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Urban Apologetics

Author : Christopher W. Brooks
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Much of the New Testament was written in urban settings, in which the Christian communities had to deal head-on with issues such as race, equality, justice, sexuality, money, and economics. But much of today’s apologetics (engagement with the questions that people are asking about Christianity) come from suburban churches and academic studies. Urban believers—those who live and minister in America’s inner cities—often face unique issues, not often addressed by the larger Christian community. These questions aren’t neat or easy to answer but need to be addressed by applying biblical truth in the culture and challenges of urban life. Author Chris Brooks has ministered for years in the urban environment as well as received extensive theological training. In Urban Apologetics, he seeks to connect the riches of the Christian apologetic tradition with the issues facing cities—such as poverty, violence, and broken families. He brings an urban rhythm and sensitivity to the task of demonstrating the relevance of faith and the healing truth that Christ provides.

Urban Apologetics

Author : Eric Mason
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African-Americans have long confronted the challenge of dignity destruction caused by white supremacy. While many have found meaning and restoration of dignity in the black church, others have found it in ethnocentric socioreligious groups and philosophies. These ideologies have grown and developed deep traction in the black community and beyond. Previously found primarily in urban communities and conscious Hip-hop songs, now that we are in the Internet age, they have a broader reach than ever. Revisionist history, conspiracy theories, and misinformation about Jesus and Christianity are the order of the day. Many young African-Americans are disinterested in Christianity and others are leaving the church in search of what these false religious ideas appear to offer, a spirituality more indigenous to their history and ethnicity. Edited by Dr. Eric Mason and featuring a top-notch lineup of contributors, Urban Apologetics is the first book focused entirely on cults, religious groups, and ethnocentric ideologies prevalent in the black community. It brings the church up to speed on the legitimate issues that blacks have with Western Christianity as well as the questions alternative religious groups pose about historic Christianity, and it applies the gospel to black identity to show that Jesus is the only one who can restore our identity.

Urban Apologetics

Author : Eric Mason
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Urban Apologetics equips pastors, churches, and everyday believers to engage, understand, and love African Americans who are involved in ethnocentric ideologies and black mystery cults.

Engaging the Doctrine of Marriage

Author : Matthew Levering
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This book is the next volume in Levering's Engaging Doctrine series. The prior volume of the series examined the doctrine of creation. The present volume examines the purpose of creation: the marriage of God and humans. God created the cosmos for the purpose of the marriage of God and his people--and through his people, the marriage of God and the entire creation. Given that the central meaning or "prime analogate" of marriage is the marriage of God and humankind, the study of human marriage needs to be shaped by this eschatological goal and foregrounded as a dogmatic theme. After a first chapter defending and explaining the biblical witness to the marriage of God and his people, the book explores various themes: marriage as an image of God, original sin as the fall of the primordial marriage, the cross of Jesus Christ and marital self-sacrificial love, the procreative and unitive ends of marriage, marriage as a sacrament, and marriage's importance for social justice and for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God. Along the way, the book provides an introduction to the key biblical, patristic, medieval, modern, and contemporary thinkers and controversies regarding the doctrine of marriage.

A New Kind of Apologist

Author : Sean McDowell
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A New Kind of Apologist, edited by Sean McDowell and with contributions from more than 20 leading apologists, is the go-to resource for effectively defending the Christian faith in our changing culture. In it you'll discover: important topics often ignored by apologists, such as transgender issues, religious freedom, and the intersection of economics and apologetics a new kind of apologetics that is relational, gracious, and holistic interviews with both seasoned apologists and skeptics, providing insights into how to do apologetics effectively in today's culture A New Kind of Apologist addresses the latest issues, including "Connecting Apologetics to the Heart" "Teaching Apologetics to the Next Generation" "Apologetics in our Sexually Broken Culture" "Apologetics and Islam" "Apologetics and Religious Freedom" and adopts fresh strategies for reaching those who are outside the church with the truth of the gospel.

I Am a Christian This Is Why

Author : Kinite A. McCrae
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Have you ever wondered if there is any proof for God outside the Bible? Me too! Have you ever questioned the authenticity of the Bible? Me too! Does a concept like the Trinity confuse you? Get simple and logical answers to questions like these and MORE! In this much-anticipated Christian apologetic book, "I am a Christian, This is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic." The author Kinite A. McCrae lays out the evidence for truth in a logical yet non-technical or deep theological format that teaches Christians how to easily defend why they believe what they believe as well as provide logical answers to the most common questions asked by skeptics and non-believers. This book provides a seamless combination of both traditional and urban apologetics in an easy to read, conversational flow that invites the reader to think critically, answer questions, and come into that "now I get it" moment as the reader travels on an engaging and memorable journey through science, creation, history and the author's own Pre-Christian mindset as a skeptic, to her Post-Christian confidence in its logic, truth, reliability, and authenticity. This book examines creation, reviews other beliefs and philosophies, then stack the historical facts to provide convincing reasons why Christianity is true.

