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Wall Street Likes Its Women

Author : Theresa M. Welbourne
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Wall Street Women

Author : Melissa S. Fisher
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Wall Street Women tells the story of the first generation of women to establish themselves as professionals on Wall Street. Since these women, who began their careers in the 1960s, faced blatant discrimination and barriers to advancement, they created formal and informal associations to bolster one another's careers. In this important historical ethnography, Melissa S. Fisher draws on fieldwork, archival research, and extensive interviews with a very successful cohort of first-generation Wall Street women. She describes their professional and political associations, most notably the Financial Women's Association of New York City and the Women's Campaign Fund, a bipartisan group formed to promote the election of pro-choice women. Fisher charts the evolution of the women's careers, the growth of their political and economic clout, changes in their perspectives and the cultural climate on Wall Street, and their experiences of the 2008 financial collapse. While most of the pioneering subjects of Wall Street Women did not participate in the women's movement as it was happening in the 1960s and 1970s, Fisher argues that they did produce a "market feminism" which aligned liberal feminist ideals about meritocracy and gender equity with the logic of the market.

Lose the Gum

Author : Tamara Lashchyk
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Within the hierarchy of corporate culture, the rules of protocol arent always clear and missteps can be damaging to your career. After twenty something years on Wall Street, I realize that all women face the same challenges as we try and steer through a system of protocols that never took us into consideration in the first place. Lose the Gum highlights some of the protocols that exist and offers guidance that will help women navigate this fiercely competitive industry and advance their careers. In this book you will learn: How to create a professional brand that is respected by men and women alike How to project confidence - even when you may be unsure of yourself at times How to successfully negotiate compensation that reflects your value How to get the job you want and the promotion you deserve

Tiger Woman on Wall Street Winning Business Strategies from Shanghai to New York and Back

Author : Junheng Li
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"Powerful methods for global investing from a dual expert on Chinese and U.S. markets Tiger Woman on Wall Street is the remarkable story of how one woman has risen to the top of the traditionally male-dominated world of finance. Raised by "tiger parents" in China in the 1980s, when the Chinese economy was just starting to boom, Junh Li came to the United States to attend college and climbed her way up to the top with a relentless personal drive and a remarkable talent for investing and finance.Tiger Woman on Wall Street is both an autobiographical tell-all and a critical review of Chinese and American comparative cultures and economies. It gives international investors both the insight and the hard advice they need to navigate the increasing complexities of the global economy.Junheng Li runs the independent equity research firm, JL Warren Capital LLC, to advise institutional asset managers on investing in small- to mid-capitalization companies both in the U.S. and China. She was previously senior equity analyst at Aurarian Capital Management"--

The Wall Street Journal Portfolio of Women in Business

Author : Charles Preston
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This collection of funny cartoons published in the nation's premier business and financial daily is a warm and witty look at the travails of the working woman.

Gender on Wall Street

Author : Laura Mattia
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This book contains advice and direction for women who are either seeking a career or who have already embarked on a career in financial services. The book first aims to help the female reader gain clarity on her motivation in pursuing a career in finance. It then identifies potential gender-specific challenges that could create problems if she is unaware or unconscious to her surrounding work environment. Lastly, it provides insights and exercises to develop a strategy for career accomplishment. Written by a former Senior Financial Executive for several fortune 500 firms including M&M Mars, a Wealth Manager/Owner of a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, and Professor of financial planning at the University of South Florida, the book will help women identify pitfalls, create game plans to transcend the limitations of their workplace cultures, and learn how to collaborate with their peers to create healthier work environments. Told through personal stories, anecdotes from other women and academic research, Gender on Wall Street helps women identify the internal and external obstacles to their success. This book will also provide a means of overcoming these obstacles through conscious engagement, personal reflection and strategy-building exercises at the conclusion of each chapter. The reader will be guided into creating their own personal career plan—the STAR plan—which will help them achieve career success.

Petticoats and Pinstripes Portraits of Women in Wall Street s History

Author : Sheri J. Caplan
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This fascinating work presents biographical essays about women from the colonial period to modern times, chronicling the previously untold story of the female financial experience in the United States. • Explores the female financial experience in the United States from the colonial period to modern times • Presents the history of women on Wall Street by placing personalities in the context of both Wall Street's development and prevailing political and cultural times • Identifies common themes and issues confronted by women in finance • Provides two quick-reference appendices, one describing the significance of particular women and a second that provides a chronology of milestones

Ladies of the Ticker

Author : George Robb
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Long overlooked in histories of finance, women played an essential role in areas such as banking and the stock market during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Yet their presence sparked ongoing controversy. Hetty Green's golden touch brought her millions, but she outraged critics with her rejection of domesticity. Progressives like Victoria Woodhull, meanwhile, saw financial acumen as more important for women than the vote. George Robb's pioneering study sheds a light on the financial methods, accomplishments, and careers of three generations of women. Plumbing sources from stock brokers' ledgers to media coverage, Robb reveals the many ways women invested their capital while exploring their differing sources of information, approaches to finance, interactions with markets, and levels of expertise. He also rediscovers the forgotten women bankers, brokers, and speculators who blazed new trails--and sparked public outcries over women's unsuitability for the predatory rough-and-tumble of market capitalism. Entertaining and vivid with details, Ladies of the Ticker sheds light on the trailblazers who transformed Wall Street into a place for women's work.

