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Variables Related to Human Breast Cancer

Author : Victor Elving Anderson
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Variables Related to Human Breast Cancer By V E Anderson Harold O Goodman Sheldon C Reed Etc

Author : Victor Elving ANDERSON
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Prognostic variables in node negative and node positive breast cancer

Author : Giampietro Gasparini
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Variables Related to Human Breast Cancer

Author : V. Elving Anderson
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Variables Related to Human Breast Cancer was first published in 1958.The question of what role, if any, heredity plays in the etiology of human cancer is of obvious importance in the continuing search for an answer to the riddle of cancer. This book describes a study which was conducted at the Dight Institute for Human Genetics of the University of Minnesota, seeking evidence on two aspects of the heredity question. The objectives were, first, to determine whether there is an increased frequency of cancer among relatives of breast cancer patients (over what would be expected by coincidence) and second, to find out whether any family tendency to cancer is general or site-specific.The families of 621 breast cancer patients treated at the Tumor Clinic of the University of Minnesota Hospitals were investigated, with special attention to the choice of original patients and to the completeness of information. For comparison the authors studied the families of husbands of the patients and also analyzed statistics on cancer cases and deaths in the general population.The methods used in the project are described in detail, the data are presented, and the results interpreted. The findings are of value not only in their scientific application but also for use in counseling relatives of breast cancer patients, since these relatives often have greater fear of developing cancer than the facts warrant.

Contemporary Issues in Breast Cancer

Author : Karen Hassey Dow
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Intended for nurses and other health care professionals, this volume examines issues of breast cancer in the context of family, community, and culture. The eight sections cover prevention, screening, and detection; treatment, including concerns about tamoxifen and new treatments; survivorship issues

High Risk Breast Cancer

Author : Joseph Ragaz
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The most meaningful reward to clinicians and researchers is the absence of recurrent malignancy in their patients. While in some patients the disease will be cured by resection alone, in other similarly staged cases the disease will recur despite adequate loco regional and systemic therapies. Hence, risk assessment is a complex issue with many related or unrelated prognostic factors determining outcome. The purpose of this volume is to review some of the most relevant prognostic factors of newly diagnosed breast cancer, focusing on fea tures determining the magnitude of risk. The ultimate value of establishing the significance of each prognostic factor in a given patient will be the resulting ability to plan individu alized therapies for patients at different risk of recurrence at the time of diagnosis. To secure the maximum benefit for high-risk patients, while avoiding undue toxicity in those with low-risk lesions, a well-integrated analysis of all known prognostic factors will be essential in the early postdiagnos tic period. In addition to well-established staging criteria such as axillary nodes, tumor size, receptors, scanning and radiographic examinations, the more sophisticated labora tory techniques, as discussed by several authors herein, will playa crucial role in risk assessment. Most of them, - ploidy determination, oncogenes, tumor markers, monoclonal anti bodies, growth factors, etc. -are presently available in only a minority of treatment centers.

Var Related to Breast Cancer

Author : Sheldon Clark Reed, Victor Elving Anderson, Harold O. Goodman
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Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Epidemiology

Author : Jennifer L. Kelsey
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Published in 1983: It is the authors’ intent to provide an overview of the state of knowledge of the epidemiology of cancers of the breast, corpus uteri, ovary, cervix uteri, vulva, and vagina as of the end of 1981.

The Effect of Cancer related Variables and Traumatic History on the Development of PTSD in Women with Breast Cancer

Author : Susan Buonocore
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Cancer Epidemiology in the USA USSR

Author :
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