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Wavelet Applications in Chemical Engineering

Author : Rodolphe L. Motard
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Increasing emphasis on safety, productivity and quality control has provided an impetus to research on better methodologies for fault diagnosis, modeling, identification, control and optimization ofchemical process systems. One of the biggest challenges facing the research community is the processing of raw sensordata into meaningful information. Wavelet analysis is an emerging field of mathematics that has provided new tools and algorithms suited for the type of problems encountered in process monitoring and control. The concept emerged in the geophysical field as a result ofthe need for time-frequency analytical techniques. It has since been picked up by mathematicians and recognized as a unifying theory for many ofthe methodologies employed in the past in physics and signal processing. l Meyer states: "Wavelets are without doubt an exciting and intuitive concept. The concept brings with it a new way of thinking, which is absolutely essential and was entirely missing in previously existing algorithms. " The unification ofthe theory from these disciplines has led to applications of wavelet transforms in many areas ofscience and engineering including: • pattern recognition • signal analysis • time-frequency decomposition • process signal characterization and representation • process system modeling and identification • control system design, analysis and implementation • numerical solution ofdifferential equations • matrix manipulation About a year ago, in talking to various colleagues and co-workers, it became clear that a number of chemical engineers were fascinated with this new concept.

Wavelet Applications in Chemical Engineering

Author : Rodolphe L. Motard
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Control and Optimisation of Process Systems

Author :
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Advances in Chemical Engineering was established in 1960 and is the definitive serial in the area. It is one of great importance to organic chemists, polymer chemists, and many biological scientists. Written by established authorities in the field, the comprehensive reviews combine descriptive chemistry and mechanistic insight and yield an understanding of how the chemistry drives the properties. This volume focuses on control and optimisation of process systems. Advances in Chemical Engineering was established in 1960 and is the definitive serial in the area. It is one of great importance to organic chemists, polymer chemists, and many biological scientists Written by established authorities in the field, the comprehensive reviews combine descriptive chemistry and mechanistic insight and yield an understanding of how the chemistry drives the properties Focuses on control and optimization of process systems

Wavelets in Chemistry

Author : Beata Walczak
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Wavelets seem to be the most efficient tool in signal denoising and compression. They can be used in an unlimited number of applications in all fields of chemistry where the instrumental signals are the source of information about the studied chemical systems or phenomena, and in all cases where these signals have to be archived. The quality of the instrumental signals determines the quality of answer to the basic analytical questions: how many components are in the studied systems, what are these components like and what are their concentrations? Efficient compression of the signal sets can drastically speed up further processing such as data visualization, modelling (calibration and pattern recognition) and library search. Exploration of the possible applications of wavelets in analytical chemistry has just started and this book will significantly speed up the process. The first part, concentrating on theoretical aspects, is written in a tutorial-like manner, with simple numerical examples. For the reader's convenience, all basic terms are explained in detail and all unique properties of wavelets are pinpointed and compared with the other types of basis function. The second part presents applications of wavelets from many branches of chemistry which will stimulate chemists to further exploration of this exciting subject.

Modeling and Analysis of Chemical Engineering Processes

Author : K. Balu
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The chemical process industry faces serious problems with regard to new materials and efficient methods of production due to increasing costs of energy, stringent environmental regulations and global competition. A clear understanding of the processes is required in order to solve these problems. One way is through crisp modeling method; another is through an optimal operation of the process to improve profitability and efficiency. The book is in two parts. The first part discusses the methods of modeling chemical engineering processes through well known mathematical methods involving numerical calculations. This includes the recent concepts of Fuzzy logic and neural nets. The second part describes the efficient optimization methods, which are available for the effective application in many chemical processes. This involves methods of search for extrema as well as optimization, with and without constraint relations. Most books on nonlinear programming are of theoretical type, and the exact procedures of computation are often obscure. But in this book, a number of problems have been worked out. In addition to this, computer programs are included for almost all the topics. Due to the intricacy of optimization programs, the flow charts and the program in clear BASIC language have been provided so that the reader can understand the mathematical methods. The book will be useful for students and practising engineers in the field of chemical engineering, biotechnology, environmental engineering, and applied mathematics

