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Utopian Communities of Florida

Author : Nick Wynne
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Florida has long been viewed as a land of hope and endless possibilities. Visionaries seeking to establish new communities where they could escape the influences of society at large have turned to Florida to construct their utopias—from the vast plantations of British philanthropists and entrepreneurs in the eighteenth century to the more exotic Koreshan Unity and its theory that humans live in the center of a Hollow Earth. Some came to the Sunshine State seeking religious freedom, such as the settlers in Moses Levy’s Jewish colony, while others settled in Florida to establish alternative lifestyles, like the spiritualists of Cassadaga. Still others created their communities to practice new agricultural techniques or political philosophies. Historians Joe Knetsch and Nick Wynne examine a number of these distinctive utopian communities and how they have contributed to Florida’s unique social fabric.

The Archaeology of Utopian and Intentional Communities

Author : Stacy C. Kozakavich
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Introduction: encountering community -- Building the ideal -- Understanding communities -- Maps of idealism: intentional community landscapes -- At home, work, and worship: community built environments -- Material visions: artifacts in community contexts -- Seeking kaweah -- Remaking communities -- Appendix: archaeologically studied intentional community sites

Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Cities

Author : Sylvie Albert
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How do we prepare for and manage the challenges and the transformations that are increasingly confronting cities? Solutions are necessary for the impacts expected from the global population movement toward urban centres; the evolution of technologies and its influence on the economy; the evolving socio-cultural fabric of our cities and what it means for citizen engagement and happiness; and for the increasing need to protect and better manage the environment. The series of essays presented here will help governments, organizations, and concerned citizens think differently about ways we can improve the places we call home. It will stimulate local stakeholders to move away from silo-thinking and work collaboratively toward innovative solutions to make cities more liveable and sustainable. The volume brings together international experts on development, innovation, education, health, digitalization, and planning to provide stimulating new ideas and successful examples of tools and systems being used worldwide to improve the future of cities.

Seeds of the Kingdom

Author : Anna L. Peterson
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She argues that these rural places, geographically and culturally distant from the lives of most people in the industrialized West, are relevant to urgent political and environmental problems facing the developed world.

Encyclopedia of Race Ethnicity and Society

Author : Richard T. Schaefer
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This three volume reference set offers a comprehensive look at the roles race and ethnicity play in society and in our daily lives. General readers, students, and scholars alike will appreciate the informative coverage of intergroup relations in the United States and the comparative examination of race and ethnicity worldwide. These volumes offer a foundation to understanding as well as researching racial and ethnic diversity from a multidisciplinary perspective. Over a hundred racial and ethnic groups are described, with additional thematic essays offering insight into broad topics that cut across group boundaries and which impact on society. The encyclopedia has alphabetically arranged author-signed essays with references to guide further reading. Numerous cross-references aid the reader to explore beyond specific entries, reflecting the interdependent nature of race and ethnicity operating in society. The text is supplemented by photographs, tables, figures and custom-designed maps to provide an engaging visual look at race and ethnicity. An easy-to-use statistical appendix offers the latest data with carefully selected historical comparisons to aid study and research in the area

Sex and Marriage in Utopian Communities

Author : Raymond Lee Muncy
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Moses Levy of Florida

Author : C. S. Monaco
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Moses Elias Levy (1782–1854) was one of the antebellum South’s most influential and interesting Jewish citizens. Only recently, however, have historians begun to appreciate his role as a social activist. C. S. Monaco discovered Levy’s Plan for the Abolition of Slavery in the late 1990s, and now, in the first full-scale biography of Levy, Monaco completes the picture of his life and work. Long known only as the father of David L. Yulee, the first Jew elected to the U.S. Senate, Levy appears here in all his many, sometimes contradictory roles: abolitionist and slave owner, utopian colonizer and former arms-dealer, religious reformer and biblical conservative. Each aspect of Levy’s life and character comes into sharp relief as Monaco follows him from his affluent upbringing in a Sephardic Jewish household in Morocco—where his father was a courtier to the sultan—through his career as a successful merchant shipper, to his radical reform activities in Florida. With his many residences abroad—in Morocco, Gibraltar, Danish Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Curacao, England—Levy virtually epitomized the Atlantic world, and Monaco escorts readers from country to country, considering Levy’s accomplishments in each. The sole Jewish voice during the British abolitionist crusade, Levy was so extraordinary in his activism in London that some Protestants believed he heralded the millennium. In his search for equilibrium between Enlightenment thinking and pre-modern religion, Levy founded the United States’ first Jewish communitarian settlement in the wilds of the East Florida frontier. As one of the region’s largest landowners, he also reintroduced sugarcane as a viable crop, organized the first Florida development corporation, helped establish the earliest free public school, and served as the territory’s first education commissioner. In Moses Levy of Florida, C. S. Monaco offers a radical reappraisal of this complex and formerly underestimated figure, bringing to light for the first time the full and fascinating extent of his remarkable contributions to nineteenth-century America.

