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Underwater Sydney

Author : Inke Falkner
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Admired all over the world and loved by locals for its natural beauty, Sydney Harbour is enjoyed by thousands of people every day. But rarely do we look below the surface where, beneath all the hustle and bustle, lively communities go about their business. With underwater forests and gardens, hundreds of species of fish and thousands of invertebrates, Sydney is as colourful and diverse below the water as it is above! Underwater Sydney celebrates Sydney’s incredible harbour and coast through eclectic stories and stunning underwater photography. It also explores the challenges the harbour is facing today after more than 200 years of coastal development and the role that marine science plays in maintaining the harbour’s health. Underwater Sydney will open your eyes to the rich marine life that makes the Sydney estuary and coast so special.

Underwater Cultural Heritage

Author : Elena Perez-Alvaro
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Underwater Cultural Heritage investigates cases of underwater cultural heritage, exploring ethical issues that have never been studied before. A vast cultural heritage lies beneath the sea, including the archaeological remains of more than three million vessels, as well as historic monuments and whole cities. In addition, climate change, population growth and current events around the world mean that new underwater cultural heritage is being created faster than ever before. It is, therefore, essential that the ethical issues related to the management of such heritage are considered now, especially as decisions made now will bestow the heritage with a value and will establish legal frameworks that could be used either to protect or harm underwater heritage in the future. Considering a range of challenges related to underwater cultural heritage - including preservation, management, use, sustainability, valuation, politics, identity, human rights, and intangible heritage - the book presents case studies that both illustrate the key ethical issues and also offer possible solutions to help navigate such challenges. The book will also explore the various legislative instruments protecting underwater cultural heritage and emphasise the importance of revising and updating legal frameworks, whilst also taking into account ethical concerns that may expose cultural heritage to more serious menaces. Underwater Cultural Heritage draws on case studies from around the globe and, as such, should be of great interest to academics, researchers and students working in heritage studies, archaeology, history, politics and sustainability. It should also be appealing to heritage practitioners and policymakers who want to learn more about the issues surrounding not only management of underwater cultural heritage but management of cultural heritage in general.

Underwater cultural heritage from World War I

Author : UNESCO
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Manual for Activities Directed at Underwater Cultural Heritage

Author : Thijs J. Maarleveld
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A Secret Life

Author : Laura Peyton Roberts
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It’s Sydney Bristow’s first mission–in Paris. Her first alias. Her first real enemy. Her first real crush. And her first big mistake. There are a lot of firsts for Sydney. But no second chances.

Encyclopaedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology

Author : James P. Delgado
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The theory and practice of underwater archaeology includes nearly every archaeological discipline from prehistoric archaeology to the modern era.

Underwater Welding Soudage sous l Eau

Author : H. Granjon
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Underwater Welding contains the proceedings of the International Conference held at Trondheim, Norway on June 27-28, 1983 under the auspices of the International Institute of Welding. The book separates the papers of the conference into Portevin Lecture, General Survey, and another four sections. The Portevin Lecture part explains welding under water and in the splash zone; while the General Survey part talks about the technologies, practices, and metallurgy of underwater welding. The four sections detail the wet and dry welding; inspection and performance; physical, metallurgical, and mechanical problems; as well as repair and other application of the process.

The Underwater Window

Author : Dan Stephenson
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Two swimmers, close friends and archrivals, chase after the same Olympic gold medal. Archie Hayes is the best swimmer in the world. Talent and luck have brought him Olympic medals, fame, money and women. Doyle Wilson has reached the end of his career with dreams unfulfilled, but he has a final chance in the 400 freestyle, in which Archie owns the world record. Doyle bets that hard work will enable him to beat Archie just once. He burns all his bridges to focus on his lone goal. But Doyle can't be single-minded. Archie is not just his nemesis - they're best friends. Danger lurks around every corner for Archie, a celebrity athlete with a reckless streak. On a training trip to Hawaii, when Archie is mauled by a wave while bodysurfing, Doyle sees his duty - a purpose in life that transcends self-interest and even friendship. Archie's incomparable talent must be preserved and nurtured, and only Doyle can do it. Though Archie's demise would liquidate the main obstacle in Doyle's path to greatness, Doyle rescues him. Repeatedly. Doyle's odyssey to the Olympics teaches him about true friendship and love, the meaning of sacrifice and overcoming obstacles.

Natural Physical Sources of Underwater Sound

Author : B.R. Kerman
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The generation of oceanic sound by natural physical mechanisms is a topic of scientific inquiry with a wide range of applications, both environmental and naval. Sound is generated by waves interacting, by waves breaking, by wind noise transmitted directly into, and by rain, snow and spray falling onto the water. Sound is also generated in frozen seas by ice either rubbing or cracking. This book contains the proceedings of an international conference `Natural Physical Sources of Underwater Sound' held at the University of Cambridge in July 1990. The contents of the 54 papers cover the topics of ambient noise, very low and seismic noise, noise from turbulence and bubbles singly and collectively, rain noise, ice noise, as well as thunder, cosmic ray and sea-bottom saltation. The material represents the considerable advances made by hydrodynamicists and acousticians since the first meeting on the topic held in Lerici, Italy in 1987, and published as a companion volume from Kluwer, entitled Sea Surface Sound. The material in both books is dedicated to characterizing and understanding natural, as opposed to man-made, mechanisms of underwater sound generation. Questions of propagation and scattering are included only as necessary to understanding generation itself. A reader interested either in a review of the status of this interdisciplinary field of geohydrodynamical acoustics, or with a general interest in natural acoustics, will find this book of great value.

