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Current and Prospective Applications of Virtual Reality in Higher Education

Author : Choi, Dong Hwa
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For the last decade, virtual reality has been utilized in diverse fields such as entertainment, medicine, and industry. Recently, virtual reality has been applied in educational settings in order to transform student learning and experiences through such methods as building prototypes using digital devices or exploring new cultures through immersive interactions. Teachers who can incorporate virtual reality into their classrooms can provide their students with more meaningful learning experiences and can witness higher engagement. Current and Prospective Applications of Virtual Reality in Higher Education is a cutting-edge academic research book that provides comprehensive research on the integration of virtual reality in education programs and establishes foundations for course design, program development, and institutional strategic planning. The book covers an overall understanding and approach to virtual reality in education, specific applications of using virtual reality in higher education, and prospects and issues of virtual reality in the future. Highlighting a wide range of topics such as gamification, teacher training, and virtual reality, this book is ideal for teachers, instructional designers, curriculum developers, academicians, program developers, administrators, educational software developers, policymakers, researchers, education professionals, and students.

Virtual Reality in Higher Education

Author : Darrel W. Staat
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Virtual Reality in Higher Education: Instruction for the Digital Age contains eight chapters of graduate student research about how virtual reality is being used in institutions of higher education in specific areas of education, training, and athletic recruitment.

The Potential of Virtual Reality for UK Higher Education

Author : Advisory Group on Computer Graphics
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Virtual Reality in Education Breakthroughs in Research and Practice

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Modern technology has infiltrated many facets of society, including educational environments. Through the use of virtual learning, educational systems can become more efficient at teaching the student population and break down cost and distance barriers to reach populations that traditionally could not afford a good education. Virtual Reality in Education: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is an essential reference source on the uses of virtual reality in K-12 and higher education classrooms with a focus on pedagogical and instructional outcomes and strategies. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as immersive virtual learning environments, virtual laboratories, and distance education, this publication is an ideal reference source for pre-service and in-service teachers, school administrators, principles, higher education faculty, K-12 instructors, policymakers, and researchers interested in virtual reality incorporation in the classroom.

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Libraries

Author : Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem
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This book is written for librarians, by librarians: understanding that diverse communities use libraries, museums, and archives for a variety of different reasons. It makes augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality applications much more accessible to professionals in libraries, museums, and archives.

Emerging Tools and Applications of Virtual Reality in Education

Author : Choi, Dong Hwa
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Virtual reality is the next frontier of communication. As technology exponentially evolves, so do the ways in which humans interact and depend upon it. It only follows that to educate and stimulate the next generation of industry leaders, one must use the most innovative tools available. By coupling education with the most immersive technology available, teachers may inspire students in exciting new ways. Emerging Tools and Applications of Virtual Reality in Education explores the potential and practical uses of virtual reality in classrooms with a focus on pedagogical and instructional outcomes and strategies. This title features current experiments in the use of augmented reality in teaching and highlights the effects it had on students. The authors also illustrate the use of technology in teaching the humanities, as students well-rounded in the fields of technology and communication are covetable in the workforce. This book will inspire educators, administrators, librarians, students of education, and virtual reality software developers to push the limits of their craft.

The Potential of Virtual Reality for UK Higher Education

Author : Advisory Group on Computer Graphics
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Virtual Learning and Higher Education

Author : David Seth Preston
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It is clear that the Internet and other global information infrastructures provide a major challenge to Higher Education. Questions such as: the extent to which education should become 'virtual', the actual cost and value of such innovation and to what degree such education suits its stakeholders (e.g. students) are now discussed the world over. These issues formed the focus for a conference held at Mansfield College, Oxford in September 2002 and this book contains the most rounded and challenging papers from that event. The book is divided into three main parts which consist of the following themes within Higher Education: current practical and planned uses for Virtual Learning; the future 'Virtual' vision; and the large questions that remain unanswered behind 'Virtual Education'. The contributors range from the nerdy end of experimenters of futuristic innovative technologies via the practitioner middle of well-known organizers of existing virtual systems to the other extreme of the critical engagement of philosophers. This stimulating and important book is aimed at researchers of topics such as technology-driven Education, Philosophy, Innovation and Cultural Studies. It is also meant to appeal to anyone with interest in the impact that the technological virtual will have upon Higher Education in future.

