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Until Next Time Good Selling

Author : Raymond J. Ohlson
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"Until Next Time . Good Selling " Raymond J. Ohlson, CLU What they're saying about Ray Ohlson: "Ray brings a unique marketing perspective that reaches out and grabs his audience. He always looks beyond the obvious answer to find the right answer and because of this, I trust him. He is a man of great personal integrity, creativity, and enthusiasm. He doesn't fail himself nor the people he works with." - Jack Marrion, President, The Advantage Compendium "Ray Ohlson has a passion for selling. His energy, enthusiasm, and drive to give clients what they want and need are remarkable. He knows what works " - Lynne Richardson, Dean and Professor of Marketing, Miller College of Business, Ball State University "Ray Ohlson is widely recognized by insurance professionals as one of the most gifted and insightful executive in the field. In this easily accessible work, Ray distills the essence his approach in a way that provides valuable advice for both the seasoned and the less experienced in the industry" - James C. Lanshe, JD, MBA, Assistant Dean and Adjunct Professor of Law, Seton Hall University Law School $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Ray Ohlson began selling life insurance while completing his undergraduate degree at Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana). Ironically, his major was Radio/TV and Motion Pictures with a Journalism minor. The business world, however, appealed to him as he quickly became a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a CLU, an agency builder, president of two US life insurance companies, and Chief Marketing Officer for a Luxembourg and Bermuda carrier. Ray re-opened The Ohlson Group - a national insurance marketing organization - and counsels agents and producers throughout the country with his over 30 years of "in the trenches" experience and knowledge. Each week he signs off his e-newsletter columns of advice and counsel on a wide range of subjects applicable to the insurance industry and life itself with his trademark phrase, "Until next time . good selling " The palm tree on the cover is symbolic of Ray's life adventure - it sits near his second home on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Surviving the hurricanes and storms of life, the tree has bent but never broken. As Ray says, "Let this book help you develop the same strength and fortitude . may you bend but never break " Ray and the love of his life, Ann, reside in Carmel, Indiana, and they adore their three adult children, Nick, Joe, and Kiley.

Little Girl Black

Author : Cassandra Hudson
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This book and all my Little Girl Black poetry books volumes 1–6 celebrate and confront dreams, religion, marriage, unfairness, sex, friendship, racism, colorism, abuse, strength, judgments, fantasies, love, education, families, power, death, the black sheep syndrome, and many other situations. An education is something you must have. Without a doubt, you will need an education someday. Without an education, who will count your coins, or how would you know how much paper was in your bag before you let your smart-ass accounting count it for you? His or her pockets may just be dripping with your cash. You know, he or she will be twerking and crip-walking all the way to the bank. You better learn quick how to count your moolah. Sticky fingers always come with skills. Without an education, how will you learn about your history? Who will teach you about all the wars that were won and lost if you can’t read? You will have to depend on what someone is telling you. If you can read, you can do your own research of your past, present, and future. If you don’t get an education, someone else will write your story and tell all kinds of tall tales. If you didn’t go to school and learn to write your story yourself, who can tell your life story better than you? An education is a must. You will find out the hard way. Just because they’re your friends in your face doesn’t mean they will be the same friends behind your back. Your story is being written and told by a hater. Navigate your own legacy by learning to read. Who will speak for you if you don’t speak for yourself? No one knows how or why your pain multiplies, why your happiness is so big it floats up to the sky, or how bright your future will get if you keep your head in your books and your nose clean. Dyslexic. I know some of us need a little help or maybe just a little extra time because of how our brain operates or is wired. If I can so graciously attempt to describe a dyslexic mind, I will try, with some old dance crazes from the fifties and sixties as metaphors. Well, here goes. A so-called normal mind or brain does the dance we call the twist, slowly twisting or wiggling your hips and still keeping up with the beat as you let your backbone slip, or a simple, slow drag or stepping—a dance where you’re in total control. Your smooth moves engage every part of your body as you slowly synchronize across the room and floor, holding your partner close. And my brain, a dyslexic brain, is very busy and does an old dance called the funky chicken and the funky, funky Broadway, moving the head, feet, and all limbs at the same time at a faster tempo, but dramatic. Just a step behind, but your imagination is all the way up on cloud nine. That’s how I describe a dyslexic mind. But being dyslexic does not make a normal brain better and surely does not make a dyslexic brain lesser than. It just makes our brains different, simple as that. Cassandra Hudson December 10, 2019

