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What They Want Us To Know

Author : Shawndra McWhorter
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Have you ever wondered what animals would tell us if they could? This book will give you that chance to find out! By being able to receive downloaded messages from wild and domestic animals, Shawndra translates their messages for us. These animals have shared powerful messages of unity, connection and purpose, and steps that each of us are able to take to deepen the connection, find more meaning in our lives, and become the humans that the animals know we can be. You'll hear messages from 12 different animals on what they want us to know in order to live a more profoundly amazing life. You'll be given the opportunity to learn ways to be more compassionate, tolerant and heart-centered, to the animals and to each other.

Achieving Success Excerpt from What They Don t Want Us to Know

Author :
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So They Want Us to Learn French

Author : Matthew Hayday
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Bilingualism has become a defining aspect of Canadian identity. But why don’t more English Canadians actually speak French? So They Want Us to Learn French explores the various ways in which bilingualism was promoted to English-speaking Canadians from the 1960s to the late 1990s. It analyzes the strategies and tactics employed by organizations on both sides of the bilingualism debate. Attentive to the dramatic background of constitutional change, economic turmoil, demographic shifts, and Quebec separatism, Matthew Hayday’s vivid account places the personal experience of Canadians faced with the issue and reality of Canadian bilingualism within a historical, political, and social context.

They Want Us Exterminated

Author : Human Rights Watch (Organization)
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This 67-page report documents a wide-reaching campaign of extrajudicial executions, kidnappings, and torture of gay men that began in early 2009. The killings began in the vast Baghdad neighborhood of Sadr City, a stronghold of Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army militia, and spread to many cities across Iraq. Mahdi Army spokesmen have promoted fears about the "third sex" and the "feminization" of Iraq men, and suggested that militia action was the remedy. Some people told Human Rights Watch that Iraqi security forces have colluded and joined in the killing.--Publisher description.

What They Want

Author : Omar Tyree
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Fourteen novels and counting, New York Times bestselling author Omar Tyree returns with What They Want, adding another sexy, scorching novel to his growing list of urban literature. Successful male model Terrance Mitchell had no plans at all to ever settle down. For what? Being single was freedom, where relationships were binding. Nor did he have any plans for a family, with snotty-nosed kids running around, cramping his style, and eating for free. To hell with all that. Terrance loved his life as is. He was a well-traveled, good-looking male model in an industry full of insatiable and insecure beautiful women. Women who adored him and were willing to do almost anything to prove it. He liked it that way. And he had become accustomed to it. Then it happened. One of his beautiful women fell over the cuckoo's nest and shattered his peace of mind. From then on, Terrance could never again lead the blind mice with his flute without feeling guilty about it. He realized that women had a purpose for him. That they had dreams and aspirations that included his participation. Of course, a man in his position, constantly surrounded by beautiful women, would know this already. But just because he knew what women wanted didn't mean he was capable of or willing to give it to them. Nevertheless, Terrance suddenly felt inspired to try. From an award-winning novelist and storyteller, What They Want is Omar Tyree's most provocative and seductive novel to date.

Got to Give the People What They Want

Author : Jalen Rose
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“I want to start conversations, and even better, arguments.” – From the Introduction One of the most outspoken and original voices in sports sounds off while revealing his incredible life story. Jalen Rose has never been quiet. Not as a kid growing up in Detroit in the 70’s and 80’s. Not as the brash, trash-talking leader of the legendary “Fab Five” at the University of Michigan. Not as the player under the stewardship of Hall of Famers Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas and others throughout his 13-year NBA career. And certainly not as a commentator and analyst on ABC/ESPN and Grantland. In Got to Give the People What They Want, no topic is off limits. Honest, unfiltered, unbiased. Raw, refreshing, real. This colorful collection of stories and opinions about basketball and life gives people the kind of insight and understanding they don’t get anywhere else in the sports world.

Coronavirus Outbreak How to Stay Safe and What They Do Not Want You to Know About COVID 19

Author : Greg Norton
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The world is at panic! The economy is going down the spiral. Borders are closed. People are going into quarantine. The world is at a state of emergency. Everyone talks about the Coronavirus and its complications. Be informed, not scared. This book is designed to give you as mush as information as possible from doctors and experts to help you learn the truth about COVID-19 and beyond. How to protect yourself from the Coronavirus? What the Government does not tell you? Is there a real danger to your health and your loved ones or it's just a typical flu? You'll find all those questions answered here and more. As of December 2019, the new Coronavirus emerged out of the blue, COVID-19, in China and the humanity was not prepared for it. It's spreading at a rapid speed. Is there an actual cure or treatment for this at the moment? In this book, you'll learn more about the Coronavirus and its complications. Where the virus contamination is going and what that means to you and the world as a whole? Be prepared! Grab your copy now!


Author : David Gomadza
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This is book 2 of the Evelina series. Things get even hot. Raised stakes and a matter of life or death. Mankind’s existence rest on the shoulders of one woman. The Omega. The first woman has become the last woman. The only true seal. What if it was all planned before this world was created? To save all humanity, mankind must find the only true key; the Omega. On the other hand, to restore the lost kingdom of darkness, the devil must find the most wanted catalyst; The Omega. When everyone’s fate is in your hands what are the risks to yourself? It is a dash against time as total obliteration of the losing team is imminent and inevitable. It is a story of courage, steadfast and honor in the face of death. When loyalty is tested to breaking points. When the person you are to protect is the same person you must kill to save humanity from extinction? Some choices are meant for gods as humans are too weak and unequipped to handle such traumatic experiences. One man’s quest to solve God’s Dilemma, but at what cost? One lady’s quest to clear her name and enjoy life like every woman out there, but with what is at stake will the evil regime turn a blind eye?And at what expense?On the edge of the seat from the word go. A MUST READ.

