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Valuation of Interest Rate Swaps and Swaptions

Author : Gerald W. Buetow
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Among the major innovations in the financial markets have been interest rate swaps and swapations, instruments which entail having an arrangement to barter differently structured payment flows for a particular period of time. These instruments have furnished portfolio and risk managers and corporate treasurers with a better tool for controlling interest rate risk. Valuation of Interest Rate Swaps and Swapations explains how interest rate swaps are valued and the factors that affect their value-an ideal way to manage interest or income payments. Various valuations approaches and models are covered, with special end-of-chapter questions and solutions included.

Interest Rate Swaps and Other Derivatives

Author : Howard Corb
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The first swap was executed over thirty years ago. Since then, the interest rate swaps and other derivative markets have grown and diversified in phenomenal directions. Derivatives are used today by a myriad of institutional investors for the purposes of risk management, expressing a view on the market, and pursuing market opportunities that are otherwise unavailable using more traditional financial instruments. In this volume, Howard Corb explores the concepts behind interest rate swaps and the many derivatives that evolved from them. Corb's book uniquely marries academic rigor and real-world trading experience in a compelling, readable style. While it is filled with sophisticated formulas and analysis, the volume is geared toward a wide range of readers searching for an in-depth understanding of these markets. It serves as both a textbook for students and a must-have reference book for practitioners. Corb helps readers develop an intuitive feel for these products and their use in the market, providing a detailed introduction to more complicated trades and structures. Through examples of financial structuring, readers will come away with an understanding of how derivatives products are created and how they can be deconstructed and analyzed effectively.

Report of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Author : Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
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Swaps and Other Derivatives

Author : Richard R. Flavell
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"Richard Flavell has a strong theoretical perspective on swaps with considerable practical experience in the actual trading of these instruments. This rare combination makes this welcome updated second edition a useful reference work for market practitioners." —Satyajit Das, author of Swaps and Financial Derivatives Library and Traders and Guns & Money: Knowns and Unknowns in the Dazzling World of Derivatives Fully revised and updated from the first edition, Swaps and Other Derivatives, Second Edition, provides a practical explanation of the pricing and evaluation of swaps and interest rate derivatives. Based on the author’s extensive experience in derivatives and risk management, working as a financial engineer, consultant and trainer for a wide range of institutions across the world this book discusses in detail how many of the wide range of swaps and other derivatives, such as yield curve, index amortisers, inflation-linked, cross-market, volatility, diff and quanto diffs, are priced and hedged. It also describes the modelling of interest rate curves, and the derivation of implied discount factors from both interest rate swap curves, and cross-currency adjusted curves. There are detailed sections on the risk management of swap and option portfolios using both traditional approaches and also Value-at-Risk. Techniques are provided for the construction of dynamic and robust hedges, using ideas drawn from mathematical programming. This second edition has expanded sections on the credit derivatives market – its mechanics, how credit default swaps may be priced and hedged, and how default probabilities may be derived from a market strip. It also prices complex swaps with embedded options, such as range accruals, Bermudan swaptions and target accrual redemption notes, by constructing detailed numerical models such as interest rate trees and LIBOR-based simulation. There is also increased discussion around the modelling of volatility smiles and surfaces. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM where all the models are replicated, enabling readers to implement the models in practice with the minimum of effort.

Measuring and Controlling Interest Rate and Credit Risk

Author : Frank J. Fabozzi
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Measuring and Controlling Interest Rate and Credit Risk provides keys to using derivatives to control interest rate risk and credit risk, and controlling interest rate risk in a mortgage-backed securities derivative portfolio. This book includes information on measuring yield curve risk, swaps and exchange-traded options, TC options and related products, and describes how to measure and control the interest rate of risk of a bond portfolio or trading position. Measuring and Controlling Interest Rate and Credit Risk is a systematic evaluation of how to measure and control the interest rate risk and credit risk of a bond portfolio or trading position, defining key points in the process of risk management as related to financial situations. The authors construct a verbal flow chart, defining and illustrating interest rate risk and credit risk in regards to valuation, probability distributions, forecasting yield volatility, correlation and regression analyses. Hedging instruments discussed include futures contracts, interest rate swaps, exchange traded options, OTC options, and credit derivatives. The text includes calculated examples and readers will learn how to measure and control the interest rate risk and credit risk of a bond portfolio or trading position. They will discover value at risk approaches, valuation, probability distributions, yield volatility, futures, interest rate swaps, exchange traded funds; and find in-depth, up-to-date information on measuring interest rate with derivatives, quantifying the results of positions, and hedging. Frank J. Fabozzi (New Hope, PA) is a financial consultant, the Editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management, and an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Yale University?s School of Management. Steven V. Mann (Columbia, SC) is Professor of Finance at the Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina. Moorad Choudhry (Surrey, UK) is a Vice President with JPMorgan Chase structured finance services in London. Moorad Choudhry (Surrey, England) is a senior Fellow at the Centre for Mathematical Trading and Finance, CASS Business School, London, and is Editor of the Journal of Bond Trading and Management. He has authored a number of books on fixed income analysis and the capital markets. Moorad began his City career with ABN Amro Hoare Govett Sterling Bonds Limited, where he worked as a gilt-edged market maker, and Hambros Bank Limited where he was a sterling proprietary trader. He is currently a vice-president in Structured Finance Services with JPMorgan Chase Bank in London.

