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What I Believe

Author : Bertrand Russell
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Along with Why I Am Not a Christian, this essay must rank as the most articulate example of Russell's famed atheism. It is also one of the most notorious. Used as evidence in a 1940 court case in which Russell was declared unfit to teach college-level philosophy, What I Believe was to become one of his most defining works. The ideas contained within were and are controversial, contentious and - to the religious - downright blasphemous. A remarkable work, it remains the best concise introduction to Russell's thought.

What I Believe

Author : Tariq Ramadan
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Tariq Ramadan is very much a public figure, named one of Time magazine's most important innovators of the twenty-first century. He is among the leading Islamic thinkers in the West, with a large following around the world. But he has also been a lightning rod for controversy. Indeed, in 2004, Ramadan was prevented from entering the U.S. by the Bush administration and despite two appeals, supported by organizations like the American Academy of Religion and the ACLU, he was barred from the country until spring of 2010, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally lifted the ban.In What I Believe, Ramadan attempts to set the record straight, laying out the basic ideas he stands for in clear and accessible prose. He describes the book as a work of clarification, directed at ordinary citizens, politicians, journalists, and others who are curious (or skeptical) about his positions. Aware that that he is dealing with emotional issues, Ramadan tries to get past the barriers of prejudice and misunderstanding to speak directly, from the heart, to his Muslim and non-Muslim readers alike. In particular, he calls on Western Muslims to escape the mental, social, cultural, and religious ghettos they have created for themselves and become full partners in the democratic societies in which they live. At the same time, he calls for the rest of us to recognize our Muslim neighbors as citizens with rights and responsibilities the same as ours. His vision is of a future in which a shared and confident pluralism becomes a reality at last.

What I Believe

Author : Bertrand Russell
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"I have tried to say what I think of man's place in the universe and of his possibilities of achieving the good life." Preface.

What I Believe

Author : François Mauriac
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I Believe in Me

Author : Cheng Chi Sing
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Learn about self-love and self-care with Soolooka and this collection of illustrations and comics to cheer you up when life has you down. No one is all darkness or all light. But sometimes it can feel like we’re walking with a dark cloud over our heads. So, how can we find a spark of joy? Follow author Soolooka through 150 hopeful illustrations to help you overcome bad days and negative thoughts. Featuring old and new comics from Reiki master and Instagram illustrator Cheng Chi Sing (a.k.a Soolooka), this short and sweet guidebook is here to help you find joy when you are feeling lonely or anxious. Self-help manuals are often overwhelming and intimidating for someone who just needs a boost during stress. This friendly companion helps you cheer up with quick tips and easy exercises that encourage positive thinking. Beloved Soolooka characters help you: Recognize the spectrum of your emotions, because it’s okay to not be okay See a different perspective of the same situation, along with new solutions Take that small, first step into a healthier frame of mind Great for readers of How to Be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad), You Can Do All Things, or Hyperbole and a Half Praise for I Believe in Me “An honest and encouraging companion for anyone seeking inspiration on the journey to self-love.” ?Tori Press, author of I Am Definitely, Probably Enough (I Think) “Soolooka’s drawings are the highlight of my Instagram feed. Her insightful drawings are full of empathy and compassion and capture what it is to be human. Her beautiful pictures and the messages in them fill me with joy. I am sure they will bring happiness to your world too and leave you with a warm feeling inside. This book will be one I return to again and again.” ?Dr. Emma Hepburn, author of A Toolkit for Modern Life: 30 Ways to Look After Your Mind “Soolooka’s work sparks a joy in you you didn’t even know how much you needed. She ignites that light through the magic of her art.” ?Prudence Geerts, author and illustrator of Bad at Adulting, Good at Feminism

I Believe In Miracles

Author : Daniel Taylor
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On January 6, 1975, Nottingham Forest were thirteenth in the old Second Division, five points above the relegation places and straying dangerously close to establishing a permanent place for themselves among football's nowhere men. Within five years Brian Clough had turned an unfashionable and depressed club into the kings of Europe, beating everyone in their way and knocking Liverpool off their perch long before Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United had the same idea. This is the story of the epic five-year journey that saw Forest complete a real football miracle and Clough brilliantly restore his reputation after his infamous 44-day spell at Leeds United. Forest won the First Division championship, two League Cups and back-to-back European Cups and they did it, incredibly, with five of the players Clough inherited at a club that was trying to avoid relegation to the third tier of English football. I Believe In Miracles accompanies the critically-acclaimed documentary and DVD of the same name. Based on exclusive interviews with virtually every member of the Forest team, it covers the greatest period in Clough's extraordinary life and brings together the stories of the unlikely assortment of free transfers, bargain buys, rogues, misfits and exceptionally gifted footballers who came together under the most charismatic manager there has ever been.

