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Unsustainable Inequalities

Author : Lucas Chancel
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The greatest dilemma our planet faces is the tradeoff between poverty alleviation, inequality reduction, and climate change. In Unsustainable Inequalities, economist Lucas Chancel confronts how to share prosperity without furthering environmental harm, arguing for policies that would direct the benefits of environmental protection to the poor.


Author : James T. Bennett
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This book examines the history, politics, and economics of alternative energy. Since the energy crisis of the 1970s, governments around the world have subsidized and otherwise incentivized alternative forms of energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This search has taken on added urgency in the twenty-first century, as the specter of climate change has engendered ambitious state-level renewable portfolio standards, enhanced federal incentives, and inspired "100% renewable" electrical generation targets in such states as Vermont and Hawaii. To save the planet from destruction, wind, solar, and other renewable energy alternatives must replace fossil fuels. But how did we get here and what is the cost? After an in-depth study of the Carter administration's synthetic fuels program, the focus shifts to the two most prominent, perhaps most promising, and certainly most promoted--and government subsidized-- "green" and "renewable" energies today: wind and solar. Because wind has made the most headway and drawn the most controversy, it receives the most attention. Although the primary focus is on the American experience with renewable energy, the policies and politics of renewables in Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Spain, and other European nations are also discussed. Issues considered in the book include the nature and efficacy of renewable subsidies; the employment of federal and state tax codes to encourage renewables; the lobbies and interest groups that campaign for government support of renewables; and the fierce battles over the siting of renewable facilities. Unlike other works on this subject, the book probes in depth the nature of the opposition to wind and solar, both in the matter of siting and in their worthiness as recipients of substantial government assistance.

Population Growth Shifting Cultivation and Unsustainable Agricultural Development

Author : Andrew Keck
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World Bank Discussion Paper 234. This study of a microregion of Madagascar illustrates the important relationships between population growth, unsustainable agriculture, and natural resource decline. It shows how agricultural development has been ha


Author : Jessica Restaino
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Unsustainable: Re-imagining Community Literacy, Public Writing, Service-Learning, and the University, edited by Jessica Restaino and Laurie Cella, explores short-lived university/community writing projects in an effort to rethink the long-held gold standard of long-term sustainability in community writing work. Contributors examine their own efforts in order to provide alternate models for understanding, assessing, and enacting university/community writing projects that, for a range of reasons, fall outside of traditional practice. This collection considers what has become an increasingly unified call for praxis, where scholar-practitioners explore a specific project that fell short of theorized best practice sustainability in order to determine not only the nature of what remains how and why we might find value in a community-based writing project that lacks long-term sustainability, for example but also how or why we might rethink, redefine, and reevaluate best practice ideals in the first place. In so doing, the contributors are at once responding to what has been an increasing acknowledgment in the field that, for a variety of reasons, many community-based writing projects do not go as initially planned, and also applying in praxis a framework for thinking about and studying such projects. Unsustainable represents the kind of scholarly work that some of the most recognizable names in the field have been calling for over the past five years. This book affirms that unpredictability is an indispensable factor in the field, and argues that such unpredictability presents in fact, demands a theoretical approach that takes these practical experiences as its base."


Author : James MacDougald
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UNSUSTAINABLE is packed with information that is vital to every taxpaying American. It reveals shocking information that has long been hidden from the public. It exposes how governments at every level hide the pay and exorbitant pensions they provide to themselves and use accounting trickery to keep taxpayers from knowing of the enormous costs and long-term liabilities. MacDougald shows how the federal government keeps $106 trillion of debt hidden from taxpayers, and how state and local governments hide another $3 trillion. He exposes exactly how governments often trick taxpayers into agreeing to pay more and more taxes to "save schools" or "provide police protection" when the money really goes to more pay and bigger pensions. UNSUSTAINABLE details how public sector unions have become a "money pump," taking taxpayer dollars paid to public sector workers, then given as union dues, and then used for political contributions to politicians who will support the extraction of even more taxpayer dollars. The provocative and controversial book also documents and exposes the huge financial catastrophe that is about to befall Social Security, "baby boomers" and our younger workers and how it will threaten our economy for decades. UNSUSTAINABLE addresses the "jobs squeeze," detailing how the private sector lost 1.5 million jobs in the last decade even as government grew by 2 million. And it reveals how Congress passes laws that they know violate our Constitutional rights and gets away with it. It is a book that all Americans, no matter what their politics, must read.


Author : Richard Joy
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This book is an urgent call to reimagine our social, political and economic systems so that we might transform to a sustainable society. It assesses the roles of governments, business and individuals, and shows how barriers to change can be overcome through a rethinking of our societal and economic values.