The Next Time You See Me

Author : Holly Goddard Jones
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Hailed as “an astoundingly good novel” by Gillian Flynn, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Gone Girl, and winner of the 2014 Kentucky Literary Award, The Next Time You See Me is a gripping tale of mystery, desperation, and redemption. When a small Southern town’s most fiery single woman is found dead in the woods, it’s not just her secrets that threaten to surface. There’s Ronnie’s sister, Susanna, a dutiful but dissatisfied schoolteacher, mother, and wife; Tony, a failed baseball star turned detective; Emily, a socially awkward thirteen-year-old with a dark secret; and Wyatt, a factory worker tormented by a past he can’t change and by a love he doesn’t think he deserves. Connected in ways they cannot begin to imagine, their stories converge in a violent climax that reveals not just the mystery of what happened to Ronnie, but all of their secret selves. Praised as “immensely satisfying and skillful” by Kate Atkinson, author of New York Times bestseller Life After Life, The Next Time You See Me is a debut novel not to be missed.

Reliable Software Technology Ada Europe 2005

Author : Tullio Vardanega
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Started on the inspired initiative of Prof. Alfred Strohmeier back in 1996, and spawned from the annual Ada-Europe conference that had previously run for 16 consecutive years, the International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies celebrated this year its tenth anniversary by going to York, UK, where the ?rst series of technical meetings on Ada were held in the 1970s. Besides being a beautiful and historical place in itself, York also hosts the Depa- ment of Computer Science of the local university, whose Real-Time Group has been tremendously in?uential in shaping the Ada language and in the progress on real-time computing worldwide. This year’s conference was therefore put together under exc- lent auspices, in a very important year for the Ada community in view of the forthc- ing completion of the revision process that is upgrading the language standard to face the challenges of the new millennium. The conference took place on June 20–24, 2005. It was as usual sponsored by Ada-Europe, the European federation of national Ada societies, in cooperation with ACM SIGAda. The conference was organized by selected staff of the University of York teamed up with collaborators from various places in Europe, in what turned out to be a very effective instance of distributed collaborative processing. The conference also enjoyed the generous support of 11 industrial sponsors.

Not Until You

Author : Roni Loren
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NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED * THE COMPLETE NOVEL Cela knows how to be good. She’s had a lifetime of practice. But on the night of her college graduation, she decides she’s earned one wild night before she has to move back home to her overprotective family. So when the hot neighbor she’s been quietly fantasizing about for a year suggests a game of Never Have I Ever, she’s ready. But what starts out as a simple game takes an unexpected turn. Because Ian Foster doesn’t play games he can’t win. Foster knows his desires aren’t for the faint of heart, especially not for someone as sweet and innocent as his pretty neighbor. But when Cela shows up at his door with an invitation that surprises him, he can’t resist indulging. Cela has no idea what she’s in for. The secret dark side of this man’s need will both intrigue and terrify her. But Cela has a secret of her own—and a new game to see just how far they’re both willing to go, and how much they’re willing to risk by crossing every boundary of desire.


Author : Richard E. Schingoethe
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"Many times I thought I couldn't live with you. "And many times I know I can't live without you." Among a myriad of books about love and relationships, you will not find another quite like 'C'. A story "for Couples coming and going," 'C' brings wit and wisdom, anecdotes and observations from a writer who has truly lived it ... in ways that frequently mirror our own. With a lively, unique and refreshing blend of narrative, musical lyrics and quotable quotes, 'C' takes us on a journey through the phases of Coupling, from "Finding your 'C'-Mate," to "Un-Coupling" and even "Post-Couple Coupling." While being a couple is, in many ways, rather simple (put two people together and - ka-boom! - you have a couple), a multitude of factors can enhance, aggravate or even detour the relationship. 'C' draws on the author's life 'n times with "special colleagues" to give us a highly perceptive view of what happens at various stages in relationships, while offering actionable ideas that help make Coupling more fun. Sometimes funny, heartwarming or even heartbreaking, 'C' makes no pretenses about being more than its title implies. Whether you're a 20-something, a mid-lifer or older ... currently Coupling, Un-Coupling or at stages in-between ... 'C' can help smooth out "speed bumps" on the highway to forever, and make your Couple-times more meaningful, more enjoyable. Perhaps because, in many ways, 'C' is every reader's story, too.

Le Mot et l id e

Author : Jean Rey
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The Empress of Azhar

Author : Kurt Jensen
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When we last left K1374 in The Advanced Human, she had established a life for herself on her new home planet and achieved what she’d always wanted: a family. In this sequel, The Empress of Azhar, K’s clan is growing, and her son, daughter, and grandchild are quickly making names for themselves. Along with their accumulating wealth comes considerable power, but to what end? And at what cost? As the peace of the galaxy becomes tenuous, someone must step forward for the fight. Rejoin K1374 in this epic, sexy, time-traveling space adventure as she once again puts her immortal life on the line to save the universe and the precious souls within it!

