Who Can Speak and Who Is Heard/Hurt?

Facing Problems of Race, Racism, and Ethnic Diversity in the Humanities in Germany


Author: Mahmoud Arghavan,Nicole Hirschfelder,Luvena Kopp,Katharina Motyl

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 383944103X

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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Ethnic diversity, race, and racism have been subject to discussion in American Studies departments at German universities for many years. It appears that especially in the past few decades, ethnic minorities and 'new immigrants' have increasingly become objects of scholarly inquiry. Such research questions focus on the U.S. and other traditionally multicultural societies that have emerged out of historical situations shaped by (settler) colonialism, slavery, and/or large-scale immigration. Paradoxically, these studies have overwhelmingly been conducted by white scholars born in Germany and holding German citizenship. Scholars with actual experience of racial discrimination have remained largely unheard. Departing from a critique of practices employed by the German branch of American Studies, the volume offers (self-)reflective approaches by scholars from different fields in the German Humanities. It thereby seeks to provide a solid basis for thorough and candid discussions of the mechanisms behind and the implications of racialized power relations in the German Humanities and German society at large.

Transformationen der Religion in der Neuzeit

Beispiele aus der Geschichte des Protestantismus


Author: Hartmut Lehmann

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 9783525358856

Category: Religion

Page: 318

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English summary: Transformations of Protestantism in the past help us to better understand the problems of Protestantism in our time and, perhaps, how these problems can be solved. In this volume three major changes in the history of Protestantism are discussed: First, the influence of the demographic, social, cultural and political crises of the seventeenth century; second, the role of revival movements within Protestantism in the late seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries; third, the impact of nationalism on the life and work of major Protestant scholars in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. German description: Warum veranderte und verwandelte sich der Protestantismus in den Jahrhunderten seit Luthers Tod? Warum wurde die protestantische Tradition auch von Protestanten immer wieder in Frage gestellt? Drei kritische Perioden werden in dem vorliegenden Band anhand von spezifischen Beispielen untersucht: die Auswirkungen der Krisen des 17. Jahrhunderts, die weitreichenden Folgen der Erneuerungsbewegungen des spaten 17. und des 18. Jahrhunderts und schliealich die Einwirkungen des Nationalismus auf Denken und Verhalten fuhrender Protestanten im spaten 19. und im 20. Jahrhundert. Hartmut Lehmann liefert in diesem Band erste Schritte hin zu einer neuen und umfassenden Analyse der Eigenart des Protestantismus.

Die gute Nachricht


Author: Dr.h.c. Rev. Martin P. Rissi

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1471736709


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