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Mumbai Modern Vegetarian Recipes Inspired by Indian Roots and California Cuisine

Author : Amisha Dodhia Gurbani
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Discover a world of spice and color in this celebration of Indian cuisine made for the American kitchen. Indian cooks are masters of flavor. Enjoyed and revered worldwide, the best Indian food offers comfort, wonder, and beauty. In Mumbai Modern, Amisha Dodhia Gurbani delivers a marriage of traditional Gujarati cuisine, Mumbai street food, and modern innovation inspired by the bountiful fresh ingredients on offer in her adopted home of California. Mumbai Modern offers more than 100 vegetarian recipes, complete with Gurbani’s stunning photographs, including breakfasts (Pear and Chai Masala Cinnamon Rolls); appetizers and salads (Dahi Papdi Chaat); mains (Ultimate Mumbai-California Veggie Burger); bread (Wild Mushroom and Green Garlic Kulcha), rice, and snacks (Cornflakes Chevdo); sauces, dips, and jams (Blood Orange and Rosemary Marmalade); desserts (Masala Chai Tiramisu with Rose Mascarpone, Whipped Cream, and Pistachio Sprinkle); and drinks (Nectarine, Star Anise, and Ginger Shrub). Alongside family stories, history, culture and more, this vibrant cookbook is a triumph of Indian-American culinary brilliance.

The Busy Mum s Plan ahead Cookbook

Author : Sarah Flower
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Today's families are busy families, with parents juggling jobs, lifestyle and growing families. This book shows you how to manage your time whilst still providing healthy home-cooked meals for your growing family. - Fill your freezer with portions of home-made ready meals for your hungry teenager. - Dust off your slow cooker for those days when you are going to be tied up late at work. - Use a pressure cooker for great meals in a fraction of the time. - Fill your fridge with home-made pasta sauce for the quick and easy meal when you are tired and hungry. The emphasis of the whole book is on planning and making the most of all the time-saving appliances you have at your disposal in the kitchen.For example, whilst the Sunday roast is cooking, you fill the cooker with cakes and savouries to last you the week.The roast chicken leftovers are used to make a chicken pie, curry or stir-fry.Make use of your freezer - it takes no more time to double up a recipe to make 2 or 3 extra portions, creating your own store of home-made ready meals.


Author : Kim Stallwood
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For four decades, Kim Stallwood has had a front seat in the animal rights movement, starting at the grassroots in England and working his way up to leadership positions at some of the best-known organizations in the world, including Compassion In World Farming, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Yet, as Stallwood reveals in this memoir of an eventful life dedicated to social justice for the voiceless, finding the truest path for progress has meant learning a lot along the way. Equal parts personal narrative, social history, and impassioned call for rethinking animal advocacy, Growl describes Stallwood’s journey from a meat-eating slaughterhouse worker to a vegan activist for all species. He explains the importance of four key values in animal rights philosophy and practice—compassion, truth, nonviolence, and justice—and how a deeper understanding of their role not only leads us to discover our humanity for animals, but also for ourselves.

Hey Mom i m a Vegetarian

Author : Leya Glazer
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Leya came home in Kindergarten and decided she too was a vegetarian. As a food scientist and nutritionist, I knew the most important thing was to make sure she got the proper nutrients in her diet. Many of the girls at her school have decided to be vegetarians, but sometimes that turns out to be a diet too high in carbohydrates (also known as pizzaterians or donutarians) and lacking in iron, essential amino acids, and other nutrients. Some of the moms had no idea how to make sure their children had a proper, healthy diet, or even how to cook for their children to keep it interesting! Leya and I decided maybe we could share some of our favorite recipes with our friends. That grew into the idea of a cookbook! I'm incredibly proud of her for her hard work and dedication! We hope you enjoy some of our personal family favorites! Denise Glazer, Mom

Back In Time For Dinner

Author : Mary Gwynn
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Do you remember the arrival of the fish finger, the rise and fall of Angel Delight, Vesta curries and Wimpy hamburgers? Did you own a fondue set or host a Tupperware party, or were you starving yourself on the Cabbage Soup Diet? Was life always too short to stuff a mushroom? And what was the point of Nouvelle Cuisine? There has been a revolution in our kitchens. In 1950, the average housewife worked a seventy-five-hour week. No one owned a fridge or had seen a teabag, let alone an avocado or a Curly Wurly . Ten years later, sugar consumption had rocketed: we ate more biscuits for dinner than vegetables and fruit. It was not until the mid 1990s that we started to worry about ‘five a day’. And now, nearly twenty years on from the first vegetable-box delivery scheme, we are fatter than ever before . . . Has there ever been a golden age of the family meal? Full of delicious detail, this marvellous companion to the BBC series is rich with nostalgia and provides a feast of extraordinary factual nuggets. Who can guess the filling of the first pre-packed sandwich in 1984? And who could have foreseen then that a kitchen robot that can write your shopping list is now just around the corner? Reflecting all the fads and fashions that have graced our table, Back in Time for Dinner is much more than a book about dinner; it holds a mirror to our changing family lives.