Design of Multithreaded Software

Author : Bo I. Sanden
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This book assumes familiarity with threads (in a language such as Ada, C#, or Java) and introduces the entity-life modeling (ELM) design approach for certain kinds of multithreaded software. ELM focuses on "reactive systems," which continuously interact with the problem environment. These "reactive systems" include embedded systems, as well as such interactive systems as cruise controllers and automated teller machines. Part I covers two fundamentals: program-language thread support and state diagramming. These are necessary for understanding ELM and are provided primarily for reference. Part II covers ELM from different angles. Part III positions ELM relative to other design approaches.

Deep Learning with PyTorch

Author : Eli Stevens
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Every other day we hear about new ways to put deep learning to good use: improved medical imaging, accurate credit card fraud detection, long range weather forecasting, and more. PyTorch puts these superpowers in your hands, providing a comfortable Python experience that gets you started quickly and then grows with you as you—and your deep learning skills—become more sophisticated. Deep Learning with PyTorch will make that journey engaging and fun. Summary Every other day we hear about new ways to put deep learning to good use: improved medical imaging, accurate credit card fraud detection, long range weather forecasting, and more. PyTorch puts these superpowers in your hands, providing a comfortable Python experience that gets you started quickly and then grows with you as you—and your deep learning skills—become more sophisticated. Deep Learning with PyTorch will make that journey engaging and fun. Foreword by Soumith Chintala, Cocreator of PyTorch. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the technology Although many deep learning tools use Python, the PyTorch library is truly Pythonic. Instantly familiar to anyone who knows PyData tools like NumPy and scikit-learn, PyTorch simplifies deep learning without sacrificing advanced features. It’s excellent for building quick models, and it scales smoothly from laptop to enterprise. Because companies like Apple, Facebook, and JPMorgan Chase rely on PyTorch, it’s a great skill to have as you expand your career options. It’s easy to get started with PyTorch. It minimizes cognitive overhead without sacrificing the access to advanced features, meaning you can focus on what matters the most - building and training the latest and greatest deep learning models and contribute to making a dent in the world. PyTorch is also a snap to scale and extend, and it partners well with other Python tooling. PyTorch has been adopted by hundreds of deep learning practitioners and several first-class players like FAIR, OpenAI, FastAI and Purdue. About the book Deep Learning with PyTorch teaches you to create neural networks and deep learning systems with PyTorch. This practical book quickly gets you to work building a real-world example from scratch: a tumor image classifier. Along the way, it covers best practices for the entire DL pipeline, including the PyTorch Tensor API, loading data in Python, monitoring training, and visualizing results. After covering the basics, the book will take you on a journey through larger projects. The centerpiece of the book is a neural network designed for cancer detection. You'll discover ways for training networks with limited inputs and start processing data to get some results. You'll sift through the unreliable initial results and focus on how to diagnose and fix the problems in your neural network. Finally, you'll look at ways to improve your results by training with augmented data, make improvements to the model architecture, and perform other fine tuning. What's inside Training deep neural networks Implementing modules and loss functions Utilizing pretrained models from PyTorch Hub Exploring code samples in Jupyter Notebooks About the reader For Python programmers with an interest in machine learning. About the author Eli Stevens had roles from software engineer to CTO, and is currently working on machine learning in the self-driving-car industry. Luca Antiga is cofounder of an AI engineering company and an AI tech startup, as well as a former PyTorch contributor. Thomas Viehmann is a PyTorch core developer and machine learning trainer and consultant. consultant based in Munich, Germany and a PyTorch core developer. Table of Contents PART 1 - CORE PYTORCH 1 Introducing deep learning and the PyTorch Library 2 Pretrained networks 3 It starts with a tensor 4 Real-world data representation using tensors 5 The mechanics of learning 6 Using a neural network to fit the data 7 Telling birds from airplanes: Learning from images 8 Using convolutions to generalize PART 2 - LEARNING FROM IMAGES IN THE REAL WORLD: EARLY DETECTION OF LUNG CANCER 9 Using PyTorch to fight cancer 10 Combining data sources into a unified dataset 11 Training a classification model to detect suspected tumors 12 Improving training with metrics and augmentation 13 Using segmentation to find suspected nodules 14 End-to-end nodule analysis, and where to go next PART 3 - DEPLOYMENT 15 Deploying to production