Influencing Elections

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on House Oversight
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Givin the People What They Want

Author : Christopher B. Scharping
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In 1920, the US government, at the request mostly of a new army of female voters in America, turned off the tap that had served Americans cold beer and liquor. The Volstead Act made the sale of alcohol illegal throughout the forty-eight states. A nation surrounded by water rose up to provide. Liquor came ashore from all directions: the Pacific Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Atlantic Coast, and across the Great Lakes from Canada. Our story looks at the smuggling from Canada across Lake Ontario. Since colonial times, liquor had been brought legally and illegally, usually to sidestep the paying of taxes on the products. Now it was brought into the country to provide what the government had tried to take away. The Volstead Act inadvertently created a whole new smuggling system. New terms came into the general vocabulary: Prohibition agent, speakeasy, rum runners (who brought the illegal cargo in by water), and bootleggers (who drove the liquor along the nations roadways). Our story will be mainly focused on the rum runners, although the bootleggers will be represented as well. My grandfather, Charles Frederick Scharping, owned a farm on Lower Lake Road that bordered Lake Ontario. In 1955, my parents built a cottage on the farm at the edge of the lake. The spot where our cottage was located, on Scharping Lane, was the spot where rum runners would bring their illegal cargoes. They sold them to the bootleggers for cash. These rum runners braved over fifty miles of water from the shores of Orleans County to the pickup points along the Canadian shore. The return trips were challenged by weather, hijackers, and the US Coast Guard. Waves up to eight feet tall were common during the frequent storms. Many lost their lives. This Volstead Law lasted for twelve years. It was a bloody time where fortunes were made and lives lost.

Congressional Serial Set

Author :
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A Savage Presence

Author : WL Knightly
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Now that Connor Cohen is dead, Silas Cohen is free to live the life he wants. But there are still two men in the way. When Enzo Juarez tries to make a new deal with Fiona, her good intentions get the best of her and she unexpectedly puts Silas in danger. Can Alex’s connections save them this time? All bets are off when it’s every man for themselves in this series’ finale.

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Author :
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Demand Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It

Author : Adrian Slywotzky With Karl Web
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Demand is one of the few economic terms almost everyone knows. Demand drives supply. When demand rises, it stimulates growth - jobs are created, the economy flourishes and society thrives. So goes the theory. It sounds simple, yet almost no one really understands demand, including the business owners, company leaders and policy makers who try to stimulate and satisfy it. DEMAND is a book with breakout general non-fiction potential which searches for clues as to where demand really comes from, and why, and how we might control it.

They All Want Magic

Author : Elizabeth De La Portilla
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Curanderas—traditional healers in Mexican culture—bridge the gaps between multiple planes of existence—spiritual and material, modern and pre-modern—dispensing medicinal herbs, prayers, and instruction. Elizabeth de la Portilla writes of the world and practices of San Antonio curanderas. As a scholar, an ethnographer, and a curandera in training, her parallel perspectives uniquely aid readers in understanding this subordinated culture. Retelling the stories various healers have shared, interpreting their answers to her probing questions, and describing the herbs and recipes they use in their arts, the author vividly illuminates the borderland context of San Antonio. Scholars and readers of anthropology, sociology, Chicana and Chicano studies, and women's studies will savor the many layers of meaning and application in They All Want Magic.

They Want You Dead

Author : SLMN
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* A gripping conspiracy thriller from New York Times Best Selling Author SLMN* The debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at current headlines. "Any readers who have been fans of Dan Brown's conspiracies will enjoy. " -New York Journal of Books on Sunfail Teen sensation Melissa Jones is dragged into a world of conspiracy and violence when her boyfriend is shot dead by police. Melissa joins forces with unlikely allies in a desperate search to uncover the shocking truth behind his murder. Her unlikely allies include a newly-elected Senator who refuses to be compromised by a wealthy donor, a conspiracy theorist who believes the worst of all enemies has infiltrated the corridors of power, and a Black Lives Matter leader who seeks justice for her brother's murder. Together, the four of them share a common enemy, magnate Lionel Granger, who will stop at nothing to protect the secrets of the Illuminati. First blood has been spilled. More will flow. This is what happens when they want you dead. If you like thrilling African American mystery packed with conspiracy, fast-paced action, and embodying the classic stories of the Illuminati, then you won’t want to miss They: Want You Dead. Grab your copy now

If They Want to Go to Hell Let em

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The Lord and I had a conversation and it went like this . . . Lord, people buy books according to the title. your daughter , -Adrel If They Want To Go To Hell ...Let em your Father, --- God Yeah I know short huh? Well it does not take God long to get his point across. This is an anointed, powerful, God authored publication that will give you divine clarity of the Whys, Why Nots, What Fors, How Comes and every combobilated thought in between. God has without a doubt, inspired this publication for such a time as this. The anointed words in this book are Words spoken straight from the throne of God, from the mouth of God himself. Divine insights revealing the enemy in ways that only God could disclose. An awakening about YOU that the devil would you NOT, ever find out be-comes it UNCOVERS HIM. This publication has been formulated to stir the spirit of man and not his mind, spiritfelt words that has blessed many; the confused, hopeless, the wayward soul, the weary, the soul that has been wounded by life and doesnt have answers for questions that has yet to arise. What God does he does well and it is well with what he does. Written in four and a half weeks and POWERFUL; as stated, it does not take God long to do anything. Nevertheless, . . . but, who are the THEY?

They Want Us with Salt and Onions

Author : Angela Impey
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House Documents

Author : USA House of Representatives
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Author :
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