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Villa Triste

Author : Patrick Modiano
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This novel by Nobel Prize–winning author Patrick Modiano is one of the most seductive and accessible in his oeuvre: the story of a man’s memories of fleeing responsibility, finding love, and searching for meaning in an uncertain world The narrator of Villa Triste, an anxious, roving, stateless young man of eighteen, arrives in a small French lakeside town near Switzerland in the early 1960s. He is fleeing the atmosphere of menace he feels around him and the fear that grips him. Fear of war? Of imminent catastrophe? Of others? Whatever it may be, the proximity of Switzerland, to which he plans to run at the first sign of danger, gives him temporary reassurance. The young man hides among the other summer visitors until he meets a beautiful young actress named Yvonne Jacquet, and a strange doctor, René Meinthe. These two invite him into their world of soirees and late-night debauchery. But when real life beckons once again, he finds no sympathy from his new companions. Modiano has written a haunting novel that captures lost youth, the search for identity, and ultimately, the fleetingness of time.

The Villa Triste

Author : Lucretia Grindle
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Florence, 1943. Two sisters, Isabella and Caterina Cammaccio, find themselves surrounded by terror and death; and with Italy trapped under the heel of a brutal Nazi occupation, bands of Partisans rise up. Soon Isabella and Caterina will test their wits and deepest beliefs as never before. As the winter grinds on, they will be forced to make the most important decisions of their lives. Their choices will reverberate for decades. In the present day, Alessandro Pallioti, a senior policeman agrees to oversee a murder investigation, after it emerges the victim was once a Partisan hero. When the case begins to unravel, Pallioti finds himself working to uncover a crime lost in the twilight of war, the consequences of which are as deadly today as they were over sixty years ago. ‘Grindle vividly evokes Florence as few tourists see it . . . Here is the perfect summer holiday read’ Literary Review ‘Grindle saves her best story-weaving to the thrilling denouement that creates a surprise as unexpected and delicious as the finest Florentine cuisine’ Daily Express

Road to Valor

Author : Aili McConnon
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The inspiring, against-the-odds story of Gino Bartali, the cyclist who made the greatest comeback in Tour de France history and secretly aided the Italian resistance during World War II Gino Bartali is best known as an Italian cycling legend who not only won the Tour de France twice but also holds the record for the longest time span between victories. In Road to Valor, Aili and Andres McConnon chronicle Bartali’s journey, from an impoverished childhood in rural Tuscany to his first triumph at the 1938 Tour de France. As World War II ravaged Europe, Bartali undertook dangerous activities to help those being targeted in Italy, including sheltering a family of Jews and smuggling counterfeit identity documents in the frame of his bicycle. After the grueling wartime years, the chain-smoking, Chianti-loving, 34-year-old underdog came back to win the 1948 Tour de France, an exhilarating performance that helped unite his fractured homeland. Based on nearly ten years of research, Road to Valor is the first book ever written about Bartali in English and the only book written in any language to explore the full scope of Bartali’s wartime work. An epic tale of courage, resilience, and redemption, it is the untold story of one of the greatest athletes of the twentieth century.

A Riffaterrean Reading of Patrick Modiano s La Place de L toile

Author : Charles O'Keefe
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French Fiction in the Mitterrand Years

Author : Colin Davis
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In the 1980s and 1990s French Fiction emerged from the towering shadow of the formalist literary debates of the fifties and sixties and reclaimed the ground of history, or narrative, of the individual self which has been the thrust of artistic endeavour for much of European history. The Author returned from the dead to entertain and tell stories, as well as to negotiate a path through traumatic experiences such as the legacy of France's colonial and wartime past, the Holocaust, the spectre of AIDS, the labyrinths of desire and personal identity. Colin Davis and Elizabeth Fallaize examine some of the most popular and some of the most challenging of texts which emerged during Fran�ois Mitterrand's presidency of France (1981-1995) and relate them to the dominant literary and cultural trends of the period. The book will appeal to students at all levels who are engaged in courses in twentieth-century fiction and to readers with an interest in contemporary French culture.

