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Value Oriented Education

Author : E.N. Gawande
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With reference to India.

Philosophy of Value oriented Education

Author : Kireet Joshi
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Contributed research papers.

Value Education

Author : N. Venkataiah
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Human Values in Education

Author : Gupta N L
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Philosophical Foundation of Education

Author : S. Bhattacharya
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From The Dawn Of Civilization, Man Has Been Marching In Search Of Wisdom. Various Experiments Are Projected Through Education, So That Humanity, Happiness And Harmony Be Wedded Together. Education Is Indispensable For Making Life And Living Meaningful And Purposive. Its Significance Cannot Be Fully Appreciated Unless It Is Looked At In Proper Perspectives Philosophical, Sociological And Psychological.The Philosophical Perspectives Provide The Basis Of Education In Terms Of Values, Aims And Objectives. Without A Philosophical Basis, Education Tends To Lose Its Direction. In Addition, Philosophy Provides A Framework Within Which Education And Educational Problems Can Be Discussed. Above All, The Nature Of Decisions Is Significantly Determined By Philosophy And Education. A Philosophy Of Education Is Often Adequate To Make Immediate Resolution To Conflicts. Thus, Philosophy Of Education Is A Comprehensive Area Of Knowledge With An Interdisciplinary Approach.Keeping In View The Significant Bearing Of Philosophical Basis Of Education On Life And Society, The Present Book Philosophical Foundation Of Education Has Been Written. It Is An In-Depth Study Of All The Aspects Related To Education. Beginning With The Philosophical Foundation Of Education, The Book Analytically Discusses Education In Relation To Issues Of Human Values, Freedom And Discipline, Peace And Democracy And Its Application In Classroom Teaching. It Also Acquaints The Readers With The Indian Philosophy Of Education. Apart From These, It Analytically Presents The Aims, Creativity, Role And Human Factors Of Education. Here, The Indian Standard Of Education Has Been Particularly Studied.It Is Hoped That The Present Book Will Prove Immensely Useful For The Students And Teachers Of Both Education And Philosophy. Even The General Readers Will Find It Highly Informative.

Value Oriented Education

Author : Y. Varaprasada Reddy
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Value Oriented Education' is a complex process. So, the teachers have to be doubly careful in choosing right values and in imparting the same both inside and outside the class room to his students. The problem value oriented education of the young has assumed increasing prominence in educational discussions during recent times. Parents, teachers and society at large are concerned about values and value oriented education of children.Education is expected to play a major role in promoting national development. At the same time, it should bring about harmonious development of all the faculties toward adequate preparation for life.Every human is witnessing tremendous value crisis throughout the world today. Lacking vigor and determinant attitude towards value and its institutions is pervasive in the world today. As the vitality of human belief in values is dying out in every land, the younger generation has started to pool-pool the unique religious epics and religious institutions giving room for erosion of spiritual and moral values of mind.

School Education in Rural India

Author : Ved Prakash
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Contributed papers.

Value Oriented Education In Schools

Author : Rajinder M Kalra
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Values Concept Is Directly Related To Student Growth And Development, Which Needs To Be Emphasized. This Book Is An Attempt To Achieve This Objective. It Deals With The Theoretical As Well As The Practical Aspect Of Inculcating Human Values Among Students In The School System And It Also Focuses On Values Clarification Among Students In The School System And It Also Focuses On Values Clarification Among Students, Process Used To Develop And Evaluate Curriculum Materials, Process Used For Assessing Values, Curriculum Construction And Research.;

Value Management In Professions Present Scenario Future Strategies

Author : Nalin K. Shastree
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In Indian context.

Multidimensional Personality and Attitudes of College of Teacher Educators towards Teaching Profession

Author : Dr Mohammad Haneef
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1.1 OVERVIEW The teacher has an obvious interest in the determinants of personality. Only by knowing where personality comes from can he decide the extent to which the personalities of the children in his class are fixed by what happens outside school, and the extent to which they can be altered by what happens inside it. Personality is the result of interaction between inherited and environmental factors and we need now to look at the evidence for this view, taking heredity first. The first three years of life, during which, as we have seen, the effects of maternal deprivation seem particularly hard to reverse, are an example of what he psychologist calls a critical period in the development of the child. A critical period is, in fact, any stage in human or animal development during which the organism is maximally sensitive to the presence of certain kinds of stimuli. Denied these stimuli, behaviour which is regarded as characteristic of the species concerned does not develop, even though there is often a considerable gap in time between the critical period and the age at which the behaviour normally occurs. Thus, deprived of mothering themselves in infancy, Harlow's monkeys grew up incapable of mothering their own young, and the same may well hold true for humans, as any veteran social worker who has watched the depressing cycle of aggressive and violent mothering styles pas from one general to the next will readily attest.