Imaginary Communities

Author : Phillip Wegner
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Drawing from literary history, social theory, and political critique, this far-reaching study explores the utopian narrative as a medium for understanding the social space of the modern nation-state. Considering the narrative utopia from its earliest manifestation in Thomas More's sixteenth-century work Utopia to some of the most influential utopias of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this book is an astute study of a literary genre as well as a nuanced dialectical meditation on the history of utopian thinking as a quintessential history of modernity. As he unravels the dialectics at work in the utopian narrative, Wegner gives an ambitious synthetic discussion of theories of modernity, considering and evaluating the ideas of writers such as Ernst Bloch, Louis Marin, Gilles Deleuze, Walter Benjamin, Martin Heidegger, Henri Lefebvre, Paul de Man, Karl Mannheim, Mikhail Bakhtin, Jürgen Habermas, Slavoj Zizek, and Homi Bhabha.

Utopian Communities

Author : Books Llc
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 133. Chapters: Oneida Community, Shakers, Ecovillage, Zion, Illinois, Harmony Society, Yellow Springs, Ohio, Enfield, Connecticut, New Harmony, Indiana, Fairhope, Alabama, Harvard, Massachusetts, Nauvoo, Illinois, Maryhill, Washington, Aurora, Oregon, Ruskin, Florida, Bethel, Missouri, Massillon, Ohio, Bishop Hill, Illinois, Ambridge, Pennsylvania, Zoar, Ohio, Harmony, Pennsylvania, New Llano, Louisiana, Nininger Township, Dakota County, Minnesota, Freeland, Washington, Utopia, Texas, Letchworth, Brook Farm, Oahspe: A New Bible, Findhorn Ecovillage, Amana Colonies, Rugby, Tennessee, Auroville, The Farm, Orania, Northern Cape, United Order, Icarians, New Lanark, Fruitlands, Welwyn Garden City, World Brotherhood Colonies, Home of Truth, Utah, Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans, Los Horcones, Twin Oaks Community, Virginia, Enfield, New Hampshire, Equality Colony, Social Democracy of America, Ephrata Cloister, Isaac N. Youngs, Narkomfin building, Brights Grove, Ontario, Oneida stirpiculture, Germantown Colony and Museum, Home, Washington, St Agnes Place, Tabarca, Ruskin Colony, Drop City, Byrdcliffe Colony, Ruskin, British Columbia, La Reunion, Arcosanti, New Australia, Nashoba Commune, Utopia, Ohio, Holberg, British Columbia, North American Phalanx, Koreshan Unity, Cyrus Teed, Alliance Colony, Fellowship Farm Cooperative Association, Sointula, British Columbia, Whiteway Colony, Burley, Washington, Clarion, Utah, Hopedale Community, Federation of Damanhur, Communities Directory, Roosevelt, New Jersey: Visions of Utopia, Living energy farm, Acorn Community, Octagon City, Alcott House, Padanaram Settlement, Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead, Ralahine, Meadeau View Institute, Temples of Humankind, Silkville, Kansas, Brithdir Mawr, Zihuatanejo Project, List of Finnish utopian communities, Orange Twin Conservation Community, Soul City, North Caroli...

The Quest for Utopia in Twentieth Century America

Author : Timothy Miller
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This work chronicles intentional communities in the 20th century. The chronological account first studies the older groups that were operating until 1900, it then explores the impact of the early 19th-century art colonies, before discussing decade-by-decade the new groups formed up to 1960.

