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Undercover War

Author : Harry McCallion
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When British troops first deployed to Northern Ireland in 1969, to halt the threat of a new rising force - the Provisional Irish Republican Army - they could not have known that the longest campaign in the British Army's history was beginning. While patrols, vehicle bombs and incendiary speeches are the defining memories of the Troubles, the real war was fought out of sight and out of mind. For thirty years, Britain's Special Forces waged a ferocious, secretive struggle against a ruthless and implacable enemy. Harry McCallion offers a unique insight into nearly every major military action and operation in the Province, having served seven tours with the Parachute Regiment, passed selection for 14 Intelligence Company, completed six years with the SAS anti-terrorism team, and joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary, receiving two commendations for bravery during his service. This book is his blistering account of the history of Britain's war against the IRA between 1970 and 1988 - the most murderous years of the conflict - drawn from his own operational experience and backed by first-hand accounts and unpublished documents. From new insights into high-profile killings and riveting accounts of enemy contact, to revelations about clandestine missions and strategies in combating a merciless enemy, Undercover War is the definitive inside story of the battle against the IRA, one of the most dangerous and effective terrorist organisations in recent history.

MacArthur s Undercover War

Author : William B. Breuer
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Guadalcanal . . . Midway . . . the battle for the Philippines. In each of these critical conflicts, intelligence played a crucial role in bringing about an Allied victory. General MacArthur's brilliant Pacific campaign was designed around espionage and guerrilla warfare. This is the story of his undercover war. Praise for William B. Breuer's Previous Works... "An exciting narrative presented by a first-rate story teller." —Publishers Weekly on The Great Raid on Cabanatuan "A first-class historian." —The Wall Street Journal "Another smasher by Breuer, who specializes in thrilling reports of WWII spycraft and warfare." —Kirkus Reviews on Race to the Moon "Fast-paced, detailed, and satisfyingly dramatic." —World War II magazine on Devil Boats "Vivid . . . skillfully written." —Los Angeles Times on Retaking the Philippines "Brings to life how airborne soldiers survived, how the human will prevails . . . against overwhelming enemies, tactical failures, and even death." —The New York Times on Geronimo: American Paratroopers in World War II MACARTHUR'S UNDERCOVER WAR The covert war General Douglas MacArthur waged against Japanese forces in the Pacific arena was the largest undercover operation ever undertaken. Here, for the first time, is the complete story of the legendary exploits and heroism of the thousands of courageous individuals who fought as spies, guerrillas, propagandists, and saboteurs behind enemy lines. When the Japanese war juggernaut overran the Philippines, it took a near miraculous PT-boat escape for MacArthur to make his way to safety in Australia. He left behind a force of seventy thousand American and Philippine troops marooned on the Bataan Peninsula. To these brave men the general vowed, "I shall return." Against overwhelming odds, MacArthur succeeded. Crucial to his success was his massive covert war effort. MacArthur created his own undercover warfare agency, the super-secret Allied Intelligence Bureau (AIB), to organize the many far-flung resistance groups. They were the coast watchers—jungle-wise miners, traders and planters, missionaries, and telegraph operators who occupied remote Pacific islands, living in the most primitive conditions while keeping a constant vigil for Japanese movement. They were American soldiers who escaped the Bataan Peninsula and were commanding guerrilla armies in the interior mountain and jungle locations of the Philippines. And they were double agents operating right under the noses of the Japanese in Manila, occupying positions close to the Imperial Army and in the collaborationist Philippine government. The phenomenal success of MacArthur's island-hopping "hit-'em-where-they-ain't" campaign was built on the accuracy of the intelligence gathered by the AIB. Early in the conflict, the Americans cracked the secret Japanese naval code and established a chain of intelligence radio-monitoring posts circling the Japanese empire from Alaska to Australia. The information garnered from their interceptions of Japanese transmissions and from operatives on the ground allowed MacArthur to pick soft targets—islands the Japanese had left relatively unguarded—for invasion. It was the steel nerves and unbounded resourcefulness of those who fought the secret war that paved the way for MacArthur's "Great Return" to the Philippines and saved the lives of countless American soldiers. In an action-packed narrative, MacArthur's Undercover War tells of thrilling feats of valor and derring-do—impossible missions to blow up harbors, kidnap heads of state, undermine currency, and arrange prison escapes, all deep within enemy territory. Firsthand interviews with veterans and information from previously unpublished documents reveal a riveting tale of World War II that has never been fully told.

Nazi Spies in America

Author : William B. Breuer
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Journal of Special Operations Medicine

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World Marxist Review

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Death of a Hero

Author : John Parker
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Captain Robert Nairac was a brilliantly successful undercover operative in the British Army, with a string of intelligence coups in the war against the IRA. But, until this book, the nature of his operations and the story of his betrayal and murder have remained shrouded in mystery. John Parker - author of a bestselling official history of the Special Boat Section - has obtained unprecedented co-operation from very senior Army sources, and from Nairac's friends and family, to reveal the truth behind the secret war in Northern Ireland - and the ferocious rivalry between MI5 and MI6 that contributed to Nairac's death. This book is a tribute to the heroism of Nairac and all those in Northern Ireland who gave their lives in the battle against terrorism.

