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Author : Angus Maddison
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First published in 1982. Unemployment was a major scourge of the advanced capitalist countries in the 1930s, but in the golden age of post-war expansion which lasted until 1973, it had seemingly been vanquished by enlightened economic policy. Since 1973, unemployment has re-emerged as a major problem, along with accelerated inflation and problems of structural adjustment imposed by soaring energy prices. The rise in European unemployment came in two surges as a result of the generalised recessions of 1974-5 and 1980-1. At the beginning of 1982 unemployment in the European Community was running close to 10% of the labour force compared with a ‘norm’ of under 2% in the 1960s. These abrupt and serious changes in the labour market have created major new dilemmas for economic policy and have stirred significant and acrimonious theoretical controversy. For this reason it is useful to analyse the policy issues and the academic debate in a comparative perspective. The present volume contains three comparative papers on the employment policy discussions in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK as well as papers examining the theoretical adequacy of Keynesian, monetarist, structuralist and Marxist reactions to the new issues. The papers are all accompanies by a critique from the discussants.

Job Matching Wage Dispersion and Unemployment

Author : Dale T. Mortensen
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A selection of key papers from the winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize 2010. It features their most important work on unemployment, labour market dynamics, and the equilibrium search model.

Industrial Unemployment in Germany 1873 1913

Author : Linda A. Heilman
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Originally published in 1991 this book provides a multi-faceted analysis of German unemployment between 1873 and 1913. It can also be read as an example of social scientific historiography during the fourth quarter of the twentieth century. Finally, the study has value for the comparative perspective it lends to current economic, social, and political turmoil in Germany, Europe, and the United States. While the precise conditions in the USA differ today, there are clearly still lessons to be learned on both sides of the Atlantic from the economic, social, and political dislocation, which accompanied industrial unemployment in Germany between 1873 and 1913. .


Author : K. G. Knight
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Unemployment is currently the major economic concern in developed countries. This book provides a thorough analysis of the theoretical and empirical aspects of the economics of unemployment in developed countries. It emphasizes the multicausal nature of unemployment and offers a variety of approaches for coping with the problem. Contents: Unemployment: Costs and Measurement; Stocks, Flows, Duration and the Incidence of Unemployment; Search, Unemployment and Unfilled Vacancies; Macroeconomics of Unemployment: The Classical Approach; Macroeconomics of Unemployment: The Non-Market Clearing Approach; Non-Natural Unemployment: The Empirical Evidence; The Natural Rate of Unemployment: The Supply Side; The Natural Rate of Unemployment: The Demand Side; Unemployment: Policy and Prospects; Bibliography^

Unemployment Social Vulnerability and Health in Europe

Author : Detlef Schwefel
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It is not easy to summarize the studies that have dealt with the health effects of un employment on the unemployed. The main problem impeding a comparison of their results is the diversity of theoretical constructs associated with physical and especially mental health and, above all, an apparently inexhaustible variety of op erationalizations of these constructs. It is significant that the six conclusions drawn from the present state of unemployment research by the organizers of a re cent conference on the individual and social consequences of unemployment in cluded the following request: "In view of the relevant constructs, it seems to be most urgent to find or to develop operationalizations which can be agreed upon, in order to guarantee comparability of research results" (Kieselbach and Wacker 1985, p. XX; my translation). Nevertheless, the results of these studies allow the statement that a negative in fluence of job loss on psychological well-being can be regarded as a validated finding. The influence on physical health, however, must be assessed very careful ly and in a differentiated manner. The few investigations dealing with this ques tion arrive at different conclusions; moreover, possibly relieving effects of unem ployment on health come into sight.

Unemployment and the Great Depression in Weimar Germany

Author : Peter D. Stachura
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Unemployment Insurance Reform

Author : David E. Balducchi
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The Unemployment Insurance (UI) system is a lasting piece of the Social Security Act which was enacted in 1935. But like most things that are over 80 years old, it occasionally needs maintenance to keep it operating smoothly while keeping up with the changing demands placed upon it. However, the UI system has been ignored by policymakers for decades and, say the authors, it is broken, out of date, and badly in need of repair. Stephen A. Wandner pulls together a group of UI researchers, each with decades of experience, who describe the weaknesses in the current system and propose policy reforms that they say would modernize the system and prepare us for the next recession.

Work Employment and Unemployment in the Soviet Union

Author : J.L. Porket
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A book distinguishing between the situation in the labour market and the utilization of the employed labour force in the Soviet Union. The author attempts to show that since the abolition of open registered unemployment in 1930 the economy has suffered from chronic and general overmanning.

Combatting Unemployment

Author : Richard Jackman
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The Technological Unemployment and Structural Unemployment Debates

Author : Gregory Ray Woirol
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A history of debates concerning the impact of technology on employment, and a description of the techniques used by economists in establishing a consensus opinion.

The Politics of Unemployment in Europe

Author : Marco Giugni
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This book offers a state-of-the-art discussion of the political issues surrounding unemployment in Europe. Its unique combination offers both a policy and institutional perspective, whilst studying the viewpoint of individual civil society members engaging in collective action on the issue of joblessness. It is the result of Marco Giugni’s three year cross-national comparative research project, financed by the European Commission, united with hand picked contributions from invited experts. Throughout his study he focuses on how the EU approaches national unemployment, the main national differences in talk about unemployment and unemployment policy, and how the representatives of the unemployed produce and coordinate demands in relation to unemployment policy. This book contains a number of genuinely cross-national chapters along with sections on specific national cases, namely the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden.

