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What If Armageddon

Author : Jon E. Jensen
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What if the U.S. Congress considered legalizing drugs? A prominent surgeon, DR. TONY RYAN, finds himself at the helm of the country's first experimental drug distribution program, which has been set up in Santa Barbara. Two months into its uneventful operation, Ryan returns from a brief holiday to find not only the program suddenly on the brink of disaster, but himself perilously pitched into a high-stakes life-threatening attack. On one hand, Substance of Abuse is a "Crichtonesque beach-reader" novel -- an intriguing adventure from Santa Barbara to Rome. And, on the other hand, it has an original high-concept premise whose highly charged controversial nature will surely leave the reader much to think about long after the last page is turned.

Journey to Armageddon

Author : Kevin A. Campbell
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Once again, the soldiers, officers, and commanders tell the story in this third volume of Kevin Campbell’s comprehensive work on the Gettysburg Campaign, Journey to Armageddon. The hardships, comradery, short rations, and the dance with the enemy’s bullets and shells are all here. Blistering sun, drenching rains, chocking dust, sticky mud, played out horses and men, and the high-level, often inharmoniousness communications between army commanders and their governments are presented in these pages. Fortunately, not all is despair and doom. Included are the sometimes-humorous interactions with the civilians met along their journey and the acrimony that frequently filled encounters between hungry soldiers and the administrators of the villages and towns they passed through. The tales told by these hardy men about the events of their existence are significant elements within the story of the Gettysburg Campaign, which author Kevin Campbell tells in a clear and concise prose. Most historians who write of the great crusade gloss over these events in favor of the more prominent proceedings in and around Gettysburg. These often-ignored events and much more are incorporated into his complete treatment of the Union and Confederate armies on their journey to Armageddon.


Author : Michael J. Flores
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Under the Dome Part 1

Author : Stephen King
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After an invisible force field seals off Chester's Mill, Maine, from the rest of the world, it is up to Dale Barbara, an Iraq veteran, and a select group of citizens to save the town, if they can get past Big Jim Rennie, a murderous politician, and his son, who hides a horrible secret in his dark pantry.

The Military Guide to Armageddon

Author : Col. David J. Giammona
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We are at war right now. The forces of light and darkness are lined up in battle array as the world moves closer to the end of the age. Using both military and spiritual warfare tactics, this U.S. Army colonel and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist equip you as a believer to be battle-ready. This training manual will teach you to · be empowered to counter the darkness of approaching end-times forces · develop your spiritual gifts so you can walk in the supernatural power and protection of the Holy Spirit · move into a new level of spiritual warfare based on biblical and military principles · study the Bible more intently as real-time world events and biblical prophecies intersect As the end times draw near, prepare to be fully equipped and trained in the weapons of spiritual warfare. You are gifted by the Holy Spirit--now be empowered, disciplined, and courageous, ready to do battle with the forces of this present darkness in these last days.

Avoiding Armageddon

Author : Susanna Schrafstetter
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Traces the struggle of the international community, namely Western Europe, to halt the nuclear arms race and prevent the annihilation of humanity, from the destruction of Hiroshima to the conclusion of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1968.

Gambling with Armageddon

Author : Martin J. Sherwin
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From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer comes the first effort to set the Cuban Missile Crisis, with its potential for nuclear holocaust, in a wider historical narrative of the Cold War--how such a crisis arose, and why at the very last possible moment it didn't happen. In this groundbreaking look at the Cuban Missile Crisis, Martin Sherwin not only gives us a riveting sometimes hour-by-hour explanation of the crisis itself, but also explores the origins, scope, and consequences of the evolving place of nuclear weapons in the post-World War II world. Mining new sources and materials, and going far beyond the scope of earlier works on this critical face-off between the United States and the Soviet Union--triggered when Khrushchev began installing missiles in Cuba at Castro's behest--Sherwin shows how this volatile event was an integral part of the wider Cold War and was a consequence of nuclear arms. Gambling with Armageddon looks in particular at the original debate in the Truman Administration about using the Atomic Bomb; the way in which President Eisenhower relied on the threat of massive retaliation to project U.S. power in the early Cold War era; and how President Kennedy, though unprepared to deal with the Bay of Pigs debacle, came of age during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Here too is a clarifying picture of what was going on in Khrushchev's Soviet Union. Martin Sherwin has spent his career in the study of nuclear weapons and how they have shaped our world. Gambling with Armegeddon is an outstanding capstone to his work thus far.