Author : Tim R. McDonald
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This book frames the problem of cost and effectiveness in America's public schooling system, and provides a strategy to address it.

The Crash Course

Author : Chris Martenson
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The next twenty years will be completely unlike the last twenty years. The world is in economic crisis, and there are no easy fixes to our predicament. Unsustainable trends in the economy, energy, and the environment have finally caught up with us and are converging on a very narrow window of time—the "Twenty-Teens." The Crash Course presents our predicament and illuminates the path ahead, so you can face the coming disruptions and thrive--without fearing the future or retreating into denial. In this book you will find solid facts and grounded reasoning presented in a calm, positive, non-partisan manner. Our money system places impossible demands upon a finite world. Exponentially rising levels of debt, based on assumptions of future economic growth to fund repayment, will shudder to a halt and then reverse. Unfortunately, our financial system does not operate in reverse. The consequences of massive deleveraging will be severe. Oil is essential for economic growth. The reality of dwindling oil supplies is now internationally recognized, yet virtually no developed nations have a Plan B. The economic risks to individuals, companies, and countries are varied and enormous. Best-case, living standards will drop steadily worldwide. Worst-case, systemic financial crises will toss the world into jarring chaos. This book is written for those who are motivated to learn about the root causes of our predicaments, protect themselves and their families, mitigate risks as much as possible, and control what effects they can. With challenge comes opportunity, and The Crash Course offers a positive vision for how to reshape our lives to be more balanced, resilient, and sustainable.

Impacts of U S Consumer Demand on the Illegal and Unsustainable Trade of Wildlife Products

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Natural Resources. Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and Oceans
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Unsustainable Transport

Author : David Banister
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This book addresses the links between transport and sustainable urban development, from an analysis of the global picture to issues in transport and energy intensity, public policy and the institutional and organisational constraints on change. The central part of the book explores these links in more detail at city level, covering land use and development, economic measures, and the role that technology can play. The final part looks for inspiration from events in developing countries and the means by which we can move from the unsustainable present to a more sustainable future.

Unsustainable Oil

Author : Jon Gordon
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"Sustainable development is, for government and industry at least, primarily a way of turning trees into lumber, tar into oil, and critique into consent; a way to defend the status quo of growth at any cost." —from the IntroductionIn Unsustainable Oil: Facts, Counterfacts and Fictions, Jon Gordon makes the case for re-evaluating the theoretical, political, and environmental issues around petroleum extraction. Doing so, he argues, will reinvigorate our understanding of the culture and the ethics of energy production in Canada. Rather than looking for better facts or better interpretations of the facts, Gordon challenges us to embrace the future after oil. Reading fiction can help us understand the cultural-ecological crisis that we inhabit. In Unsustainable Oil, using the lens of Alberta’s bituminous sands, he asks us to consider literature’s potential to open space for creative alternatives.

Unsustainable Transport and Transition in China

Author : Becky PY Loo
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This book discusses various transport sustainability issues from the perspective of developing countries, exploring key issues, problems and potential solutions for improving transport sustainability in China. It first reviews the current transport sustainability baselines in the three key dimensions of environmental, economic and social sustainability, via an international comparison encompassing both developed and developing countries in different world regions. Then, with a time frame up to 2030, the study groups 100 major Chinese cities according to their baseline conditions, projected population and economic growth, and common sustainability challenges in passenger transport. A systematic attempt is made to discuss the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of various emerging sustainable transport strategies, including the metro systems, bus rapid transit, light rail, bicycles (and e-bicycles), electric vehicles and walking. Based on the different city clusters identified, the study then explores the opportunities and constraints of introducing a range of emerging sustainable transport strategies through both statistical analysis and detailed fieldwork. Future directions and challenges are identified based on official documents, onsite observations and interviews with local people. The study concludes with thoughts on sustainable transport in smart cities, the importance of governance, local participation, internal and external city movements, and towards a holistic sustainable transport plan. Unsustainable Transport and Transition in China will be of great interest to scholars interested in carbon emissions, climate change, environmental policy, planning, road safety, sustainability, transportation and urban studies, and is relevant to China and other developing countries.