The Virtual Reality Modelling Language in Art and Design Higher Education

Author : Advisory Group on Computer Graphics
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Gamification Strategies for Retention Motivation and Engagement in Higher Education Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author : Costello, Robert
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A key challenge facing higher education institutions is that of retaining students. Though gaming technologies are increasingly being used in support of learning initiatives, gamification can also assist with attendance by increasing engagement. By using gaming technology to map educational content, teachers can engage and motivate learners through adaptive infrastructures and game thinking challenges. Gamification Strategies for Retention, Motivation, and Engagement in Higher Education: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a critical scholarly resource that examines gaming technologies as effectively utilized learning tools to improve retention, engagement, motivation, and problem solving. Featuring a wide range of topics such as higher education, augmented reality, and socialization, this book is ideal for academicians, administrators, researchers, IT specialists, education professionals, and students

Teaching and Learning in Digital World

Author : Mercè Gisbert
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Many reports over the last few years have analysed the potential use of games, videogames, 3D environments and virtual reality for educational purposes. Numerous emerging technological devices have also appeared that will play important roles in the development of teaching and learning processes. In the context of these developments, learning rather than teaching becomes the main axis in the organisation of the educational process. This process has now gone beyond the analogue world and face-toface education to enter the digital world, where new learning environments are being produced with ever greater doses of realism. Teaching and Learning in Digital Worlds examines the teaching and learning process in 3D virtual environments from both the theoretical and practical points of view.

Virtual Reality and Its Application in Education

Author : Dragan Cvetković
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Virtual reality is a set of technologies that enables two-way communication, from computer to user and vice versa. In one direction, technologies are used to synthesize visual, auditory, tactile, and sometimes other sensory experiences in order to provide the illusion that practically non-existent things can be seen, heard, touched, or otherwise felt. In the other direction, technologies are used to adequately record human movements, sounds, or other potential input data that computers can process and use. This book contains six chapters that cover topics including definitions and principles of VR, devices, educational design principles for effective use of VR, technology education, and use of VR in technical and natural sciences.

Managerial Challenges and Social Impacts of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Author : Loureiro, Sandra Maria Correia
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The increase in smartphone usage and new technologies embedded in smart devices have led to innovative developments and applications throughout a variety of industries. However, new techniques such as spatial augmented reality are becoming more affordable for business, allowing consumers to experience and interact with the world as they never have before. AR and VR have vast implications for management and can allow companies to increase their sustainability and reduce their CO2 footprint. Managerial Challenges and Social Impacts of Virtual and Augmented Reality is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the applications of VR, AR, and related technologies from the perspectives of managers and marketers in the industry and discusses the social impact of these technologies. While highlighting topics such as consumer analysis, privacy ethics, and relationship marketing, this book is ideally designed for managers, marketers, technology developers, managing directors, business professionals, academicians, students, and researchers seeking current studies on the evolution of interactive technology.

Understanding Virtual Universities

Author : Roy Rada
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All those involved in Higher Education are under pressure to familiarise themselves with the newest developments in Information Technology, and to understand the ways in which they can make use of these resources. This book will help academics from all disciplines take full advantage of IT. Anticipating a future in which distance learning and virtual reality tutoring systems play a central role in university teaching, Roy Rada provides guidelines for making best use of the technological opportunities. Unlike other books that focus on specific aspects of the subject, Understanding Virtual Universities combines managerial, social and technical issues, to provide a comprehensive approach to Information Technology for Higher Education.

