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Visions of Barry

Author : Jeffery Grayer
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Author : Dennis Hart
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What will it take for Mankind to break out of his endless cycle of war and destruction? This cycle is repeated over and over again because of the way in which Man has chosen to view the world. In this novel, six characters with diverse backgrounds, known as The Foundation, set out to change this worldview. First, they must answer twelve of Mankind's oldest questions. Questions that Man has struggled with for centuries that have shaped his current perspective. During their quest for answers, the characters journey into prior lives and different realms of consciousness, which provides insight about their current paths as well as the evolutionary path of Mankind's group consciousness. The characters investigate the questions using all available sources and focus on the similarities of the world's religions and philosophies rather than their differences. With this perspective, the answers they develop are unique, yet consistent with enduring teachings and provide a complete, coherent view of the truth.

Visions and Values in Catholic Higher Education

Author : J. Patrick Murphy
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The Leadership Challenge Vision Book

Author : James M. Kouzes
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An Innovative Tool for Enhancing Vision Skills Throughout 25 years of leadership research, bestselling Leadership Challenge authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have consistently found that Inspire a Shared Vision is the practice that differentiates leaders from other credible people. They've also found that, for most leaders, it is the toughest practice. Vision is one of those words that evokes ridicule and awe, cynicism and mystery, confusion and inspiration. It's one of the most misunderstood words in the leadership lexicon. In The Leadership Challenge, vision is defined as: An IDEAL and UNIQUE IMAGE of the FUTURE for the COMMON GOOD This hands-on workbook is designed to help you get more comfortable and stronger at Inspiring a Shared Vision. It will guide you through the process of developing a clearer picture of that ideal future, and then it will help you to communicate it more effectively to those who can help you implement it. In addition, the workbook contains sections that will enable you to make your team a more forward-thinking group and your organization a more visionary place. And because visions are co-created and shared, there is a section on how to build visionary skills in others. Following the step-by-step process outlined in the book you will be able to: Draft an effective vision statement Craft a persuasive vision presentation Test the presentation Create different versions of the presentation to suit the audience/situation Seek feedback from your audience and evaluate your vision effectiveness Each section contains activities to help you focus on the skills needed to become more adept at looking ahead and creating the workplace and the world you would like to see.

Visions of Justice

Author : Mike Holst
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Torch Brennan was bored with his early retirement from the Minneapolis Police force. He couldnt forget the many years of living life on the edge that hed once led, and how now, it seemed he had little purpose in life. Than came a chance to go back and work on a cold case. It was a case that had eluded him for years, and the one blemish on his stellar record. They said it was new evidenceevidence that would shed a convincing light on who had done itand so the hunt was back on. Then, along with the evidence, came a new twist. The man, whom he had pursued for so many years, looked more and more innocent with each passing day. Suddenly, he was pursuing him, not to convict him, but to help him prove his innocence. Either way, guilty or innocent, he had to find him. In his search for Barry, the evidence trail would take Torch from the streets of Minneapolis to the primitive forests of Alaska and back again. For Barry, proving his innocence was as elusive as it was for the police to prove his guilt, until his subconscious mind slowly started to unravel and bit-by-bit the truth was revealed. This is Mike Holsts tenth published fiction novel. As always, it is a story that is written so vividly and real that you will forget its fiction, and wonder when and where it happened. In addition to being an author, Mike lives and writes in North Central Minnesota, where he has been long active as a columnist and freelance writer.

Visions of African Unity

Author : Matteo Grilli
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Andre Gunder Frank and Global Development

Author : Patrick Manning
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Containing previously unpublished material, a review of the legacy and work of Andre Gunder Frank

Visions of Sugar Plums

Author : Barry Pritchard
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Legal Visions of the 21st Century

Author : Antony Anghie
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- Wouter de Vos.

A Vision of Murder

Author : Will Overby
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Lullaby...Now You Die Two years ago reluctant psychic Joel Roberts helped catch a violent child murderer. Now, a killer stalks pregnant moms in the sleepy college town of Cedar Hill and Joel may again be the key to solving the crimes. But Joel's mission soon turns into a deadly game of survival for himself and his pregnant wife as the body count rises and a maniac comes calling. This much anticipated sequel to the bestselling The Killing Vision will have you breathless from the first page...and guessing until the very last.

