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101 Questions and Answers on Deacons

Author : William T. Ditewig
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Taken together, these questions explore the role of deacons in the contemporary church, the formation of deacons, what it is like to live as a deacon, and the role of deacons as ministers of the word, the liturgy, and as apostolic leaders in service.

Descriptive Duties of Deacons

Author : Russell R. Cook
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Almost every church in America has selected and ordained Deacons for service to their congregations. Most of these Deacons have learned their duties by on-the-job experiences. However, many Deacons, even years after their ordination, still ask the question, What am I supposed to do? This book, Descriptive Duties of Deacons, answers that question in clearly definitive ways. You need not feel overwhelmed, unsuited for certain areas of service, or burdened by watching other Deacons in your church and thinking you have to do everything they do. This guidebook shows numerous options for ministry that can fit with your spiritual gifts, talents, training, and personality. These ministry options will help you find your niche in Gods work. God does not intend for you to do everything nor to do your duties by yourself. He has placed you in a local church where a Pastor, ministry staff, and numerous volunteers can serve with you. The various duties described here will help you to better understand what both you and your fellow Deacons need to be doing individually and together. Follow this guidebook, and you may never again ask the question, What am I supposed to do as a Deacon?

The Liturgical Ministry of Deacons

Author : Michael Kwatera
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Fr. Michael Kwatera, OSB, helps deacons comprehend, share, and effectively perform their ministry by providing both spiritual and functional support. This short work is directed to all deacons, both permanent and transitional, in the hope that it will promote their formation for service within the church's Eucharist, other sacramental rites, and communal prayer. Contents include explanations of the deacon's role in various church situations and liturgies - such as confirmation and marriage - as well as outside of the Mass setting, such as ministering to the sick. With Petitions for Deacons from Ancient Liturgies" and historical background, this book provides an interesting and informative look at the deacon's role in the Catholic Church.

40 Questions about Elders and Deacons

Author : Benjamin L. Merkle
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Arranged in a Q & A format, this volume tackles the major questions that pastors, church leaders, and students ask about congregational church government, a topic of much interest in the church today. It provides readers with a clear analysis of key biblical passages, succinct answers (4-8 pages each), and discussion questions. The unique format of the book allows the reader to pick and choose what issues are most pertinent to their interests and needs.

Saintly Deacons

Author : Owen F. Cummings
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Owen Cummings explores, through the lives of eight notable deacons, the remarkable history and evolution of the diaconate over the two millennia of Christian history. This book traces the tradition from its origins with New Testament "apostolic deacons" Stephen and Philip, to patristic deacons Lawrence and Ephrem, and medieval deacons Alcuin of York and Francis of Assisi, and ends with Reformation Era deacons Reginald Pole and Nicholas Ferrar. Cummings shows that, throughout their long history, deacons have not been defined by a narrow job description, but rather have offered themselves to serve the local church as best they can, in accordance with their God-given gifts, the request of their bishops, and the tasks that needed to be done. And he demonstrates the particular value and relevance for today's church of this versatile role.

Pastor Deacons

Author : Carl Herbster
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How should a church be organized? What functions do the pastors, deacons, and congregation serve? Who qualifies for the offices of pastor and deacon? How should a church manage its finances? How does a congregation biblically address problems? The authors answer these important questions and many more. As fellow servants in the same church, the authors have collaborated in the writing of this book. Pastors and Deacons is a practical exposition and application of biblical principles of church organization and leadership. The "on-the-job," real-life experiences of the authors make this a particularly practical book.

Women Deacons Essays with Answers

Author : Phyllis Zagano
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The question of restoring women to the ordained diaconate surfaced during the Second Vatican Council and continued to resound in academic and pastoral circles well after the diaconate was restored as a permanent order in the church in the West. This volume contains twelve essays—five translated from Italian, three translated from French, and four in their original English—that answer the questions about the history and possible future of women deacons. Essays by: Yves Congar, OP Philippe Delhaye Peter Hünermann Valerie A. Karras Corrado Marucci, SJ Pietro Sorci, OFM Jennifer H. Stiefel Cipriano Vagaggini, OSB Cam Phyllis Zagano Ugo Zanetti, OSB

The Go Between Augustine on Deacons

Author : Bart Koet
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In The Go-Between: Augustine on Deacons Bart J. Koet gives the first ever systematic assessment of a Church Father’s view on the functioning of deacons.

Guide for Deacons

Author : Bob Puhala
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Handbook for Deacons

Author : J. D. O'Donnell
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To help readers discover what the Scriptures say about the duty of a deacon, O'Donnell explores the biblical basis for these servants of God, giving relevant application to the works they are to perform.