Fractals in Engineering

Author : Jacques Levy Vehel
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Fractal analysis research is expanding into a variety of engineering domains. The strong potential of this work is now beginning to be seen in important applications in real industrial situations. Recent research progress has already led to new developments in domains such as signal processing and chemical engineering, and the major advances in fractal theory that underlie such developments are detailed here. New domains of applications are also presented, among them environmental science and rough surface analysis. Sections include multifractal analysis, iterated function systems, random processes, network traffic analysis, fractals and waves, image compression, and applications in physics. Fractals in Engineering emphasizes the connection between fractal analysis research and applications to industry. It is an important volume that illustrates the scientific and industrial value of this exciting field.

Efficient Algorithms for Discrete Wavelet Transform

Author : K K Shukla
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Due to its inherent time-scale locality characteristics, the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) has received considerable attention in signal/image processing. Wavelet transforms have excellent energy compaction characteristics and can provide perfect reconstruction. The shifting (translation) and scaling (dilation) are unique to wavelets. Orthogonality of wavelets with respect to dilations leads to multigrid representation. As the computation of DWT involves filtering, an efficient filtering process is essential in DWT hardware implementation. In the multistage DWT, coefficients are calculated recursively, and in addition to the wavelet decomposition stage, extra space is required to store the intermediate coefficients. Hence, the overall performance depends significantly on the precision of the intermediate DWT coefficients. This work presents new implementation techniques of DWT, that are efficient in terms of computation, storage, and with better signal-to-noise ratio in the reconstructed signal.

Intelligent Systems in Process Engineering Part II Paradigms from Process Operations

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Volumes 21 and 22 of Advances in Chemical Engineering contain ten prototypical paradigms which integrate ideas and methodologies from artificial intelligence with those from operations research, estimation andcontrol theory, and statistics. Each paradigm has been constructed around an engineering problem, e.g. product design, process design, process operations monitoring, planning, scheduling, or control. Along with the engineering problem, each paradigm advances a specific methodological theme from AI, such as: modeling languages; automation in design; symbolic and quantitative reasoning; inductive and deductive reasoning; searching spaces of discrete solutions; non-monotonic reasoning; analogical learning;empirical learning through neural networks; reasoning in time; and logic in numerical computing. Together the ten paradigms of the two volumes indicate how computers can expand the scope, type, and amount of knowledge that can be articulated and used in solving a broad range of engineering problems. Sets the foundations for the development of computer-aided tools for solving a number of distinct engineering problems Exposes the reader to a variety of AI techniques in automatic modeling, searching, reasoning, and learning The product of ten-years experience in integrating AI into process engineering Offers expanded and realistic formulations of real-world problems

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery for Process Monitoring and Control

Author : Xue Z. Wang
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Modern computer-based control systems are able to collect a large amount of information, display it to operators and store it in databases but the interpretation of the data and the subsequent decision making relies mainly on operators with little computer support. This book introduces developments in automatic analysis and interpretation of process-operational data both in real-time and over the operational history, and describes new concepts and methodologies for developing intelligent, state space-based systems for process monitoring, control and diagnosis. The book brings together new methods and algorithms from process monitoring and control, data mining and knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and causal relationship discovery, as well as signal processing. It also provides a framework for integrating plant operators and supervisors into the design of process monitoring and control systems.

Wavelet Analysis

Author : Ding-Xuan Zhou
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The International Conference of Computational Harmonic Analysis, held in Hong Kong during the period of June 4 OCo 8, 2001, brought together mathematicians and engineers interested in the computational aspects of harmonic analysis. Plenary speakers include W Dahmen, R Q Jia, P W Jones, K S Lau, S L Lee, S Smale, J Smoller, G Strang, M Vetterlli, and M V Wickerhauser. The central theme was wavelet analysis in the broadest sense, covering time-frequency and time-scale analysis, filter banks, fast numerical computations, spline methods, multiscale algorithms, approximation theory, signal processing, and a great variety of applications.This proceedings volume contains sixteen papers from the lectures given by plenary and invited speakers. These include expository articles surveying various aspects of the twenty-year development of wavelet analysis, and original research papers reflecting the wide range of research topics of current interest."

