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Unicorn and the Master s Glory

Author : Linda Linda McGowan
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Unicorn and the Master's Glory is a magical story of creation. It is a full-color, full-spread picture book in poetic verse that will delight children of all ages. By using this favorite children's book character, Unicorn can teach a child how to care.

Glory of Unicorns

Author : Bruce Coville
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Thirteen short stories, by such authors as Nancy Varian Berberick, Gregory Maguire, and Margaret Bechard, about unicorns in both mythical and contemporary settings.

The Price of Glory

Author : Seth Hunter
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1795: Young warriors Nelson and Napoleon learn the art of war and the cost of fame . . . The third novel in this epic, thrilling series of war and villainy on the high seas, featuring Captain Nathan Peake. Seth Hunter's brilliant series will enthral fans of Dudley Pope and Patrick O'Brian. 'Another slick nautical adventure in the Patrick O'Brian tradition . . . rousing naval battles, twisty plot, and muscular prose' Publishers Weekly on THE TIDE OF WAR Nathan Peake charts a perilous course through the treacherous seas off Brittany and into the even more dangerous waters of post-Revolutionary Paris. There he encounters two of the most beautiful and scandalous courtesans in history - and their little toy soldier, laughingly dubbed Captain Cannon, who is about to win enduring fame as Napoleon Bonaparte. Returned to the command of the frigate Unicorn, Nathan is sent to join another young glory-seeker, Captain Horatio Nelson, in a bid to wreck Bonaparte's plans for the invasion of Italy. But Nathan has his own private agenda - to find his lost love amid the chaos of war - and as the fighting spreads from the mountains to the sea, he discovers that glory comes at a higher price than all the gold in the vaults of Genoa. What readers are saying about THE PRICE OF GLORY: 'Seth Hunter is a natural storyteller and a master of description, whether it be wild seas, ship to ship battles, dangerous political intrigue or the natural beauty of the countryside when Nathan Peake is ashore. Totally absorbing' 'A really fantastic read and immaculately researched' '[Seth Hunter's] is a natural storyteller and his prose is beautifully elegant. There's wit, adventure, big seas, monumental battles, and even a moving love story. A delight'

The Key to Eternal Glory

Author : Storm Shorter
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Ananzul was almost destroyed by the Dark Lady’s right hand a rouge mage from the Eastern Barrons, now the dragons are scarce and hardly ever seen anymore along with most of the mystical creatures that were once abundant throughout the realms of this once beautiful world. Many of them returned to their daily lives and some went back into hiding amongst the very people that feared them; though not out of shame but for something more valuable, their survival. Some were summoned away to work with the Luna Order and those who’s paths had once crossed now led them in different directions and on a search for purpose, in a land that will once again be ruled by darkness should their paths not cross again. The lands of Ananzul now lay divided by borders. Clans scout searching for any scraps they can find this will reveal the true meaning of survival and most of all the dark side of the creatures of a once beautiful but now savage world, when there is power to be gained the primitive and savage side takes over and with the quest for power comes with a high price higher than most are willing to pay....death

Glory of the Nephilim

Author : Sarah Buchheit
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Sarah Hunter has been the queen of the supernatural community for as long as she can remember, but now she's beginning to realize just what that means and that, as a little girl, she was thrust into a world that far more frightening than any fable. Still trying to figure out who she is, the 17-year-old Queen is forced to deal with her lycan husband who has been using her influence for his own gains and the vampire king vying for her attention, as well as her husband's. As she gains some semblance of normalcy, a few of history's most famous faces start popping up to cause her trouble. Family is the core of Queen Sarah's life and she'll need them more than ever after she's in a plane explosion, a pack of rare demons start stalking her, and her entire existence is suddenly a mystery. The only one in her life that seems to make any sense is Nova, her familure, a tuxedo cat with the sole goal of keeping her safe.

An Old Testament Commentary for English Readers Job Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes The Song of Solomon Isaiah

Author : Charles John Ellicott
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The Master of the Unicorn

Author : Colin T. Eisler
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The Dragon and the Unicorn

Author : A. A. Attanasio
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The symbol of glory shewing the object and end of freemasonry

Author : George Oliver
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Glory Laud and Honour

Author : Graham Parry
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A wide-ranging survey of the brief revival of religious art, architecture, music, and literature during the Counter-Reformation.

A Dream of Glory

Author : 王筠
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Wang Yun (1749-1819) was a famous playwright in imperial China, and her A Dream of Glory is a significant, full length chaunqi about female dreams and desires. This volume provides a complete English translation with detailed annotations, an extensive introduction to traditional Chinese women's drama, and a foreword by Owen Aldridge.

The London Gazette

Author : Great Britain
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Hope and Glory

Author : P. F. Clarke
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Looks at the political, social, and economic changes that have taken place in Great Britain during this century

The Power and the Glory

Author : Hans Soop
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The Jade Unicorn

Author : Jay Halpern
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The Lion the Unicorn

Author : Arthur Bryant
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The Lion and the Unicorn a Historian s Testament

Author : Arthur Bryant
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The Wandering Unicorn

Author : Manuel Mújica Láinez
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The beautiful fairy Melusine, bewitched by an evil spell, languishes alone in her tower for centuries until she meets, falls in love with a handsome young man, and follows him as he journeys across medieval Europe


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