I Believe So I Live

Author : Sunil Kotla
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This book is a reflection of the author's opinion of life. It is a tool to express his feelings and views. This collection of poetry has a poem for everyone; every reader will resonate with the book at some point. It is about loving, hating and living life. The reader will be able to see an evolving change in style throughout the book.

I Believe In Peter Pan

Author : P.J Cormack
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Devastated by the death of his twin brother, Marcus comes to stay with his aunt at her cottage in the rolling English countryside. Here he meets the extraordinary five brothers who are George, Jack, Peter, Michael and Nico. Here, also, is the small, coughing, pipe-smoking Scotsman that Marcus firsts learns to call Mr Barrie and then Uncle Jim. Long forgotten events come to life as the Past blends with the Future to make the Present. But who are the ghosts? Is it Uncle Jim, George and his brothers or is Marcus himself the ghost? Marcus learns that he is not the first person to come to the to the Cotswold countryside to be healed of a terrible loss. I Believe in Peter Pan reveals the magical world of J.M Barrie and the Llewelyn Davies brothers and brings them back to life again D if only for a short time."

What We Believe

Author : R. C. Sproul
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What do Christians believe about God the Father, Jesus Christ, the church, salvation, eternal life, and more? This contemporary classic from theologian R. C. Sproul provides a matchless introduction to the basics of the Christian faith.

I Believe in Second Chances

Author : Charmaine Lewis
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Life passes us by so quickly. Sometimes memories are forgotten and pictures fade away when the future is unknown and the past is all I could cling to. Life became an empty shell. Hopeless and barren, then a second chance at everything: life, love, and wealth. At the age of eighteen, I was a mother and married. After a year, a widow. I hated God for the separation from my husband but after two years found love again. Trials and tests bombarded my life. I took God's Word and tested it. It worked. My life is no more spiraling out of control, and I have purpose.

Lies Women Believe Companion Guide for Lies Women Believe 2 book set

Author : Nancy Leigh DeMoss
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This set includes Lies Women Believe and the Lies Women Believe Companion Guide. In Lies Women Believe, bestselling author Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth exposes those areas of deception most commonly believed by Christian women—lies about God, sin, priorities, marriage and family, emotions, and more. She then sheds light on how we can be delivered from bondage and set free to walk in God's grace, forgiveness, and abundant life. "Many women live under a cloud of personal guilt and condemnation," says DeMoss. "Many are in bondage to their past. Others are gripped by fear of rejection and a longing for approval. Still others are emotional prisoners." Satan is the master deceiver and his lies are endless. And the lies Christian women believe are at the root of most of their struggles. In the Lies Women Believe Companion Guide, DeMoss divides the study into ten sessions for individuals or small groups. Each chapter includes the following features: In a Nutshell: Gives you an overview of the chapter to be studied from Lies Women Believe and reminds you of the lies discussed within that chapter. Exploring the Truth: Offers a daily personal study for you to complete during the course of the week between your small group meetings. Each day's study includes a few pages to read from Lies Women Believe and then questions to answer under the subtitles "Realize," "Reflect," and "Respond." Walking Together in the Truth: Provides questions to be discussed when your small group meets. Now there is a resource that will help you go deeper with the truths from DeMoss's best-selling book Lies Women Believe. These penetrating questions will make you and your friends think and wrestle with the Truth as you search the Bible for answers to tough issues. Truth is not just something to know but something to live out in the laboratory of life as you apply the Word to real-life situations. The Companion Guide for Lies Women Believe is ideal for small groups, Bible Studies, and Sunday school classes.

believe in yourself

Author : rex gamble
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If I Really Believe Why Do I Have These Doubts

Author : Dr. Lynn Anderson
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For anyone who experiences a lapse of faith—here are the answers you seek. Faith is the most fundamentally important aspect of following Christ. Yet there are times in every believer's life when the inevitable question arises in the heart and works its way to the soul: If I really believe, why do I have these doubts? The question may have been planted by tragedy or trial. It may have been ignited by rejection or heartbreak. It may even be as simple as an intellectual burr that can't be shaken. If you or someone you know is asking this question, this book will bring help and hope to every heart in search of a deeper faith.

