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Video in Second Language Teaching

Author : Susan Stempleski
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" ... Provides practical and principled advice to inexperienced and experienced teachers who are using or plan to use video in second language teaching"--Page 4 of cover.

Video in Action

Author : Susan Stempleski
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This series for teachers and teacher trainers gives sound, straightforward advice on good teaching methods, and practical suggestions for lessons and activities. Provides a thorough rationale for using video for language teaching, introduces the various types of videos, features 100 specific recipes for classroom activities, and includes a cross-referenced index of level, purpose, and sequence type.

The Video Connection

Author : Rick Altman
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Video in Language Teaching

Author : Jack Lonergan
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Methodology in Language Teaching

Author : Jack C. Richards
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This comprehensive anthology provides an overview of current approaches, issues, and practices in teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Serves as an important research resource for researchers, M.A. TESOL students, and teachers wishing to design a basic course in methodology.

Language Teaching with Video Based Technologies

Author : Michael Thomas
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This book explores the implications of technology-mediated project-based language learning for CALL teacher development, focusing on the role of video-based instruction in elucidating challenges and opportunities to promote learner creativity in the language classroom. The volume builds on existing literature on project-based language learning by extending the focus on the affordances of machinima, digital video created by teachers and learners to capture experience in 3D immersive games or virtual worlds. Drawing on data from a large-scale research project featuring case studies that examine different facets of CALL teacher education, the book calls attention to language learning and teaching strategies that encourage both learners and teachers to develop innovative approaches in the language classroom and how such approaches promote the integration of lifelong learning skills alongside traditional linguistic competencies. Offering a dynamic contribution to the growing literature on the interface of language learning and teaching and technology, this book will appeal to students and researchers in applied linguistics and language and education, as well as those interested in the latest developments in CALL.

New Technologies in Language Learning and Teaching

Author : Ann-Karin Korsvold
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Teaching English with Video Handbooks for Language Teachers

Author : Margaret Allan
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Author :
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Resources in Education

Author :
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Language Teaching Methods

Author : Diane Larsen-Freeman
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Russian Language Teaching Methodology and Course Design

Author : James Davie
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Using Authentic Video in the Language Classroom

Author : Jane Sherman
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Language teaching material using authentic film and television is motivating and fun. However, teachers are often unsure of how to use this material in their language classroom.Using Authentic Video in the Language Classroom guides and supports teachers with practical suggestions for activities which can be used with films, drama, soap operas, comedy, sports programmes, documentaries and adverts.Video is a rich renewable resource which can be used in the classroom to refresh conventional textbook material. These activities can be used time and time again with new material to stimulate students and bring the language alive. Many of the activities would also lend themselves for use with other technologies such DVDs and Webcasts.It enables teachers to access the powerful teaching tool of video with successful activities for the language classroom.

The MLA Modern Language Teacher s Handbook

Author : Alan Smalley
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Practical Applications of Research in Foreign Language Teaching

Author : Charles J. James
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This book deals with research that applies directly to classroom teaching and learning of foreign languages.

Barriers and Bridges

Author : Heidrun Jung
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The papers that make up this collection were either presented at the CETaLL (Commission on Educational Technology and Language Learning) Colloquium «The Autonomous Learner and the Media» held as part of the 10th AILA World Congress in Amsterdam, August 8-15, 1993, or were presented in other sections at the same congress. Not only do they all share the common theme of exploring how media technology can be used to enhance language learning and teaching, but more than that, they relate the excitement of breaking down barriers and building bridges with the help of both old and new technology. Papers from Austria, Finland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Britain and the United States cover a wide range of topics, from the latest hi-tech multi-media project to the humble radio with its potential for interactivity.

Language Learning Online Towards Best Practice

Author : Uschi Felix
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This important and accessible book identifies the key elements in the quest for best practice in online language teaching. The authors, all of them international experts who have made significant contributions to the debate about how to exploit the new technologies, consider online language teaching from three crucial perspectives: design, tools and pedagogy. Their recommendations are such that they can actually be realised in spite of the limitations of today's educational environments. The book demonstrates that the new technologies offer far greater potential for authentic encounters and constructivist learning than even the best classroom simulations; that automated exercise and feedback structures can be individualised and meaningful; and that if we have to teach fully by distance, these ventures no longer need to represent impoverished versions of live classes but can engender a strong sense of community. To achieve this we need to understand what elements constitute good design both in technical and pedagogical terms, to think seriously about providing the best feedback possible, and to have the courage to take the risks associated with letting go of traditional learner/teacher relationships.

Video Applications in English Language Teaching

Author : John McGovern
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The Practice of English Language Teaching

Author : Jeremy Harmer
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In this new edition there is a new chapter on teaching vocabulary, a section on discovery techniques, more on task-based learning and learner training, and a recognition of the change of perception about what communicative competence might be. Many of the categories of communicative activities have been rearranged and there is a more detailed account of teacher roles, together with a section on the use of the mother tongue. The sample lesson plan has been changed and the many examples from textbooks generally reflect the materials now in use rather than those which were current when the first edition came out.

Second Language Teaching in Canada

Author : Canadian Association of University Teachers of German
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