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Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden

Author : Catherine J. Johnson
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This earth-friendly guide to gardening shows readers how to plan, design, and care for a garden that allows nature to coexist with it--birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals--explaining how to encourage the survival of many plants and animals while still creating a fruitful garden. Original.

Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden

Author : Catherine J. Johnson
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Shows readers how to plan, design, and care for a garden that allows nature to coexist with it--birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals--explaining how to encourage the survival of many plants and animals while still creating a fruitful garden.

RSPB Gardening for Wildlife

Author : Adrian Thomas
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Winner of the Garden Media Guild New Talent Award 2010. Gardening for wildlife is hugely enjoyable. There is something uplifting about having butterflies in your flowerbeds, frogs in your water feature and birds in your bushes - and knowing that they're here because of you. But if you want a 'nice' garden too, don't worry! This new book busts the myths that wildlife gardens have to be 'wild', or that you can only garden for wildlife in a 'wildlife garden'. You can easily fit in wildlife gardening alongside everything else you want from your garden. The secret is understanding the 'home needs' of your guests. Tap into their needs and you can create a five-star hotel for birds, bees, butterflies and more. As well as looking at a host of different species, there are sections to help you create entire habitats, such as woodland and meadow gardens, and a catalogue of over 300 of the very best garden flowers, shrubs and trees for wildlife. So no matter how large or small your garden, whether it is formal or a family football pitch, there are all sorts of things you can do. If you love wildlife and want to encourage more, this inspirational book will help you sow the seeds and reap the rewards.

Wildlife Garden

Author : Ursula Kopp
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The threat of global mass extinction of bees, and the alarming decline in many native bird species, are key topics of discussion today. The main causes of this situation are intensive cultivation of mono-cultures, and the wide-scale use of pesticides, that in turn lead to destruction of traditional habitats and the various food sources they provide. We know that if just one species in a food chain is lost – and thus no longer able to perform its particular function – this will inevitably lead to the extinction of further species, and a reduction in the stability and productivity of the entire ecosystem. The preservation of biological diversity is guaranteed only if pollinators are able to survive – and each of us can contribute to supporting and strengthening them by creating a natural garden that welcomes and sustains these species, providing what they need to flourish. The spirit and magic of a natural garden stems from the fact that it is not created by human hands – at least not in the usual sense, with a great deal of effort and expenditure. A natural garden is about creating an ecologically balanced slice of nature – one that is not shaped by external forces, but works with what is already there. Wildlife Garden will help you turn your garden into a wildlife wonderland – and help to save the environment!

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden Wildlife Gardening

Author : Alan Titchmarsh
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The most successful gardens work with nature to create natural environments in which jobs such as pollination and pest control are left to the wildlife. In this definitive guide, Alan Titchmarsh shows how to create natural ecosystems in your garden to encourage beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife and establish the best environment in which your garden will thrive. * Design ideas and planting plans for wildlife-friendly gardens * Wildlife gallery showing common birds, mammals, amphibians and insects and how to attract them to your garden * How to create natural habitats * Recommended trees, shrubs and flowers for biodiversity * Seasonal tasks for the year

The Nature friendly Garden

Author : Marlene A. Condon
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Explains how to create a nature-friendly garden that attracts and meets the needs of the same insects and creatures many people try to rid their garden of, including rabbits, toads, insects, squirrels, and even deer.

Wildlife friendly Plants

Author : Rosemary Creeser
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A practical and inspiring guide. Wildlife gardening books have traditionally focused on large gardens in rural areas where there is ample space to plant large trees and hedges. For many new gardeners or those living in urban areas, working with a small space presents a variety of challenges when trying to attract beneficial wildlife. Wildlife-Friendly Plants is a practical guide specifically designed to help gardeners chose the best plants for encouraging and supporting wildlife. By attracting beneficial wildlife, gardeners can eliminate the use of a range of chemicals and create a healthier environment. This book is intended for any size garden from large to small in the city or country. Wildlife-Friendly Plants includes: Beautifully photographed directory of wildlife friendly plants Helpful step-by-step projects for planting, pruning and dividing Extended backflap with a guide to the symbols used throughout the book. Many of these plants are perfect for use in small spaces, such as a patio, terrace or window box. With the valuable suggestions for use, planting and maintenance, anyone can create a safe haven for beneficial insects, amphibians and birds. Wildlife-Friendly Plants is the ideal book for gardening and wildlife enthusiasts everywhere.

