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The View from the Ground

Author : Aaron Sheehan-Dean
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Civil War scholars have long used soldiers’ diaries and correspondence to flesh out their studies of the conflict’s great officers, regiments, and battles. However, historians have only recently begun to treat the common Civil War soldier’s daily life as a worthwhile topic of discussion in its own right. The View from the Ground reveals the beliefs of ordinary men and women on topics ranging from slavery and racism to faith and identity and represents a significant development in historical scholarship—the use of Civil War soldiers’ personal accounts to address larger questions about America’s past. Aaron Sheehan-Dean opens The View from the Ground by surveying the landscape of research on Union and Confederate soldiers, examining not only the wealth of scholarly inquiry in the 1980s and 1990s but also the numerous questions that remain unexplored. Chandra Manning analyzes the views of white Union soldiers on slavery and their enthusiastic support for emancipation. Jason Phillips uncovers the deep antipathy of Confederate soldiers toward their Union adversaries, and Lisa Laskin explores tensions between soldiers and civilians in the Confederacy that represented a serious threat to the fledgling nation’s survival. Essays by David Rolfs and Kent Dollar examine the nature of religious faith among Civil War combatants. The grim and gruesome realities of warfare—and the horror of killing one’s enemy at close range—profoundly tested the spiritual convictions of the fighting men. Timothy J. Orr, Charles E. Brooks, and Kevin Levin demonstrate that Union and Confederate soldiers maintained their political beliefs both on the battlefield and in the war’s aftermath. Orr details the conflict between Union soldiers and Northern antiwar activists in Pennsylvania, and Brooks examines a struggle between officers and the Fourth Texas Regiment. Levin contextualizes political struggles among Southerners in the 1880s and 1890s as a continuing battle kept alive by memories of, and identities associated with, their wartime experiences. The View from the Ground goes beyond standard histories that discuss soldiers primarily in terms of campaigns and casualties. These essays show that soldiers on both sides were authentic historical actors who willfully steered the course of the Civil War and shaped subsequent public memory of the event.

The View From The Ground

Author : Martha Gellhorn
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Martha Gellhorn's peacetime dispatches bear witness to six decades of change: America in the Great Depression, the betrayal of Czechoslovakia, young Poles undaunted by their Communist government, the trial of Adolf Eichmann, Spain in the days after Franco's death, Cuba revisited after forty-one years. Here is history as it looked and felt to the people who lived through it. Intense, courageous and vividly readable, The View from the Ground is a remarkable act of testimony.

The View from the Ground

Author : International Institute for Environment and Development
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Planet Earth The View From Space

Author : J. Baker
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This Book Is A Timely, Well-Illustrated Introduction To Earth-Observing Satellite Technology For The Non-Specialist And Specialist Alike. It Explains Extant Space-Based Satellites And Their Instruments, And Describes The Areas In Which Operational And Research Missions Are Gathering Ever-Increasing Data On Earth Sun Interaction, Land Vegetation Patterns, The Atmosphere, The Earth S Gravity Field. The Book Shares Some Complex Information That Is Otherwise Available Only In The Technical Literature.

View from the 19th Floor

Author : William Bodde
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VIEW FROM THE 19th FLOOR: Reflections of the first APEC Executive Director is, in the words of the author, "part narrative, part case study and part of my own thoughts about where APEC should be headed". In 1993, United States Ambassador William Bodde was sent to Singapore to set up a new economic organization. Bodde clearly relished the challenge of establishing a brand new international economic organization in the most dynamic region of the world. Instructed to keep the Secretariat small, effective and financially accountable, he describes his efforts to build a functioning, cross-cultural institution in less than a year. He also has to satisfy the fifteen-member economies spanning the Pacific that the organization reflected the wishes of all APEC members and not just those of the United States! This account, in addition to serving as a case study in international public administration, chronicles the meetings of the APEC Senior Officials and Ministers leading up to the historic APEC Leader's Meeting in Seattle at the end of 1993. He concludes the monographs with a number of provocative organizational and policy recommendations for the future of APEC.

View from the Urban Loft

Author : Sean Benesh
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As the world hurtles towards urbanization at an ever-increasing pace, there arises the need for further theological reflection on the city. Globalization, international immigration, and densification in cities are having a transformative impact on the urban landscape. Urban mission is at the forefront of many denominations, church planting networks, ministries, and mission organizations yearning for citywide transformation. How are we to think biblically and theologically about the city? View from the Urban Loft will take readers through the development of cities throughout history, act as a guide to navigating the current forces shaping urban environments, and seek to uncover a theology of the city that gives Christians a rationale and a biblical understanding of the meaning and purposes of the city and then how to live in it for the glory of God.