Statistical Practice in Business and Industry

Author : Shirley Coleman
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This book covers all the latest advances, as well as more established methods, in the application of statistical and optimisation methods within modern industry. These include applications from a range of industries that include micro-electronics, chemical, automotive, engineering, food, component assembly, household goods and plastics. Methods range from basic graphical approaches to generalised modelling, from designed experiments to process control. Solutions cover produce and process design, through manufacture to packaging and delivery, from single responses to multivariate problems.

Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography

Author : A. Felinger
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This book gives an overview of the numerical data analysis and signal treatment techniques that are used in chromatography and related separation techniques. Emphasis is given to the description of the symmetrical and asymmetrical chromatographic peak shape models. Both theoretical and empirical models are discussed. The fundamentals of data acquisition, types and effect of baseline noise, and methods of improving the signal-to-noise ratio (either in time or in frequency and wavelet domain) are thoroughly discussed. Resolution enhancement techniques, such as curve fitting, deconvolution by Fourier and wavelet transforms, iterative deconvolution, Kalman filtering and multivariate methods of curve resolution are all discussed with several chromatographic examples. Quantitative analysis by peak area of peak height measurement, the precision and accuracy of the quantitation of stand-alone or overlapping and symmetrical or asymmetrical peaks are treated. In a separate chapter, guidelines are given for the use of transform techniques for the analysis of chromatograms. A statistical description of peak overlap is given in the final chapters. Since the concept of resolution has to be reconsidered when one separates complex mixtures, the problem of resolution and overlap is quantitatively discussed by means of statistical methods, and by using Fourier analysis of the complex chromatogram. Features of this book • The ultimate source of numerical techniques to enhance chromatographic data • Gives a detailed description of signal and resolution enhancement techniques in a manner applicable for enhancing not only chromatography, but also spectroscopic and other analytical signals • The first book with a thorough overview of the statistics of peak overlap. This is the first volume to encompass both the simple and more sophisticated methods for the numerical treatment of chromatograms. It is, therefore, the fundamental resource of numerical analysis methods for every analyst.

Practical Time Frequency Analysis

Author : Rene Carmona
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Time frequency analysis has been the object of intense research activity in the last decade. This book gives a self-contained account of methods recently introduced to analyze mathematical functions and signals simultaneously in terms of time and frequency variables. The book gives a detailed presentation of the applications of these transforms to signal processing, emphasizing the continuous transforms and their applications to signal analysis problems, including estimation, denoising, detection, and synthesis. To help the reader perform these analyses, Practical Time-Frequency Analysis provides a set of useful tools in the form of a library of S functions, downloadable from the authors' Web sites in the United States and France. Detailed presentation of the Wavelet and Gabor transforms Applications to deterministic and random signal theory Spectral analysis of nonstationary signals and processes Numerous practical examples ranging from speech analysis to underwater acoustics, earthquake engineering, internet traffic, radar signal denoising, medical data interpretation, etc Accompanying software and data sets, freely downloadable from the book's Web page

Adapted Wavelet Analysis

Author : Mladen Victor Wickerhauser
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This detail-oriented text is intended for engineers and applied mathematicians who must write computer programs to perform wavelet and related analysis on real data. It contains an overview of mathematical prerequisites and proceeds to describe hands-on programming techniques to implement special programs for signal analysis and other applications. From the table of contents: - Mathematical Preliminaries - Programming Techniques - The Discrete Fourier Transform - Local Trigonometric Transforms - Quadrature Filters - The Discrete Wavelet Transform - Wavelet Packets - The Best Basis Algorithm - Multidimensional Library Trees - Time-Frequency Analysis - Some Applications - Solutions to Some of the Exercises - List of Symbols - Quadrature Filter Coefficients