The Under Leveraged Talent Pool

Author : Sylvia Ann Hewlett
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Savvy Investing for Women

Author : Marlene Jupiter
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Explains how to invest, how to buy stocks and bonds, what to know about marriage and money, and how to plan for retirement

Wall Street Women

Author : Anne B. Fisher
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Female stock traders, investment bankers, and directors on Wall Street discuss their personal and professional lives, how they gained their Positions, and the future of the Street

Twenty Years Among the Bulls and Bears of Wall Street

Author : Matthew Hale Smith
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Selling Women Short

Author : Louise Marie Roth
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Rocked by a flurry of high-profile sex discrimination lawsuits in the 1990s, Wall Street was supposed to have cleaned up its act. It hasn't. Selling Women Short is a powerful new indictment of how America's financial capital has swept enduring discriminatory practices under the rug. Wall Street is supposed to be a citadel of pure economics, paying for performance and evaluating performance objectively. People with similar qualifications and performance should receive similar pay, regardless of gender. They don't. Comparing the experiences of men and women who began their careers on Wall Street in the late 1990s, Louise Roth finds not only that women earn an average of 29 percent less but also that they are shunted into less lucrative career paths, are not promoted, and are denied the best clients. Selling Women Short reveals the subtle structural discrimination that occurs when the unconscious biases of managers, coworkers, and clients influence performance evaluations, work distribution, and pay. In their own words, Wall Street workers describe how factors such as the preference to associate with those of the same gender contribute to systematic inequality. Revealing how the very systems that Wall Street established ostensibly to combat discrimination promote inequality, Selling Women Short closes with Roth's frank advice on how to tackle the problem, from introducing more tangible performance criteria to curbing gender-stereotypical client entertaining activities. Above all, firms could stop pretending that market forces lead to fair and unbiased outcomes. They don't.

Twenty eight Years in Wall Street

Author : Henry Clews
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Added t.p., illustrated. PARTIAL CONTENTS: XV. [Daniel] Drew and [Cornelius] Vanderbilt.--XVI. Drew and the Erie "corners."--XXII. [Henry] Villard and his speculations.--XXVI. Our railroad methods.--XXXIV. Commodore Vanderbilt.-how his mammoth fortune was accumulated.--XXXV. Wm. H. Vanderbilt.--XXXVII. The young Vanderbilts and their fortunes.--Their railroad system ... --XLII. Railroad investments.--XLV. The labor question.--Gould and the strikes on the Missouri Pacific.--L. Western and southern financial leaders.--General Thomas M. Logan, a successful man in railroading ... --[The Garretts'] great success as railroad managers.--LVII. Jay Gould.--LIX. Men of mark.--Hon. Stephen V. White [Lackawanna Railroad].--Austin Corbin [Reading Railroad].--Russell Sage [Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul].--Chauncey M. Depew [New York Central]. -- J. Pierpont Morgan.

Going Public Wall Street Through The Eyes of a Woman

Author : Melissa Canter
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Author : Nina Godiwalla
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A fiercely ambitious woman from the Persian-Indian community ventures from Houston to New York to follow her dream of working in the world of banking and finance in pursuit of success, honor and family pride.

Inside Life in Wall Street Or How Great Fortunes are Lost and Won

Author : William Worthington Fowler
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The Wall Street Journal Guide to the Top Business Schools 2004

Author : Ronald J. Alsop
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Ranks one hundred accredited, full-time Masters of Business Adminstration programs throughout the United States and abroad, including listings of top schools for women and minorities, and top schools by industry and academic discipline.

Women of The Street

Author : M. Jones
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Women invest differently than men. Collectively, their approach has proven profitable and reliable, and it outperforms the industry at large. The portfolio managers interviewed in this book exemplify the best traits that women investors tend to exhibit. Read Women of the Street to learn from them and start investing a little more like a girl.

The Unseen Wall Street of 1969 1975

Author : Alec Benn
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Long-time financial ad agency president Alec Benn offers a unique, first hand look at America's investment community, at a time of changes so profound that their impact, implications, and significance are still with us. Based on frank, revealing talks with people who participated in those events, on official oral histories (some now unavailable), and on his own well informed observations, Benn reveals how The New York Stock Exchange nearly collapsed, and how changes that most affect investors today really came about. He provides rare insights into historical figures, such as Ross Perot and Richard Nixon, and their impact on events, and into others who caused, influenced, and sometimes opposed reforms we are still benefitting from. Informative, entertaining, and impeccably researched, Benn's book provides new information to evaluate the investment world today and to appreciate how dangerous it was at another time, a time that some say appears uncomfortably familiar.