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Waking with Enemies

Author : Eric Jerome Dickey
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Powerful hit man Gideon struggles to outmaneuver a fellow assassin when his past misdeeds catch up with him, an effort that forces him to realize that he can no longer trust anyone.

Waking with Enemies

Author : Eric Jerome Dickey
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Contract killer Gideon becomes the hunted in this “high-octane”* thriller from New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey. A heated encounter in a London hotel room leaves international hit man Gideon waking up to a world where no one can be trusted. Because this time, someone's taken out a hit on him—and finding out who did it has him rethinking a dangerous past. Is it the man he left alive in Tampa, the cold beauty who taught him how to kill, the scorned woman he still desires, or an unknown enemy? One thing is for sure, Gideon will need his friends—and his enemies—to get out of this game alive.

The Waking Dark

Author : Robin Wasserman
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The town of Oleander is postcard perfect. Until one day. The day the Devil came to Oleander. Whatever they called it, through the months to come - through the funerals and the dinners and the sidelong glances between formerly trusting neighbours - it was all anyone could talk about. It seemed safe to assume it was all anyone would ever talk about, just as it was assumed that Oleander had been changed for ever, and that, once buried, the bodies would stay in the ground. But then the storms came . . .

Wake Up Lien Think for Yourself

Author : William Van Vynck
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Wake up, Lien. Think for yourself! describes the origins and some of the history and the excesses of Christianity and Islam. It shows how mind-control enters into the formation of these religions, and it urges the reader to free himself or herself from the out-dated notions that may have been implanted in his mind by parents, teachers, and religious functionaries. It suggests the Eastern teaching of reincarnation as a possible substitute as that appears to be a more satisfying and logical belief system.

Lectures on the Institution of the Sabbath

Author : John Seely Stone
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Waking from Newton s Sleep

Author : James W. Jones
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Must religion and science conflict? Can a man of science find a spiritual path? Meet Tim, a chemical engineer, who gradually finds his exclusive reliance on science being called into question by the events of his life, by his dreams, and by discussions with his coworker Matt and Matt's wife June. Their conversations probe, debate, and explore whether science alone is sufficient to explain everything, how science and religion might coexist, whether science might lead toward a spiritual path, and what sort of spirituality might be both life-transforming and congruent with modern science. Tim struggles, resists, and, in spite of himself, finds his viewpoint slowly changing. Tim's story illustrates the finding of a spiritual path in a scientific age, not through a drastic crisis but rather through a gradual process of becoming open to new experiences and rethinking old assumptions.

Planet Alicia

Author : Alexis Sixela
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Traveling to another planet is also a trip inside. It makes you pay a visit to some corners of your brain that are not always in working order. At home, everything has a length, a width and a depth. This is our cubist environment. The stars above don't seem to have any use for our straight lines, right angles and flat surfaces. You don't have to go far to see that our so called 'normal' way of thinking is only a first approximation. Len, our photographer, fell in love on Planet Alicia. That was more than he expected. He went there with the idea that love is something that he produces and gives away. Now he sees lovers as those double stars going through the universe dancing around each other, united by their distance. The transition was not easy. He nearly died. We went there convinced that we are the master of our ship. I came back thinking that I am trying to master the wind blowing in my sails. Enjoy the trip.

In Triumph s Wake

Author : Julia P. Gelardi
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The powerful and moving story of three royal mothers whose quest for power led to the downfall of their daughters. Queen Isabella of Castile, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, and Queen Victoria of England were respected and admired rulers whose legacies continue to be felt today. Their daughters—Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England; Queen Marie Antoinette of France; and Vicky, the Empress Frederick of Germany—are equally legendary for the tragedies that befell them, their roles in history surpassed by their triumphant mothers. In Triumph's Wake is the first book to bring together the poignant stories of these mothers and daughters in a single narrative. Isabella of Castile forged a united Spain and presided over the discovery of the New World, Maria Theresa defeated her male rivals to claim the Imperial Crown, and Victoria presided over the British Empire. But, because of their ambition and political machinations, each mother pushed her daughter toward a marital alliance that resulted in disaster. Catherine of Aragon was cruelly abandoned by Henry VIII who cast her aside in search of a male heir and tore England away from the Pope. Marie Antoinette lost her head on the guillotine when France exploded into Revolution and the Reign of Terror. Vicky died grief-stricken, horrified at her inability to prevent her son, Kaiser Wilhelm, from setting Germany on a belligerent trajectory that eventually led to war. Exhaustively researched and utterly compelling, In Triumph's Wake is the story of three unusually strong women and the devastating consequences their decisions had on the lives of their equally extraordinary daughters.

Wake Up Shake Up

Author : Izeal Acker
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Wake Up, Shake Up: The Consciousness of America was written because there is a need for the American people to know the truth of the mythological concept of religion and the diabolical scheme of the devil. They need to know that human beings had been indicted at birth, which has subjected humans to the control of Satan and an institution of evil. People need to know that the schemes have sentenced them to failure and hell. And this book, if read, will free people's mind from Satan's control. This will set you free.

Finnegans Wake

Author : John Gordon
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This is the only full-length study of Finnegans Wake to outline and catalog the immense amount of naturalistic detail from which Joyce built the book. The opening chapters describe the physical setting, time, and main characters out of which the book is constructed. John Gordon argues that behind this detail is an essentially autobiographical story involving Joyce's history and, in particular, his feelings toward his father, wife, daughter and the older brother who died in infancy. Many of the author's findings are new and likely to be controversial because recent criticism has tended to the belief that what he attempts to do cannot be done. This new study of Finnegans Wake represents a radically conservative approach and is intended to function both as a guide to the newcomer seeking a chapter-by-chapter plot summary and as an original contribution to Joyce criticism.