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Visual Cryptography and Secret Image Sharing

Author : Stelvio Cimato
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With rapid progress in Internet and digital imaging technology, there are more and more ways to easily create, publish, and distribute images. Considered the first book to focus on the relationship between digital imaging and privacy protection, Visual Cryptography and Secret Image Sharing is a complete introduction to novel security methods and sharing-control mechanisms used to protect against unauthorized data access and secure dissemination of sensitive information. Image data protection and image-based authentication techniques offer efficient solutions for controlling how private data and images are made available only to select people. Essential to the design of systems used to manage images that contain sensitive data—such as medical records, financial transactions, and electronic voting systems—the methods presented in this book are useful to counter traditional encryption techniques, which do not scale well and are less efficient when applied directly to image files. An exploration of the most prominent topics in digital imaging security, this book discusses: Potential for sharing multiple secrets Visual cryptography schemes—based either on the probabilistic reconstruction of the secret image, or on different logical operations for combining shared images Inclusion of pictures in the distributed shares Contrast enhancement techniques Color-image visual cryptography Cheating prevention Alignment problems for image shares Steganography and authentication In the continually evolving world of secure image sharing, a growing number of people are becoming involved as new applications and business models are being developed all the time. This contributed volume gives academicians, researchers, and professionals the insight of well-known experts on key concepts, issues, trends, and technologies in this emerging field.

Visual Cryptography and Its Applications

Author : J. P. Weir
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" In this thesis, a number of new schemes are presented which address current problems and shortcomings within the area of visual cryptography. Visual cryptography provides a very powerful means by which a secret, in the form of a digital image, can be distributed (encoded) into two or more pieces known as shares. When these shares are xeroxed onto transparencies and superimposed exactly together, the original secret can be recovered (decoded) without the necessity for computation. Traditionally, visual cryptography allows effective and efficient sharing of a single secret between a number of trusted parties. One aspect of the research within this thesis specifically addresses the issues of embedding more than two secrets within a set of two shares. Alignment poses a further problem. The placement of the shares must be specific. In order to ease ali~ent, the techniques developed within this thesis for sharing multiple secrets relaxes this restriction. The result is a scheme in which the shares can be superimposed upon one another in a multitude of positions and alignment styles which enables multiple secret recovery. Applications of visual cryptography are also examined and presented. This is an area within visual cryptography that has had very little attention in terms of research. The primary focus of the work presented within this thesis concentrates on applications of visual cryptography in real world scenarios. For such a simple and effective method of sharing secrets, practical applications are as yet, limited. A number of novel uses for visual cryptography are presented that use theoretical techniques in a practical way.

Visual Cryptography for Image Processing and Security

Author : Feng Liu
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This book addresses the fundamental concepts in the theory and practice of visual cryptography. The design, construction, analysis, and application of visual cryptography schemes (VCSs) are discussed in detail. Original, cutting-edge research is presented on probabilistic, size invariant, threshold, concolorous, and cheating immune VCS. This updated second edition has also been expanded with new content on braille and 2D barcode authentication of visual cryptography shares. Features: contains review exercises at the end of each chapter, as well as a helpful glossary; examines various common problems in visual cryptography, including the alignment, flipping, cheating, distortion, and thin line problems; reviews a range of VCSs, including XOR-based visual cryptography and security enriched VCS; describes different methods for presenting color content using visual cryptographic techniques; covers such applications of visual cryptography as watermarking, resolution variant VCS, and multiple resolution VCS.

Improving Image Quality in Visual Cryptography

Author : Bin Yan
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This book comprehensively covers the important efforts in improving the quality of images in visual cryptography (VC), with a focus on cases with gray scale images. It not only covers schemes in traditional VC and extended VC for binary secret images, but also the latest development in the analysis-by-synthesis approach. This book distinguishes itself from the existing literature in three ways. First, it not only reviews traditional VC for binary secret images, but also covers recent efforts in improving visual quality for gray scale secret images. Second, not only traditional quality measures are reviewed, but also measures that were not used for measuring perceptual quality of decrypted secret images, such as Radially Averaged Power Spectrum Density (RAPSD) and residual variance, are employed for evaluating and guiding the design of VC algorithms. Third, unlike most VC books following a mathematical formal style, this book tries to make a balance between engineering intuition and mathematical reasoning. All the targeted problems and corresponding solutions are fully motivated by practical applications and evaluated by experimental tests, while important security issues are presented as mathematical proof. Furthermore, important algorithms are summarized as pseudocodes, thus enabling the readers to reproduce the results in the book. Therefore, this book serves as a tutorial for readers with an engineering background as well as for experts in related areas to understand the basics and research frontiers in visual cryptography.

