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Villa Triste

Author : Patrick Modiano
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This novel by Nobel Prize–winning author Patrick Modiano is one of the most seductive and accessible in his oeuvre: the story of a man’s memories of fleeing responsibility, finding love, and searching for meaning in an uncertain world The narrator of Villa Triste, an anxious, roving, stateless young man of eighteen, arrives in a small French lakeside town near Switzerland in the early 1960s. He is fleeing the atmosphere of menace he feels around him and the fear that grips him. Fear of war? Of imminent catastrophe? Of others? Whatever it may be, the proximity of Switzerland, to which he plans to run at the first sign of danger, gives him temporary reassurance. The young man hides among the other summer visitors until he meets a beautiful young actress named Yvonne Jacquet, and a strange doctor, René Meinthe. These two invite him into their world of soirees and late-night debauchery. But when real life beckons once again, he finds no sympathy from his new companions. Modiano has written a haunting novel that captures lost youth, the search for identity, and ultimately, the fleetingness of time.

The Villa Triste

Author : Lucretia Grindle
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Florence, 1943. Two sisters, Isabella and Caterina Cammaccio, find themselves surrounded by terror and death; and with Italy trapped under the heel of a brutal Nazi occupation, bands of Partisans rise up. Soon Isabella and Caterina will test their wits and deepest beliefs as never before. As the winter grinds on, they will be forced to make the most important decisions of their lives. Their choices will reverberate for decades. In the present day, Alessandro Pallioti, a senior policeman agrees to oversee a murder investigation, after it emerges the victim was once a Partisan hero. When the case begins to unravel, Pallioti finds himself working to uncover a crime lost in the twilight of war, the consequences of which are as deadly today as they were over sixty years ago. ‘Grindle vividly evokes Florence as few tourists see it . . . Here is the perfect summer holiday read’ Literary Review ‘Grindle saves her best story-weaving to the thrilling denouement that creates a surprise as unexpected and delicious as the finest Florentine cuisine’ Daily Express

If the Sun Dies

Author : Oriana Fallaci
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The European War of Liberation

Author : Luciano Casella
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Lifting the Obsidian Mask

Author : Lanin A. Gyurko
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"This volume is the only study to encompass all of Fuentes' writings, including short stories, novels, theatre and essays, from his earliest short stories of the mythic and fantastic, Los días enmascarados, to his unique and enigmatic autobiographical dictionary En esto creo (2002), and his most significant narrative in the twenty-first century, La Silla del Águila (2003). Designed for the students of Latin American Literature as a comprehensive guidebook, for enthusiasts of Comparative Literature and Ethnic Studies, and specialists in Latin American Literature, Lifting the Obsidian Mask provides a highly readable, illuminating and invaluable exploration of Fuentes' complex and uncompromising, paradoxical, and fascinating art."--Product description,

The Man who Saved Florence

Author : David Tutaev
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Nothing ever posed a greater threat to the priceless Renaissance art of Florence, Italy than the Nazi occupation of 1943-44. Hitler was planning Operation Firecharm to destroy Florence using strategically placed mines. This is the story of how the Florentines were secretly helped to save their city by Dr. Gerhard Wolf, the German officer assigned as governor during the occupation.

Oriana Fallaci

Author : Santo L Arico
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Internationally acclaimed as a journalist, war correspondent, interviewer, and novelist, Oriana Fallaci’s public persona reached almost mythic proportions. It is a myth Fallaci herself created, according to Santo L. Aricò, who probes the psychological forces that motivated one of the twentieth century’s most famous and successful women writers. Using his own extensive interviews with the writer, Aricò maps out Fallaci’s journey through life, paying particular attention to her ongoing and painstaking attempts to establish her own mythical status. He first examines her career as a literary journalist, emphasizing the high quality of her writing. From there, he concentrates on how Fallaci’s personal image began to emerge in her writings, as well as the way in which, through her powerful narratives, she catapulted herself into the public eye as her own main character.

The Things We Used to Say

Author : Natalia Ginzburg
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Here is a new translation of a classic of Italian literature, The Things We Used to Say asks to be read as fiction, though the author, one of Italy's finest contemporary novelists, admitted that it is highly autobiographical: "It should be read without asking more or less of it than a novel can give." In it she turns a novelist's devastatingly observant eye on her parents, her siblings, and her own childhood and youth to produce a ruthless, comic, and intimate portrait of a family living through dangerous times. The book spans the period from the rise of fascism through World War II (in which her husband perished at the hands of the Nazis) and its aftermath. Natalia Ginzburg purported to be only a witness, a seismograph, a recording angel. Woven around the inconsequential, revealing remarks that are repeated in a family until they become its affectionate private code, rich in memory and association, this is one of the rare true evocations of a family in modern literature. The Things We Used to Say is at the same time a living history that documents the life of the assimilated Jewish Ginzburg family and the culture to which they belonged.

Best Detective Stories of the Year 1971

Author : Allen J. Hubin
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Best Detective Stories of the Year

Author : David Coxe Cooke
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The Modern Italian Lyric

Author : Frederic J. Jones
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From Cloak to Dagger

Author : Charles Macintosh
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Books and Pamphlets Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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The Mystery to a Solution

Author : John T. Irwin
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When Poe invented the analytic detective genre in the 1840s with the three Dupin stories, his underlying project was to examine the very nature of self-consciousness. But the tradition of detective fiction these stories inspired would draw on only the most superficial aspects of his work. One hundred years after Poe, however, Borges would reinterpret the genre with three detective stories of his own and revive Poe's original, ambitious intention to analyze "the analytic power". In The Mystery to a Solution, John Irwin brilliantly examines the deeper significance of the genre Poe created and the meaning of Borges's efforts to "double" its origin. Using a methodology that combines history, literary history, and practical and speculative criticism, Irwin pursues the issues underlying the detective genre into areas as various as the history of mathematics, classical mythology, the double-mirror structure of self-consciousness, handedness, the anthropology of Evans and Frazer, the structure of chess, automata, the mind-body problem, the etymology of labyrinth, and scores of other topics. Irwin honors the aesthetic impact of the genre he discusses by mirroring in his study the dynamics of a detective story - the uncovering of mysteries, the accumulation of evidence, the tracing of clues, and the final solution that ties it all together.

John Banville

Author : Rüdiger Imhof
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Newly enlarged to take into account subsequent statements by John Banville and to cover new novels this book is the definitive work that places the author in the vanguard of post-war Irish writers.

Reference Guide to Holocaust Literature

Author : St James Press
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Provides biographical and critical essays on 223 writers connected to or concerned with the Holocaust, as well as separate essays on 307 of their works.


Author :
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Forum Italicum

Author :
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Contemporary World Writers

Author : Tracy
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Contains biographical and bibliographical "information on some 340 living writers from over 60 countries whose work has, at least in part, been translated into English."--Preface, p. vii.

Patrick Modiano

Author : Alan Morris
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Winner of some of France's most prestigious literary prizes, Patrick Modiano is considered one of the most intriguing French novelists alive today. In this lucid story, Alan Morris explores Modiano's fifteen major novels. He also traces Modiano's development as a writer and the tragedies which have influenced his works: the death of his younger brother, the neglect of his father and the horror of the German occupation.