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American Comic Strips Before 1918

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Walt and Skeezix Book One 1921 1922

Author : Frank King
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Collects the daily comic strip "Gasoline Alley" from the time the character Skeezix appeared in 1921 to the early 1950s.

Reading the Funnies

Author : Donald Phelps
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The comic strip has been a staple of American newspapers for nearly a century. It is a creation unique to cultural life and, in addition to entertainment, has commented on the way we see and view ourselves. From its high culture influence on Pop Art to its low culture appeal to children of all ages, the comic strip has had a lasting hold on the imaginations of generations. Noted writer Donald Phelps provides essays on popular classics, such as Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, E.C. Segar's Thimble Theatre (which produced Popeye), and Frank King's Gasoline Alley. His keen eye discerns the sublime qualities of this most American art form with wit and refreshing candor. Reading the Funnies offers an elegant and eloquent look into this fascinating slice of American popular culture.

Walt Before Skeezix

Author : Frank King
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The prelude to the Walt and Skeezix series offers a portrait of a country in transition Walt Before Skeezix collects the first years of Frank King's beloved comic strip Gasoline Alley--one of the most widely read and syndicated strips of its time, which is still syndicated today. These comics, produced between 1919 and 1920, focus primarily on Walt Wallet and his friends as they engage with the then-novel automobile sensation that was sweeping the nation. This period of the newspaper strip is especially fascinating as a historical time capsule, charting a moment in America's past when horses and buggies shared the road with cars, and when the country was making the transition from rural farmers to urban, industrialized society. King was a pioneering American cartoonist who changed comics forever by setting his strip in contemporary America and having his characters age. These lavish volumes pay tribute to the evolution of his style and storytelling. Designed and edited by the world-renowned cartoonist Chris Ware (Building Stories), Walt Before Skeezix includes a wide-ranging introductory essay from the noted comics historian Jeet Heer, the coeditor of Arguing Comics: Literary Masters on a Popular Medium, and an essay by Tim Samuelson, the cultural historian for the city of Chicago, about how Chicago's history is reflected in King's newspaper strip.

Nina and Skeezix the Problem of the Lost Ring

Author : Frank King
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Frank King (1883-1969) is best known for his long-running comic strip Gasoline Alley. Characters from the strip, Nina Clock and Skeezix Wallet, are featured in this illustrated novel.

The Comics

Author : Coulton Waugh
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This classic 1947 study, the first of its kind, probes the mass popularity of the comics as well as exploring their evolution, social commentary, art forms, and genres

The Orphan in Fiction and Comics since the 19th Century

Author : Marion Gymnich
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The orphan has turned out to be an extraordinarily versatile literary figure. By juxtaposing diverse fictional representations of orphans, this volume sheds light on the development of cultural concepts such as childhood, family, the status of parental legacy, individualism, identity and charity. The first chapter argues that the figure of the orphan was suitable for negotiating a remarkable range of cultural anxieties and discourses in novels from the Victorian period. This is followed by a discussion of both the (rare) examples of novels from the first half of the 20th century in which main characters are orphaned at a young age and Anglophone narratives written from the 1980s onward, when the figure of the orphan proliferated once more. The trope of the picaro, the theme of absence and the problem of parental substitutes are among the issues addressed in contemporary orphan narratives. The book also looks at the orphan motif in three popular fantasy series, namely Rowling’s Harry Potter septology, Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy and Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. It then traces the development of the orphan motif from the end of the 19th century to the present in a range of different types of comics, including funnies and gag-a-day strips, superhero comics, underground comix, and autobiographical comics.

Comics Anatomy of a Mass Medium

Author : Wolfgang J. Fuchs
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Heritage Comics Signature Auction 814

Author : Ivy Press
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Walt Skeezix 1918 1920 Walt before Skeezix

Author : Frank King
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