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Free to Learn

Author : Lynne Oldfield
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Free to Learn is a unique, accessible and practical introduction to the principles and methods of Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education. It shows how a developmentally appropriate curriculum can support child development, and addresses current key issues in early year's education. Lynne Oldfield, Director of the London Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Course. She draws on kindergarten experience from cultures around the world and from her long experience as an educator with helpful theory, observations and pictures.

Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Author : Shannon Honigblum
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This comprehensive collection of essays addresses all the key aspects of Waldorf early years education: its history, the developing child, the rhythm of the day, activities, language, storytelling and puppetry and the young child and the spiritual world.There are contributions from many experienced educators, including: Susan Howard, Joan Almon, Helmut von K�gelgen, Freya Jaffke, Ingeborg Sch�ttner, Kimberly Lewis, Stephan Spitalny, Nancy Foster, Susan Weber, Daniel Udo de Haes and Bronja Zahlingen.This is a revised, newly edited edition of two previously available publications, 'An Overview of the Waldorf Kindergarten', and 'A Deeper Understanding of the Waldorf Kindergarten', with the addition of other relevant contributions.

Bringing the Steiner Waldorf Approach to your Early Years Practice

Author : Janni Nicol
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Have you ever wondered what the Steiner approach is all about, where it comes from and how it can be used to benefit the young children in your setting? Bringing the Steiner Waldorf Approach to your Early Years Setting is an excellent introduction to this philosophy. Janni Nicol clearly explains the history of Steiner Waldorf education, the role of play in learning and the key themes of rhythm, repetition and reverence with ideas for activities and resources. Practical examples throughout the book involving children of different ages in a wide variety of settings allow readers to see the connection between theory and practice. This new edition has been fully updated to include: Clear comparisons between Steiner practice and the revised Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS) requirements A section on the growth of international Steiner settings Information on celebrating festivals and outdoor environments This convenient guide will help Early Years practitioners, students and parents to really understand what the Steiner Waldorf approach can bring to their practice and children.

Mentoring in Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Author : Nancy Foster
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Mentoring is a relationship between colleagues which can contribute to both personal and professional development, of both the mentor and the 'mentee'. It is a process of mutual learning.Compiled from the work of the WECAN Mentoring Task force, this book contains chapters on the essentials of Waldorf early childhood work, self education and adult learning, the 'nuts and bolts' of mentoring, and the nature of a fruitful mentoring conversation.

Supporting Self Directed Play in Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Author : Renate Long-Breipohl
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Self-directed play is the cornerstone of the Waldorf early childhood work, one that is threatened from many sides in our time. This important book asks, what is the true nature of such play? How can we learn to observe and understand it? Drawing on research originally conducted in Australia, Renate Long-Breipohl indicates a path that all early childhood educators can travel in their journey towards a deeper understanding of children’s play. At the heart of her study is the section on 'Types of self-directed play', extensively illustrated with photographs and narrative examples from Waldorf early childhood settings.

Understanding the Steiner Waldorf Approach

Author : Janni Nicol
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"Exploring all areas of the curriculum including observation and assessment, child development, play, repetition and the environment, this book: describes the key principles of the Steiner Waldorf approach to early childhood with examples from Steiner settings; provides students and practitioners with the relevant information about a key pedagogical influence on high quality early years practice in the United Kingdom; highlights the key ideas that practitioners should consider when reviewing and reflecting on their own practice; can be used as the basis for continuing professional development and action research."--Publisher.

Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage in Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Settings

Author : Christiana Dawson
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Understanding Child Development Rudolf Steiner s Essential Principles for Waldorf Education

Author : Angelika Wiehl
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A selection of Rudolf Steiner's source texts on childhood development including scholarly commentary, supplemental essays, and a selection of Steiner's texts on early childhood collected in English for the first time. Translated from the German.

Under the Stars

Author : Renate Long-Breipohl
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Presents a collection of essays discussing the principles and methods of Steiner Waldorf early childhood education.

For the Children of the World

Author : Louise Deforest
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Have you heard about the little possum who wanted a peach? Why did a princess wish for speaking grapes, smiling apples and ringing peaches? Do you know how the robin got his red breast, or what happened when Taijin went to live with the Seven Thunders? This little book gathers 24 delightful stories from all corners of the globe, along with 10 delicious recipes, all suitable for young children.The stories and recipes were sent by representatives of the 29 Member Associations that are part of IASWECE, the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education, and all proceeds from the sale of this book will support IASWECE's work on behalf of Waldorf early childhood education around the world.

