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What is God s Mission in the World and How Do We Join It

Author : Juan Francisco Martinez
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What does God’s mission look like? Who is supposed to carry it out—and how? Juan F. Martínez and Jamie Pitts lead us on an inquiry into God’s mission in the world: what it is, what it is not, and who is invited to be part of it. If Jesus is truly God’s mission incarnate, we need to look at what Jesus did and how he did it. Martínez helps readers understand what mission means, why Christians in the past have made missteps, and how we can learn from Christian communities that are spreading the good news of Jesus today. Doing mission in the way of Jesus may look different from what many assume, but it is a call that the church cannot afford to miss.

Authority in the Darkness Who is God The Light did Shine He Is

Author : Dr. Dee Jenkins
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As you read this book, you will absolutely be filled with incredible faith and hope for the future. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. The Lord has carved out a pathway for all of us to walk. He promises to walk with us on this journey and bring us through every trial and every temptation. The Lord’s sacrifice for us on the cross has made sure that we will overcome every obstacle that is put in our way, and every word that is written on these pages is completely true, as it has been revealed to Dr. Jenkins. As the world spins on the brink of chaos, never forget you are a winner if you choose to follow God’s plan until the end of time. For darkness may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning light.

Who Is God Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology

Author : Richard Bauckham
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Internationally respected scholar Richard Bauckham offers a brief, engaging study of divine revelation in Scripture. He probes the deep meaning of well-known moments in the biblical story in order to address the key question the Bible is designed to answer: Who is God? Accessible for laypeople and important to scholars, this volume begins by exploring three key events in the Bible in which God is revealed: Jacob's dream at Bethel (the revelation of the divine presence), Moses at the burning bush (the revelation of the divine Name), and Moses on Mount Sinai (the revelation of the divine character). In each case, Bauckham traces these themes through the rest of Scripture. He then shows how the New Testament builds on the Old by exploring three revelatory events in Mark's Gospel, events that reveal the Trinity: Jesus's baptism, transfiguration, and crucifixion. This book is based on the Frumentius Lectures for 2015 at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology in Addis Ababa and on the Haywood Lectures for 2018 at Acadia Divinity College, Nova Scotia.

What the Bible Says About God the Ruler

Author : Jack Cottrell
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God and the King Or a Dialogue Wherein is Treated of Allegiance Due to Our Most Gracious Lord King James Within His Dominions

Author : John Floyd
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Who God Says You Are

Author : Klyne R. Snodgrass
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WHO ARE YOU? For respected New Testament scholar Klyne Snodgrass, this is the most important question a person can ask—the question from which everything else in life flows. Other questions follow: What made you who you are? Who gets to say who you are? And—perhaps most vital—Who does God say you are? In this book Snodgrass offers wise guidance to all who are wrestling with such universal human questions. He examines nine factors—including one’s body, personal history, commitments, and boundaries—that shape human identity, and he expertly draws out what the Bible tells us about who God says we are, how we fit within God’s purposes, and how our God-given identity can and must impact the way we live our lives.

God Evidences and Creation Who God Is and Reasons for Believing

Author : David Pratte
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A study of Bible teaching about the nature of God, evidences for God, Jesus, and the Bible, including a careful study of creation vs. evolution Topics studied are: * God's power, wisdom, love, and holiness * The providence of God * The number of individuals in the Godhead * The Deity of Jesus * The Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts * Fulfilled prophecy, miracles, and the resurrection * The significance of the Bible doctrine of creation * The consequences of evolution * Humanism compared to the Bible * The length of the days of creation

But What About God s Wrath

Author : Kevin Kinghorn
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How can a loving God also be a God of wrath? Using a philosophically informed line of argument and a careful study of the relevant biblical texts, Kinghorn and Travis show how these two aspects of God's character can be reconciled. Instead of assuming that God's just response to people is incompatible with a loving response, the authors instead view God's love as a strictly essential divine attribute, with justice as a derivative of love.

Dissertation of the end for which God created the world Dissertation on the nature of true virtue History of the work of redemption An attempt to promote explicit agreement and visible union of God s people in extraordinary prayer Distinguishing marks of a work of the spirit of God

Author : Jonathan Edwards
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Several Enquiries concerning I Justification II The Son of God and what is necessary to be believed concerning him III Sinners deliverance from condemnation etc

Author : Thomas CHUBB (Deist.)
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