Present Pasts

Author : Dervila Cooke
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This is the first in-depth study of the twelve Modiano texts specifically concerned with life-writing in autobiographical and biographical-cum-historiographical projects. The texts covered range fromLa Place de l'étoile (1968) through to La Petite Bijou (2001). Close textual analysis is combined with a theoretical approach based on current thinking in autobiography, biography, and reader-response. Modiano's use of autofiction and biofiction is analysed in the light of his continuing obsession with both personal trauma and History, as well as his problematic relationship with his paternally-inherited Jewish links. His view of identity (of self and other) is thus discussed in relation to a particular literary and socio-historical context– French, postmodern, post-World War II, and post-Holocaust.

Protean Selves

Author : Adrienne Angelo
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What does it mean to write “I” in postmodern society, in a world in which technological advances and increased globalization have complicated notions of authenticity, origins, and selfhood? Under what circumstances and to what extent do authors lend their scriptural authority to fictional counterparts? What role does naming, or, conversely, anonymity play vis-à-vis the writing and written “I”? What aspects of identity are subject to (auto)fictional manipulations? And how do these complicated and multilayered narrating selves problematize the reader’s engagement with the text? Seeking answers to these questions, Protean Selves brings together essays which explore the intricate relations between language, self, identity, otherness, and the world through the analysis of the forms and uses of the first-person voice. Written by specialists of a variety of approaches and authors from across the world, the studies in this volume follow up a number of critical inquiries on the thorny problematic of self-representation and the representation of the self in contemporary French and francophone literatures, and extend the theoretical analysis to narratives and authors who have gained increasing commercial and academic visibility in the twenty-first century.

The Mystery to a Solution

Author : John T. Irwin
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Irwin mirrors the aesthetic impact of the genre by creating in his study the dynamics of a detective story—the uncovering of mysteries, the accumulation of evidence, the tracing of clues, and the final solution that ties it all together.

Patrick Modiano

Author : Alan Morris
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Winner of some of France's most prestigious literary prizes, Patrick Modiano is considered one of the most intriguing French novelists alive today. In this lucid story, Alan Morris explores Modiano's fifteen major novels. He also traces Modiano's development as a writer and the tragedies which have influenced his works: the death of his younger brother, the neglect of his father and the horror of the German occupation.

If the Sun Dies

Author : Oriana Fallaci
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The European War of Liberation

Author : Luciano Casella
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A Microphone and a Frequency

Author : Doreen Taylor
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Lifting the Obsidian Mask

Author : Lanin A. Gyurko
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"This volume is the only study to encompass all of Fuentes' writings, including short stories, novels, theatre and essays, from his earliest short stories of the mythic and fantastic, Los días enmascarados, to his unique and enigmatic autobiographical dictionary En esto creo (2002), and his most significant narrative in the twenty-first century, La Silla del Águila (2003). Designed for the students of Latin American Literature as a comprehensive guidebook, for enthusiasts of Comparative Literature and Ethnic Studies, and specialists in Latin American Literature, Lifting the Obsidian Mask provides a highly readable, illuminating and invaluable exploration of Fuentes' complex and uncompromising, paradoxical, and fascinating art."--Product description,

The Man who Saved Florence

Author : David Tutaev
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Nothing ever posed a greater threat to the priceless Renaissance art of Florence, Italy than the Nazi occupation of 1943-44. Hitler was planning Operation Firecharm to destroy Florence using strategically placed mines. This is the story of how the Florentines were secretly helped to save their city by Dr. Gerhard Wolf, the German officer assigned as governor during the occupation.