Ports Annual

Author :
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Who Sank the Sydney

Author : Michael Montgomery
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In February 1941, HMAS Sydney, a glamour ship of the Royal Australian Navy in World War II, returned from the Mediterranean to a tumultuous welcome in Australia. The Sydney had crowned her service in that theatre of operations with the Royal Navy by sinking the Italian ship Bartolomeo Colleoni, described as the fastest cruiser in the world. Nine months later the Sydney had disappeared off the coast of Western Australia following an action against the German raider Kormoran. Three hundred and eight men from the Kormoran were eventually requested, but the Sydney's entire complement of six hundred and forty-five men was lost, making her the largest ship in the whole course of the War to go down with all hands. Survivors from the Kormoran at first talked of rowing towards her in the hope of being picked up and then seeing her blow up, but when they were reunited with their officers their story began to change.... In Who Sank The Sydney Michael Montgomery has pieced together hundreds if items of evidence gathered in four years research to provide solutions to the hitherto unanswered questions surrounding what the American historian Hanson Baldwin has described as 'the most curious incident of the seas'. Why were there no survivors from the Sydney and how did all trace of the cruiser disappear so quickly? How was the raider able to destroy the much larger and much more heavily armed cruiser? Was a Japanese submarine involved? Why did the Navy disown a body found three months later in a Carley float from the Sydney? Since this book was first published in Australia in 1981 much more evidence has come to light to support Michael Montgomery's theories of a major cover-up in high places. In particular, he demonstrates that the Navy suspected the Japanese involvement almost immediately, and that on November 26ty Churchill sent Roosevelt a telegram which coursed him to break off negotiations with Japan. Pearl Harbour followed a fortnight later; was the Sydney thus the “Lusitania” of World War II?

Dive Australia

Author : Peter Stone
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Experimental Robotics IX

Author : Marcelo H. Ang
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The International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER) is a series of bi-annual meetings which are organized in a rotating fashion around North America, Europe and Asia/Oceania. The goal of ISER is to provide a forum for research in robotics that focuses on novelty of theoretical contributions validated by experimental results. The meetings are conceived to bring together, in a small group setting, researchers from around the world who are in the forefront of experimental robotics research. This unique reference presents the latest advances across the various fields of robotics, with ideas that are not only conceived conceptually but also verified experimentally. It collects contributions on the current developments and new directions in the field of experimental robotics, which are based on the papers presented at the Ninth ISER held in Singapore.

An Indexed Bibliography of Underwater Archaeology and Related Topics

Author : John Sherwood Illsley
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This volume is an indexed bibliography of underwater archaeology and related topics. It covers a range of subjects, including shipbuilding and naval architecture, underwater archaeology, artefacts, conservation and archaeological sites.

Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Underwater Education November 4 5 6 7 1976 San Diego California

Author :
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A Guide to Skin Diving and Underwater Spearfishing

Author : Max L. Jones
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Mechatronic Systems 2004

Author : Reza Moheimani
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The Rough Guide to Sydney

Author : Margo Daly
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This edition features a colour section with photographs of Sydney's highlights. There is coverage of every attraction from catching a wave at Bondi to scaling the harbour bridge or watching a film under the stars. There are critical reviews of restaurants and accommodation plus the lowdown on the best places to drink, dance, swim and shop. It also covers the numerous day-trips that are possible from the city, including wine tasting in Hunter Valley, bushwalking in the Blue Mountains and cruising on the Hawkesbury River.

Sydney Architecture

Author : John Haskell
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Provides us with a wonderful insight into Sydney's finest and most interesting architecture. Superb photographs by John Callanan and delightful sketches by John Haskell combine to present a sophisticated picture of this stunning city. Designed as an introductory guide, Sydneysiders and tourists alike will discover unsuspected dimensions to our cultural heritage in this stylish new guide.

Gangland Sydney

Author : James Morton
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Gangland Sydney details the exploits of an unforgettable cast of villains, crooks and mobsters who have defined the criminal and gangland scene in Sydney from the mid-1800s to the present day.In this compelling book, Britain's top true crime author James Morton and barrister and legal broadcaster Susanna Lobez track the rise and fall of Sydney's standover men, contract killers, robbers, brothel keepers, biker gangs and drug dealers, and also examine the role of police, politicians and lawyers who have helped and hindered the growth of these criminal empires.Vivid and explosive, Gangland Sydney is compulsive reading.