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Werker 2 A Gestural History of the Young Worker

Author : Georgy Mamedov
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Representations of the working body in the Soviet Union and the Netherlands, exploring themes of gender, feminism and queerness Drawing inspiration from the Worker Photography Movement of the 1920s, which saw photographers collaborating with workers and trade unions to visualize societal and political conditions from a working-class perspective, Werker 2: A Gestural History of the Young Workerreconsiders the relationship between labor and its photographic representation--in the past and in the present. The book takes as its starting point the representation of the working body in the former Soviet Union, where workers were depicted with strong, athletic bodies and resolute expressions on their faces. It combines imagery from Soviet magazines, propaganda and archives with documents from the Werker Archief in Amsterdam, with which it aims to interrogate the normative visualization and glorification of the worker's body and the associated oppression of nonnormative bodies. The themes explored in this imaginatively constructed assemblage include gender, feminism and queerness.

Psychology Around Us

Author : Ronald Comer
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This exciting new textbook for introductory psychology helps to open students’ minds to the idea that psychology is all around us. Authors RON COMER and LIZ GOULD encourage students to examine what they know about human behaviour and how they know it; and open them up to an appreciation of psychology outside of the classroom. Psychology Around Us helps students see the big picture by stressing the interconnected nature of psychological science. Almost every chapter within this first edition helps open students’ minds to comprehend the big picture with sections that highlight how the different fields of psychology are connected to each other and how they connect to everyday life. This text highlights human development, brain function, abnormal psychology, and the individual differences in each area as cut-across themes to demonstrate these connections. Also included are two-page art spreads to demonstrate exactly What Happens In The Brain When we engage in everyday activities such as eat pizza, study psychology, or listen to music. The art featured in these spreads have been created especially for Psychology Around Us by an award-winning artist with input from faculty on how it will contribute to teaching and learning. Features: Cut Across Connections - Almost every chapter helps students comprehend the big picture with sections that highlight how the different fields of psychology are connected to each other and how they connect to everyday life. What Happens in the Brain When…These two-page art spreads demonstrate exactly what happens in the brain when we engage in everyday activities such as eating pizza, studying psychology, or listening to music. Chapter Opening Vignettes - Every chapter begins with a vignette that shows the power of psychology in understanding a whole range of human behaviour. This theme is reinforced throughout the chapter, celebrating the extraordinary processes that make the everyday possible. Special topics on psychology around us - Each chapter highlights interesting news stories, current controversies in psychology, and relevant research findings that demonstrate psychology around us. The Practically Speaking box emphasizes the practical application of everyday psychology. Helpful study tools - Key Terms; Marginal Definitions; Marginal Notes; Chapter Summaries.

Psychology Around Us

Author : Nancy Ogden
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Psychology Around Us, Fourth Canadian Edition offers students a wealth of tools and content in a structured learning environment that is designed to draw students in and hold their interest in the subject. Psychology Around Us is available with WileyPLUS, giving instructors the freedom and flexibility to tailor curated content and easily customize their course with their own material. It provides today's digital students with a wide array of media content — videos, interactive graphics, animations, adaptive practice — integrated at the learning objective level to provide students with a clear and engaging path through the material. Psychology Around Us is filled with interesting research and abundant opportunities to apply concepts in a real-life context. Students will become energized by the material as they realize that Psychology is "all around us."