Data Engineering and Applications

Author : Rajesh Kumar Shukla
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This book presents a compilation of current trends, technologies, and challenges in connection with Big Data. Many fields of science and engineering are data-driven, or generate huge amounts of data that are ripe for the picking. There are now more sources of data than ever before, and more means of capturing data. At the same time, the sheer volume and complexity of the data have sparked new developments, where many Big Data problems require new solutions. Given its scope, the book offers a valuable reference guide for all graduate students, researchers, and scientists interested in exploring the potential of Big Data applications.

Optical Engineering

Author :
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Publishes papers reporting on research and development in optical science and engineering and the practical applications of known optical science, engineering, and technology.

Intellectual Property Protection for Multimedia Information Technology

Author : Sasaki, Hideyasu
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Since previously published intellectual property law and business research discusses institutional analyses without interdisciplinary insights by technical experts, and technical references tend to concern engineering solutions without considering the social impact of institutional protection of multimedia digital information, there is a growing demand for a resource that bridges the gap between multimedia intellectual property protection law and technology. Intellectual Property Protection for Multimedia Information Technology provides scholars, management professionals, researchers, and lawyers in the field of multimedia information technology and its institutional practice with thorough coverage of the full range of issues surrounding multimedia intellectual property protection and its proper solutions from institutional, technical, and legal perspectives.

Advances in Visual Informatics

Author : Halimah Badioze Zaman
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Advances in Visual Informatics, IVIC 2013, held in Selangor, Malaysia, in November 2013. The four keynotes and 69 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from various submissions. The papers focus on four tracks: computer visions and engineering; computer graphics and simulation; virtual and augmented reality; and visualization and social computing.


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This work is authored by Pratheek Praveen Kumar along with Ruchir Bhgat and Shiksha Suvarna, all three Telecommunications Engineers. Digital Watermarking is the process of irreversibly embedding information into a digital signal. The signal may be audio, pictures or video. There are two types of Watermarking, Visible Watermarking and Invisible Watermarking. In Visible Watermarking, the information is visible in the picture or video. Typically, the information is text or a logo which identifies the owner of the media. Example of Visible Watermark is when a television broadcaster adds its logo to the corner of transmitted video. In Invisible Watermarking, information is added as digital data to audio, picture or video, but it cannot be perceived as such (although it is possible to detect the hidden information). Digital Watermarking schemes are widely being used as potential solution for ownership protection. The Watermarking algorithms in general, may be viewed as digital communication scheme for imperceptible transmission of an auxiliary message through cover image. Several software implementations of the proposed algorithms are available, but very few attempts have been made for the property of robustness and they are not able to provide the good visual Recovery Watermark Image (IWD) as user aspect. This is accomplished by spreading one watermark bit over many samples of the Cover data using a modulated spreading sequence. This is a study of this technology.

Dr Dobb s Journal

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Global Trends in Information Systems and Software Applications

Author : P. Venkata Krishna
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This 2-Volume-Set, CCIS 0269-CCIS 0270, constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Global Trends in Computing and Communication (CCIS 0269) and the International Conference on Global Trends in Information Systems and Software Applications (CCIS 0270), ObCom 2011, held in Vellore, India, in December 2011. The 173 full papers presented together with a keynote paper and invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 842 submissions. The conference addresses issues associated with computing, communication and information. Its aim is to increase exponentially the participants' awareness of the current and future direction in the domains and to create a platform between researchers, leading industry developers and end users to interrelate.

Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security IX

Author : Yun Q. Shi
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Since the mid 1990s, data hiding has been proposed as an enabling technology for securing multimedia communication and is now used in various applications including broadcast monitoring, movie fingerprinting, steganography, video indexing and retrieval and image authentication. Data hiding and cryptographic techniques are often combined to complement each other, thus triggering the development of a new research field of multimedia security. Besides, two related disciplines, steganalysis and data forensics, are increasingly attracting researchers and becoming another new research field of multimedia security. This journal, LNCS Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security, aims to be a forum for all researchers in these emerging fields, publishing both original and archival research results. The seven papers included in this special issue were carefully reviewed and selected from 21 submissions. They address the challenges faced by the emerging area of visual cryptography and provide the readers with an overview of the state of the art in this field of research.

