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Union Learning

Author : Jeffery M. Taylor
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Over 100,000 Canadian workers participate annually in educational programs conducted by their union or the broader labour organizations to which their union belongs. Union-based education is the most significant non-vocational education available to working people. This activity has been going on for decades, and Jeffery Taylor's Union Learning: Canadian Labour Education in the Twentieth Century is the first comprehensive history of it. Union Learning chronicles the rise and decline of the Workers' Educational Association, the development of internal union educational programs, the consolidation of the Canadian Labour Congress's educational system after 1956, the origin and growth of the Labour College of Canada, and the patchy history of university and college involvement in labour education. Taylor argues that a new emphasis on broad-based and activist education today promises to rekindle the sense of an educational movement that was present in the labour movement in the 1930s and 1940s. The book includes a number of illustrative sidebars and photographs. He has developed a website containing images, video and other materials related to the history of labour education in Canada: http: //

Union Learning Representatives

Author : Alex Alexandrou
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Trade unions have historically been involved in education and training in the workplace. This activity has gained greater credence and importance in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Denmark due to the recent emergence of union learning representatives (ULRs) and Educational Ambassadors, who are a new category of trained, accredited and unpaid lay representatives based in the workplace. Their key role is to give advice and guidance to colleagues in relation to professional development, learning and training opportunities available. These representatives work in partnership with other stakeholders, namely employers and education providers to ensure that individuals can attend educational and training courses that will help them from both a personal and work perspective. There are now 22,000 ULRs in the UK alone and they are playing a significant part in pushing the present Labour administration’s drive to expand and improve lifelong learning to create a learning society that benefits individuals, organisations and ultimately the nation and its economy. They have rewritten the rules of the workplace by helping to replace distrust and adversarial relations with partnership working based on mutual respect and trust. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of In-Service Education.

Patient Mobility in the European Union

Author : Magdalene Rosenmöller
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This book is an attempt to inform the debate that is already taking place between Europe's policy-makers, looking at a series of case studies that illustrate the different aspects of patient mobility within the European Union and how Europe's health systems have responded to them. Most of the case studies presented in this book have been analysed within a project funded by the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme - Europe for Patients (e4p).

SAARC and European Union

Author : Kant Kishore Bhargava
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Learning with Trade Unions

Author : Steve Shelley
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This edited collection provides an understanding of the range of learning that is enabled by trade unions, and the agendas around that learning. A strong feature of the book is its drawing together of informed, research-based contributions from the fields of training, skills and education, and of industrial relations. International and historical perspectives are included in order to better understand the contemporary issues. There are important conclusions for policy-makers, practitioners and researchers.

The Union Learning Agenda and Trade Union Revitalisation in Wales

Author : Katy Laura Huxley
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Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Contains the 4th session of the 28th Parliament through the session of the Parliament.

Learning from Other Trade Unions

Author : Renée Roux
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Author : Trades Union Congress
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Trade Union Education

Author : Mike Seal
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This collection of essays challenges us to move trade union education forward through new theory and examples of best practice.

Trade Union Education in Malaysia

Author :
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Congress Report 2006

Author : Trades Union Congress. Annual Congress
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Teaching and Learning the European Union

Author : Stefania Baroncelli
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This volume examines the EU’s changing educational context and its challenges. Based on an extensive survey of more than 2000 European Studies courses in 30 European countries, it maps and analyses the features of teaching methodologies as they emerge from both disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary curricula. It presents a series of case studies on some of the most-used innovative teaching tools emerging in the field such as simulation games, e-learning, problem based learning, blended learning, and learning through the use of social networks. Based on the contributors’ own experiences and academic research, the book examines both strengths and possible pitfalls of these increasingly popular methods. The book’s critical approach will inspire educators and scholars committed to improving the teaching methods and tools in the area of European Studies and other programmes of higher education facing similar challenges.

IPA Bulletin

Author :
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Sonnenschein s Cyclop dia of Education

Author : Alfred Ewen Fletcher
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Learning for Employment

Author : Steve Bainbridge
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This report considers developments in vocational education and training policy in Europe since the first Cedefop report (ISBN 9282880516), published in January 2000. Issues discussed include: the growth of the knowledge economy, ICT and lifelong learning programmes, moves towards greater European co-operation with the Bruges-Copenhagen process, the impact of EU enlargement, increasing participation levels in the sector, equal opportunities and social inclusion, reducing the skills gap, and future challenges involved in learning for employment.

People Management

Author :
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Workplace Learning

Author : Keith Forrester
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Vocational Education and Training in the United Kingdom

Author : Natalia Cuddy
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Gives an overview of the main structures, trends and challenges of vocational education and training VET) systems in the U.K. Key elements include the notion of competence to define the content and assessment of VET learning and an increasingly flexible and diverse approach to learning provision.

Union Education in Canada

Author : Coolie Verner
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