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Understanding Holocausts

Author : Bad Posturee
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This book is about the study of holocausts which in turn is really the study of what happens to a country when it loses a war. Holocausts tend to occur 40 or 80 years after a country has lost a war. The most recent example of a holocaust is the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 which took place 79 years after Rwanda was conquered by the Belgians in 1915 during World War I.

International Investment Law Understanding Concepts and Tracking Innovations A Companion Volume to International Investment Perspectives

Author : OECD
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A comprehensive source of information on four key issues: the definition of investor and investment; the interpretation of umbrella clauses in investment agreements; coverage of environmental, labour and anti-corruption issues; and the interaction between investment and services chapters in RTAs.

Understanding U S Latin American Relations

Author : Mark Eric Williams
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This book examines U.S.–Latin American relations from an historical, contemporary, and theoretical perspective. By drawing examples from the distant and more recent past—and interweaving history with theory—Williams illustrates the enduring principles of International Relations theory and provides students the conceptual tools to make sense of inter-American relations. It is a masterful guide for how to organize facts, think systematically about issues, weigh competing explanations, and confidently draw your own conclusions regarding the past, present, and future of international politics in the region.

Exam Prep for Understanding Bolivia A Travellers History

Author :
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The Bolivian Revolution and the United States 1952 to the Present

Author : James F. Siekmeier
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"A study of United States-Bolivian in the post-World War II era. Explores attempts by Bolivian revolutionary leaders to both secure United States assistance and to obtain time and space to develop their policies and plans"--Provided by publisher.

Understanding the Other American Republics

Author : Zoe Agnes Thralls
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Author : International Monetary Fund
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The staff report for the Sixth Review under the Stand-By Arrangement and Requests for Waiver of Performance Criteria on Bolivia highlights economic developments and preliminary macroeconomic framework. The economy is characterized by a number of vulnerabilities that require policy vigilance. These include a highly dollarized financial system subject to deposit runs and a fiscal position sensitive to revenue/expenditure-sharing arrangements between the central and subnational governments. Policies to ensure continued macroeconomic stability will provide continuity and a framework for sound policy action by the successor government.

Understanding Mineral Deposits

Author : Kula Misra
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The challenge of finding new orebodies to satisfy the ever increasing demands for mineral commodities has to be met, in addition to improved techniques of exploration, mining, extraction, and management, by a better understanding of the geologic setting and genesis of the various classes of mineral deposits. A substantial part of the book is devoted to a discussion, with appropriate examples, of principles that govern the formation of mineral deposits and the various kinds of field and laboratory data that can be used to interpret their genesis. The rest of the book discusses the characteristics of selected classes of deposits, their relationship with the crustal evolution in space and time, and on the application of available data to the formulation of viable genetic models that provide the basis for exploration strategies. Audience: The book is intended as a text for an introductory course in economic geology at senior undergraduate and graduate levels, but it should also serve as a useful information resource for professional economic geologists.

Bridges to Understanding

Author : Linda Pavonetti
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This annotated bibliography, with descriptions of nearly 700 books representing more than 70 countries, provides stories that will help children understand our differences while simultaneously demonstrating our common humanity.

Beyond the Revolution

Author : James Malloy
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Ten original essays discuss changes in the life, politics, and culture of Bolivia since the revolution of 1952.

Seismic Observations

Author : Bolivia
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Understanding Countries Tax Effort

Author : Mr. Ricardo Fenochietto
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This paper presents a model to determine the tax effort and tax capacity of 113 countries and the main variables on which they depend. The results and the model allow a clear determination of which countries are near their tax capacity and which are some way from it, and therefore, could increase their tax revenue. This paper also determines central factors on which tax capacity depends: the level of development, trade, education, inflation, income distribution, corruption, and the ease of tax collection.

Understanding Church Growth

Author : Donald A. McGavran
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Author Donald A. McGavran is considered a founder of the Church Growth Movement in America. In this 3rd edition of his standard work, McGavaran analyzes the causes, methods and strategies for successful church growth both in America and abroad.

