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The Splendor of Roman Wall Painting

Author : Umberto Pappalardo
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"Thanks to this volume, the reader can visit the Roman houses of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Boscoreale, Oplontis, and Rome that display superb Roman frescoes on their walls ... An essay by Donatella Mazzoleni highlights the connections between Roman architecture and the programs of illusionistic wall paintings employed in these magnificent structures. Umberto Pappalardo examines the Roman domestic ideal and its realization in wall painting and through other elements of interior decoration. The two essays precede a sumptuously illustrated guide to twenty-eight of the most beautiful houses - among them, the Villa of the Mysteries, the House of the Vettii, and the House of the Faun in Pompeii; the House of Livia, the Villa Farnesina, and the Domus Aurea in Rome; the House of the Grand Portal in Herculaneum; and the Villa of Publius Fannius Synistor in Boscoreale."--BOOK JACKET

Reinventing Pompeii From Wall Painting to Iron Construction in the Industrial Revolution

Author : Gabriella Cianciolo Cosentino
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Pompeii exists not only in its concrete materiality in-situ and ex-situ, but also in countless adaptations and re-interpretations which shape our cities and deeply affect the modern world. This book examines the impact of Pompeian wall paintings on European architectural design and discourse during the Industrial Revolution, with particular focus on the role of the Vesuvian city as a laboratory for the creation of a new ?iron style?. When cast iron first appeared as a building material, architects faced unprecedented challenges after millennia of stone construction: cast iron required a new language, a new syntax, new proportions and ornamental patterns suited to the characteristics of the material and in line with the functional and aesthetic standards of modern cities. In this context, the imaginary structures painted on the walls of Pompeian buildings, interpreted as a prefiguration of a light, airy, dematerialised architectural order, were adapted to the needs of the time through a process of transfer from one medium (painted surface) to another (three-dimensional structure). A selection of case studies ? including works by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Henri Labrouste, Jakob Ignaz Hittorff, and Gottfried Semper ? illustrate how the so-called Pompeian arabesques, i.e. models, motifs, and ideas found in fresco paintings, were transformed into iron elements at various scales, ranging from the decorative detail to the structural support.


Author : Donatella Mazzoleni
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This is a major study of illusionistic wall painting in the Roman houses of Pompeii and Herculaneum, as well as those in Boscoreale, Oplontis, and Rome itself. Two essays precede a magnificently illustrated guide to twenty-eight important villas with 350 color illustrations.

A Series of Paintings Inspired by Pompeii Wall Paintings

Author : Sophie Dunlop
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In this masters thesis, Sophie Dunlop has responded using paint to the rich subject matter and style of the ancient Roman artists whose work was discovered in Pompeii. Dunlop has tried to capture their joy and love for the natural environment and the spirit of their Xenia frescoes in particular. These frescoes were painted in the houses of wealthy Roman citizens, the still life subjects were painted with the intention of sharing food and hospitality with their guests. The ancient painters focussed on the sensory aspect of the local produce and painted in a spontaneous way. Dunlop s paintings which are illustrated in this book are the main focus of this research project, they were painted over a period of 3 years.

Roman and Etruscan Painting

Author : Arturo Stenico
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The World of Pompeii

Author : Pedar Foss
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This all embracing survey of Pompeii provides the most comprehensive survey of the region available. With contributions by well-known experts in the field, this book studies not only Pompeii, but also – for the first time – the buried surrounding cities of Campania. The World of Pompeii includes the latest understanding of the region, based on the up-to-date findings of recent archaeological work. Accompanied by a CD with the most detailed map of Pompeii so far, this book is instrumental in studying the city in the ancient world and is an excellent source book for students of this fascinating and tragic geographic region.

Gods and Heroes in Pompeii

Author : Ernesto De Carolis
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The deities and heroes of the ancient Romans were popular subject matter for the frescoes which decorated the sophisticated villas of Pompeii's wealthy citizens. This richly illustraded volume highlights various depictions of the divine and heroic pantheon of ancient Rome. The text explores both the general characteristics of Pompeian painting and its specific treatment of gods and heroes.

The Customization of Wall Painting Designs in the Roman Domus

Author : Jocelyn P. Boigenzahn
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The frieze design is prominent in public displays of ancient Mediterranean art, but rare in private art. For public officials and rulers, this form offered a visually cohesive, decipherable, and comprehensive way to show large narratives or commemorate great battles on monuments. The frieze design in Roman private wall decoration is only preserved today in a few examples. Three of these are from Pompeii and they display events from the same narrative, the Trojan cycle poems. A systematic formal and structural analysis of content, physical context, visual accessibility, and narrative readability of these friezes uncovers evidence of modifications made to each frieze`s design to fit the room`s function. Using this thematically grouped frieze collection from Pompeii as a case study, this thesis demonstrates the customizable quality of wall paintings, adding to the scholarship on these friezes and the discourse on patron involvement in the formation of wall decoration.