Monograph Series in Finance and Economics

Author :
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Modeling Derivatives in C

Author : Justin London
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This book is the definitive and most comprehensive guide to modeling derivatives in C++ today. Providing readers with not only the theory and math behind the models, as well as the fundamental concepts of financial engineering, but also actual robust object-oriented C++ code, this is a practical introduction to the most important derivative models used in practice today, including equity (standard and exotics including barrier, lookback, and Asian) and fixed income (bonds, caps, swaptions, swaps, credit) derivatives. The book provides complete C++ implementations for many of the most important derivatives and interest rate pricing models used on Wall Street including Hull-White, BDT, CIR, HJM, and LIBOR Market Model. London illustrates the practical and efficient implementations of these models in real-world situations and discusses the mathematical underpinnings and derivation of the models in a detailed yet accessible manner illustrated by many examples with numerical data as well as real market data. A companion CD contains quantitative libraries, tools, applications, and resources that will be of value to those doing quantitative programming and analysis in C++. Filled with practical advice and helpful tools, Modeling Derivatives in C++ will help readers succeed in understanding and implementing C++ when modeling all types of derivatives.

Efficient Methods for Valuing Interest Rate Derivatives

Author : Antoon Pelsser
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This book provides an overview of the models that can be used for valuing and managing interest rate derivatives. Split into two parts, the first discusses and compares the traditional models, such as spot- and forward-rate models, while the second concentrates on the more recently developed Market models. Unlike most of his competitors, the author's focus is not only on the mathematics: Antoon Pelsser draws on his experience in industry to explore a host of practical issues.

The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities Chapter 55 Interest Rate Swaps and Swaptions

Author : Frank Fabozzi
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From The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities--the most authoritative, widely read reference in the global fixed income marketplace--comes this sample chapter. This comprehensive survey of current knowledge features contributions from leading academics and practitioners and is not equaled by any other single sourcebook. Now, the thoroughly revised and updated seventh edition gives you the facts and formulas you need to compete in today's transformed marketplace. It places increased emphasis on applications, electronic trading, and global portfolio management.

Dynamic Term Structure Modeling

Author : Sanjay K. Nawalkha
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Praise for Dynamic Term Structure Modeling "This book offers the most comprehensive coverage of term-structure models I have seen so far, encompassing equilibrium and no-arbitrage models in a new framework, along with the major solution techniques using trees, PDE methods, Fourier methods, and approximations. It is an essential reference for academics and practitioners alike." --Sanjiv Ranjan Das Professor of Finance, Santa Clara University, California, coeditor, Journal of Derivatives "Bravo! This is an exhaustive analysis of the yield curve dynamics. It is clear, pedagogically impressive, well presented, and to the point." --Nassim Nicholas Taleb author, Dynamic Hedging and The Black Swan "Nawalkha, Beliaeva, and Soto have put together a comprehensive, up-to-date textbook on modern dynamic term structure modeling. It is both accessible and rigorous and should be of tremendous interest to anyone who wants to learn about state-of-the-art fixed income modeling. It provides many numerical examples that will be valuable to readers interested in the practical implementations of these models." --Pierre Collin-Dufresne Associate Professor of Finance, UC Berkeley "The book provides a comprehensive description of the continuous time interest rate models. It serves an important part of the trilogy, useful for financial engineers to grasp the theoretical underpinnings and the practical implementation." --Thomas S. Y. Ho, PHD President, Thomas Ho Company, Ltd, coauthor, The Oxford Guide to Financial Modeling

Illustrations of Disclosures about Fair Value of Financial Instruments

Author : Leonard Lorensen
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Interest Rate Swaps

Author : Carl R. Beidleman
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This broad overview of swaps brings you the experience of prominent international authorities who explain how to effectively manage interest rate risk.

Understanding Interest Rate Swaps

Author : Mary S. Schaeffer
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Shows what goes on in the daily operations of large Swap dealers and on the corporate user side as well. Highlights the potential trouble spots government regulators are zeroing in on. Shows how to master all the methodologies used in the international Swap market.

Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA Program

Author : Don M. Chance
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Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA? Program introduces students and practitioners to a practical risk management approach to derivatives. The textbook captures current practice and reflects what the general investment practitioner needs to know about derivatives. It does not simply deliver an explanation of various derivatives instruments and positions but provides motivation for every derivatives position by explaining what the manager wants to accomplish prior to addressing the details of the position.

Discounting LIBOR CVA and Funding

Author : Chris Kenyon
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Providing the most up-to-date tools and techniques for pricing interest rate and credit products for the new financial world, this book discusses pricing and hedging, funding and regulation, and interpretation, as an essential resource for quantitatively minded practitioners and researchers in finance.

Interest Rate Swaps and Their Derivatives

Author : Amir Sadr
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An up-to-date look at the evolution of interest rate swaps and derivatives Interest Rate Swaps and Derivatives bridges the gap between the theory of these instruments and their actual use in day-to-day life. This comprehensive guide covers the main "rates" products, including swaps, options (cap/floors, swaptions), CMS products, and Bermudan callables. It also covers the main valuation techniques for the exotics/structured-notes area, which remains one of the most challenging parts of the market. Provides a balance of relevant theory and real-world trading instruments for rate swaps and swap derivatives Uses simple settings and illustrations to reveal key results Written by an experienced trader who has worked with swaps, options, and exotics With this book, author Amir Sadr shares his valuable insights with practitioners in the field of interest rate derivatives-from traders and marketers to those in operations.

Annual report

Author : Sumitomo Jūkikai Kōgyō Kabushiki Kaisha
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Moody s Bank and Finance Manual

Author :
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Annual Report

Author : Federal National Mortgage Association
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A Simple Binomial No arbitrage Model of the Term Structure

Author : Thomas J. O'Brien
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