Modern Methods for Multidimensional Dynamics Computations in Chemistry

Author : Donald Leo Thompson
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This volume describes many of the key practical theoretical techniques that have been developed to treat chemical dynamics problems in many-atom systems. It contains thorough treatments of fundamental theory and prescriptions for performing computations. The selection of methods, ranging from gas phase bimolecular reactions to complex processes in condensed phases, reflects the breadth of the field.The book is an excellent reference for proven and accepted methods as well as for theoretical approaches that are still being developed. It is appropriate for graduate students and other ?novices? who wish to begin working in chemical dynamics as well as active researchers who wish to acquire a wider knowledge of the field.

Chemical Process Performance Evaluation

Author : Ali Cinar
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The latest advances in process monitoring, data analysis, and control systems are increasingly useful for maintaining the safety, flexibility, and environmental compliance of industrial manufacturing operations. Focusing on continuous, multivariate processes, Chemical Process Performance Evaluation introduces statistical methods and modeling techniques for process monitoring, performance evaluation, and fault diagnosis. This book introduces practical multivariate statistical methods and empirical modeling development techniques, such as principal components regression, partial least squares regression, input-output modeling, state-space modeling, and modeling process signals for trend analysis. Then the authors examine fault diagnosis techniques based on episodes, hidden Markov models, contribution plots, discriminant analysis, and support vector machines. They address controller process evaluation and sensor failure detection, including methods for differentiating between sensor failures and process upset. The book concludes with an extensive discussion on the use of data analysis techniques for the special case of web and sheet processes. Case studies illustrate the implementation of methods presented throughout the book. Emphasizing the balance between practice and theory, Chemical Process Performance Evaluation is an excellent tool for comparing alternative techniques for process monitoring, signal modeling, and process diagnosis. The unique integration of process and controller monitoring and fault diagnosis facilitates the practical implementation of unified and automated monitoring and diagnosis technologies.

Knowledge based Intelligent Information Engineering Systems Allied Technologies

Author : Norio Baba
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The annual Kes International Conference in Knowledge-based Intelligent Information Engineering Systems and Allied Technologies has become an event that is held in high regard by the intelligent systems community. The proceedings of the fifth conference represents a comprehensive survey of research on the theory and application of knowledge-based intelligent systems including topics such as: generic intelligent techniques - artificial neural networks, machine learning fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy techniques, and artificial life; applications of intelligent systems - condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, image processing, and high voltage systems; and allied technologies - communications, the Internet and web-based technologies, e-commerce, and computer pets. The proceedings should be of interest to those in the intelligent systems field, such as engineers, researchers and students.

16th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering and 9th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering

Author : Wolfgang Marquardt
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This proceedings book contains the papers presented at the joint conference event of the 9th Symposium on Process Systems Engineering (PSE'2006) and the 16th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE-16), held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, from July 9 – July 13, 2006. The symposium follows the first joint event PSE’97 / ESCAPE-7 in Trondheim, Norway (1997). The last two venues of the ESCAPE symposia were Barcelona, Spain (2005) and Lisbon, Portugal (2004) and the most recent PSE symposia were held in Kunming, China (2003) and Keystone, Colorado, USA (2000). The purpose of both series is to bring together the international community of researchers engineers who are interested in computing-based methods in process engineering. The main objective of the symposium is to review and present the latest developments and current state in Process Systems Engineering and Computer Aided Process Engineering. The focus of PSE’2006 / ESCAPE-16 has been on Modelling and Numerical Methods, Product and Process Design, Operations and Control, Biological Systems, Infrastructure Systems, and Business decision support. * reviews and presents the latest developments and current state of Process Systems Engineering and Computer Aided Process Engineering * contains papers presented at a joint conference event * bringing together an international community of researchers and engineers interested in computing-based methods in Process Engineering

Automation in Mining Mineral and Metal Processing 2004

Author : D. Sauter
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Wavelet Applications in Engineering Electromagnetics

Author : Tapan K. Sarkar
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