Intergalactic Jesus Christ Superstar

Author : Stanley Lotegeluaki
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Jesus Christ is a superstar on millions and billions of other planets besides the earth. Jesus is worshipped throughout infinity, through countless stars and countless universes. He might be the humble carpenter to us, but He is known as God to alien Christians in faraway universes. Jesus is worshipped in endless- infinite multiple universes. Jesus is truly the StarChild. The Church and Israel own a googolplex universes and has doled out some for the nations. The Church and Israel own more universes then there are atoms in our universe of 200 billion galaxies. And each galaxy has about a 100-200 billion stars. If you count the atoms in each star, planet, asteroid, dust particle- the Church owns more universes then all the atoms in our entire universe combined. So Jesus is generous , the Church and Israel is generous and extremely zealous to give you universes and serve you. Jesus is God. He can be in more then one place at once. He is in us and He is in the alien Christians. Christs body can appear in different places at the same time, like when He visits different families in multiple universes at the same time and still remain on His throne in heaven and also in Jerusalem. He is worshipped througout infinity. So worship Him in the spirit like all alien Christians do O human race. We will be one with the cosmos praising Jesus. THE AFRICANS WENT THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION WITH SLAVERY, THE JEWS WENT THROUGH THE TRIBULATION WITH HITLER, THE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS WENT THROUGH THE TRIBULATION WHEN THE EUROPEANS EXTERMINATED THEM, THE CHINESE WENT THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION WITH MAO AND THE CULTURAL LEAP FORWARD, THE RUSSIANS WENT THROUGH THE TRIBULATION WITH STALIN. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO WERE SPARED THE TRIBULATION ARE THE AMERICAN CHRISTIANS IN THE U.S.A., AND THEY ARE THE LOUDEST IN SAYING A GREAT TRIBULATION WILL HAPPEN TO CHRISTIANS. WAKE UP EVERYBODY ELSE HAS ALREADY GONE THROUGH IT. THE GREAT TRIBULATION STARTED WITH THE DEATH OF STEPHEN UNTIL TODAY 2000 AD +/-. ITS OVER, SORRY YOU MISSED IT, BE HAPPY YOU WERE SPARED. JESUS IS COMING BACK IN MY LIFETIME AND THERE IS NO WAR BEFORE THE SECOND COMING. IT WILL BE AFTER THE 1000 YRS OR 40 BILLION YEARS FROM NOW. ISAIAH 22 PUT A CURSE ON THE VISIONS OF THE SECOND COMING. THATS WHY YOU ARE SO CONFUSED. INTERSTELLAR, INTERGALACTIC, INTERUNIVERSAL SUPERSTAR JESUS CHRIST. WORSHIPPED IN INFINITE UNIVERSES. BY COUNTLESS INFINITE ALIEN CHRISTIANS THATS WHAT JESUS MEANT WHEN HE SAID HE WILL COME BACK WITH GREAT GLORY JESUS IS TRULY THE STARCHILD. INFINITE!!!!

God Space

Author : Tompaul Wheeler
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In life's ruthless race God can seem like so much outer space. But life's more than a long fight for last place. The answer is to give God more than just shelf space and go from self-centeredness to discipleship. Love. Art. Science. Spirituality. In God Space Tompaul Wheeler tackles issues that can make your head spin. With wit, spirit, and openness he zooms in on seven central themes one for each day of the week. Go behind the scenes of the Bible, science, Adventism, and spirituality and discover God's incredible mission for your life. So defog your headspace. Put God in first place. Stop worrying about saving face. And welcome to a world of grace.

A Remnant Shall Return

Author : Peggy Grinstead
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An inductive Bible study on Isaiah, this resource looks at the nation of Israel both in Isaiah's day and what's to come in the future.