The Ghost Warriors

Author : Samuel M. Katz
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The untold story of the Ya'mas, Israel's special forces undercover team that infiltrated Palestinian terrorist strongholds during the Second Intifada. It was the deadliest terror campaign ever mounted against a nation in modern times: the al-Aqsa, or Second, Intifada. This is the untold story of how Israel fought back with an elite force of undercover operatives, drawn from the nation's diverse backgrounds and ethnicities--and united in their ability to walk among the enemy as no one else dared. Beginning in late 2000, as black smoke rose from burning tires and rioters threw rocks in the streets, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Arafat's Palestinian Authority embarked on a strategy of sending their terrorists to slip undetected into Israel's towns and cities to set the country ablaze, unleashing suicide attacks at bus stops, discos, pizzerias--wherever people gathered. But Israel fielded some of the most capable and cunning special operations forces in the world. The Ya'mas, Israel National Police Border Guard undercover counterterrorists special operations units, became Israel's eyes-on-target response. Launched on intelligence provided by the Shin Bet, indigenous Arabic-speaking Dovrim, or "Speakers," operating in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza infiltrated the treacherous confines where the terrorists lived hidden in plain sight, and set the stage for the intrepid tactical specialists who often found themselves under fire and outnumbered in their effort to apprehend those responsible for the carnage inside Israel. This is their compelling true story: a tale of daring and deception that could happen only in the powder keg of the modern Middle East. INCLUDES PHOTOGRAPHS AND MAPS

150 Days of Hell

Author : Jose Villanueva Agdamag
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Undercover Washington

Author : Pamela Kessler
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Offers a guided tour through Washington, D. C. and nearby Virginia and Maryland leads to more than seventy dropsites, safehouses, graveyards, mansions, museums, secure government offices, and restaurant rendezvous where the spy game has been played, from George Washington through today's war on terrorism.

War on Terror Inc

Author : Solomon Hughes
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A critical assessment of the practices of commercial military suppliers who have profited from the War on Terror evaluates the relationships between political decision-makers and wartime commercial ventures, the wartime contributions of private contractors, and the moral issues associated with wartime profit making.

The World at War 1939 1945

Author : William E. Scott
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An extraordinarily detailed reference book, The World At War: 1939-1945 offers the reader an in-depth guide to the greatest conflict of the 20th Century. Meticulously researched with over 1,200 identifications and a bibliography of over 4,000 sources, the book examines the people, places, and events that changed our world forever. William Scott spent three years carefully researching and compiling the information for this book. He worked exclusively from military archives and university libraries to produce this one of a kind World War II reference book. Including an easy to follow chronology of events, a list of military and naval abbreviations, and an organizational chart of U.S. Army units, The World At War: 1939-1945 is a must for military historians, academics, history buffs, and veterans.

International Law and the Changing Character of War

Author : Raul A. Pedrozo
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NOTE: NO FURTHER DISCOUNT FOR THIS PRINT PRODUCT -OVERSTOCK SALE -- Significantly reduced list price Contains a compilation of scholarly papers and remarks derived from the proceedings of a conference hosted at the Naval War College on June 22-24, 2010 entitled "International Law and the Changing Character of War." The objectives of the conference were to catalogue the extent to whichh existing international law governs these changing aspects of warfare and to assess whether these developments warrant revision of existing international law. Related products: The United States Naval War College Fundamentals of War Gaming --Hardcover format can be found here: https: // -- Paperback format can be found here: https: // Weapon of Choice: U.S. Army Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan can be found here: https: // Civilian Surge: Key to Complex Operations can be found here: https: // Operational Culture for the Warfighter: Principles and Applications can be found here: https: // Applications in Operational Culture: Perspectives From the Field can be found here: https: // Other products produced by the U.S. Naval War College can be found here: https: //"

A Multicultural Portrait of World War I

Author : Michael V. Uschan
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Describes the history of World War I, focusing on the lives of African Americans, Native Americans, and women

Irish Volunteers in the Second World War

Author : Richard Doherty
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This volume describes the contributions of Irish volunteers during WWII. Doherty (affiliation not cited) recounts the experiences of infantry soldiers, sailors with the merchant marine, artillery gunners, pilots, civilians, and prisoners of war. Coverage extends to the stories of those few who allie

Love Sex and War

Author : John Costello
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Essential Guide to World War II

Author : W. L. O'Neill
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Democracies at War Against Terrorism

Author : Samy Cohen
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This book deals with the difficulty democracies face in conducting asymmetric warfare in highly populated areas without violating international humanitarian law. On numerous occasions, democratic nations have been singled out by human rights NGOs for the brutality of their modus operandi, for their inadequate attention to the protection of civilian populations, or for acts of abuse or torture on prisoners. Why do they perpetrate these violations? Do they do so intentionally or unintentionally? Can democracies combat irregular armed groups without violating international law? When their population is under threat, do they behave as non-democracies would? Does this type of war inevitably produce war crimes on a more or less massive scale?

Undercover Investigation

Author : J. Kirk Barefoot
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This book is a practical guide for police and security directors on the development and management of an inhouse undercover investigation. The work is designed to serve as a training manual for those new to undercover work.

The international journal of intelligence and counterintelli

Author :
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Political Leaders and Military Figures of the Second World War

Author : Steven D. Chambers
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This bibliography is a compilation of approximately 3500 English-language works by and about the major political leaders and military figures of the Second World War. The bibliography is intended to aid librarians in answering reference questions concerning what works are available on a certain individual; to aid graduate and undergraduate students in researching potential historical topics; and to aid the general reader in choosing a good biography of a particular individual.