The Future of Innovation and Technology in Education

Author : Anna Visvizi
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This book explores the effective use of information and communication technology (ICT) in teaching and learning. Concept-laden and practice-driven discussions offer insights into the art and practice of employing virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), electronic devices, social networks and massive open online courses (MOOCs) in education.

Management and Business Education in the Time of Artificial Intelligence

Author : Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch
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Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are one of top investment priorities in these days. They are aimed at finding applications in fields of special value for humans, including education. The fourth industrial revolution will replace not only human hands but also human brains, the time of machines requires new forms of work and new ways of business education, however we must be aware that if there is no control of human-AI interaction, there is a risk of losing sight of this interaction’s goal. First, it is important to get people to truly understand AI systems, to intentionally participate in their use, as well as to build their trust, because “the measure of success for AI applications is the value they create for human lives” (Stanford University 2016, 33). Consequently, society needs to adapt to AI applications if it is to extend its benefits and mitigate the inevitable errors and failures. This is why it is highly recommended to create new AI-powered tools for education that are the result of cooperation between AI researchers and humanities’ and social sciences’ researchers, who can identify cognitive processes and human behaviors. This book is authored by a range of international experts with a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives hopefully bringing us closer to the responses for the questions what we should teach (what the ‘right’ set of future skills is), how we should teach (the way in which schools should teach and assess them) and where we should teach (what implications does AI have for today’s education infrastructure). We must remember as we have already noticed before “ institutions would need to ensure that that they have an appropriate infrastructure, as well as the safety and credibility of AI-based systems. Ultimately, the law and policies need to adjust to the rapid pace of AI development, because the formal responsibility for appropriate learning outcomes will in future be divided between a teacher and a machine. Above all, we should ensure that AI respect human and civil rights (Stachowicz-Stanusch, Amann, 2018)”.

Augmented Reality for Enhanced Learning Environments

Author : Reyes Ruiz, Gerardo
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In an environment where some countries are coming out of the recession at different speeds and others remain in a gloomy economic environment, education plays a vital role in reducing the negative impact of the global economic problems. In this sense, new technologies help to generate human resources with a better quality of education. Augmented Reality for Enhanced Learning Environments provides emerging research on using new technologies to encourage education and improve learning quality through augmented reality. While highlighting issues such as global economic problems impacting schools and insufficient aid, this publication explores new technologies in emerging economies and effective means of knowledge and learning transfer. This book is a vital resource for teachers, students, and aid workers seeking current research on creating a new horizon in science and technology to strengthen the current system of learning.

Syntheses of Higher Education Research

Author : Malcolm Tight
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Format : PDF, ePub
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As higher education has massified there has been a greater need for higher education research: to better understand and improve practice and provision. The expansion of higher education research has in turn led to systematic reviews and meta-analyses being carried out of areas of the field, so as to synthesise or summarise the qualitative and quantitative findings of this research. These systematic reviews and meta-analyses give an account of where we are now in higher education research. Malcolm Tight takes a global perspective, looking beyond Anglophone originating English Language publishing, particularly Africa, East and South Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, bringing together their findings to provide an accessible and practical overview. Bringing together over 96 systematic reviews and 62 meta-analyses focusing on particular topics in higher education research, Tight explores key topics: teaching and learning, course design, the student experience, quality, system policy, institutional management, academic work, and knowledge and research.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Author : M. Claudia tom Dieck
File Size : 78.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book features the latest research in the area of immersive technologies, presented at the 6th International Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Conference, held in online in 2020. Bridging the gap between academia and industry, it presents the state of the art in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies and their applications in various industries such as marketing, education, health care, tourism, events, fashion, entertainment, retail and the gaming industry. The book is a collection of research papers by prominent AR and VR scholars from around the globe. Covering the most significant topics in the field of augmented and virtual reality and providing the latest findings, it is of interest to academics and practitioners alike.

Information and Communication Technologies in Education Research and Industrial Applications

Author : Andreas Bollin
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Format : PDF, ePub
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