The Struggle for Iraq

Author : Thomas M Renahan
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The Struggle for Iraq is a vivid personal account of the Iraqi people’s fight for democracy and justice by an American political scientist. Thomas M. Renahan arrived in southern Iraq just three days before the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Later he worked in Baghdad through the dark days of the country’s sectarian violence and then in Iraqi Kurdistan. One of the few Americans to serve in all three major regions of Iraq, he spearheaded projects to develop democratic institutions, promote democracy and elections, and fight corruption. With inside accounts of two USAID projects and of a Kurdish government ministry, this engrossing and cautionary story highlights efforts to turn Baathist Iraq into a democratic country. Renahan examines the challenges faced by the Iraqi people and international development staff during this turbulent time, revealing both their successes and frustrations. Drawing on his on-the-ground civilian perspective, Renahan recounts how expatriate staff handled the hardships and dangers as well as the elaborate security required to protect them, how Iraqi staff coped with the personal security risks of working for Coalition organizations, and the street-level mayhem and violence, including the assassinations of close Iraqi friends. Although Iraq remains in crisis, it has largely defeated the ISIS terrorists who seized much of the country in 2014. Renahan emphasizes, however, that reconciliation is still the end game in Iraq. In the concluding chapters he explains how the United States can support this process and help resolve the complex problems between the Iraqi government and the independence-minded Kurds, offering hope for the future.

The View From the Center of the Universe

Author : Joel R. Primack
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In this strikingly original book, a world-renowned cosmologist and an innovative writer of the history and philosophy of science uncover an astonishing truth: Humans actually are central to the universe. What does this mean for our culture and our personal lives? The answer is revolutionary: a science-based cosmology that allows us to understand the universe as a whole and our extraordinary place in it.

A View From the Square

Author : John Trenhaile
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Stepan Ilyich Povin, the KGB's chief of foreign intelligence, is seeking asylum in the West. In exchange he offers a stunning piece of information: The Soviets are about to capture a sophisticated American spy plane that radar cannot detect, a plane that is so crucial to America's defense that she will risk war to keep its secrets from the Soviets. The Americans send Kirk Binderhaven - an ex-CIA operative and survivor of countless perilous assignments - to destory the plane. Deep within Soviet territory, trekking across snowbound Siberian wastes to reach his target, Binderhaven will encounter the cruelest odds of his career...and a beautiful Russian woman who will become critical to the whole enterprise. A VIEW FROM THE SQUARE is the second book in the Stepan Povin trilogy, the thrilling sequel to A Man Called Kyril

Linebacker II a view from the rock

Author :
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Using Google EarthTM Bring the World into Your Classroom Levels 1 2

Author : JoBea Holt
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Learn to use Google Earth and add technological richness across the content areas in grades 1-2 with this highly engaging, easy-to-use resource that offers flexibility for authentic 21st century learning. This teacher-friendly book provides step-by-step instructions, lessons, and activities that integrate this technology into social studies, science, mathematics, and English language arts curriculum. All lessons are differentiated for a variety of learning styles and activities are leveled for all learners. In addition, suggestions for flexible groupings and for extension activities are also included. Using Google Earth(tm): Bring the World Into Your Classroom shows teachers how to help their students start their own .kmz folders and fill them with layers of locations that connect their own lives to the curriculum, and to build cross-curricular connections. The included Teacher Resource CD includes templates plus clear, easy-to-follow directions to lead students (and teachers) to see a global view by starting with their own neighborhoods and then moving outward. This resource is aligned to the interdisciplinary themes from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and supports core concepts of STEM instruction.

Geographical Extracts Forming a General View of Earth and Nature Illustrated with Maps

Author : John Payne
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A View from the Jury Box

Author : Carol W. Hazelwood
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A View from the Jury Box is a journalistic approach to the long and complicated trial of Ron Blaney Jr., a deaf mute, who was accused of murdering and torturing his deaf girlfriend and her mother. The author, Carol Hazelwood, was the foreperson. This is the story of compassion, pettiness, stupidity, and sincerity of twelve jurors struggling to come to a right and fair judgment as the law dictates. This book is a true enactment of our jury system and the flawed human beings who are brought together to rain judgement on another.