Understanding Historical and Contemporary Bolivian Society

Author : Claire R. Weybright Feuer
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Understanding Tahrir Square

Author : Stephen R. Grand
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Amid the current turmoil in the Middle East, Understanding Tahrir Square sounds a rare optimistic note. Surveying countries in other parts of the world during their transitions to democracy, author Stephen Grand argues that the long-term prospects in many parts of the Arab world are actually quite positive. If the current polarization and political violence in the region can be overcome, democracy will eventually take root. The key to this change will likely be ordinary citizens—foremost among them the young protestors of the Arab Spring who have filled the region's public spaces—most famously, Egypt's Tahrir Square. The book puts the Arab Spring in comparative perspective. It reveals how globalization and other changes are upending the expectations of citizens everywhere about the relationship between citizen and state. Separate chapters examine the experiences of countries in the former Eastern bloc, in the Muslim-majority states of Asia, in Latin America, and in Sub-Saharan Africa during the recent Third Wave of democratization. What these cases show is that, at the end of the day, democracy requires democrats. Many complex factors go into making a democracy successful, such as the caliber of its political leaders, the quality of its constitution, and the design of its political institutions. But unless there is clear public demand for new institutions to function as intended, political leaders are unlikely to abide by the limits those institutions impose. If American policymakers want to support the brave activists struggling to bring democracy to the Arab world, helping them cultivate an effective political constituency for democracy—in essence, growing the Tahrir Square base—should be the lodestar of U.S. assistance.

The Art and Politics of Bolivian Cinema

Author : Sànchez-H., José
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In Bolivia, politics have always shaped art, particularly when it comes to film. This book presents Bolivia's most significant filmmakers largely in their own words.

Strengthening Bolivian Competitiveness

Author : Yaye Sakho
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The government of Bolivia seeks to reinvigorate the nontraditional export sector as part of its national development strategy. This Country Study investigates the role that trade should play in Bolivia s development strategy, given the country s rich resource endowment, and examines the lessons of Bolivia s integration into the global economy. Considering the past links between trade and Bolivia s economy, the study analyzes the impact of different scenarios on growth, employment, trade flows, and poverty; it also evaluates barriers to higher export competitiveness and constraints on exporting firms. The study concludes that preferential access to world markets is necessary but not sufficient for success in nontraditional exports. Efficient services are necessary to reduce exporters costs, and the government should be more proactive in laying the foundation for export diversification, increasing the effectiveness of institutions, and addressing impediments to crossborder trade.

Mobilizing Bolivia s Displaced

Author : Nicole Fabricant
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The election of Evo Morales as Bolivia's president in 2005 made him his nation's first indigenous head of state, a watershed victory for social activists and Native peoples. El Movimiento Sin Tierra (MST), or the Landless Peasant Movement, played a significant role in bringing Morales to power. Following in the tradition of the well-known Brazilian Landless movement, Bolivia's MST activists seized unproductive land and built farming collectives as a means of resistance to large-scale export-oriented agriculture. In Mobilizing Bolivia's Displaced, Nicole Fabricant illustrates how landless peasants politicized indigeneity to shape grassroots land politics, reform the state, and secure human and cultural rights for Native peoples. Fabricant takes readers into the personal spaces of home and work, on long bus rides, and into meetings and newly built MST settlements to show how, in response to displacement, Indigenous identity is becoming ever more dynamic and adaptive. In addition to advancing this rich definition of indigeneity, she explores the ways in which Morales has found himself at odds with Indigenous activists and, in so doing, shows that Indigenous people have a far more complex relationship to Morales than is generally understood.

Increasing Formality and Productivity of Bolivian Firms

Author : The World Bank
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Bolivia s informal economic sector is the largest in Latin America and has been attributed to many factors including the burden of regulations, the weakness of public institutions, and the lack of perceived benefits to formality. 'Increasing Formality and Productivity of Bolivian Firms' presents fresh qualitative and quantitative analyses to help understand the reasons why firms are informal and the impact of formalization on their profitability, in order to better inform appropriate policies. A crucial finding of the study is that the impact of tax registration on profitability depends on firm size and the ability to issue tax receipts. The smallest and largest firms have lower profits as a result of tax registration because their cost of formalizing exceeds benefits. The study concludes by recommending policy priorities to increase the benefits of formalization through information, training, access to credit and markets, and business support. Longer-term policy recommendations include simplifying formalization, regulatory, and taxation procedures and reducing their costs, as well as measures to boost the productivity of small and micro firms.

Local Institutions Poverty and Household Welfare in Bolivia

Author : Christiaan Grootaert
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