The Debaters of This Age

Author : Steven H Propp
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It is June 2018 as an unusual group of scholars, professors, lecturers, and students gather in a California hotel. They are all attendees of an Apologetics conference intended to join qualified representatives of Christian, Deist, and Atheist thought for a two-week, no-holds-barred debate and discussion of their respective positions that will ultimately be included in a book published after the conference. Evangelical Christianity is represented by advocates of Evidentialist and Presuppositionalist approaches to Apologetics. Catholicism, liberal Christianity, and Deism are also well-supported. The Atheist perspective is advocated by a polemical author and a college professor notorious for attacking the views of his Christian students. As the participants argue over controversial issues such as cosmology, evolution, The Bible, historical evidence for Jesus, the resurrection, biblical prophecies, and the problem of evil, intellectual fireworks result. But what will result when such a volatile and eclectic group is placed face-to-face for more than two weeks? The Debaters of this Age is the tale of what happens inside a California hotel in 2018 when a group of intellectuals gather to vigorously discuss the religious issues of our time.

The Chinese Exodus

Author : Li Ma
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This book offers a sociological analysis as well as a theological discussion of China's internal migration since the marketization reform in 1978. It documents the social and political processes that encompass the experiences of internal migrants from the countryside to the city during China's integration into the global economy. Informed by sociological analysis and narratives of the urban poor, this volume reconstructs the political, economic, social and spiritual dimensions of this urban underclass in China who made up the economic backbone of the Asian superpower.

Restoring All Things

Author : John Stonestreet
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It's easy to get discouraged by the headlines. It can often feel as if God has left the building, like we are on our own. We want to believe God's promises to us, and we search for signs of his continuing restoration of the world in which we live. Now, with passion and heart, two leading experts on Christianity and culture cut through the chaos and uncertainty to show readers how God is powerfully active and intensely engaged in fulfilling his promise to restore all things unto himself. Through inspiring real-life stories of justice, mercy, love, and forgiveness in our midst, Smith and Stonestreet present a God who is intimately involved in his creation and using his church to work out the redemption of this world.


Author : D. A. Horton
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When it comes to the ethnic divisions in our world, we speak often of seeking racial reconciliation. But at no point have all the different ethnicities on Earth been reconciled. Animosity, distrust, and hostility among people from various ethnicities have always existed in American history. Even in the church, we have often built walls--ethnic segregation, classism, sexism, and theological tribes--to divide God's people from each other. But it shouldn't be this way. God's people are the only people on earth who have experienced true reconciliation. Who better to enter into the ethnic tensions of our day with the hope of Jesus? In Intensional, pastor D. A. Horton steps into the tension to offer vision and practical guidance for Christians longing to embrace our Kingdom ethnicity, combating the hatred in our culture with the hope of Jesus Christ.

Black Conscious Christianity

Author : Michael C Robinson
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Designed to help pastors, preachers, leaders, and everyday Christians better understand the connection between Afrocentricity and Christianity. Black Conscious Christianity explores the importance of history, theology, and Christian education from an Afrocentric perspective. It is critical that African descendants of slaves as well as all people come to understand the significant role of ancient Africa in the early Christian story. Black Conscious Christianity addresses the following questions: 1. Is Christianity a white man's religion? 2. Are blacks Christian only because of the slave trade? 3. How can we trust the Bible when it was a key component of our enslavement? 4 Major themes of this book 1.The importance of a Culturally Relevant Apologetic 2.Ancient African Christianity 3.Early African Church Fathers 4.Ancient African Christian Kingdoms

For God So Loved the World

Author : Dayton Hartman
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Scripture captivates us by describing a people from “every nation, tribe, people, and language.” In pursuit of this kingdom vision, Christians have not always navigated America’s turbulent racial history in ways that honor others and glorify God. In For God So Loved the World, Dayton Hartman and Walter Strickland provide a blueprint for a better way, an invitation to Christ-centered diversity that is both descriptive and constructive. Chapters in the book examine the historical context of the American church and its efforts to cultivate racial justice and unity, then present a unifying public theology, and practical guidance for the journey. Convicting and hopeful alike, For God So Loved the World motivates readers to seek reconciliation in light of biblical warrant, personal sanctification, and the church’s corporate witness.