I Believe That We Will Win

Author : Phil West
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Americans love to win. But when it comes to soccer, the world’s most popular sport, the US women’s team has delivered three World Cup victories in as many decades, while the men have not advanced past the quarter-finals in nearly ninety years. In October 2017, the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) startled fans by failing to qualify for the upcoming World Cup, an episode that led both USMNT head coach Bruce Arena and US Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati to step down from their positions, and which launched a new era of reckoning for US Soccer as a whole. As the 2018 World Cup commences with the US sidelined, fans are becoming impatient: What will it take for the USMNT to finally rise to an elite level and bring home the FIFA World Cup Trophy?In I Believe That We Will Win, veteran soccer journalist Phil West delivers a compelling assessment of the history and future potential of American soccer on the international playing field. With insightful commentary and endless enthusiasm, West examines every aspect of the USMNT and their competition, detailing how the US returned to the World Cup in 1990 after forty years without qualifying, delving into the growing symbiotic relationship between the USMNT and Major League Soccer, and exploring how the US is cultivating young talent through MLS academies and the US Development Academy—and how Latino outreach initiatives, like the Sueño Alianza competition that brought Jonathan González to prominence, can be better integrated into US Soccer’s quest for talented players. Along the way, West touches on the controversial tenure of former coach Jürgen Klinsmann, the role of dual-national players, Christian Pulisic and the new wave of American players playing abroad, and other issues that have engaged American soccer fans in spirited debate. Punctuated with dozens of revealing interviews from players, coaches, and journalists, I Believe That We Will Win is both the definitive history of American World Cup play and an incisive and inspiring analysis of America’s potential to win big in the near future.

I Believe

Author : Michael M. McNeley
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I believe we need to ask ourselves this question: what do I truly believe? When it comes to God, either you believe there is a God, or you believe there is no God. Everyone believes in something. Even atheists believe in something. Atheists tend to believe in their own power to direct their lives, or they tend to believe that destiny is what they make it. The point is, you believe in something-no matter who you are. I hope through this book you will grow closer to Christ and find the joy, comfort, and peace that comes from His forgiveness. I also hope that you are encouraged to believe in the one and only true God. There is only one God by nature. So sit down and take a minute to ask yourself, "What do I believe?"

We Believe You

Author : Annie E. Clark
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"Me too. It happened to me too." More than one in five women and 5 percent of men are sexually assaulted while at college. Some survivors are coming forward; others are not. In We Believe You, students from every kind of college and university—large and small, public and private, highly selective and less so—share experiences of trauma, healing, and everyday activism, representing a diversity of races, economic and family backgrounds, gender identities, immigration statuses, interests, capacities, and loves. Theirs is a bold, irrefutable sampling of voices and stories that should speak to all.

Why I Believe in Santa Claus

Author : Maury Davis
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"A beautiful telling about a generous man and the principles of giving that every modern Christian needs to know." - Andy Andrews, NYT bestselling author of THE NOTICER and THE TRAVELER'S GIFT I believe in Santa Claus. He was a compassionate soul, generous, loving, and unwavering in his belief. He was a man with a message only seeking to serve the Master. He changed the world. The Man. The story of a man, born to plenty, but orphaned to an incredible life of service. Nicholas learned the secrets to giving by leaving treasures in the stillness of night. Known as the kind bishop, the Christ Kind, SinterKlass, and eventually Santa Claus, he is a manifestation of the spirit of giving that inspires us each holiday season to bless those in need.


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A young domestic abuse survivor gets caught by the Devil’s snare until God’s redemptive heart takes her under his care. Influenced by false voices and the habitual domestic abuse during her childhood, Janelle grew up with a distorted image of her self-worth and what truly meant to be loved. You might have believed your identity lied on outlooks designed by external factors, ignoring you have been created and perfectly arranged without detractors. “When We Believe” narrates Janelle’s true story, who forcedly discovers her identity and value after being on the verge of death. Life appeared to have labeled her as a worthless individual who thirsted validation and lacked character. In her attempt to find herself, she dived into the wrong venues, particularly man flesh. Not having a religious background, Janelle navigated blindly over the turbulent waters the enemy had spilled ahead of her destiny. Unaware she had been purposely designed by God; she grew up molded by deceiving noises coming across. Although the evil forces appeared to be controlling her integrity, countless times the hand of God shielded her soul, sparing its existence from a guaranteed eternal place in the abyss. This story was composed to bring hope and awakening to all women who feel unworthy of love, who are clinging for assurance and significance through worldly means but.

Can I Believe Christianity

Author : Kenneth N. Taylor
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Thousands of students come to college taking for granted the existence of God and the supernatural, but many come to feel that there is no basis for such belief. Others come with a positive faith and graduate with their faith either blasted or divorced from reason.This change of attitude toward the things of God results from an attitude which is to be found in many university classes. The opinion of an authority--the professor--is accepted as evidence without investigating his credentials, the facts which led to his conclusions, and the basic assumptions which colored his interpreation of the facts. Consequently a student may accept his professor's conclusions just as he previously accepted the Christian position without a thorough understanding of it.Ken Taylor writes this booklet to show university students and others that anti-supernatural claims are based on assumptions, not on evidence, that the Christian faith is reasonable, and that the claims of Christianity are too well substantiated to be ignored.

We Believe in One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

Author : Angelo Di Berardino
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The Creed quickly hits the four marks of the church that it is "one holy catholic and apostolic." What do we mean by professing each of these? Di Berardino helps us to give an answer with the help of the fathers of the church.