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Virtual Vernacular

Author : Sarah Bonser
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Learn to see the patterns and relationships in visual mediums and buildings as you push the boundaries of design. Sarah Bonser’s Virtual Vernacular breaks the barriers between architectural theory and game design. The text explores the way in which architecture can convey history, culture, and emotion to occupants, audience members, and players. Divided into three sections, the text guides the reader on how to tackle creative problem solving and development strategy. Key Features: Architectural theory is hard to navigate, and this approach is an accessible way to start learning it. Learn more specifically how pop culture parodies these design theories. Find ways to solve abstract design problems by using the built environment as a case study. Learn about technical limitations on the built environment that visually impact the look and feel of spaces. Each piece of architectural theory comes with abstracts and applications, which is a more organized and network-style way to teach an otherwise long-winded subject.

Virtual Social Identity and Consumer Behavior

Author : Natalie T. Wood
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How can corporate America effectively target the growing flood of consumers participating in online

Language Online

Author : Carmen Lee
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In Language Online, David Barton and Carmen Lee investigate the impact of the online world on the study of language. The effects of language use in the digital world can be seen in every aspect of language study, and new ways of researching the field are needed. In this book the authors look at language online from a variety of perspectives, providing a solid theoretical grounding, an outline of key concepts, and practical guidance on doing research. Chapters cover topical issues including the relation between online language and multilingualism, identity, education and multimodality, then conclude by looking at how to carry out research into online language use. Throughout the book many examples are given, from a variety of digital platforms, and a number of different languages, including Chinese and English. Written in a clear and accessible style, this is a vital read for anyone new to studying online language and an essential textbook for undergraduates and postgraduates working in the areas of new media, literacy and multimodality within language and linguistics courses.

Cultural Production in Virtual and Imagined Worlds

Author : Tracey Bowen
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Cultural Production in Virtual and Imagined Worlds foregrounds how the two important fields of visual culture and Internet culture interact. This collection of essays explores the intersections, overlaps and disparities in terms of how the two discourses illuminate our everyday negotiations as we become increasingly dependent on the Internet and virtual/visual imaginings for constructing who we are. What is being examined here are the ways in which we use visual/virtual lenses to see the world both individually and collectively. This book represents a transnational effort that began as a series of conversations during the Mid Atlantic Popular/American Culture conferences from 2005–2009. The editors, a Canadian and an American, have included contributors across national and geographic contexts. Cultural Production is aimed at raising questions, crossing borders and presenting points of departure for future scholarship in the relatively new and very rapidly changing disciplines of visual and virtual cultures. Our critical approach to this study includes viewing Internet images as contested sites of cultural activity and also as sites that advance ideologies related to cultural transformation.

Digital Jesus

Author : Robert Glenn Howard
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Documents how like-minded individuals created a large web of religious communication on the Internet, in essence developing a new type of new religious movement-one without a central leader or institution

Televised Presidential Debates in a Changing Media Environment 2 volumes

Author : Edward A. Hinck
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This two-volume set examines recent presidential and vice presidential debates, addresses how citizens make sense of these events in new media, and considers whether the evolution of these forms of consumption is healthy for future presidential campaigns—and for democracy. • Examines research on presidential debates from 2004 to 2016, and considers how these debates—and elections—were affected by the changing media environment of each election season • Assesses the impact of U.S. citizens using social media to make sense of the campaign debates • Considers whether the established presidential debate format is no longer effective for informing voters in a time of unprecedented political polarization and voter cynicism • Applies different methods of analyzing the debates that will interest rhetorical scholars, argumentation scholars, and political communication scholars

The Production of Hindu Muslim Violence in Contemporary India

Author : Paul R. Brass
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Chronic Hindu-Muslim rioting in India has created a situation in which communal violence is both so normal and so varied in its manifestations that it would seem to defy effective analysis. Paul R. Brass, one of the world�s preeminent experts on South Asia, has tracked more than half a century�s riots in the north Indian city of Aligarh. This book is the culmination of a lifetime�s thinking about the dynamics of institutionalized intergroup violence in northern India, covering the last three decades of British rule as well as the entire post-Independence history of Aligarh. Brass exposes the mechanisms by which endemic communal violence is deliberately provoked and sustained. He convincingly implicates the police, criminal elements, members of Aligarh�s business community, and many of its leading political actors in the continuous effort to �produce� communal violence. Much like a theatrical production, specific roles are played, with phases for rehearsal, staging, and interpretation. In this way, riots become key historical markers in the struggle for political, economic, and social dominance of one community over another. In the course of demonstrating how riots have been produced in Aligarh, Brass offers a compelling argument for abandoning or refining a number of widely held views about the supposed causes of communal violence, not just in India but throughout the rest of the world. An important addition to the literature on Indian and South Asian politics, this book is also an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the interplay of nationalism, ethnicity, religion, and collective violence, wherever it occurs.

UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook

Author : Evi Nemeth
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Surveys the best practices for all aspects of system administration, covering such topics as storage management, email, Web hosting, performance analysis, virtualization, DNS, security, and configuration management.

Virtual Gender

Author : Alison Adam
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As yet there has been relatively little published on women's activities in relation to new digital technologies. Virtual Gender brings together theoretical perspectives from feminist theory, the sociology of technology and gender studies with well designed empirical studies to throw new light on the impact of ICTs on contemporary social life. A line-up of authors from around the world looks at the gender and technology issues related to leisure, pleasure and consumption, identity and self. Their research is set against a backcloth of renewed interest in citizenship and ethics and how these concepts are recreated in an on-line situation, particularly in local settings. With chapters on subjects ranging from gender-switching on-line, computer games, and cyberstalking to the use of the domestic telephone, this stimulating collection challenges the stereotype of woman as a passive victim of technology. It offers new ways of looking at the many dimensions in which ICTs can be said to be gendered and will be a rich resource for students and teachers in this expanding field of study.

Race and Ethnicity in Digital Culture Our Changing Traditions Impressions and Expressions in a Mediated World 2 volumes

Author : Anthony Bak Buccitelli
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In this unprecedented study, leading scholars and emerging voices from around the world consider how race and ethnicity continue to shape our everyday lives, even as digital technology seems to promise a release from our "real" social identities. • Reveals how "memes" and "viral videos" represent, discuss, or negotiate ideas about racial and ethnic identity • Discusses how the human body is racialized in digital image, video, and photography, and how technologies and digital spaces themselves come to be racialized • Examines the interplay of digital narratives with political movements for civil rights and social justice • Explores patterns and practices of racist and xenophobic exclusion in both online and offline spaces