Unsustainable Empire

Author : Dean Itsuji Saranillio
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In Unsustainable Empire Dean Itsuji Saranillio offers a bold challenge to conventional understandings of Hawai‘i’s admission as a U.S. state. Hawai‘i statehood is popularly remembered as a civil rights victory against racist claims that Hawai‘i was undeserving of statehood because it was a largely non-white territory. Yet Native Hawaiian opposition to statehood has been all but forgotten. Saranillio tracks these disparate stories by marshaling a variety of unexpected genres and archives: exhibits at world's fairs, political cartoons, propaganda films, a multimillion-dollar hoax on Hawai‘i’s tourism industry, water struggles, and stories of hauntings, among others. Saranillio shows that statehood was neither the expansion of U.S. democracy nor a strong nation swallowing a weak and feeble island nation, but the result of a U.S. nation whose economy was unsustainable without enacting a more aggressive policy of imperialism. With clarity and persuasive force about historically and ethically complex issues, Unsustainable Empire provides a more complicated understanding of Hawai‘i’s admission as the fiftieth state and why Native Hawaiian place-based alternatives to U.S. empire are urgently needed.

The Unsustainable American State

Author : Lawrence Jacobs
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The complexity of the American economy and polity has grown rapidly in recent decades, but as the 2008 financial crisis revealed, the evolution of the American state has not proceeded apace. Covering the early nineteenth century to the present, The Unsustainable American State offers an unsettling account of the dysfunctionalities that accelerated the erosion of American state capacity in the post-1970s era: persistent racial division, growing economic inequality, democratic decline, and imperial overreach.

Unsustainable Institutions of Men

Author : Jeff Hearn
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How are men, masculinities and gender power implicated within global institutions? How are global institutions to be understood in terms of men, masculinities and gender power? What are men up to in such arenas as: global finance, corporate law, military intelligence, world sporting bodies and nationalist politics? Unsustainable Institutions of Men examines men’s dealings in transnational processes across the economy, politics, technologies and bodies. In exploring the men’s domination of institutions in national and transnational realms this volume underpins a novel approach built around multiple "dispersed centres" of men’s power. Indeed, in critical discussions of men and masculinities there has been a gradual shift in focus from the local, so-called ‘ethnographic moment’, to a broader view encompassing several dynamics (e.g. global, transnational, international, postcolonial and the global north-south). Building on this conceptual move, Unsustainable Institutions of Men focuses on pinpointing masculine actions and influences that support and enact transnational processes, disclosing those connections and examining institutional alternatives which could contribute to more inclusive and democratic transnational dialogues. Comprised of a range of international contributions, Unsustainable Institutions of Men will appeal to students, researchers, experts and activists seeking to understand the deep structural conditions of contemporary globalized threats, created by old and new patterns of gender power and transnational patriarchies.

Broken and Unsustainable

Author : United States
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The Unsustainable Presidency

Author : W. Grover
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The Unsustainable Presidency develops a structural theory of the office by challenging and redefining the twin imperatives upon which the modern chief executive was constructed and by applying the theory to the three most recent presidents: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

The Unsustainable Costs of Partial Deregulation

Author : Paul W. MacAvoy
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This vivid portrait of Bart Giamatti encompasses his entire eventful life but focuses especially on his years at Yale University (1966-1986) and his brief career as a major league baseball executive (1986-1989). As scholar, teacher, and then university president, Giamatti was an admired and respected figure on campus. He forged his academic career during turbulent decades, and his tenure in baseball was no less contentious, for as commissioner of baseball he oversaw the banishment of Cincinnati's Pete Rose from the game for gambling. The book draws on Giamatti's numerous writings and speeches to illuminate the character and complexities of the man and to understand the values that motivated his leadership. Bart Giamatti was a cultural conservative and institutional moderate at a time when such values were out of favour and under attack. At Yale, as a baseball executive, and indeed in all things, Giamatti championed the related values of freedom and order. Robert P. Moncreiff places Giamatti in the context of major events at Yale, recounts in detail the legal context in which the Pete Rose affair unfolded, and arrives at a nuanced understanding of this memorable man's life.

The unsustainable cost of health care

Author :
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Fisheries Development In India The Political Economy Of Unsustainable

Author : Ramakrishnan Korakandy
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Sustainable Development Of Fisheries In India Is A Major Concern For The Public, The Industry As Well As The Administration As It Contributes Signigicantly To The National Economy : To Food Supply, Employment, Earnings, Foreign Exchange, Public Revenue, Regional Development, Recreation, Social Welfare Etc. Nonetheless, The Sustainability Of Indian Fisheries, Like Most Other Nations' Fisheries, Is Threatened By A Number Of Ecological, Economic, Social, Cultural, Institutional And Technological Constraints. This Book Explores The Sustainability Issues Of Indian Fisheries At Length And Suggests 'Stanard' Global Prescriptions For Sustainable Development.