Awaiting Armageddon

Author : Alice L. George
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For thirteen days in October 1962, America stood at the brink of nuclear war. Nikita Khrushchev's decision to place nuclear missiles in Cuba and John F. Kennedy's defiant response introduced the possibility of unprecedented cataclysm. The immediate threat of destruction entered America's classrooms and its living rooms. Awaiting Armageddon provides the first in-depth look at this crisis as it roiled outside of government offices, where ordinary Americans realized their government was unprepared to protect either itself or its citizens from the dangers of nuclear war. During the seven days between Kennedy's announcement of a naval blockade and Khrushchev's decision to withdraw Soviet nuclear missiles from Cuba, U.S. citizens absorbed the nightmare scenario unfolding on their television sets. An estimated ten million Americans fled their homes; millions more prepared shelters at home, clearing the shelves of supermarkets and gun stores. Alice George captures the irrationality of the moment as Americans coped with dread and resignation, humor and pathos, terror and ignorance. In her examination of the public response to the missile crisis, the author reveals cracks in the veneer of American confidence in the early years of the space age and demonstrates how the fears generated by Cold War culture blinded many Americans to the dangers of nuclear war until it was almost too late.

The Armageddon Code

Author : Billy Hallowell
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What does the Bible really predict will happen and when? But how much of what we read in today s headlines and best-selling books is true? Why are there so many different viewpoints among Christians, and are any of them right?"

The Greatest Fall from Grace

Author : Jessy King
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In the beginning, there is an almighty power, known by the name the Lord God, his royal majesty. His greatest creation, Lucifer, stands on his right and is the almighty's go-to divine servant. The almighty does ask Lucifer to complete many tasks, such as creating the heavens and the earth. But Lucifer also has a few ideas of his own, some of which are cause for speculation. In The Greatest Fall from Grace, the most devilish character in history experiences mind-bending adventures through time and space, breaching heavenly and hellish bodies both physical and otherworldly. Lucifer understands that being the first of anything is difficult, but being the first created to fall from grace is even more difficult. Trying to redeem himself and trying hard not to fall in love, are challenges he faces. This drama follows Lucifer through his life's adventures and answers the question of whether or not he, the others, and earth will survive the catastrophes this universe and beyond can create.

Avoiding Armageddon

Author : Andrew Richter
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Drawing on previously classified government records, Richter reveals that Canadian defence officials independently came to strategic understandings of the most critical issues of the nuclear age regarding the use of force in resolving disputes. Canadian appreciation of deterrence, arms control, and strategic stability differed conceptually from the US models. Similarly, Canadian thinking on the controversial issues of air defence and the domestic acquisition of nuclear weapons was primarily influenced by decidedly Canadian interests. This book illustrates Canada's considerable latitude for independent defence thinking while providing key historical information that helps make sense of the contemporary Canadian defence debate.

To Armageddon

Author : James Miller
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Volume 1 of a 5 Volume story, the best selling Armageddon's Song series, now with map illustrations: Did the Cold War really end? No matter, it is about to get hot anyway. Espionage, subterfuge, corruption in high places and a nuclear plot are uncovered by a beautiful spy more used to shedding her clothes to discover secrets than she is of keeping them. Will duty bind her to silence or will conscience win her over? 'Stand-To' is the first book in the 'Armageddon's Song' series and it puts you in the seat of a Sea Harrier dog fighting over the Pacific, in the control room of a submarine during a torpedo attack in the Atlantic, looking down the sights of a sniper rifle on the north German Plain, and at the side of a Russian paratrooper General who leads from the front. Encompassing not just a story from a US point of view but also through the eyes and deeds of the other combatants, on both sides of the conflict.

Wild Strawberry Part 1 Descent

Author : T.A. Donnelly
File Size : 46.74 MB
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WELCOME TO THE END OF THE WORLD! An apocalyptic zombie thriller with heart and brains as well as guts (lots of guts). The action unfolds at a frantic pace as London is the epicentre of a global plague of death that brings a sudden end to the world as we know it. In a culture where guns are rare, and the dead are almost unstoppable, the chances of survival are slim. When your life expectancy is measured in hours you make every minute count. How long would you last? Book 1: DESCENT: Down Street: a disused London Underground station - ground zero. A secret research facility is using nanotechnology to develop a way to repair brain tissue damaged by Alzheimer's Disease. The nanotechnology has an 'unfortunate' side-effect only revealed after a disastrous containment breach. This is the end of the world.