Communal Utopias and the American Experience

Author : Robert P. Sutton
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Examines utopian community building from the Ephrata Cloister (1732) to today's religious intentional communities.

Walt Disney and the Quest for Community

Author : Dr Steve Mannheim
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During the final months of his life, Walt Disney was consumed with the world-wide problems of cities. His development concept at the time of his death on December 15th, 1966 would be his team’s conceptual response to the ills of the inner cities and the sprawl of the megalopolis: the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” or, as it became known, EPCOT. This beautifully written, instantly engrossing volume focuses on the original concept of EPCOT, which was conceived by Disney as an experimental community of about 20,000 people on the Disney World property in central Florida. With its radial plan, 50-acre town center enclosed by a dome, themed international shopping area, greenbelt, high-density apartments, satellite communities, monorail and underground roads, the original EPCOT plan is reminiscent of post-war Stockholm and the British New Towns, as well as today's transit-oriented development theory. Unfortunately, Disney himself did not live long enough to witness the realization of his “model city.” However, EPCOT's evolution into projects such as the EPCOT Center and the town of Celebration displays a remarkable commitment by the Disney organization to the original EPCOT philosophy, one which continues to have relevance in the fields of planning and development.

A Socialist Utopia in the New South

Author : William Fitzhugh Brundage
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This first book length study of the Ruskin Colonies shows how several hundred utopian socialists gathered as a cooperative community in Tennessee and Georgia in the late nineteenth century.


Author : Andrew D. Blechman
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An engaging portrait of life in America's growing number of gated retirement communities offers a firsthand analysis of a major trend in American society as growing numbers of baby boomers retire, examines the peculiarities of living in these senior utopias, and assesses the social, cultural, and family implications of this increasingly popular phenomenon.

The Florida Journal of Anthropology

Author :
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Florida State University Law Review

Author : Florida State University. College of Law
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Florida Pathfinders

Author : Lewis Nicholas Wynne
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The Shape of Utopia

Author : Robert C. Elliott
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Upon its original publication in 1970, Robert C. Elliott's <I>The Shape of Utopia influenced both some of the major scholars of an emerging utopian and science fiction studies, including Darko Suvin, Louis Marin and Fredric Jameson, and authors of new utopian fiction ranging from Ursula K. Le Guin to Kim Stanley Robinson. The book establishes a deep genetic link between utopia and satire, and offers scintillating readings of classic works by Thomas More, Jonathan Swift, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Aldous Huxley and others. It charts the rise of an insidious -fear of utopia- that comes to characterize the first half of the twentieth century and investigates some of the aesthetic problems raised by the efforts to portray a utopian society, before concluding with brilliant speculations on the emerging practice of -anti-anti-utopia- - the reinvention of utopia for contemporary times. This Ralahine Classics edition also includes a new introduction by Phillip E. Wegner which situates the book in its context and argues for its continued significance today; a 1971 review of the book by the late author of utopian science fiction, Joanna Russ; and an opening tribute by one of Elliott's former students, Kim Stanley Robinson."

Commitment and Community

Author : Rosabeth Moss Kanter
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What makes some communes work, while others fail? Why is it so difficult to put utopian ideals into practice? Rosabeth Kanter offers a unique analysis of the nature and process of enduring commitment, basing her theory of commitment mechanisms on exhaustive research of nineteenth-century utopias, sharpened by first-hand knowledge of a variety of contemporary groups. The book moves in a lively fashion from Oneida, Brook Farm, and the Shakers to present-day phenomena such as rural communes and Synanon.


Author : Katharine Kelly
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Community is an elusive yet frequently invoked concept. Terms like community health, community living, community schools, community policing, community development, and community renewal have become part of the contemporary lexicon. What has led organizations, and particularly Western governments, to take such an interest in community, and why this interest now? What has caused the increasing acceptance of community as the primary vehicle through which a wide variety of government programs and services should be delivered? And what has this shift of focus meant for those living and working in communities? Using real-life case studies that include affordable housing and environmental and crime-prevention initiatives, Community is the perfect primer for understanding the theoretical and practical elements of contemporary community policies and practices, ideal for those working, or training to work, at the local level.