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Voices and Visions of Aging

Author : Robert Kastenbaum, PhD
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A critical gerontology requires more than a simple elaboration of existing humanistic scholarship on aging. This exceptional new work introduces a basis for genuine dialogue across humanistic, scientific, and professional disciplines. Among the topics addressed are industrial employment, retirement, life styles of older women, and biological research. From philosophical reflections on the ìthird ageî to critical perspectives on institutional adaptations to an aging society, this book presents a wide range of provocative thought.

Social Gerontology

Author : Nancy R. Hooyman
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This best-selling, multidisciplinary, social aging text presents positive images of aging while considering the many factors that contribute to how aging individuals experiences life. Up-to-date and expanded, this text offers a comprehensive view that presents aging positively, portraying concepts of active aging and resiliency, and defining "productive aging" by elaborating on the numerous ways elders contribute to society and their families. Based on the latest research findings, it offers greater depth to critical issues of aging, attending to differences by age and cohort, gender, ethnic minority status, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.

Handbook of Sociology of Aging

Author : Richard A. Settersten, Jr.
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The Handbook of Sociology of Aging is the most comprehensive, engaging, and up-to-date treatment of developments within the field over the past 30 years. The volume represents an indispensable source of the freshest and highest standard scholarship for scholars, policy makers, and aging professionals alike. The Handbook of Sociology of Aging contains 45 far-reaching chapters, authored by nearly 80 of the most renowned experts, on the most pressing topics related to aging today. With its recurring attention to the social forces that shape human aging, and the social consequences and policy implications of it, the contents will be of interest to everyone who cares about what aging means for individuals, families, and societies. The chapters of the Handbook of Sociology of Aging illustrate the field’s extraordinary breadth and depth, which has never before been represented in a single volume. Its contributions address topics that range from foundational matters, such as classic and contemporary theories and methods, to topics of longstanding and emergent interest, such as social diversity and inequalities, social relationships, social institutions, economies and governments, social vulnerabilities, public health, and care arrangements. The volume closes with a set of personal essays by senior scholars who share their experiences and hopes for the field, and an essay by the editors that provides a roadmap for the decade ahead. The Handbook of Sociology of Aging showcases the very best that sociology has to offer the study of human aging.

Handbook of Theories of Aging Second Edition

Author : Merril Silverstein PhD
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The field of gerontology has often been criticized for being "data-rich but theory-poor." The editors of this book address this issue by stressing the importance of theory in gerontology. While the previous edition focused on multidisciplinary approaches to aging theory, this new edition provides cross-disciplinary, integrative explanations of aging theory: The contributors of this text have reached beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries to partner with researchers in adjacent fields in studying aging and age-related phenomena. This edition of the Handbook consists of 39 chapters written by 67 internationally recognized experts in the field of aging. It is organized in seven sections, reflecting the major theoretical developments in gerontology over the past 10 years. Special Features: Comprehensive coverage of aging theory, focusing on the biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging A section dedicated to discussing how aging theory informs public policy A concluding chapter summarizing the major themes of aging, and offering predictions about the future of theory development Required reading for graduate students and post doctoral fellows, this textbook represents the current status of theoretical development in the study of aging.

Critical Approaches to Ageing and Later Life

Author : Anne Jamieson
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How are individuals and society ageing towards the end of the twentieth century?How can different disciplines help us to understand the ageing process?What are the key developments in postmodern thought and critical studies in relation to ageing and later life? In answer to these questions, the editors of this volume have brought together some of the leading figures in the field. Gathered together for the first time in a single volume, the authors discuss the latest theoretical developments in the international field of ageing. Drawing on research from the USA and UK, the book is strongly multi-disciplinary in content with chapters from both social sciences and humanities. The book provides a critical approach to our understanding of the experience of ageing and later life. It has been written for advanced students of gerontology and those with an interest in ageing and later life, but it is also relevant to policy makers and practitioners in the field. Key features:First time work from the USA and UK has been available in one volume Wide coverage of the latest trends and theoretical approaches in gerontologyIssues addressed from a range of disciplines - unusual combination of humanities and social science in one volume Written by leading experts in the field.

Age Becomes Us

Author : Leni Marshall
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Deconstructs fiction and nonfiction to further understandings of how aging and old age are created. In lively, accessible prose, this book expands the reach and depth of age studies. A review of age studies methods in theory, literature, and practice leads readers to see how their own intersectional identities shape their beliefs about age, aging, and old age. This study asks readers to interrogate the “texts” of menopause, self-help books on aging, and foundational age studies works. In addition to the study of these nonfiction texts, the poetry and prose of Doris Lessing, Lucille Clifton, and Louise Erdrich serve as vehicles for exploring how age relations work, including how they invoke readers into kinships of reciprocal care as othermothers, otherdaughters, and otherelders. The literary chapters examine how gifted storytellers provide enactments, portrayals, and metaphorical uses of age to create transformative potential.