Eden To Armageddon

Author : Roger Ford
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Turkey, the First World War and the making of the Middle East. The Great War in the Middle East began with the invasion of the Garden of Eden, and ended with a momentous victory on the site of the biblical Armageddon. Almost incredibly, the whole story of this epic war has never been told in a single volume until now. In this important new history Roger Ford describes a conflict in its entirety: the war in Mesopotamia, which would end with the creation of the countries of Iran and Iraq; the desperate struggle in the Caucasus, where the Turks had long-standing territorial ambitions; the doomed attacks on the Gallipoli Peninsula that would lead to ignominous defeat; and the final act in Palestine, where the Ottoman Empire finally crumbled. He ends with a detailed description of the messy aftermath of the war, and the new conflicts in a reshaped Middle East that would play such a huge part in shaping world affairs for many generations to come.

Armageddon Again

Author : John Bliss
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Join author John Bliss in his theological study, Armageddon Again: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Headed, and discover the hidden truth about the many wonders of the world. Learn the basics for pursuing our destiny through revealing our past and the three worldwide cataclysmic periods: fire, ice and water. Whether you are a novice to theology or a scholar, this book will unlock your inner curiosity about religion and our future. Armageddon Again suggests that we are on the cusp of one final period of fire, as stated not only in Scripture but countless other ancient reports. Ancient records detail that Satan misguided man through cataclysmic events to incorporate an advanced and technological way of life that led them away from God. Proof is scattered across our planet that ancient civilizations were more technologically advanced than we are today and built what Bliss calls Wonderworks: magnificent stone structures and drawings etched into the earth's landscape. Armageddon Again is the key that opens the door to our hidden past and certain future that is critical for all of mankind to know. Everybody on the face of the planet, regardless of their religion, must realize that we are all bonded by the same history that draws us to the Divine. This history has been hidden from us by Satan in order to keep us from being in union with our heavenly Father. This union is the catalyst to not only usher in Jesus as King on Earth, but to also save those from the final cataclysm of fire that Scripture and other cultural texts warn us about. Once these revelations are brought to light, we will have no choice but to change how we live both physically and spiritually. John Bliss resides in Center Line, Michigan, with his wife, Mary. They have four children and are blessed with three grandchildren who live in Vancouver, Washington.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Author : Stanley Lotegeluaki
File Size : 44.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is close at hand. The last 2000 years has been the Tribulation. Soon in our generation, especially in my lifetime Jesus is coming back. I met Jesus on August 10th 2012. And I have a drawing that looks like Jesus that the Lord helped me to draw. It is a copy of Adolfo Simeione's work, an artist from Italy who was born in 1880 , he drew a real picture of Jesus without knowing it. Since I met Jesus, I drew a picture of Him using Adolfo Simeiones work. THE PICTURE ON THE COVER OF THIS BOOK PROVES TO THE WORLD THAT I MET JESUS AND ALL 50 OF MY BOOKS ARE ABOUT HIM- JESUS CHRIST, THE INTERGALACTIC SUPERSTAR- THE STARCHILD. When Jesus comes back, and if He looks like the picture on the cover of this book, that would prove that I met Him personally. There is no Rapture or war before the Second Coming. Isaiah chpt 22 put a curse on the visions of the Second Coming. Read this book to see the error that Theologians have made with the help of Satan in the last 500 years. Satan has been telling people when Jesus appears, that He will be the enemy. That's Satan entire defense. He does not want people to worship Jesus when He appears. Insane Theologians have been feeding the public with the wrong gospel of a preTribulation, Midtribulation, Post tribulation web of lies.Also Satan other defense against the Church is the pedophile scandal, that Jesus warned us about in Mathew chpt 18. Also the birth of Israel in 1948 proves that this is the last generation before the end where 1/3 of the human race is "Taken" to hell (psalm 110:6, Revelation chpt 9). Jesus will appear with all of His Angels and the Saints. He will at first live in The King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The Dome on the Rock will be removed and the Angels of Jesus Christ will rebuild the new Temple .. Mother Church and Jesus Christ will rule all the nations. The Star of David on the Israeli flag is really a Crown of Thorns.