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Water Reflections

Author : P. S. Publishing
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Water reflects anything on its surface, so it makes perfect sense to use water as a metaphor for your own personal reflections on life, those special moments each day, and especially all of your dreams. Think about water and it is instantly calming and mesmerizing, so use those thoughts to reflect on your life and journal those thoughts to inspire and motivate you. The ruled pages in this journal are a great way to capture those deep thoughts or just the surface ideas. But, most of all, enjoy your thoughts and the moments when you are thinking about water and its parallels to your own life.

Water Reflections

Author : Elisabeth Merrett
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A clear, swift-running stream, an exhilarating whitewater stretch of river, the mesmerizing rhythm of waves on an ocean beach, each has a story to tell. Set mostly in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, the stories in Water Reflections explore the author's delight in being in or near water, whether as an active participant or an appreciative observer. In a series of memoirs that extend from the 1940's to the present, the reader is invited to check out the sights and sounds that are a part of these experiences. So come watch the early morning mist rise on Schroon Lake, or paddle on Lake Champlain along the shores of North Hero Island, or hike up Mount Marcy alongside Johns Brook, all without ever leaving the house.

Night Water Reflections

Author : John V. LaMotte, Jr.
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Night Water Reflections is a collection of poetry that I have written over the course of my life from those halcyon high school days until today. This daily passion play has been scripted in and out of my mind on scraps of paper, notepads and napkins… and on any other carbonless cord cut, thin sliced wood sheaths I could find at my moments of love, anger, joy or sorrow… aggravation, exaltation or creative inspiration. These poetry pieces were often crafted late at night when I should have been paying more attention to the road when driving or in odd places like country barns or city alleys.

Water Reflections

Author : Inlet To Ocean Publishing
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Water reflects anything on its surface, so it makes perfect sense to use water as a metaphor for your own personal reflections on life, those special moments each day, and especially all of your dreams. Think about water and it is instantly calming and mesmerizing, so use those thoughts to reflect on your life and journal those thoughts to inspire and motivate you. The ruled pages in this journal are a great way to capture those deep thoughts or just the surface ideas. But, most of all, enjoy your thoughts and the moments when you are thinking about water and its parallels to your own life.

Reflections on Water

Author : Michael E. Kraft
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This book offers conceptual and empirical support for the idea that the human relationship with water must move beyond rationalist definitions of water as product, property, and commodity.

Agenda Edition No 1

Author :
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Blue Water Reflections

Author : Mary C. Burnell
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Reflections on Water

Author : Marion Dianne Werra-Baburchak
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"You know the feeling you get when people understand you? Well, that's the feeling you will get when you experience Marion's reflections on faith, joy, sorrow, romance, victory and healing. She has caused my heart to reflect on my journey with new hope." Chaplain Carl Williamson Cancer Treatment Centers of America "The words of a poet are reflections of the inner person. As you enjoy the unique beauty of the author with her expressions of passion and personality, this book will unlock your creativity and enrich your view of life. It will inspire you in areas of joy, comfort, truth and hope. You will view nature in living color as you walk down the poetic path with Marion. Now grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax...enjoy the poems of one of the great authors of our day as you read "Reflections on Water." Pastor Jerry Terry Calvary's Love Church "I have watched Marion walk as an overcomer, and it is that indomitable, insightful spirit that comes through in her poetry. As you read these pages you will sense her passion for life that is focused on fulfilling God's will. She sees and communicates life through a faith-filled lens that inspires all..." Pastor Michael Posey Church of the Harvest Marion Dianne Werra Baburchak was born and raised in Staten Island, New York and presently resides in Jasper, Indiana with her husband Charles and son Jonathan. She is a poet, thespian and substitute teacher who celebrates creativity and the Arts; most notably Shakespeare and English Classics. Marion is a cancer survivor with contagious joy and zeal for life which resounds her heart's refrain: "Faith and Fun!" She lives to reflect the love of God for mankind and perpetuate her ardent passion for the restoration and flourishing of souls.