The View from Above

Author : Jeanne Haffner
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The role of aerial photography in the evolution of the concept of social space"and its impact on French urban planning in the mid-twentieth century. In mid-twentieth century France, the term "social space" ( l'espace social)--the idea that spatial form and social life are inextricably linked--emerged in a variety of social science disciplines. Taken up by the French New Left, it also came to inform the practice of urban planning. In The View from Above, Jeanne Haffner traces the evolution of the science of social space from the interwar period to the 1970s, illuminating in particular the role of aerial photography in this new way of conceptualizing socio-spatial relations. As early as the 1930s, the view from above served for Marcel Griaule and other anthropologists as a means of connecting the social and the spatial. Just a few decades later, the Marxist urban sociologist Henri Lefebvre called the perspective enabled by aerial photography--a technique closely associated with the French colonial state and military--"the space of state control." Lefebvre and others nevertheless used the notion of social space to recast the problem of massive modernist housing projects (grands ensembles) to encompass the modern suburb (banlieue) itself--a critique that has contemporary resonance in light of the banlieue riots of 2005 and 2007. Haffner shows how such "views" permitted new ways of conceptualizing the old problem of housing to emerge. She also points to broader issues, including the influence of the colonies on the metropole, the application of sociological expertise to the study of the built environment, and the development of a spatially oriented critique of capitalism.

A View from the Machan

Author : K. Ullas Karanth
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Personal experiences of an Indian environmentalist.

The View from Lazy Point

Author : Carl Safina
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An exhilarating journey of natural renewal through a year with MacArthur fellow Carl Safina Beginning in his kayak in his home waters of eastern Long Island, Carl Safina's The View from Lazy Point takes us through the four seasons to the four points of the compass, from the high Arctic south to Antarctica, across the warm belly of the tropics from the Caribbean to the west Pacific, then home again. We meet Eskimos whose way of life is melting away, explore a secret global seed vault hidden above the Arctic Circle, investigate dilemmas facing foraging bears and breeding penguins, and sail to formerly devastated reefs that are resurrecting as fish graze the corals algae-free. "Each time science tightens a coil in the slack of our understanding," Safina writes, "it elaborates its fundamental discovery: connection." He shows how problems of the environment drive very real matters of human justice, well-being, and our prospects for peace. In Safina's hands, nature's continuous renewal points toward our future. His lively stories grant new insights into how our world is changing, and what our response ought to be.


Author : Angus Kennedy
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In this second novel of the Out of Solitude trilogy, Australian wine writer, Andrew Johnston, is again staying in Europe, this time with his brother, Adrian, for both work and a holiday. He receives an extensive new project from his publisher that takes him through the premium wine producing regions of France, during which he meets up again with a number of his old acquaintances from both France and Dubrovnik. Among these is Niki Menèetiæ and the chance meeting rekindles his old feelings for her. While their relationship develops, Andrew is again drawn into events and affairs which he finds curious and difficult to fathom, having to rely on his trust in Niki's judgement and his own faith in her to maintain his equanimity. While Andrew's travels through Europe are superficially normal, the tendrils of Niki's world reach out to and entangle him at various stages, bringing with them complications that he is confident he can resolve but whether the opportunity to do so arises in time raises considerable uncertainties for his future.

A View from the Divide

Author : Lee Gutkind
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In the tradition of Lewis Thomas, Stephen J. Gould, and Oliver Sachs, this special double issue of Creative Nonfiction, the only exclusively nonfiction literary journal, demonstrates the many ways in which aspects of the scientific world—from biology, medicine, physics, and astronomy—can be captured and dramatized for a humanities-oriented readership. Edited and introduced by the award-winning author of Many Sleepless Nights , An Unspoken Art, and A View from the Divide includes a diverse range of voices, from poets to immunologists and physicists, from established writers to up-and-coming new talent.

Civil Rights History from the Ground Up

Author : Emilye Crosby
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After decades of scholarship on the civil rights movement at the local level, the insights of bottom-up movement history remain essentially invisible in the accepted narrative of the movement and peripheral to debates on how to research, document, and teach about the movement. This collection of original works refocuses attention on this bottom-up history and compels a rethinking of what and who we think is central to the movement. The essays examine such locales as Sunflower County, Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; and Wilson, North Carolina; and engage such issues as nonviolence and self-defense, the implications of focusing on women in the movement, and struggles for freedom beyond voting rights and school desegregation. Events and incidents discussed range from the movement's heyday to the present and include the Poor People's Campaign mule train to Washington, D.C., the popular response to the deaths of Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King, and political cartoons addressing Barack Obama's presidential campaign. The kinds of scholarship represented here--which draw on oral history and activist insights (along with traditional sources) and which bring the specificity of time and place into dialogue with broad themes and a national context--are crucial as we continue to foster scholarly debates, evaluate newer conceptual frameworks, and replace the superficial narrative that persists in the popular imagination.

General View of the Agriculture of the County of Monmouth with Observations on the Means of Its Improvement By Mr John Fox Drawn Up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement

Author : John Fox
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