The Encyclopedia of Aging

Author : Linda S. Noelker, PhD
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A COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE ON GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS Since its inception in 1987, The Encyclopedia of Aging has proven to be the definitive resource for scholars and students across the burgeoning and increasingly interdisciplinary fields of gerontology and geriatrics. Like its three esteemed predecessors, the fourth edition contains concise, readable explorations of hundreds of terms, concepts, and issues related to the lives of older adults, as well as timely coverage of the many new programs and services for the elderly. Updated, under the distinguished stewardship of editor-in-chief Richard Schulz to reflect the infusion of new information across the scientific disciplines, this new edition brings readers up-to-the-moment significant advances in biology, physiology, genetics, medicine, psychology, nursing, social services, sociology, economics, technology, and political science. While retaining the format and standard of excellence that marked the first three editions, the fourth edition encompasses a wealth of new information from the social and health sciences. It contains the most current bibliography of an expanding literature, an exhaustive index, and extensive cross references. This much anticipated update of the field's most authoritative resource will take its place as an indispensable reference for specialists and non-specialists across a broad range of disciplines that now comprise the field of aging. SPRINGER--SERVING THE HEALTHCARE AND HELPING PROFESSIONS FOR MORE THAN 55 YEARS

Aging and Identity

Author : Sara Munson Deats
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Examines literary treatments, cinematic depictions, and artistic portraits of aging, through the lens of both contemporary gerontological theory and postmodernist concepts.

Aging and Biography

Author : Gary Kenyon, PhD
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Personal life narratives can serve as a rich source of new insights into the experience of human aging. In this comp;rehensive volume, an international team of editors and contributors provide effective approaches to using biography to enhance our understanding of adult development. In addition to providing new theoretical aspects on aging and biography, the book also details new developments concerning the practical use of different biographical approaches in both research and clinical work. This is a landmark volume advancing the use of narrative approaches in gerontology.

Disciplining Old Age

Author : Stephen Katz
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This text provides a theoretical approach to what gerontology does. It combines the theories of Foucault, Bourdieu and Althusser in an analysis of what it calls the "gerontological web."

The Stages of Age

Author : Anne Davis Basting
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A first-of-its-kind study that explores the intersections of performance and aging. Playwright and scholar Anne Davis Basting explores both aging actors and aging AS acting in a cross-section of American theatrical representations that hope to catalyze shifts in our understanding of age. Illustrations.

The Encyclopedia of Aging

Author : Richard Schulz, PhD
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Comprehensive multidisciplinary encyclopedia dealing with aging processes and older adults. Intended for "the educated inquirer who needs a brief authoritative introduction to key topics and issues in aging." Signed entries contain cross references. Contains lengthy bibliography. General index.

Reading Our Lives

Author : William L. Randall
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Against the background of Socrates' insight that the unexamined life is not worth living, Reading Our Lives: The Poetics of Growing Old investigates the often overlooked inside dimensions of aging. Despite popular portrayals of mid- and later life as entailing inevitable decline, this book looks at aging as, potentially, a process of poiesis: a creative endeavor of fashioning meaning from the ever-accumulating texts - memories and reflections-that constitute our inner worlds. At its center is the conviction that although we are constantly reading our lives to some degree anyway, doing so in a mindful matter is critical to our development in the second half of life. Drawing on research in numerous disciplines affected by the so-called narrative turn - including cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and the psychology of aging - authors Randall and McKim articulate a vision of aging that promises to accommodate such time-honored concepts as wisdom and spirituality: one that understands aging as a matter not merely of getting old but of consciously growing old.

Developmental Theories Through the Life Cycle

Author : Sonia G. Austrian
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In this bestselling textbook, contributors describe theories of normal human development advanced by such pioneers as Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, Jean Piaget, Nancy Chodorow, Daniel Levinson, Erik Erikson, and Margaret Mahler. Beginning with infancy, toddlerhood, and preschool, each chapter examines corresponding ideologies concerning maturation and development in middle childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age, while acknowledging that no one theory can encompass all aspects of human development. In-depth analyses of the psychology and sociology of development provide educators and practitioners with insights into the specific social contexts of human behavior and help identify variables and deviations. This second edition features up-to-date empirical information, including additional studies on diverse populations, and a new chapter on attachment theory, a growing area of interest for today's clinicians.