Author : Jan Boys
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Get ready to cast off and cruise down waterways that continually beckon, softly whispering: Come follow me. Come follow me. Travel along the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers, Norris Lake, the Intracoastal Waterways, and the North Channel to name but a few. Watch diamonds dancing on the water, traverse through towering locks, spend the day swinging on anchor, listen to the chorus of night sounds and ride out a storm or two. In REFLECTIONS ON THE WATER: Traveling the Waterways with God, Jan Boys incorporates visual, mental and written reflections with glimpses into the nautical life. While water surrounds her boat and reflects the world around it, Jan filters the images through her spiritual beliefs constantly looking for the presence of God, seeking to travel the waterways with Him. Based on her boat logs, this book is not only an inland waterway cruise, but a spiritual journey as well. This is not a story to read cover to cover, but a book of reflections and meditations to explore one chapter at a time, as you search and listen for the whisperings of God. Read it leisurely. Follow along on the map. Savor and enjoy each destination. Let these reflections resonate deep within your soul and awaken your senses to the ever-abiding presence of God. ~ ~ ~ Cruise any part of America ́s coastline, inland rivers or lakes and you can ́t help but discover the special meaning natural beauty offers to all of us. Jan Boys, however, takes a very large step beyond the obvious. She borrows from what she wrote in the ship ́s log and her personal journal as she and her husband cruised thousands of miles. Jan reveals and shares with you what she felt about her surroundings and experiences and how she related them to the love and concern God has for all of us. Indeed, with each page, you can almost believe you were there with her as she discovered "reflections" that continue to reassure and comfort her. Most likely, you will remember this book not for the stories but rather for the insights resulting from this writer ́s ability to weave reality, imagination and belief in God into a convincing and compelling reason to see the world differently. Fred Myers, journalist and editor, author of cruising guides for the Tennessee River, Cumberland River and the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway ~ ~ ~ Let Jan and Gene guide you through a taste of the travels and adventures of three boats they owned during the last twenty-five years. Cruise with them up and down rivers, across lakes and bays, into canals and locks, on open water crossings, through the Great Lakes, and even into another country. These waterways have many faces: clean or muddy, curious and amusing, depressing and aggravating, or stressful and frightening. Mainly, however, they are peaceful and prayerful, beautiful and breathtaking, majestic and awe inspiring. Yet they remain ever changing and ever beckoning: Come follow me. See what lies around the next bend. ~ ~ ~ This is my Father ́s world; all nature rings and round me sings the music of the spheres. Jan Boys ́ musing of the heart is a song of recognition and gratefulness. Jan sees God ́s hand in every bend of the river. Travel is more than a geography lesson or a cross-cultural experience. It ́s the handiwork of God that inspires and amazes us. This is a walk with God on the waters—a personal psalm of a boater and a believer in touch with the creator. Anyone looking for a sacred passage on America ́s waterways will be both inspired and rewarded. Ron and Eva Stob, founders of America ́s Great Loop Cruisers ́ Association (AGLCA) and co-authors of Honey, Let ́s Get a Boat...

Web of Water

Author : John Lane
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A look at the Saluda-Reedy watershed in Upstate South Carolina through words and pictures.

Reflections on Blue Water

Author : Alan Ross
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'This valedictory volume is the quintessence of [Alan] Ross, a deft and deceptively airy set of literary wanderings through a part of the Mediterranean - the islands of the south-western coast of Italy - he had known since being demobilised from the Royal Navy at the end of the Second World War... Ross's memoir is a showcase for a supremely poetic sensibility, and a naturally gifted writer with an unerring eye for detail, reporting on his experience with an infectiously joyous lyricism.' Eldon King, Observer 'A fund of associative literary information that could only have been amassed by a passionate reader. Gorky, Ibsen, Rilke, DH Lawrence, Walter Benjamin, Pablo Neruda and scores more wrote in or near Ischia; Ross describes their books and their lives with detailed succinctness, en route dipping in and out of his own thoughts and travel observations.' Helen Simpson, Guardian

Reflections of the Moon on Water

Author : Xiaolan Zhao
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One of Canada’s most trusted and beloved health practitioners introduces Western women to the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and the time-tested practices that have helped optimize physical and emotional health for centuries. Since establishing her practice in Canada twelve years ago, Dr. Xiaolan Zhao has treated thousands of women suffering from fatigue, PMS, infertility, depression, menopausal symptoms and other gynecological disorders — health problems that are all too common in the West but less so in China, where traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been an integral part of women’s lives for thousands of years. As a physician originally trained in Western medicine who later took up the practice of TCM, Dr. Zhao has seen how effective the Chinese approach is for her patients, and she’d like to see more Canadian women incorporating its wisdom and practices in their own lives, as a complement to their regular health care. In Reflections of the Moon on Water, she explains the unique philosophy behind the healing tradition, a way of thinking that is liberating and empowering for women. Sharing stories from her own life and the lives of her patients, Dr. Zhao shows that we have nothing to reject about our feminine selves, and explains how we can develop new relationships with our bodies and our emotions. There is so much every woman can do in terms of ongoing and preventative self-care to improve her health and vitality and prevent illness. By making simple changes in diet, exercise routine, sex life and the way we deal with stress and our emotions, we can profoundly improve our health now and into the future. "Many Westerners think Chinese medicine sounds too complicated or too esoteric. They find discussions of yin and yang, or the life energy known as qi intimidating. In fact, Chinese medicine is very simple and accessible. Many of the herbs we use are ordinary ones. Sometimes, I might treat a patient’s sinus condition with eucalyptus or other familiar herbs, and she’ll say, "Oh that smells just like what my grandmother used to give me." So much of Chinese medicine is based on intuition and common sense. Although the history behind TCM is 5,000 years old — 4,500 years older than our scientific traditions — it is knowledge open to anyone." —excerpt from Reflections of the Moon on Water From the Hardcover edition.

