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Viagro Blue

Author : Perry Aayr
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Thirty years before Viagra, 44288, An Ohio Mental Patient and author of the amazing Quatrain, Some Die Mad, conceives of Viagro, a pill to help male erections which goes terribly wrong and wrecks (creates?) the life of a New York insurance company actuary called Millard Fillmore. We all never got to see Vincent Van Gogh pen some cartoons for the New Yorker but this is probably the next best thing. Prepare to fall off your sofa.

The Viagra Alternative

Author : Marc Bonnard
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For those men who wish to avoid the risks of Viagra, this handbook offers themost up-to-date on natural, safe, and long-term cures for impotence.

The Philosophy of Viagra

Author :
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The impotency remedy Viagra is the fastest selling drug in history. It has grown beyond being simply a medical phenomenon, but has achieved the status of cultural icon, appearing on television as a pretext for jokes or even as a murder weapon. Viagra has socio-cultural implications that are not limited to sexuality. The Philosophy of Viagra offers a unique perspective as it examines the phenomenon of Viagra through ideas derived from more than two thousand years of philosophical reasoning. In philosophy, Eros has always had a central position. Since Plato, philosophy has held that desire is not only a medical but also a spiritual phenomenon and that scientific explanations claiming to give an exhaustive account of erotic perception are misleading. Philosophical ideas are able to debunk various scientific rationalizations of sexuality – one of which is the clinical-sexological discourse on Viagra. In this volume, several authors interpret Viagra through the lens of classical philosophy explicating the themes of immortality and hedonism. Others offer psychoanalytical considerations by confronting clinical sexology with psychological realities. Still others evoke intercultural aspects revealing the relative character of potency that the phenomenon of Viagra attempts to gloss over.

Making Medicine

Author : Keith Veronese
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How do scientists design the medicine we use to improve our lives? It turns out that many are happy accidents or overlooked mixtures of carbon and hydrogen that go on to not only improve the lives of people the world over, but become million- and billion-dollar makers for pharmaceutical companies. In Making Medicine: Surprising Stories from the History of Drug Discovery, author Keith Veronese examines fifteen different molecules and their unlikely discovery –or in many cases, their second discovery –en route to becoming invaluable medications. From the famous story of Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, to lesser-known stories surrounding drugs like quinine (derived from the bark of the cinchona tree and responsible for saving the lives of millions in the fight against malaria), Veronese reveals the “how” and the “who” behind the pharmaceutical breakthroughs that continue to impact our world. With subjects including cancer-fighting therapies and over-the-counter pain relievers; hair regrowth creams and antidepressants; readers will no doubt have a personal connection to at least one molecule in this book. Like all discoveries made by mankind, the stories behind these breakthroughs and their introduction to the world are often messy, sometimes controversial, and always human. Take digoxin, which correctly prescribed can help heart efficiency, but in higher doses can prove fatal –a fact known all too well by Charles Cullen, a nurse who used digoxin to kill over forty patients. Making Medicine also details how modern pharmaceutical discovery works, including the monumental challenge and accomplishment of creating a COVID-19 vaccine. This fascinating book highlights the serendipitous nature of the discovery of these miracle molecules, along with how they do (or don't) interact with the human body to produce the desired result.

Glocal Pharma Open Access

Author : Ericka Johnson
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The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 license. An exploration of how global pharmaceutical products are localized - of what happens when they become ‘glocal’ - this book examines the tensions that exist between a global pharmaceutical market and the locally bounded discourses and regulations encountered as markets are created for new drugs in particular contexts. Employing the case study of the emergence, representation and regulation of Viagra in the Swedish market, Glocal Pharma offers analyses of commercial material, medical discourses and legal documents to show how a Swedish, Viagra-consuming subject has been constructed in relation to the drug and how Viagra is imagined in relation to the Swedish man. Engaging with debates about pharmaceuticalization, the authors consider the ways in which new identities are created around drugs, the redefinition of health problems as sites of pharmaceutical treatment and changes in practices of governance to reflect the entrance of pharmaceuticals to the market. With attention to ‘local’ contexts, it reveals elements in the nexus of pharmaceutcalization that are receptive to cultural elements as new products become embedded in local markets. An empirically informed study of the the ways in which the presence of a drug can alter the concept of a disease and its treatment, understandings of who suffers from it and how to cure it - both locally and internationally - this book will appeal to scholars of sociology and science and technology studies with interests in globalization, pharmaceuticals, gender and the sociology of medicine.


