding and miraculous ” (Madeline Levine) medical memoir by one of our nation’s leading pediatric surgeons-- the visionary head of Children’s National Anyone who has seen a child recover from a wound or a broken bone knows that kids are made to heal. Their bodies are more resilient, more adaptive, and far more able to withstand acute stress than adults’. In this inspiring memoir, Dr. Kurt Newman draws from his long experience as a pediatric surgeon working at one of our nation’s top children’s hospitals to make the case that children are more than miniature adults. Through the story of his own career and of the brave kids he has treated over the years—and their equally brave and tenacious parents—he reveals the revolution that is taking place in pediatric medicine. When he decided to become a pediatric surgeon, the field was in its infancy, struggling for esteem. Now, nearly forty years later, it is at the forefront of exhilarating new discoveries in everything from cancer research to mental health care. But few parents know how to access the best care for their children. Far too many find themselves frustrated and afraid. Dr. Newman wrote this book to help guide parents—not just of sick kids but of all kids —and to share his knowledge of what children need to thrive. A deeply human story with a spectacular cast of young heroes and heroines, Healing Children will convince you that we still have a lot to learn from our kids.

Harlequin Presents March 2018 Box Set 1 of 2

Author : Sharon Kendrick
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Harlequin® Presents brings you a collection of four new titles! This Presents box set includes: BOUND TO THE SICILIAN’S BED Conveniently Wed! By Sharon Kendrick After their painful past, Nicole wants a divorce. But to get her out of his system Rocco offers a deal: before moving on with her life, she will be his one last time! A DEAL FOR HER INNOCENCE By Cathy Williams Ellie Wilson only has eyes for her job...until she meets gorgeous Niccolo Rossi! After arriving at his Caribbean resort, Ellie’s pitch suddenly involves her playing girlfriend. But seduction may be Niccolo’s highest priority… CONTRACTED FOR THE PETRAKIS HEIR One Night With Consequences By Annie West As Alice defiantly informs Adoni Petrakis of her pregnancy, memories of his skilled touch overwhelm her! His contract to claim her is shocking — so is realizing she’s inescapably in his thrall! CLAIMED BY HER BILLIONAIRE PROTECTOR By Robyn Donald Elana Grange isn’t prepared for Niko Radcliffe’s heart-stopping charisma. Their chemistry is electrifying, especially when circumstances force them together. Niko’s embrace promises ecstasy, but letting him close feels so very dangerous… Be sure to collect Harlequin® Presents’ March 2018 Box Set 2 of 2!


Author : Eva Pohler
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Watch out, pantheon. There's a new goddess in town. First it was a magnificent castle on the outskirts of Mount Olympus. Then it was a primitive shack on a west Texas ranch. Now, Ellie hides with Deimos and Hecate from Zeus and his loyalists in the enchanted cave of the moon goddess, Selene. However, when Hecate reveals her vision of Ellie's unborn twins, Ellie is spurred into action. She'll do whatever it takes to save her fledgling family and its rightful place in the pantheon. "An edge of your seat ending!"--Brie Strauss ★★★★★ "Her works are always so amazing! I'm glad to have yet another one I couldn't set down. A great read from the first page to the last!"-- ★★★★★ "Eva has done it again and with how she brings to life the gods and goddess of Olympus!"-- ★★★★★ "I devoured this book in one night!!!"--TLK ★★★★★ "The end was superbly done and I enjoyed how it ended. It does end in a HEA and that makes it wonderful. The entire series is a must read!!!!!"--Darcy Smith ★★★★★ Grab your copy to continue this thrilling romance today!

Being Invisible

Author : E.M Louder
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"How will you ever meet new people or god forbid fall in love if you don't let people in?" The wise words of Misha's best friend, the one and only person she has in her life. Misha an uncaring, unfeeling and hard-hearted 20year old University student believes herself to be invisible. Nobody likes her or talks to her, her social status in non-existent as well as her love life. However unbeknown to Misha there is one exception to her invisible state and her tough and unbreakable attitude, Jake Nash. Jake Nash a sexy party-going, womanising, emotionally inept football jock, transfers to Misha's University to give himself a fresh new start in life. Although there is sexual attraction on Misha's part she knows Jake's reputation and his bad boy ways. She will never allow herself to be sucked into his good looks and easy going attitude, she knows the real Jake Nash. Or does she? What happens when their pasts meet their present? Can Misha and Jake build a relationship when they are both stubborn and hard-headed? Can Misha finally let the walls around her heart break away and allow someone else into her life? Note: This book is recommended for adult readers, it contains graphic language and sexual situations.