Oriana Fallaci

Author : Santo L Arico
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Internationally acclaimed as a journalist, war correspondent, interviewer, and novelist, Oriana Fallaci’s public persona reached almost mythic proportions. It is a myth Fallaci herself created, according to Santo L. Aricò, who probes the psychological forces that motivated one of the twentieth century’s most famous and successful women writers. Using his own extensive interviews with the writer, Aricò maps out Fallaci’s journey through life, paying particular attention to her ongoing and painstaking attempts to establish her own mythical status. He first examines her career as a literary journalist, emphasizing the high quality of her writing. From there, he concentrates on how Fallaci’s personal image began to emerge in her writings, as well as the way in which, through her powerful narratives, she catapulted herself into the public eye as her own main character.

Collected Fictions

Author : Jorge Luis Borges
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A collection of short stories by a poet, critic and writer, translated into a single volume. Includes THE UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF INIQUITY, FICCIONES, THE ALEPH and SHAKESPEARE'S MEMORY.

The Things We Used to Say

Author : Natalia Ginzburg
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Here is a new translation of a classic of Italian literature, The Things We Used to Say asks to be read as fiction, though the author, one of Italy's finest contemporary novelists, admitted that it is highly autobiographical: "It should be read without asking more or less of it than a novel can give." In it she turns a novelist's devastatingly observant eye on her parents, her siblings, and her own childhood and youth to produce a ruthless, comic, and intimate portrait of a family living through dangerous times. The book spans the period from the rise of fascism through World War II (in which her husband perished at the hands of the Nazis) and its aftermath. Natalia Ginzburg purported to be only a witness, a seismograph, a recording angel. Woven around the inconsequential, revealing remarks that are repeated in a family until they become its affectionate private code, rich in memory and association, this is one of the rare true evocations of a family in modern literature. The Things We Used to Say is at the same time a living history that documents the life of the assimilated Jewish Ginzburg family and the culture to which they belonged.

Best Detective Stories of the Year 1971

Author : Allen J. Hubin
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Best Detective Stories of the Year

Author : David Coxe Cooke
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Patrick Modiano

Author : John Ernest Flower
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While his preoccupation with the period of the Occupation remains a permanent theme, Patrick Modiano is increasingly interested in the exploration of time and memory, and the attendant problem of reconstituting the past. This volume explores all these features. It casts new light on Modiano's earliest novels, examines afresh his more recent work including his stories for children, situates it in the context of contemporary writing and unravels the intricacies and subtleties of his style. It underlines Modiano's position as one of France's major writers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and will be of interest to all who are interested in the modern French novel and the complex interactions between fiction and history.CONTENTSJohn FLOWER : Introduction Colin NETTELBECK : Jardinage dans les ruines : Modiano et l'espace litteraire francais contemporainAlan MORRIS : And the `Bande? played on: An intertext for Patrick Modiano: Les Boulevards de ceintureAnne-Marie OBAJTEK-KIRKWOOD : Une certaine presse de `plumitifs? : celle des Boulevards de ceintureAnnelies SCHULTE NORDHOLT : Dora Bruder : le temoignage par le biais de la fictionJoseph JURT : La memoire de la Shoah : Dora BruderBeatrice DAMAMME-GILBERT : Secrets, fantomes et troubles de la transmission du passe dans la pratique de Patrick ModianoKatarzyna THIEL-JANCZUK : Les biographies imaginaires de Patrick Modiano : entre mythe et histoireScott LEE : Drame des origines, drame du signifiant : Accident nocturneJurate D. KAMINSKAS : Des Inconnues de Modiano ou l'esthetique du texteJeanne-Andree NELSON : La Mere modele dans La Petite Bijou de ModianoDervila COOKE : La Petite Bijou: Autofictional translationsNelly WOLF : Figures de la fuite chez Patrick ModianoSimon KEMP : Fade-Out: Patterns of inconclusion in Modian's novelsJean-Marc LECAUDE : Patrick Modiano : Le narrateur et sa disparition ou qu'y a-t-il derriere le miroir ?Akane KAWAKAMI : Flowers of evil, flowers of ruin: walking in Paris with Baudelaire and Modiano Christian DONADILLE : Patrick Modiano et la litterature d'enfance : l'autre cote du miroirContributors Index