Author : Dr. Nora David
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This book is everything you need to know about the drug Viagra which is useful for treating erectile dysfunction in men fast and effectively. The most important question on most people’s mind is the uses, dosage, side effects, benefits of Viagra supplement and pills including where to buy Viagra capsule online, safely and also at a cheap price. Viagra is used for treating erectile dysfunction in men just as Cialis is used for treating erectile dysfunction in men and symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (Enlarged Prostate) which has been responsible for treating impotence in 90% of men and has helped to save marriages and relationships. Viagra enhances the relaxation of the blood vessel muscle and increases the flow of blood to specific regions of the body. There are a lot of things that many of us do not know about this wonderful pill and how it can be used to effectively treat erectile dysfunction. Viagra is a well-known treatment for men with erectile dysfunction (poor erection), which has helped to restore broken homes and brought happiness into relationships, it has treated more than 60 million men around the world. The widespread use of the drug is because it has successfully treated 90-92% of impotent men and men with serious impotence. There are a lot of fake information on Viagra available online. In this book you will learn; Everything you need to know about Viagra. Causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Symptoms and Signs of Erectile Dysfunction. Viagra dosages for effective work. Side effects of Viagra. Precautions to take before taking Viagra. The history of Viagra, The effects of alcohol on Viagra, Viagra alternatives that is safe for health, This book will likewise show you in details the list of trusted online pharmacy that sells real and effective Viagra. ...and many more! This book is the complete guide on generic viagra pills for men, Viagra pills for women, Viagra 100mg pills for men, and many more with completely proven information on how to treat erectile dysfunction using Viagra pills to permanently overcome and cure erectile dysfunction and get your courage, sexual strength and life back fully

Viagro Blue

Author : 44288 Ohio Ment Presented by Perry Aayr
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Thirty years before Viagra, 44288, An Ohio Mental Patient and author of the amazing Quatrain, Some Die Mad, conceives of Viagro, a pill to help male erections which goes terribly wrong and wrecks (creates?) the life of a New York insurance company actuary called Millard Fillmore. We all never got to see Vincent Van Gogh pen some cartoons for the New Yorker but this is probably the next best thing. Prepare to fall off your sofa.

Don t Fall For It

Author : Ben Carlson
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Learn financial and business lessons from some of the biggest frauds in history Why does financial fraud persist? History is full of sensational financial frauds and scams. Enron was forced to declare bankruptcy after allegations of massive accounting fraud, wiping out $78 billion in stock market value. Bernie Madoff, the largest individual fraudster in history, built a $65 billion Ponzi scheme that ultimately resulted in his being sentenced to 150 years in prison. People from all walks of life have been scammed out of their money: French and British nobility looking to get rich quickly, farmers looking for a miracle cure for their health ailments, several professional athletes, and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. No one is immune from getting deceived when money is involved. Don’t Fall For It is a fascinating look into some of the biggest financial frauds and scams ever. This compelling book explores specific instances of financial fraud as well as some of the most successful charlatans and hucksters of all-time. Sharing lessons that apply to business, money management, and investing, author Ben Carlson answers questions such as: Why do even the most intelligent among us get taken advantage of in financial scams? What make fraudsters successful? Why is it often harder to stay rich than to get rich? Each chapter in examines different frauds, perpetrators, or victims of scams. These real-life stories include anecdotes about how these frauds were carried out and discussions of what can be learned from these events. This engaging book: Explores the business and financial lessons drawn from some of history’s biggest frauds Describes the conditions under which fraud tends to work best Explains how people can avoid being scammed out of their money Suggests practical steps to reduce financial fraud in the future Don’t Fall For It: A Short History of Financial Scams is filled with engrossing real-life stories and valuable insights, written for finance professionals, investors, and general interest readers alike.

Women in the New Taiwan Gender Roles and Gender Consciousness in a Changing Society

Author : Catherine Farris
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Taiwan's rapid socio-economic and political transformation has given rise to a gender-conscious middle class that is attempting to redefine the roles of women in society, to restructure relationship patterns, and to organize in groups outside the family unit. This book examines internal psychological processes and external societal processes as the feminist movement in Taiwan expands and new gender roles are explored. The contributors represent a cross section of different disciplines - history, anthropology, and sociology - and different generations of China/Taiwan scholars. They place the issues facing Taiwan's women's movement in social, political, and economic contexts. The book examines gender relations, the role of women in Chinese society, and issues related to women in China throughout history. Feminism and gender relations are also viewed from the context of film and literature. The authors look at the contemporary roles that women play in Taiwan's work force today, how the sexes perceive each other in the workplace, and more.

Prescription TV

Author : Joy V. Fuqua
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Tracing the history of television as a therapeutic device, Joy V. Fuqua describes how TVs came to make hospitals seem more like home and, later, "medicalized" the modern home. She examines the introduction of television into the private hospital room in the late 1940s and 1950s and then moves forward several decades to consider the direct-to-consumer prescription drug commercials legalized in 1997. Fuqua explains how, as hospital administrators and designers sought ways of making the hospital a more inviting, personalized space, TV sets came to figure in the architecture and layout of health care facilities. Television manufacturers seized on the idea of therapeutic TV, specifying in their promotional materials how TVs should be used in the hospital and positioned in relation to the viewer. With the debut of direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising in the late 1990s, television assumed a much larger role in the medical marketplace. Taking a case-study approach, Fuqua uses her analysis of an ad campaign promoting Pfizer's Viagra to illustrate how television, and later the Internet, turned the modern home into a clearinghouse for medical information, redefined and redistributed medical expertise and authority, and, in the process, created the contemporary consumer-patient.