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Spiritual Warfare Journal

Author : Fab Knowledge Store
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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

Mastery of Spiritual Warfare

Author : Bishop William a Baker Sr
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There is more to Spiritual Warfare than we know. Now is the time to become fully aware of what it takes and what it means to Master Spiritual Warfare.

The Works of William Bridge Edited by W Greenhill J Yates and W Adderley

Author : William Bridge
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Feed My Sheep

Author : Lemuel Baker
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I wanted to create a work that would make comprehensive easy to read and hard hitting for Christian Leaders that could bring us back to our first love. My second goal was to compile a work that would help Christian leaders become effective leaders by forming a philosophy for life and for ministry congruent to the will of God for their lives. I hope to accomplish these goals within the contents of this book. The book is insightful in many ways such as the importance of the Church as a critical part of secular society and mental health as a pathology that needs to be mitigated even among the constituents of the Church. Unfortunately erroneous practices, beliefs, behaviors and teachings had to be addressed because I believe many people will come to their senses about given subjects if they receive proper explanations. A logical and scriptural perspective is given in order to help some get on track with regards to their beliefs, philosophy and actions. Hot topics discussed are Ephesians 4:11 endowments of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. A special chapter is dedicated to the role of women in the Church which unfortunately is a topic that is still a concern for many Christians around the world. There are concepts that are presented that all work towards bringing an individual to full order and to full congruence with the will of God for Leaders. An awareness to the importance of feeding sheep is a central topic of this 269 page hand book for all Christian leaders that emphasizes the God given responsibility for Pastors and leaders that are non-negotiable. Every Christian leader must read this book before assuming ministry, during ministry and after ministry to review their performance awaiting the day when Jesus will hand out rewards for service especially crowns designated specifically for leaders who were faithful. There is so much more such as how to feed sheep and what diet is essential such as when feeding sheep we must feed a good balance of both the word and the anointing to achieve full spiritual health. We discuss the importance of the local Church and what research says about the congregation we speak to each time services are held. You may be surprised at the needs that are present each time you speak and the responsibility you have to be a vessel through whom God can do an actual intervention into the life of an attendee to prevent misfortune. You wont be disappointed. Every seminary, bible college, and Church must make this book a part of their curriculum, required reading and library.


Author : Rev. Gene Herndon
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Many times as christians, we do not realize that our conditions of life are not always our position. When we study the Word of God it is clear about who it says we are, what God says we can have, and what God truly says we can do. It is a must for every believer to understand who they are in Christ positionally, spiritually, and naturally. This book will help you discover who you are in Christ positionally so that by using your authority. you may change your life condition.

Sermons 40 86

Author : John Wesley
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Sermons on Selected Lessons of the New Testament

Author : Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.)
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Sermons on Selected Lessons of the New Testament

Author : Saint Augustine of Hippo
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May He, beloved, fulfil your expectation who hath awakened it: for though I feel confident that what I have to say is not my own, but God’s, yet with far more reason do I say, what the Apostle in his humility saith, “We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” I do not doubt accordingly that you remember my promise; in Him I made it through whom I now fulfil it, for both when I made the promise, did I ask of the Lord, and now when I fulfil it, do I receive of Him. Aeterna Press

The Methodist new connexion magazine and evangelical repository

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Killin Snakes

Author : Sue Arrington
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Killin' Snakes is the true story of victory over the powers of darkness. Is the bold and genuine, account of a woman's life lived away from God; a life filled with all that is evil in this world. After hearing God's voice, in the midst of a near-death experience, she is renewed and restored only to face all-out war with the enemy, the prince of this world. This gripping saga of life-lost then restored for a new purpose, will bring hope to the soul who is living in defeat, believing the lies of the enemy that they are destined to remain in chains of physical, mental and spiritual bondage. It is a story of tragic betrayal; glamorous worldly- success; catastrophic-illness; and a life-and-death struggle with the powers of darkness, but above all, is the story of God's never failing love, and Redeeming Grace. What people are saying! Killin Snakes, is a powerful account of God's faithfulness and His redeeming work so personally expressed in the pain of life. Sue Arrington with raw honesty shares her pain and the wonder of God's grace. This is a personal and compelling testimony that will bless and encourage every reader. I could not put it down!- Tom Lane, Lead Executive Apostolic Pastor, Gateway Church "If the art of living is the ability to use hardships in a constructive fashion, Sue Arrington has provided a superb example of how this is to be accomplished . . . Killin Snakes sizzles with vulnerable mistakes and brave comebacks we all should learn from. A Brilliant piece of work!" Liz Morris, The Personality Doctor and Best-Selling Author of Seekers, A World Within a World and Founder of The Dallas Dream Team. Killing Snakes is a compelling story of God's ability to redeem each of us. Regardless of the mistakes you may have made in your own life, Killing Snakes will inspire you to believe God to "cause all things to work together for good." The author writes with a captivating narrative style that will engage your attention from the first page to the last. If you need God to redeem your life, I commend Killing Snakes to you. Mike Downey, President , Strategic Impact The battle between good and evil is real and Sue's story illustrates the importance of recognizing the ways of our enemy. Her gripping account of her miraculous transformation shares her rescue and devotion to her hero, God. The reader will come face to face with all the emotions, trials, failures and successes Sue experienced on this incredible journey. Her deliverer's victory, will inspire, inform, and challenges her readers. A must-read!- Donna Skell, Executive Director of Roaring Lambs Ministries

The Day of rest

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A Chaplains Book of Poems 2

Author : Chaplain Anthony
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This book of poems was my second edition. Writing poems is a newer gift to me from God. I wrote my first poem February 28th 2012. This new book actually exceeded even my expectations. My first book contained approximately 75 God inspired poems. This latest book has approximately 150 God inspired poems. It seemed daily that I would be inspired to write a poem or sometimes two or three. Sometimes watching a church program on TV would suddenly give me this incredible inspiration to write. Each poem was a very special inspiration for that day. I never really had no knowledge of the subject or focus of the poem in advance. It was actually exciting to generate a poem as the words came to me supernaturally. It seemed that there was a poem for just about any problem or situation. Some of the poems, I admit, I really didn't want to write because they were so controversial. These poems are now read all over the world and I receive emails daily from about 40 countries. I thank God that this little ministry is now reaching thousands, and proclaiming the truth of the gospel in poetry.

Readngs for the Aged

Author : John Mason Neale
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Wayside words formerly Gilead ed by F Harper

Author : Frederick Harper
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The Epistle to the Ephesians in Gr and Engl with an analysis and comm by S H Turner

Author : Paul (st.)
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The Epistle to the Ephesians

Author : Samuel Hulbeart Turner
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Sermons and lectures for Sundays and holy days by J Currie selected by his widow

Author : James Currie (rector of West Lavington.)
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The Great Adversary

Author : Alfred William Snape
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The Wesleyan Methodist Magazine

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A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church Anterior to the Division of the East and West See v 24

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