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Urban Social Structure

Author : James M. Beshers
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Carefully limiting his analysis to the correlation of residential proximity and marriage, social cast/class structures, and occupational status, Dr. Beshers clearly demonstrates how census tract data, official registrations of residence on marriage licenses, and other information can be used to reinforce and corroborate sociological hypotheses. Ultimately, he develops a theoretical model, empirically oriented, of the relationship between spatial distribution and social distance in the average American city.

Social Structure in Urban India

Author : P. Gihar
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Contents: Urbanisation and Urban Growth in India: A Socio-Historical Analysis, Research Methodology, Research Profile and Procedure of the Study, Spatial Structure in Urban India, Social Structure in Urban India, Urbanisation and Spatio-Social Structure: A Synchronic Relationship, Conclusion.

City Games

Author : Steven A. Riess
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Investigative reporters Newfield (NY Daily News) and Barrett (Village Voice) attempt to expose the Koch administration's descent into corruption and criminality. No bibliography. Dealing primarily with the time of the industrial radial city (1870-1960), Riess (history, Northeastern Illinois U.) examines the complex interrelationship and interdependence of sport and the city. He shows how demographic growth, evolving spatial arrangements, social reform, the formation of class and ethnic subcultures, the expansion of urban government, and the rise of political machines and crime syndicates all interacted to influence the development of American sport. Heavily annotated, with many striking bandw illustrations. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Social Structure and Social Mobility

Author : Neil L. Shumsky
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First Published in 1996. Volume 7 SOCIAL STRUCTURE AND SOCIAL MOBILITY of the ‘American Cities; series. This collection brings together more than 200 scholarly articles pertaining to the history and development of urban life in the United States during the past two centuries. Volume 7 looks at social class structure and social mobility. Its articles address questions that have intrigued historians for decades. What has been the class structure of American cities during the past two centuries? How much mobility has been possible? For whom has it been possible? What has been the relationship between social and geographic mobility? Finally, how have all kinds of Americans tried to improve their social status?

Social Structure Of Contemporary China

Author : Lu Xueyi
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This book is the third study done by the Research Group on Social Structure Change in Contemporary China, a group affiliated with the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The group has focused on the process of development and change in contemporary Chinese social structure and come to the following conclusions.Contemporary China is transitioning from a traditional agricultural and rural society to a modern industrialized and urban society; from a highly centralized planned economy to a robust socialist market economic system. The entire society is undertaking an unprecedented evolution. During the three decades of reform and opening up, China has made brilliant achievements, never seen before in history. Now, China is in a critical period of reform and opening up, with very complex, far-reaching and closely intertwined social problems, which are also unprecedented.After deep and detailed analysis the Research Group believes that these problems cannot be resolved only by economic methods. In order to get to the roots of these social problems, China must develop new social policies, strengthen the social structure and carry out social system reform. The core purpose of the book is to recommend theories and methods on social structure to society and readers, and to investigate the development and change in China's social structure. We believe that social structure theory, a brand-new point of view to analyze the current situation, is capable of deciphering the social contradictions in China's development to some extent, as opposed to mere economic theory, which is inadequate to fully address the structural problems in China.

The Sociology of Urban Living

Author : Harold E. Nottridge
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The urban setting in which people live has an important influence upon the organization and planning of their social lives. H. E. Nottridge here presents a valuable introduction to the field of urban sociology, showing that it is a theoretical discipline which is worthy of consideration in its own right. Throughout his account Mr Nottridge places strong emphasis on the need for comparative perspectives. He uses a wide range of source material from urban environments as far apart as shanty towns in developing countries and the great metropolitan complexity of London. He covers such topics as scope and methods in urban sociology, social differences in towns and , in the context of urban social structure, the family and network theories. He also analyses the work of the Chicago School of Weber, Tonnies, Park, Redfield and Wirth, assessing their value for mdoern urban sociology. The author concludes with an examination of housing, migration and urban poverty. This book was first published in 1972.

Urban Social Movements in Jerusalem

Author : Shlomo Hasson
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Hasson explores the development of eight urban protest organizations in Israel, revealing how social deprivation is transformed into organized patterns of activity. To investigate how and why urban movements evolve, he depicts the housing and social conditions in which members of Jerusalem’s second generation found themselves. He follows their trajectories: analyzes the process of organization building and the formation of urban social movements; the conflict between charismatic, protest powers and the state; the routinization of charisma. He also traces the critical response of the state to these processes.

Social Structure and Cultural Practices in Slums

Author : Tulshi Kumar Das
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Investigates various aspects of Social Structure and Cultural Practices of Slum-dwellers in Dhaka city. It shows that social structure seems to be influencing the cultural life of slum dwellers.

Urban Sociology

Author : C.G. Pickvance
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This book applies the historical materialist, or Marxist view of urban sociology and collates some fundamental sources of this perspective available. This book was first published in 1976.

Japanese Social Structure

Author : United States. Office of Strategic Services. Schools and Training Branch
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