Color Imaging

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Chinese Journal of Electronics

Author :
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Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration

Author : Rajendra Prasath
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the First International Conference on Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration, MIKE 2013, held in Tamil Nadu, India on December 2013. The 82 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 334 submissions. The papers cover the topics such as feature selection, classification, clustering, image processing, network security, speech processing, machine learning, information retrieval, recommender systems, natural language processing, language, cognition and computation and other certain problems in dynamical systems.

Information Theoretic Security

Author : Serge Fehr
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Theoretic Security, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in May 2011. The 12 revised full papers presented together with 7 invited lectures were carefully reviewed and selected from 27 submissions. Understanding the minimal requirements for information-theoretic security is a central part of this line of research. Very attractive is the mathematical neatness of the field, and its rich connections to other areas of mathematics, like probability and information theory, algebra, combinatorics, coding theory, and quantum information processing, just to mention the most prominent ones.

Foundations of Intelligent Systems

Author : Floriana Esposito
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, ISMIS 2006. The book presents 81 revised papers together with 3 invited papers. Topical sections include active media human-computer interaction, computational intelligence, intelligent agent technology, intelligent information retrieval, intelligent information systems, knowledge representation and integration, knowledge discovery and data mining, logic for AI and logic programming, machine learning, text mining, and Web intelligence.

Advances in Multimedia Information Processing PCM 2004

Author : Kiyoharu Aizawa
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Welcome to the proceedings of the 5th Paci?c Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM 2004) held in Tokyo Waterfront City, Japan, November 30–December 3, 2004. Following the success of the preceding conferences, PCM 2000 in Sydney, PCM 2001 in Beijing, PCM 2002 in Hsinchu, and PCM 2003 in Singapore, the ?fth PCM brought together the researchers, developers, practitioners, and educators in the ?eld of multimedia. Theoretical breakthroughs and practical systems were presented at this conference, thanks to the support of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, IEEE Region 10 and IEEE Japan Council, ACM SIGMM, IEICE and ITE. PCM2004featuredacomprehensiveprogramincludingkeynotetalks,regular paperpresentations,posters,demos,andspecialsessions.Wereceived385papers andthenumberofsubmissionswasthelargestamongrecentPCMs.Amongsuch a large number of submissions, we accepted only 94 oral presentations and 176 poster presentations. Seven special sessions were also organized by world-leading researchers. We kindly acknowledge the great support provided in the reviewing of submissions by the program committee members, as well as the additional reviewers who generously gave their time. The many useful comments provided by the reviewing process must have been very valuable for the authors’ work. Thisconferencewouldneverhavehappenedwithoutthehelpofmanypeople. We greatly appreciate the support of our strong organizing committee chairs and advisory chairs. Among the chairs, special thanks go to Dr. Ichiro Ide and Dr. Takeshi Naemura who smoothly handled publication of the proceedings with Springer. Dr. Kazuya Kodama did a fabulous job as our Web master.

STACS 2000

Author : Horst Reichel
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, STACS 2000, held in Lille, France in February 2000. The 51 revised full papers presented together with the three invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 146 submissions on the basis of some 700 reviewers' reports. The papers address fundamental issues from all current areas of theoretical computer science including algorithms, data structures, automata, formal languages, complexity, verification, logic, cryptography, graph theory, optimization, etc.

Digital Watermarking

Author : Yun Q. Shi
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th It is our great pleasure to present in this volume the proceedings of the 6 Inter- tional Workshop on Digital Watermarking (IWDW), which was held in Guangzhou, China, during December 3-5, 2007. The workshop was hosted by the Sun Yat-sen University and sponsored by both the National Science Foundation of China and the Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology. Since its birth in the early 1990s, digital watermarking has become a mature e- bling technology for solving security problems associated with multimedia distribution schemes. Digital watermarks are now used in applications such as broadcast monit- ing, movie fingerprinting, digital rights management, and document authentication, to name but a few. Still, many research challenges remain open, among them security and robustness issues, reversibility and authentication. Continuing the tradition of previous workshops, IWDW 2007 also featured-besides papers dealing with digital watermarking-contributions from other related fields, such as steganography, ste- nalysis and digital forensics.