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Varia Folklorica

Author : Alan Dundes
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Varia Folklorica Editor Alan Dundes

Author :
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Analytic Essays in Folklore

Author : Alan Dundes
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The Old Testament and Folklore Study

Author : Patricia G. Kirkpatrick
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Since Gunkel, folklore studies have exercised a great influence upon theories of oral composition and transmission of the patriarchal narratives. Dr Kirkpatrick subjects the underlying premises supporting many of these theories to a careful examination in the light of the most recent folklore research.

Turandot s Sisters

Author : Christine Goldberg
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There are a number of outstanding dissertations in folklore which warrant a wider readership and which belong in the library of any educational institution or individual with a serious interest in folklore. A few of these are in fact already well known to professional folklorists who may have bothered to send for them through inter-library loan or in more recent times purchased copies from University Microfilms International in Ann Arbor, Michigan. However, it should be noted that not all dissertations are available through UMI. The appearance for selected folklore dissertations and theses, both old and new, in the Folklore Library series will make it much easier for libraries and individuals to obtain these significant studies. Among the most important hitherto unpublished folklore dissertations are such works as motif and/or tale type indices, historic-geographic (comparative) in-depth studies of single folktales or ballads, and surveys of specialized folklore scholarship e.g., of a particular country or group. There are in addition valuable filed collections of folklore data to be found in dissertations. First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Anthropological Journal of Canada

Author :
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American Folklore Scholarship

Author : Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt
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"American Folklore Scholarship is rich reading, outlining the intellectual genealogy of American folklore and delivering many interesting historical tidbits. Folklore teachers will want to use this book in their introductory theory classes, while doctoral students will want to memorize the book before their qualifying exams." —Folklore Forum "... a welcome overview of the discipline in North America and the practitioners who established it." —American Anthropologist In this classic text, Zumwalt examines the split between literary folklorists and anthropological folklorists. The former looked at literary forms for folklore; the latter looked at the life and unwritten culture of the people. This struggle shaped the study of folklore in the U.S.

Handbook of American Folklore

Author : Richard Mercer Dorson
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Includes material on interpretation methods and presentation of research.

African Folktales in the New World

Author : William Russell Bascom
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These essays, devoted to traditional narratives found in Africa and in the New World, represent the last major research project of William Bascom (1912-1981), eminent authority on African art and folklore. His intention was to demonstrate the African roots of African American folktales.

The Psychoanalytic Study of Society V 18

Author : L. Bryce Boyer
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Opening with a critical appreciation of Alan Dundes (M. Carroll) and Dundes's own cross-cultural study of the cockfight, Volume 18 includes chapters on psychoanalysis and Hindu sexual fantasies (W. Doniger); the modern folk tale "The Boyfriend's Death" (M. Carroll); a gruesome Eskimo bedtime story (R. Boyer); the homosexual implications of Argentinean soccer (M. Suarez-Orozco); and the symbolism of a Malaysian religious festival (E. Fuller).

Ibss Anthropology 1978

Author : International Committee for Social Science Information and Documentation
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First published in 1981. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Forms of Deformity

Author : Lynn Holden
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A vigorous imagination is the principal source for many of the abnormalities of fictional characters. Many of the motifs also bear some relation to the rituals and religious symbols embraced by the people among whom they are or were at one time, current. Another important source can be found in symbolism of a religious or social kind. This motif-index is the first to present and analyse this material in biblical narrative and post-biblical literature down to the twelfth century CE; it lists all possible abnormalities, deformities and disabilities, arranged according to the parts of the body affected and the type of deformity, sums up the narrative and gives the explicit or implicit reason for its appearance.

Oral Traditions and the Verbal Arts

Author : Ruth Finnegan
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The study of oral traditions and verbal arts leads into an area of human culture to which anthropologists are increasingly turning their attention. Oral Traditions and the Verbal Arts provides up-to-date guidance on how to approach the study of oral form and their performances, treating both the practicalities of fieldwork and the methods by which oral texts and performances can be observed, collected or analysed. It also relates to those current controversies about the nature of performance and of 'text'. Designed as a practical and systematic introduction to the processes and problems of researching in this area, this is an invaluable guide for students, and lecturers of anthropology and cultural studies and also for general readers who are interested in enjoying oral literature for its own sake.

Stories on a String

Author : Candace Slater
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African Folktales

Author : Roger Abrahams
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The deep forest and broad savannah, the campsites, kraals, and villages—from this immense area south of the Sahara Desert the distinguished American folklorist Roger D. Abrahams has selected ninety-five tales that suggest both the diversity and the interconnectedness of the people who live there. The storytellers weave imaginative myths of creation and tales of epic deeds, chilling ghost stories, and ribald tales of mischief and magic in the animal and human realms. Abrahams renders these stories in a narrative voice that reverberates with the rhythms of tribal song and dance and the emotional language of universal concerns. With black-and-white drawings throughout Part of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library

Nursery Tales Around the World

Author : Judy Sierra
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Traditional folktales representing eighteen different cultures are grouped together according to theme and complemented by vivid paintings and borders based on the artwork of each country of origin.

Sicilian Epic and the Marionette Theater

Author : Michael Buonanno
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This study analyzes the folkloric genres that comprise the repertoire of the marionette theater in Sicily. Here, epic, farce, saints' lives, bandits' lives, fairytales, Christian myth, and city legend offer the vehicles by which puppeteers comment upon, critique--perhaps even negotiate--the relationships among the major classes of Sicilian society: the aristocracy, the people, the clergy and the Mafia. The lynchpin of the repertoire is the Carolingian Cycle and, in particular, a contemporary version of The Song of Roland known in Sicily as The Death of the Paladins, a text which illustrates the means by which the Carolingian heroes--Charlemagne, Roland, Renaud, Ganelon, and Angelica--augment saints, bandits, Biblical figures and Sicilian folk heroes to provide the marionette theater its rhetorical function: the articulation and dissemination of the tools of Sicilian identity.

Folklore Matters

Author : Alan Dundes
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Middle Indo Aryan and Jaina Studies

Author : Colette Caillat
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The VIIth World Sanskrit Conference was held in August 1987, at the Kern Institute in Leiden. Panels constituted one of its special features. More than half of these panels will be published in the present series. The titles of the first ten volumes are: "The Sanskrit Tradition and Tantrism", "Earliest Buddhism and Madhyamaka", "The History of Sacred Places in India as Reflected in Traditional Literature", "Sense and Syntax in Vedic", "Pāṇini and the Veda", "Middle Indo-Aryan and Jaina Studies", "Sanskrit Outside India", "Medical Literature from India, Sri Lanka and Tibet", "Indian Art and Archaeology", "Rules and Remedies in Classical Indian Law". Each volume contains contributions by several specialists, and has one or more editors of international reputation in the field concerned.

Playing the Changes

Author : Craig Hansen Werner
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A final sequence highlights the centrality of black music to African American writing, arguing that recognizing blues, gospel, and jazz as theoretically suggestive cultural practices rather than specific musical forms points to what is most distinctive in twentieth-century African American writing: its ability to subvert attempts to limit its engagement with psychological, historical, political, or aesthetic realities.