On the Mysteries of Unemployment

Author :
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Since the beginning of the economic crisis of the 1980s considerable research has been dedicated to the study of the unemployment problem. Nevertheless, the phenomenon has not become fully understood, nor are its consequences adequately prevented. In this important new volume, On the Mysteries of Unemployment, economists and social scientists come together to offer the reader the latest insights on unemployment and policies regarding unemployment from the perspectives of both disciplines. On the Mysteries of Unemployment contains four main sections. Part One provides an introductory chapter and general overview. Part Two contains rich contributions that provide new insights from an economic science perspective, while Part Three offers a balanced view from social scientists. The final section is devoted to the examination of policy issues concerning unemployment. This volume, unique in its field, will be of interest to researchers, students, politicians and policy-makers.

Youth Unemployment in Advanced Economies in Europe Searching for Solutions

Author : Angana Banerji
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The SDN will assess the youth unemployment problem in advanced European countries, with a special focus on the euro area. It will document the main trends in youth and adult unemployment in 22 European countries before and after the global financial crisis. It will identify the main drivers of youth and adult unemployment, focusing in particular on the role of the business cycle and structural characteristics of the labor market. It will outline the main elements of a comprehensive strategy to address the problem.

The Social Impact of the Crisis on Youth Unemployment Comparative Study Spain and Greece

Author : Smaro Boura
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The book examines the socio-economic dynamics of the current economic crisis that have affected Southern European countries in general, particularly Greece and Spain. These dynamics have caused considerable effects in social, political and cultural level and have influenced the marginalised populations of both countries. This review tries to examine the social impact of the crisis on youth unemployment in Greece and Spain with particular focus on graduates of tertiary education and the constraints of labour market occurred due to the economic and political upheavals followed by the crisis. The increasing levels of unemployment, together with accumulative poverty phenomena and future uncertainty has direct implications on psychological well-being and triggers the danger of social and economic exclusion as has been investigated in the study. A further examination includes the political governance in national and European level during the crisis which have shaped the views of youth unemployed populations in both countries and occurred a shift from traditional politics.

Unemployment in Western Countries

Author : International Economic Association
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Determinants of Individual Unemployment Duration in a Transition Economy

Author : Vera Alexandrovna Adamchik
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This study analyzes which factors affect the probability of exiting to employment and, hence, the duration of unemployment spells in a transition economy (Poland). The first empirical essay tests the key predictions from job search theory about the relationship between the duration of an unemployment spell and the reservation wage. We applied a quasi-structural model, and our results indicate that the relationships predicted by optimal job search theory are certainly present in the Polish data: reservation wages directly affect durations of unemployment but seem to decline over time. In the next essay we analyze the impact of unemployment benefits and other factors on the probability of exiting to employment with hazard models. All results indicate that some features of the Polish unemployment benefit system effective in 1994--1997 discouraged exits from unemployment status. The estimated overall effect of unemployment benefits on the probability of exiting to a job is negative, and the hazard rate to employment increases dramatically as the benefit expiration moment approaches. At the same time, restrictions imposed on the level of additional income of benefit recipients seemed to prevent this disincentive effect from being stronger. The final essay presents a new direction of economic research in transition economics, namely the influence of the ownership status on labor market flows. We investigate how a rapidly growing private sector in Poland affects labor market dynamics and, in particular, unemployment. The analyses of labor market flows indicate the existence of a moderate mobility, however, after disaggregating the flows, it becomes clear that private sector employees exhibit greater labor market mobility thin their public sector counterparts. Thus, the newly emerging and growing private sector will make the Polish labor market more dynamic and fluid.

Spanish Regional Unemployment

Author : Alejandro García-Cintado
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This work investigates the time series properties of the unemployment rate of the Spanish regions over the period 1976-2011. For that purpose, the authors employ the PANIC procedures of Bai and Ng (2004), which allows to decompose the observed unemployment rate series into common factor and idiosyncratic components. This enables the authors to identify the exact source behind the hysteretic behaviour found in Spanish regional unemployment. Overall, the analysis with three different proxies for the excess of labour supply renders strong support for the hysteresis hypothesis, which appears to be caused by a common stochastic trend driving all the regional unemployment series. In the second part of the analysis the authors try to determine the macroeconomic and institutional factors that are able to explain the time series evolution of the common factor, and in turn help us shed light on the ultimate sources of hysteresis. The reader shall see how the variables that the empirical analysis emphasises as relevant closely fit into the main causes of the Spanish unemployment behaviour. Finally, some policy considerations drawn from the results are presented.

Unemployment Insurance Statistics

Author :
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Unemployment Employment and Non participation in Canadian Labour Markets

Author : Abrar Hasan
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"This study focuses on the explanation of the nature of unemployment in Canada. A basic premise is that unemployment cannot be understood in isolation from other states of the labour market, namely, employment and non-participation. Hence, we examine these three aspects of the labour market and their interrelationships"--Introd., p. [1].

Unemployment Problems

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Unemployment Problems
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