Walking on Water

Author : R. Ted Pepple
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Marker Magic

Author : Richard M. McGarry
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Discover the art of rendering with markers through: * Profiles of top rendering pros, their techniques, and examples of their best work. * 65 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques you can use right now to improve your next design presentation. * Specific color combinations for rendering wood, brick, foliage, skies, chrome and other materials. * 40 Mini-Lessons with demonstrations of solutions to everyday rendering problems.

The Art of Oil Painting

Author : Walter Foster Creative Team
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"Discover all the techniques you need to know to create beautiful oil paintings"--Cover.

Reflections in Hydrology

Author : Nathan Buras
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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series. In the early 1980s, the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources at the University of Arizona started a tradition: an annual public lecture to perpetuate the memory of one of its most original thinkers who passed away at an early age, Chester C. Kisiel. At that time, the department was quite young—a little over ten years old—and so was the University of Arizona, not quite a century old. The overall atmosphere was extremely stimulating, faculty members and students were curious and excited, wishing to learn and understand more about the natural phenomena that transform precipitation into water and the possible development of regional waters for human uses. The preparation and delivery of these lectures were entrusted by the department to outstanding scientists in the fields of hydrology and water resources, thus attaining a double objective. On the one hand, the lectures became salient points on a time trajectory when specific facets of the broad agenda of scientific issues studied in the department were brought to the limelight of a public discourse. On the other hand, the lectures also provided opportunities for reflection on contemporary problems and on the approaches for their study and analysis.

Interior Design Using Hand Sketching SketchUp and Photoshop

Author : Daniel John Stine
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This book is designed for the interior designer wanting to use hand sketching techniques, Google SketchUp, and Adobe Photoshop together to create beautiful designs and presentations. This book will teach you how to come up with fresh new design ideas and how to save time by using these powerful tools and techniques. This book presumes no previous experience with any of these tools and is divided into three sections. In the first section you will learn to use SketchUp and Photoshop starting with navigating the interface and than learning their features. In the next section you will learn hand sketching techniques and how to combine these with digital tools. In the last section of the book you will complete an interior design project leveraging the tools and techniques you learned in previous chapters while learning a few new techniques along the way. The first two chapters cover computer basics, including managing files and knowing your way around the operating system. The next three chapters introduce the reader to SketchUp, an easy to use 3D modeling program geared specifically towards architecture. Chapters six and seven present the basic tools found in Photoshop, which is the industry standard raster image editing software. Once you have worked through all the technology related introduction chapters, you will explore four chapters on various aspects of hand sketching. These chapters mainly focus on interior drawing concepts. The final four chapters work through the concept design process for an interior fit out project. The intent is that the reader would recreate these drawings as they appear in the book. The goal is to focus on understanding the process and developing the required techniques rather than getting bogged down in design right away.

Magic Light and the Dynamic Landscape

Author : Jeanine Leech
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It has been said many times that photography is painting with light, or that photography is all about light. For Jeanine Leech, the idea of painting with light is a passion. She uses it as a brush for color, texture, and dimension to create dynamic and expressive images. In this book, Leech details her techniques for finding and using the best light to create breathtaking landscape images. To get that special moment, you are often chasing the light. In landscape photography there are moments of defining light. It can be a single moment that may only last a second when the light is just perfect. These moments don’t happen every day but when they do one frame can tell the story with more visual impact than all the others. The ability to improvise, to stop and get the light when these moments occur randomly, is the difference between producing a standard photo and something that truly stand out. This book provides the basic principles of photography necessary for capturing this magic successfully. Starting with a rundown of the equipment that Leech uses and explaining the core concepts of photography, the book proceeds to detail shooting at different times of day. From the first light at dawn, through midday and onto dusk, Leech provides stunning examples of how each type of light can be used. Each photo in the book is accompanied by the camera settings used to capture it. True magic light is rare. It happens in a fleeting moment, not to be repeated again, lasting only a few minutes or seconds. Its quality is so unique that it changes the color, appearance and ultimately the mood of the subjects it falls upon. Part three of the book focuses on the different types of landscapes. First weather is covered. A photo shoot in the Smoky Mountains shows how attention to detail and setting can make the shot. The light and the weather change in mere seconds. As Leech points out, knowing the basics of photography and how to work your equipment quickly is essential. Each of the stunning photos in the book is a testament to this. After that Leach discusses how she chooses different landscapes. Intimate landscapes can be found anywhere. Sometimes making artistic choices like only focusing on a small portion of a setting provides an image with greater impact. Finally, the book covers the use of polarizer’s, various filters and multiple digital darkroom techniques.

Modern painters

Author : John Ruskin
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Studio Field and Gallery

Author : Horace J. Rollin
File Size : 27.77 MB
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