Art and History of Pompeii

Author : Stefano Giuntoli
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A complete guide to the art and history of the ancient city of Pompeii

Roman Painting

Author : Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology Roger Ling
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A general survey of Roman wall painting from the second century B.C. through the fourth century A.D., traces the origins, chronological development, subjects, techniques, and social context of the influential art form.

Gods and Heroes in Pompeii

Author : Ernesto De Carolis
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A wonderfully illustrated book on Gods and Heroes in Pompeiian Painting. By way of introduction, De Carolis describes the characteristics of the different styles of wall paintings and the techniques used to create them.

Venus and Mars in the Wall Paintings of Pompeii

Author : Audrey H. Talbot
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A Companion to Roman Art

Author : Barbara E. Borg
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A Companion to Roman Art encompasses various artistic genres, ancient contexts, and modern approaches for a comprehensive guide to Roman art. Offers comprehensive and original essays on the study of Roman art Contributions from distinguished scholars with unrivalled expertise covering a broad range of international approaches Focuses on the socio-historical aspects of Roman art, covering several topics that have not been presented in any detail in English Includes both close readings of individual art works and general discussions Provides an overview of main aspects of the subject and an introduction to current debates in the field

Eros in Pompeii

Author : Michael Grant
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The Economy of Pompeii

Author : Miko Flohr
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This volume presents fourteen papers by Roman archaeologists and historians discussing approaches to the economic history of Pompeii, and the role of the Pompeian evidence in debates about the Roman economy. Four themes are discussed. The first of these is the position of Pompeii and its agricultural environment, discussing the productivity and specialization of agriculture in the Vesuvian region, and the degree to which we can explain Pompeii's size and wealth on the basis of the city's economic hinterland. A second issue discussed is what Pompeians got out of their economy: how well-off were people in Pompeii? This involves discussing the consumption of everyday consumer goods, analyzing archaeobotanical remains to highlight the quality of Pompeian diets, and discussing what bone remains reveal about the health of the inhabitants of Pompeii. A third theme is economic life in the city: how are we to understand the evidence for crafts and manufacturing? How are we to assess Pompeii's commercial topography? Who were the people who actually invested in constructing shops and workshops? In which economic contexts were Pompeian paintings produced? Finally, the volume discusses money and business: how integrated was Pompeii into the wider world of commerce and exchange, and what can the many coins found at Pompeii tell us about this? What do the wax tablets found near Pompeii tell us about trade in the Bay of Naples in the first century AD? Together, the chapters of this volume highlight how Pompeii became a very rich community, and how it profited from its position in the centre of the Roman world.

Programmatic Painting in Pompeii

Author : Mary Lee Thompson
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Art in the House

Author : Jacob von Falke
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Empire of Pleasures

Author : Andrew Dalby
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This text envelops the reader in a world devoted to the fulfilment of the senses, recapturing the Roman Empire as it was sensed and imaged by those who lived in it. It presents a survey of how the Romans depicted and visualised their food.


Author : Alex Butterworth
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A visceral history of Pompeii - the living city brought back to life. This startling new book concentrates on the twenty years between 59 and 79AD, thus beginning with the earthquake which all but destroyed Pompeii and ending with the volcanic eruption which has become part of our collective popular imagination. Alex Butterworth and Ray Laurence have synthesised the latest research into Pompeii to bring this period of flux and instability back to life. By concentrating on key members from each strata of Pompeiian society we are plunged into the everyday life of a city rebuilding itself, in the knowledge that it will all be for nothing when Vesuvius erupts. So we follow Suedius Clemens who has been sent by Vespasian to settle disputes over land; Decimus Satrius Lucretius Valens who is set to join Pompeii's elite magistrates following the death of his protector; the Vettii brothers who were fabulously rich and ostentacious dealers in wine and perfume; Pherusa, the runaway slave; lusty young Rustus who is contemplating parricide...

Mobile Book Naples and Pompeii

Author : Renzhi Notes
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This Mobile Book is your travel guide: travel to Naples; visit Pompeii,Naples National Archaeological Museum ,Mount Vesuvius,Capri island,Blue Grotto, Naples Cathedral,Castel dell'Ovo,Castel dell'Ovo ,Castel Sant'Elmo,Sansevero Chapel, Museo di Capodimonte,Santa Chiara.