School Readiness Today

Author : Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft am Goetheanum. Pädagogische Sektion
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The transition, at the age of six or seven, from kindergarten to school is an important stage of child development.This little book offers valuable insights into understanding and discerning school readiness, and includes colour illustrations of children's drawings which illustrate this developmental stage in an insightful, and concrete, way.Based on research presented at the International Association for Steiner-Waldorf Early Childhood Education conference at the Goetheanum, this book will be helpful for both teachers and parents.

Tell Me a Story

Author : Louise DeForest
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In kindergartens all over the world, storytime is often one of the favourite parts of the day. Stories connect us to each other, give a sense of who we are, and guide us into the future. Stories are vital for healthy child development.This new collection of over eighty stories from the members and friends of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America is a treasure-trove for preschool children. In this book you'll find stories for special occasions as well as everyday enjoyment, which will nourish and inspire.

The Child from Birth to Three in Waldorf Education and Child Care

Author : Rainer Patzlaff
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This is a clear and succinct summary of the anthroposophical view of child development from birth to three, with concrete and practical suggestions for care of young children in an out-of-home setting.The English-language edition includes a new introduction by Susan Howard and a list of resources available in English. Beautifully illustrated throughout with full-colour photographs.The third part of a three-part study created by the German Association of Waldorf Schools, this is a companion volume to Developmental Signatures: Core Values and Practices in Waldorf Education for Children Ages 3-9.

Foundations and Best Practices in Early Childhood Education History Theories and Approaches to Learning 3rd Edition

Author : Lissanna Follari
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Foundations and Best Practices in Early Childhood Education: History, Theories, and Approaches to Learning (3rd Edition)

Early Childhood Education

Author : Cathy Nutbrown
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This accessible introduction to the history of early childhood education emphasises the role of history and philosophy in early childhood practice today. Firmly grounded in current policy from across the UK, the text features a series of imagined conversations with key figures and pioneers, which exemplify various philosophical positions in early childhood. This second edition has been fully updated and revised in line with recent policy changes, and contains new and updated biographies of key pioneers as well as three brand new conversations with historical figures. The book is useful for a range of students of Early Childhood Education or History of Education, from first year undergraduates to PhD students. It will also be incredibly valuable to Early Years trainee teachers, practitioners and policy makers.

From Kindergarten Into the Grades

Author : Ruth Ker
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The transition from kindergarten to school is significant, and can be challenging for many children and their parents and teachers. This resource book explores what Rudolf Steiner said and gives context to his insights, to help parents and teachers understand this important period in children's development.This is a companion volume to Ruth Ker's bestselling You're Not the Boss of Me!: Understanding the Six/Seven Year-Old Transformation.

Key Concepts in Early Childhood Education and Care

Author : Cathy Nutbrown
File Size : 64.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Lecturers, why waste time waiting for the post to arrive? Click on the above icon and receive your e-inspection copy today! This new edition of Cathy Nutbrown's much loved book explains the key ideas and issues in Early Childhood clearly and concisely, keeping students up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. There are brand new entries on: - Attachment - Babies' learning and development - Children's Centres - Citizenship - Digital Technologies - Early Years Foundation Stage - Early Years Professional Status - Neuroscience - Sexualities The rest of the book has also been thoroughly updated and revised, and includes coverage of heuristic play, Early Literacy Development and Parental Involvement. The book offers starting points which provide a clear focus, further reading and discussion of research on thirty-five key topics. It is a must for students following courses in early childhood education and care. Professor Cathy Nutbrown directs and teaches on Masters and Doctoral programmes in Early Childhood Education at the University of Sheffield.

The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book

Author : Lisa Hildreth
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The Mood of the Fifth

Author : Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America
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Music is a vital part of the healthy development of young children and yet many teachers can struggle with this key area.This book collects together different perspectives on the theme of music in the mood of the fifth (that is, using a pentatonic scale of five notes), to help teachers, parents and carers understand and work with music at kindergarten level.The book includes classic articles by Jennifer Aulie, Wilma Ellersiek and Rita Jacobs, along with new contributions by Michael Deason-Barrow, Jana Hawley, Renate Long-Breipohl, Sally Schweizer, Estelle Bryer, Eleanor Winship, Jill Taplin and many others.A key resource book for Steiner-Waldorf teachers.

Reclaim Early Childhood

Author : Tamara Suggate Sebastian Suggate
File Size : 49.90 MB
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Presents a clear, deep and accessible overview of the philosophical, developmental and educational foundations of Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf education - as a dynamic, adaptable, creative process for which a profound sense of the uniqueness of each child is foundational.