Bird Gardens

Author : Stephen W. Kress
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Shows readers how to offer refuge to wild birds threatened with the loss of their habitats by creating backyard gardens

The Wildlife friendly Garden

Author : Michael Chinery
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Full of helpful expert advice and many practical projects, this ebook edition of the successful hardback is a fascinating illustrated guide to encouraging wildlife into your garden, whether you live in the town or the country.

The Wildlife Friendly Vegetable Gardener

Author : Tammi Hartung
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Promoting a holistic ecological view, Tammi Hartung encourages you to invite wildlife into your garden. You’ll be amazed at how a variety of natural pollinators, pest predators, and soil enrichers can promote vibrant and healthy vegetables. Discover how a slug problem disappears once you’ve introduced a pond housing bullfrogs, how wasps can take care of tomato hornworms, and why skunks aren’t so bad after all. Learn how to garden with animals, rather than against them, and reap your most bountiful harvest yet.

Easy Garden Projects to Make Build and Grow

Author : Barbara Pleasant
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Outlines do-it-yourself vegetable garden project ideas that address a wide range of needs, from making compost and controlling weeds to attracting wildlife and watering plants.

RHS The Garden Anthology

Author : Ursula Buchan
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An anthology of the best garden writing from the pages of The Garden, the magazine of the Royal Horticultural Society. As well as revealing key moment from a time of intense change, this anthology paints a rich and intriguing picture of what gardening means today.The writers tell of plant-hunting and new gardening practices, fashion and growing food, whilst shedding light on the inner landscape of the thoughtful gardener. Collected and curated by Ursula Buchan, herself an anthologist, The Garden Anthology presents a narrative of thoughts and opinions for keen gardeners to help navigate the gardening year, and comprises the best writing from more than the last 100 years. This 320-page reading book includes short essays, opinions, thoughts and excerpts from 80 garden writers and designers including James Wong, Sir Roy Strong, Helen Dillon, Anna Pavord, E A Bowles, Gertrude Jekyll, John Brookes, Tim Richardson, Joy Larkcom, Hugh Johnson, Nigel Slater, Lia Leendertz, Ursula Buchan, Nigel Colborne and Mary Keen under the universally-appealing subjects of: the kitchen garden; wildlife and wildflowers; gardens; garden design; the environment; plants; people; seasons and the weather.

Fish and Wildlife Management

Author : Adam T. Rohnke
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Featuring over five hundred illustrations and forty tables, this book is a collection of in-depth discussions by a tremendous range of experts on topics related to wildlife and fisheries management in Mississippi. Beginning with foundational chapters on natural resource history and conservation planning, the authors discuss the delicate balance between profit and land stewardship. A series of chapters about the various habitat types and the associated fish and wildlife populations that dominate them follow. Several chapters expand on the natural history and specific management techniques of popular species of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, eastern wild turkey, and other species. Experts discuss such special management topics as supplemental, wildlife-food planting, farm pond management, backyard habitat, nuisance animal control, and invasive plant species control. Leading professionals who work every day in Mississippi with landowners on wildlife and fisheries management created this indispensable book. The up-to-date and applicable management techniques discussed here can be employed by private landowners throughout the state. For those who do not own rural lands but have an interest in wildlife and natural resources, this book also has much to offer. Residents of urban communities interested in creating a wildlife-friendly yard will delight in the backyard habitat chapter specifically written for them. Whether responsible for one-fourth of an acre or two thousand, landowners will find this handbook to be an incalculable aid on their journey to good stewardship of their Mississippi lands.

Wildlife in the Garden

Author : Gene Logsdon
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The authot examines ways to deal with wildlife in your garden by benefitting from them instead of fighting them.

Small Space Container Gardens

Author : Fern Richardson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Small? Yes. A concrete slab populated with plastic chairs and an abandoned grill? Not anymore. Small-Space Container Gardens layers practical gardening fundamentals with creative solutions, encouraging us to think “outside the pot.” You'll learn how to tackle unique challenges, like windy conditions several stories above street level, and how to care for plants and troubleshoot problems like garden pests and diseases. From design basics to essential plant picks, Small-Space Container Gardens proves you don't need a yard to have a happy, healthy garden. For anyone who wants more green in their life, it's time to start gardening creatively in small spaces.