Perspectives on Barry Hannah

Author : Martyn Bone
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"Perspectives on Barry Hannah" is a collection of essays devoted to the work of the award-winning fiction writer Barry Hannah. The anthology features a broad range of critical approaches and covers the span of Hannah's career from "Geronimo Rex" (1972) to "Yonder Stands Your Orphan" (2001). The book also includes a previously unpublished interview with Hannah. The ten essays cover all of Hannah's thirteen published books. The contributors give fresh perspectives on Hannah's classic works ("Airships" and "Ray"), provide illuminating readings of important fiction that has received less critical attention ("Nighwatchmen," "Hey Jack!," and "Never Die"), and offer the first sustained criticism of Hannah's acclaimed later fiction ("Bats Out of Hell," "High Lonesome," and "Yonder Stands Your Orphan"). As Martyn Bone explains in his introduction, the essays--though varied in approach and style--consistently hone in on the recurrent themes that characterize Hannah's career: his relationship to postmodernism; his interrogation of traditional ideas of masculinity and heroism; his complex engagement with southern history, literature, and culture; and his growing concern with spirituality and morality. The essays in "Perspectives on Barry Hannah" make connections between Hannah's work and that of several prominent modern and postmodern authors, including William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Allen Tate, John Irving, J. M. Coetzee, and Cormac McCarthy. Contributors also consider Hannah's fiction in relation to non-literary cultural forms such as sport, film, and popular music. Ultimately, "Perspectives on Barry Hannah" affirms Hannah's status as a leading figure in contemporary American literature. Martyn Bone is assistant professor of American literature at the Institute for English, German, and Romance Languages at the University of Copenhagen. His previous publications include "The Postsouthern Sense of Place in Contemporary Fiction."

Visions and Revisions

Author : Robert Burr
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This anthology takes a unique approach to the process of poetry. Each poem included in the book is followed by at least one earlier draft or version of that poem. The reader is thus able to explore the development of the poet’s vision and to make a variety of historical, aesthetic, and intellectual comparisons. The poets represented have been chosen both on the basis of the aesthetic strength of their work and on the grounds of the availability of previous versions of their work. The inclusion of a number of selections by poets ranging from Dickinson and Yeats to Larkin, Plath, and P.K. Page allows readers to focus in some depth on the work of these poets. Though the anthology makes no claim to present a selection fully representative of different eras, regions, or poetic styles, the inclusion of a miscellany as a final chapter adds a substantial measure of breadth to the anthology. Each chapter includes brief commentary by the editors, and questions follow each set of poems.

Contemporary Trauma Narratives

Author : Jean-Michel Ganteau
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This book provides a comprehensive compilation of essays on the relationship between formal experimentation and ethics in a number of generically hybrid or "liminal" narratives dealing with individual and collective traumas, running the spectrum from the testimonial novel and the fictional autobiography to the fake memoir, written by a variety of famous, more neglected contemporary British, Irish, US, Canadian, and German writers. Building on the psychological insights and theorizing of the fathers of trauma studies (Janet, Freud, Ferenczi) and of contemporary trauma critics and theorists, the articles examine the narrative strategies, structural experimentations and hybridizations of forms, paying special attention to the way in which the texts fight the unrepresentability of trauma by performing rather than representing it. The ethicality or unethicality involved in this endeavor is assessed from the combined perspectives of the non-foundational, non-cognitive, discursive ethics of alterity inspired by Emmanuel Levinas, and the ethics of vulnerability. This approach makes Contemporary Trauma Narratives an excellent resource for scholars of contemporary literature, trauma studies and literary theory.