Vegan Mom Recipe Collection

Author : H. G. O. Notebooks
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An empty recipe book for busy vegan Moms to collect their favorite vegan recipes and store them in none place. Encourage others to take up and grow in the healthy lifestyle by sharing your food finds. Makes a great, personal gift for all you friends. Even non vegans appreciate how clever and tasty vegan food is and you'll be doing your part to promote the healthy way to eat.

Rosa s Thai Cafe The Vegetarian Cookbook

Author : Saiphin Moore
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'Damn, Saiphin can cook - the perfect ambassador for this glorious food and country' - Tom Parker Bowles 'One of London's coolest female chefs' - Time Out Finding strictly vegetarian food in Thailand can be tricky, where fish sauce is the king of the kitchen. In the follow-up to her debut, Rosa's Thai Café: The Cookbook, Saiphin Moore embraces this challenge, creating over 100 delicious and simple recipes for Thai-loving vegans and vegetarians. Featuring authentic dishes such as Tom yum noodle soup, Congee with shiitake mushrooms, Stir-fried aubergine with roasted chilli paste and Butternut red curry, this brilliant sequel adds an exciting new strand to Rosa's repetoire.

Linda McCartney s Family Kitchen

Author : Linda McCartney
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THE INSTANT TIMES TOP TEN BESTSELLER Over thirty years ago, Linda McCartney first blazed the trail for meat-free cooking, and around the table of the family home in East Sussex, she shared the pleasure that eating compassionately could bring. Now Paul, Mary and Stella bring Linda's kitchen up to date, re-inventing her best-loved recipes for the plant-based cook, alongside their favourite family stories and the dishes that they now eat at home. The original food pioneer, Linda McCartney believed in great tasting, wholesome, meat-free food, and embraced kindness and compassion in everything she did. Her legacy lives on in Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen, a collection of over 90 simple, fresh and inventive plant-based recipes that fit perfectly with how we want to eat now. In Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen, Paul, Mary and Stella have re-imagined Linda's classic recipes, bringing them up to date for the modern, plant-based cook. Because how we eat is changing, with more and more people choosing a meat- and dairy-free diet, even if only for one or two days a week. Alongside family favourites such as American Pancakes, Chilli Non Carne, Sausage Rolls and Shepherd's Pie, Paul, Mary and Stella share the dishes they cook most at home: Pad Thai, Pulled Jackfruit Burgers, Panzanella and Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies to name just a few of the simple, nourishing and sustainable recipes included in this stylish book. Complete with personal stories and intimate family photos spanning three decades, Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen is not only good for you, but for the planet too.

The Student Vegetarian Cookbook

Author : Beverly LeBlanc
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There's more to being a veggie than eating tofu and chickpeas, and there's more to being a student than beans on toast and chips from the kebab van. With 150 recipes from across the world, this inspiring cookbook is crammed with meals even the novice cook will be able to master, from simple curries and pasta dishes to South American stews and Spanish tortillas. More interesting than the usual student fare, and with delicious recipes students will really go for, from quick and easy meals in minutes to cheap but impressive dinner party winners to wow their mates, The Vegetarian Student Cookbook is a recipe for a tasty and healthy student life.

Vegetarian Cookbook for Mum

Author : Jacklyn Bisset
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*** 55% OFF for Book shops! LAST DAYS ***. Are you trying to find healthy and balanced, well balanced vegan meals that are simple to adhere to? Your Consumers Never Ever Quit to Utilize this Remarkable publication! An enthusiastic Vegan Wellness writer produces this publication; this publication is a collection of her finest plant-based dishes that are beginner-friendly in addition to use easy to locate energetic components. No elegant cooking area gadgets is called for. - develop healthy well balanced vegan meals on a budget. - promote natural fat loss without going hungry or sensation refuted. - value even more power. - boost your food digestion. - have rosy skin. - consume healthy and balanced on an active timetable (most recipes take less than 10 minutes to make). This dish publication is excellent for hectic people looking for likewise healthy as well as delicious recipes that can be quickly created. Vegan Salad meal magazine will absolutely assist you: . - consist of much more recuperation nutrients & all-natural plant-based healthy protein to your diet regimen strategy. Buy it Currently as well as allow your clients obtain addicted to this outstanding publication!