Count It All Joy

Author : John M Perkins
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Can joy come from suffering? We think of suffering as the worst of all evils. Our culture tells us to avoid it at all costs. But can suffering produce growth in us when we learn to endure it . . . then value it . . . then allow God to redeem it? John Perkins’ response to suffering at the hands of a white sheriff in a Mississippi jail became the springboard that God used to put him in front of U.S. presidents, international politicians, and evangelical church leaders. Perkins sees endurance in suffering as a virtue that makes us more like Christ and ultimately produces uncommon joy in the heart of the sufferer who trusts in Him. Christ walked the path of love all the way to the cross, and even in the midst our brokenness, we can do the same. In Count It All Joy, you will be encouraged to lean into suffering when it comes your way, stand alongside others who suffer, and believe that God will repurpose your suffering according to His good plan. God doesn’t intend your life to be free of all suffering. Instead, He wants you trust Him in the midst of it and discover the unexpected joy that trials can produce.

Urban Family Medicine

Author : Richard B. Birrer
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Now, more than ever, Family Medicine is alive and well in the United States. The base of this medical specialty has traditionally been in the smaller cities, suburban communities, and rural areas of this country. Over the past decade, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in primary care in our major metropolitan areas as a solution to the high tech subspecialty pace of the tertiary care environment. A rebirth of urban family medicine has accompanied these pioneering efforts. To date, the accomplishments are substantial and the prospects are bright. There is still a long way to go and there are a significant number of hurdles to cross. Although diseases are generally the same wherever you are, their effects as illness on the individual and the family are strongly influenced by the environment and social milieu. Urban families have distinctive and diverse problems-cultural, economic, and ethnic. Training pro grams situated in the large cities must recognize these issues and include special emphasis on the situations that the family physician is likely to encounter during and after his training. There is very little research literature on the background and nature of special urban problems and these areas are the subject of several chapters of this long overdue volume devoted specifically to urban family medicine. Dr. Birrer has persuaded true experts to share their knowledge with the reader.

The Journal of Educational Thought

Author :
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Evangelical America An Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Religious Culture

Author : Timothy J. Demy Ph.D.
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An essential new reference work for students and general readers interested in the history, dynamics, and influence of evangelicalism in recent American history, politics, and culture. • Provides readers with an understanding of contemporary American evangelicalism's history, key individuals, organizations, and beliefs through detailed coverage of more than 180 topics • Documents the diversity of the Evangelical movement under a common core umbrella of doctrinal beliefs • Displays the breadth of American evangelical interaction in social and cultural issues and in debates in recent American history

Asking Big Questions

Author : Grenville J. R. Kent
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What do educated urban people think about God, and why? What factors--logical, emotional, experiential, or intuitive--incline them towards belief or towards unbelief? How do they balance these factors? Why do many seem to be "swing voters," comfortable sitting on the fence, unmotivated to move far either way? What common ground do they share with Christianity? What are their objections to Christian belief and practice, and their misunderstandings? Why do many people describe intuitive and emotional attraction to believing in God, but resist it intellectually? What apologetic approaches would make most sense, specifically to educated urban Australians? What media products do they enjoy and trust? And how should these insights influence apologetics? Grenville Kent asks these questions in one Australian demographic to help target Big Questions, a documentary film series for Christian apologetics. Anyone interested in apologetics, evangelical media, and the application of marketing research to evangelism will be interested in this study.

A Big Gospel in Small Places

Author : Stephen Witmer
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Christian ministries increasingly prioritize urban areas—big cities and suburbs are considered more strategic, more influential, and more desirable places to live and work. As a ministry strategy, focusing on big places makes sense. But the gospel of Jesus is often unstrategic. Filled with helpful stories and practical advice, pastor Stephen Witmer lays out an integrated theological vision for small-place ministry today.

New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics

Author : Gavin McGrath
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The New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics is a must-have resource for professors and students, pastors and laypersons--in short, for any Christian who wishes to understand or develop a rational explanation of the Christian faith in the context of today's complex and ever-changing world. Packed with hundreds of articles that cover the key topics, historic figures and contemporary global issues relating to the study and practice of Christian apologetics, this handy one-volume resource will make an invaluable addition to any Christian library. Editors Gavin McGrath and W. C. Campbell-Jack, with consulting editor C. Stephen Evans, have divided the dictionary into two parts: Part one offers a series of introductory essays that set the framework for the dictionary. These essays examine the practice and importance of Christian apologetics in light of theological, historical and cultural concerns. Part two builds on these essays to present numerous alphabetized articles on individuals, ideas, movements and disciplines that are vital to a rational explanation of the Christian faith. Both essays and articles are written by leading Christian philosophers and theologians. Together, they form an indispensable resource for Christians living in today's pluralistic age.

Guerrilla Apologetics for Catholics

Author : Paul Nowak
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Guerrilla Apologetics for Catholics describes a question-based, assertive method of apologetics. It is designed to turn debates on religious beleifs into productive dialog, coaching Catholics on how to level the playing field and ask questions, instead of only answering questions defensively.