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Deming The Way We Knew Him

Author : Frank Voehl
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Perhaps no other person in the history of modern business has so profoundly affected the methods of quality improvement in industry than W. Edwards Deming. The subject of many books, articles, and television documentaries, Dr. Deming has become the world-recognized leader of the quality movement in industry.

The Deming Management Method

Author : Mary Walton
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Whether you're the owner of our own small business, a middle manager in a mid-sized company, or the CEO of a multinational, this book can show you how to improve your profits and productivity. How? By following the principles of The Deming Management Method. Middle- and top-echelon managers in particular will find Dr. Deming's method provocative and controversial. He is for a total revamping of the way American managers manage. Some of his pet peeves are: managers who manage by slogans or by setting quotas, managers who don't know what their jobs are and who can't define the responsibilities of the workers under them, managers who tend to blame workers, not realizing that workers want to take pride in their work. Change, Dr. Deming beliees, starts at the top with an informed, quality-conscious management. This book includes excellent advice on how to achieve that level of management expertise in the author's analysis of Dr. Deming's famous 14 Points for Managers and his Deadly diseases of management. Dr. Deming's management techniques are all carefully explained in this detailed, step-by-step treatment of their major points and of their practical applications to everyday business life. A large portion of The Deming Management Method is devoted to practical applications of the method by some of American's most innovative firms, including Honeywell, AT&T and Campbell's Soup.

The Curriculum Management Audit

Author : Larry E. Frase
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Software Project Effort Estimation

Author : Adam Trendowicz
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Software effort estimation is one of the oldest and most important problems in software project management, and thus today there are a large number of models, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses in general, and even more importantly, in relation to the environment and context in which it is to be applied. Trendowicz and Jeffery present a comprehensive look at the principles of software effort estimation and support software practitioners in systematically selecting and applying the most suitable effort estimation approach. Their book not only presents what approach to take and how to apply and improve it, but also explains why certain approaches should be used in specific project situations. Moreover, it explains popular estimation methods, summarizes estimation best-practices, and provides guidelines for continuously improving estimation capability. Additionally, the book offers invaluable insights into project management in general, discussing issues including project trade-offs, risk assessment, and organizational learning. Overall, the authors deliver an essential reference work for software practitioners responsible for software effort estimation and planning in their daily work and who want to improve their estimation skills. At the same time, for lecturers and students the book can serve as the basis of a course in software processes, software estimation, or project management.

Operations Management

Author : Mike Pycraft
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Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice

Author : Janie B. Butts
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Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice, Second Edition was developed as an essential resource for advance practice students in master s and doctoral programs. This text is appropriate for students needing an introductory understanding of philosophy and how a theory is constructed as well as students and nurses who understand theory at an advanced level. The Second Edition discusses the AACN DNP essentials which is critical for DNP students as well as PhD students who need a better understanding of the DNP-educated nurse s role. Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice, Second Edition covers a wide variety of theories in addition to nursing theories. Coverage of non-nursing related theory is beneficial to nurses because of the growing national emphasis on collaborative, interdisciplinary patient care. The text includes diagrams, tables, and discussion questions to help students understand and reinforce core content."

The AUPHA Manual of Health Services Management

Author : Robert J. Taylor
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With contributions from more than 30 authorities in the field, this reference covers topics varying from management techniques to strategic planning, To ownership and governance, To a department-by-department breakdown of health care facility support services.

Market Conditions and International Trade in Semiconductors

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means. Subcommittee on Trade
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Surveying Subjective Phenomena

Author : Charles Turner
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In January 1980 a panel of distinguished social scientists and statisticians assembled at the National Academy of Sciences to begin a thorough review of the uses, reliability, and validity of surveys purporting to measure such subjective phenomena as attitudes, opinions, beliefs, and preferences. This review was prompted not only by the widespread use of survey results in both academic and non-academic settings, but also by a proliferation of apparent discrepancies in allegedly equivalent measurements and by growing public concern over the value of such measurements. This two-volume report of the panel’s findings is certain to become one of the standard works in the field of survey measurement. Volume I summarizes the state of the art of surveying subjective phenomena, evaluates contemporary measurement programs, examines the uses and abuses of such surveys, and candidly assesses the problems affecting them. The panel also offers strategies for improving the quality and usefulness of subjective survey data. In volume II, individual panel members and other experts explore in greater depth particular theoretical and empirical topics relevant to the panel’s conclusions. For social scientists and policymakers who conduct, analyze, and rely on surveys of the national state of mind, this comprehensive and current review will be an invaluable resource.

Operation Management

Author : B. Mahadevan
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