City Visions

Author : Jenny Bavidge
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City Visions: The Work of Iain Sinclair collects fourteen pathbreaking essays treating the panoramic oeuvre of novelist, poet, filmmaker and essayist Iain Sinclair. This book aims to reflect and develop the current strong interest in the work of Sinclair, who is widely recognized as one of the most significant figures in contemporary British literature and culture. The essays herein cover the key genres and periods of Sinclair’s output, discussing his poetry, prose and filmmaking, and are developed from the proceedings of the first academic conference on Sinclair, which was held at the University of Greenwich in 2004. Following the introductory chapter, which includes a brief survey of Sinclair’s career up until now, the collection is arranged thematically in four sections. The first part, ‘Contexts’, features essays which comment on the critical categorization and definition of Sinclair’s work. The second part, ‘Culture and Critique’, includes essays which explore the political import and contexts of Sinclair’s oeuvre. The articles in the third part, ‘Connections’, look at the links between Sinclair and other writers, addressing the often noted intertextuality of his writing; and the final section, ‘Spaces’, contains three considerations of Sinclair’s treatment of London’s urban spaces. This collection provides access to the latest research by the leading scholars working in this area, and will be a key point of reference for anyone interested in Sinclair’s production. “To some, the field of `London writing’ may increasingly look like an indifferent, over-populated wasteland. Iain Sinclair, however, remains pre-eminent, by virtue, not only of the amplitude of his knowledge of the city, but of the intensity and complexity of his thought about it. He is the redemptive memorialist of a host of disregarded London cultures that lie quite beyond the reach of contemporary pieties. In that respect, he is less our Blake, as he sometimes seems to believe, than our Pepys or our Defoe. At the same time, he is an audacious experimenter with prose forms in the modernist tradition from Joyce to Burroughs and beyond. Like the Sinclair phenomenon itself, this valuable collection of essays is multifaceted, illuminating its subject from a variety of different angles, whilst very well aware that it is part of a `work in progress’. It offers important testimony to the scope and power of a writer engaged in an original, serious and necessary project.” —Andrew Gibson, Research Professor of Modern Literature and Theory, Royal Holloway, University of London “This is an important and timely collection about arguably the most significant living London writer who is increasingly being recognised as an important contemporary English author in every sense.” —Lawrence Phillips, Principal Lecturer in English, University of Northampton “At last, Iain Sinclair has the readers he deserves--at least on the ample, often provocative, and always fascinating evidence of City Visions, a collection of essays marked equally by panache and verve, awareness of alternative cultural history and theoretical sophistication. Over fourteen chapters, critics with wide-ranging interests gather their restless energies and obsessions in response to the scatter-gun agitprop and guerilla-intellectualism of Sinclair, to produce a necessary and necessarily edgy volume. In this admirably relentless collection Jenny Bavidge and Robert Bond offer an unnerving and inventive critical topography that uncovers the dark heart of a writer who is simultaneously the enfant terrible and éminence grise of English letters. Belles-lettrists and other dilettantes be warned, this is not a volume for the faint-hearted—these essays manifest an evangelical zeal equal to their subject's own; in doing so, they take us on an exhilarating intellectual adventure, so refreshing in the world of lit-crit, where the polite formulas of sensible reading make one want to faint from ennui.” —Professor Julian Wolfreys, Loughborough University

Neglected Visions

Author : Barry N. Malzberg
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Visions of an Unseen World

Author : Sasha Handley
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A study of the production, circulation and consumption of English ghost stories during the Age of Reason. This work examines a variety of mediums: ballads and chapbooks, newspapers, sermons, medical treatises and scientific journals, novels and plays. It relates the telling of ghost stories to changes associated with the Enlightenment.


Author : Myron C. Tuman
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Visions presents readings organized by themes that stimulate readers to critically evaluate recent changes in our culture and society brought about by technological and business innovations. The readings in the book direct readers to question whether the rapid changes to our reality are all positive and whether society and culture is losing some of its basic values by so readily embracing change. The main issue running throughout most of the readings and assignments is the conflicting, often competing, roles that the lure of complex technologies and the comfort of simpler, older ones play in all our lives. Six thematic units contain readings separated into smaller units that enable students to focus on a limited topic, to read a few selections on that topic, and to write analytically in response to differing viewpoints. Extensive pedagogy includes reading headnotes with pre-reading questions, aphorisms that provide occasions for short writing assignments in each unit, and writing ssignments that consider each reading cluster together. For beginning composition writers.

The Grotesque in Contemporary Anglophone Drama

Author : Ondřej Pilný
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Grotesque features have been among the chief characteristics of drama in English since the 1990s. This new book examines the varieties of the grotesque in the work of some of the most original playwrights of the last three decades (including Enda Walsh, Philip Ridley, Tim Crouch and Suzan-Lori Parks), focusing in particular on ethical and political issues that arise from the use of the grotesque.

Accumulated Vision

Author : Barry Le Va
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Edited by Ingrid Schaffner. Essays by Rhea Anastas, Pamela Lee, Ingrid Schaffner and Paul Virilio. Foreword by Claudia Gould.

Mayor for Life

Author : Marion Barry
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The NAACP Image Award-winning mayor of Washington, D. C., chronicles his life from his youth in the cotton fields of Mississippi through his efforts in the executive offices of the nation's Capital, covering such topics as his work as a civil rights activist, the drug scandal that led to his stint in federal prison and his victorious fourth term.