Race in American Film Voices and Visions that Shaped a Nation 3 volumes

Author : Daniel Bernardi
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This expansive three-volume set investigates racial representation in film, providing an authoritative cross-section of the most racially significant films, actors, directors, and movements in American cinematic history. • Views the films via a historical approach in which every subject is considered both through a contemporary lens and in terms of the time of its production and initial reception • Provides up-to-date information on recent movies such as Selma (2014), The Fast and The Furious (2001–2015), 12 Years a Slave (2013), Django Unchained (2012), and Lone Survivor (2013) • Provides readers with the information and background necessary to form informed views about racial representation in film—still an important "hot-button" subject today • Edited by top scholars in the field, Daniel Bernardi and Michael Green, and contains entries by other important experts, such as Andrew Gordon and Priscilla Ovalle

New Challenges to Ageing in the Rural North

Author : Päivi Naskali
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This book provides an underexplored view of ageing, one that conceives older people as valuable resources in their communities, as active citizens with both voice, and an agency that includes the capacity for resistance. It acknowledges that becoming old with dignity means also paying attention to caring, good health services and the possibility of good death. The book defines age and ageing as multiple, culturally and historically constructed phenomena that are only loosely connected to the years of one’s life. In focusing on the peripheral North located in the Nordic, Canadian and Russian north, it highlights important questions and viewpoints that can be found and adapted to other rural areas. The book answers the following questions: What is the relevance of legislation and international legal agreements in ensuring the rights of elderly people under political and economic changes? What challenges do geographic isolation, changing age structure, and cultural and ecological transformations pose to possibilities for meeting older people’s needs for engagement in society as well as for their care? As such this book will be of interest to all those working in population aging.

The Age of Supported Independence

Author : Beatrice Hale
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This book investigates the experiences of older people who remain at home with care. It examines the transition points for the important life changes faced by family members who take on a greater care-giving role. The book draws on demographic analyses and qualitative fieldwork to explore the shift from independence to increasing dependence, and suggests that this transition constitutes movement into a new stage of life, that of an Age of Supported Independence. Applying the anthropological concept of rites of passage in their analysis, the authors focus on the changes in everyday living within the spatial environment of the home, the temporal organization of daily life, and the reshaping of relationships. They suggest that many older people – as well as the family members who become carers – remain in a state of ‘liminality’: unable to make sense of their new situation and experience and, despite assumptions that ageing-in-place sustains social connectedness, excluded from their communities.

Aging Globalization and Inequality

Author : Jan Baars
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This book is a major reassessment of work in the field of critical gerontology, providing a comprehensive survey of issues by a team of contributors drawn from Europe and North America. The book focuses on the variety of ways in which age and ageing are socially constructed, and the extent to which growing old is being transformed through processes associated with globalisation. The collection offers a range of alternative views and visions about the nature of social ageing, making a major contribution to theory-building within the discipline of gerontology. The different sections of the book give an overview of the key issues and concerns underlying the development of critical gerontology. These include: first, the impact of globalisation and of multinational organizations and agencies on the lives of older people; second, the factors contributing to the "social construction" of later life; and third, issues associated with diversity and inequality in old age, arising through the effects of cumulative advantage and disadvantage over the life course. These different themes are analysed using a variety of theoretical perspectives drawn from sociology, social policy, political science, and social anthropology. "Aging, Globalization and Inequality" brings together key contributors to critical perspectives on aging and is unique in the range of themes and concerns covered in a single volume. The study moves forward an important area of debate in studies of aging, and thus provides the basis for a new type of critical gerontology relevant to the twenty-first century.

Learning to be Old

Author : Margaret Cruikshank
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In the second edition of Learning to Be Old, Margaret Cruikshank examines the social construction of aging, especially women's aging, from a number of different angles: medical, economic, cultural, and political. Featuring new research and analysis, expanded sections on gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender aging and critical gerontology, and an updated chapter on feminist gerontology, the second edition even more thoroughly than the first looks at the variety of different forces affecting the progress of aging. Through it all, we learn a better way to inhabit our age whatever it is.


Author : Leslie Morgan
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Offers a coherent narrative, organized around broad sociological themes. Addresses issues of diversity in aging by race, ethnicity, social class, and gender. Shows students that they are part of the larger social process of aging. Includes profiles on specific aging theories, set off and optional for instructors, but written so that students see the connection to their everyday lives. Contains lively, speculative essays on topics not traditionally covered in gerontology texts, as well as unique visual essays, which extend and apply gerontology and sociological themes covered in the book.