The Pocket Book of Garden Experiments

Author : Helen Pilcher
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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With more than 80 experiments for the whole family to discover and enjoy,The Pocket Book of Garden Experiments contains easy-to-follow instructions for activities that will stretch your imagination and bring out your inner scientist. x Make an ecosystem in a jar x Find out why leaves change colour x Turn potatoes into slime x Calculate the heights of trees x Make a sound map of your garden Each experiment takes inspiration from the natural world and the fascinating things that live in it.

Gardening for the Birds

Author : George Adams
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“An engaging and inspiring comprehensive guide.” —Booklist “A great benefit of creating a bird-friendly landscape is enjoying your garden while watching a bluebird dropping in for a worm in a freshly dug patch, a phoebe snapping at insects, or a hummingbird probing nectar-rich flowers while robins sing in the trees.” With the right native plants, arranged to mimic natural ecosystems, you will provide birds with food, water, shelter, and nesting places. Instead of just visiting your garden to snack, birds will call it home! George Adams offers close-up profiles of birds from across all regions of North America to teach you their nesting, breeding, and feeding habits along with guidance for regional plant selection and garden design.


Author : AB Bishop
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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In a world where suburban nature is declining and diversity is shrinking, Habitat is a practical guide for those of us who want to encourage insects, reptiles, frogs, birds and animals into our garden. Not only for our own enjoyment, but as a direct contribution to the health and sustainability of our local environment and wildlife. AB Bishop shows how to design, plant and maintain fauna-friendly landscapes, stressing the importance of understanding how all aspects of the backyard ecosystem are interlinked in order to create a truly authentic and effective habitat. This information-packed resource includes a detailed plant directory; information on what plants (native and exotic) suit what creatures and why; and advice on how to factor in the shelter, nesting, food and water requirements of different types of wildlife. A practical projects chapter features step-by-step instructions for soil testing; making compost tea; building and planting a frog pond; and constructing nesting boxes and insect hotels.

California Month by Month Gardening

Author : Claire Splan
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It may be the Golden State, but your garden can be any color you want it to be. California is already famous as one of the world's leading fruit and vegetable producers--but a glance at a valley oak or California buckwheat is just a small glimpse of the native plants the state has to offer the home gardener. Written by Alameda resident and longtime gardening journalist Claire Splan, California Month-by-Month Gardening is the sister manual to our California Getting Started Garden Guide. Inside, Splan dedicates a thoroughly detailed chapter to each month of the year, telling you what species you should consider planting, precisely when you should plant them, and how to care for them for maximum health. Within each month are recommendations for annuals, bulbs, lawns (and lawn alternatives), natives, perennials, roses, shrubs, trees, vines, and groundcovers. An introductory overview of California's microclimates and soil types, along with a primer on general gardening techniques and a color-coded USDA zone map, prepares you to make your best effort as a gardener in California. Splan's instructions go much further than just the basics, as you learn how to plan, plant, care for, water, fertilize, and troubleshoot your diverse garden spaces during every single month of the year. Fully illustrated with beautiful color photography of the "how to" steps and plants, California Month-by-Month Gardening keeps your garden prosperous through all types of California weather and terrain. For our full introduction to gardening in California, we also recommend companion books California Getting Started Garden Guide and California Fruit & Vegetable Gardening.

The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids

Author : Whitney Cohen
File Size : 27.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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“What better way to begin to explore the natural world than to experience the magic and beauty of a family garden.” —Arden Bucklin-Sporer, author of How to Grow a School Garden Many gardeners find that once they have children gardening goes the way of late-night dinner parties and Sunday morning sleep-ins. Raising kids and maintaining a garden can be a juggling act, leaving the family garden forgotten and neglected. But kids can make great gardening companions, and the benefits of including them are impossible to ignore. Gardening gets kids outdoors and away from television and video games, increases their connection to plants and animals, and helps build enthusiasm for fresh fruits and vegetables. Their involvement becomes the real harvest of a family garden. In The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids, Whitney Cohen and John Fisher draw on years of experience in the Life Lab Garden Classroom and gardening with their own children to teach parents how to integrate the garden into their family life, no matter its scope or scale. The book features simple, practical gardening advice, including how to design a play-friendly garden, ideas for fun-filled theme gardens, and how to cook and preserve the garden's bounty. 101 engaging, family-friendly garden activities are also featured, from making Crunch-n-Munch Vegetable Beds and Muddy Miniature Masterpieces to harvesting berries for Fresh Fruity Pops.