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Under Twin Suns

Author : James Chambers
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In this anthology of weird fiction, twenty-two authors share their harrowing visions of worlds shaped by the Yellow Sign, in stories and poems inspired by Robert W. Chambers's foundational works of weird horror. From the personal to the historic, from the macabre to the fantastic, the stories and poems gathered here illuminate new, unexpected realities shaped by the King in Yellow, under the sway of the Yellow Sign, or in the grip of madnesses inspired by their power. Authors included: Marc Abbott - Linda D. Addison - Meghan Arcuri - Greg Chapman - JG Faherty - Trevor Firetog - Patrick Freivald - Carol Gyzander - Todd Keisling - John Langan - Curtis Lawson - Adrian Ludens - Lisa Morton - Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. - Sarah Read - Kathleen Scheiner - Ann K. Schwader - Darrell Schweitzer - J. Daniel Stone - Steven Van Patten - Tim Waggoner - Kaaron Warren Robert W. Chambers's classic work of weird fiction, The King in Yellow (1895), contained two stories that have exercised wide influence in the genre. "The Repairer of Reputations" introduced the world to The King in Yellow, a play in two acts, banned for its reputed power to drive mad anyone who reads its complete text. Another story, "The Yellow Sign," used the experiences of an artist and his model to elaborate on the mythos of the Yellow King, the Yellow Sign, and their danger to all who encounter them. In those tales Chambers crafted fascinating glimpses of a cosmos populated by conspiracies, government-sanctioned suicide chambers, haunted artists, premonitions of death, unreliable narrators-and dark, enigmatic occurrences tainted by the alien world of Carcosa, where the King rules in his tattered yellow mantle. In Carcosa, black stars rise and Cassilda and Camilla speak and sing. In Carcosa, eyes peer from within pallid masks to gaze across Lake Hali at the setting of twin suns.

The Twin Suns

Author : Cecil Cory
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Ancient technology was discovered in the Kuiper belt. Scientific research teams gathered from Earth, the Federation of Colonies on Mars, and the Lunar Federation of States to study the ancient technology. Karl and Amy Artuso applied and they were chosen from thousands of other applicants for the expedition. With the discovery of the hidden caves on Pluto, the corporation felt that it was within limits to send this family along with others to explore the region. Karl and Amy packed up their four children and told them that they were going on a great journey. During their research, Karl found and repaired a small maintenance ship. He persuaded the director of operations to allow him test fly the small ship. Amy convinced him to allow her to accompany him on the test flight. The personnel of the research center watched as they darted out into space. Then they suddenly disappeared from the Sol system and entered the Twin Suns system. Little did they know what lay before them would change all of their lives.

One Last Battle for the Twin Suns

Author : Cecil Cory
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Robert Artuso and his family chased Monroe and Gates across the Sol system to the Kuiper belt where they were ambushed and stranded. They were able to survive the initiate attacks by Monroe’s men and help save the research staff. During this action, Jack stumbles on the control room and briefly talks to his parents. He convinces his brother’s and sister that he has talked to them and convinces them to go with him to see for themselves. Here they find that their parents are alive and living in another star system. With the aid of the inhabitants of the Twin Sun System, they have to find a way to stop Monroe and Gates from finding the fleet and retuning to inner system.

In Search of the Twin Suns

Author : Cecil Cory
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Robert Artuso’s life had collapsed around him. Out of a job and looking for employment, he turned to his brother John. Their other brother Jack had received orders from a family nemesis, which would change their family’s lives. Convinced by Jack to return to work for the corporation, Robert and John are joined by their sister Kathy, who feels she needs closure over the loss of their parents in the Kuiper belt. They leave their home behind and try to hold their lives together finding love and death along the way. Bernard Gates was the grandsons of the founder of the corporation. His father had been removed from the board of directors. His holdings and wealth were vast and with his sudden death, Bernard Gates inherited it all. However, he wanted his family legacy back. With his boyhood friend, Bob Monroe, he found his chance. Bob Monroe did not want to rule the known universe just the space military. His hatred of the Artuso family boiled inside until he and his friend found the right moment for his revenge.

A Meeting with the Federation

Author : Cecil Cory
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The Twin Suns system young warriors were learning to use the new technology they had found. Their numbers were expanding and with the alliance between the Triskelia and the Cawte. Expectations were high that common ground could be established between the two species. The decision by the new Warrior Council was to leave their home and move as quickly as possible to the new worlds in orbit around the smaller of the two suns. To this end, the students were called upon to provide the knowledge necessary to move the populations off the planet along with all life forms. However, the new Federation had problems of its own that affected how the Twins Suns system was going survive. Several factions tried to establish control of the Federation. Their struggle led to their indecisiveness to support the Twin Suns system in its attempt to relocate to their new worlds. In addition, their disbelief that Monroe was going to return led them to believe that they did not need to worry about an alliance with the system.

Star Wars Everyday

Author : Insight Editions
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Join Ashley Eckstein and live your best Star Wars life, with this 12-month guide to party planning, crafting, and cooking inspired by a galaxy from far, far away! She may be the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but first and foremost, Ashley Eckstein is a lifelong fan of the Star Wars galaxy—a passion that led her to start the fangirl fashion brand Her Universe, and become a pillar of the Star Wars fan community. Now, you can celebrate your fandom with Ashley, as she shows you how to bring Star Wars into your everyday life, with this unique lifestyle book! CELEBRATE STAR WARS WITH ASHLEY ECKSTEIN: This book is a delightful exploration of Star Wars fandom from one of the galaxy’s most positive and inspirational fangirls. THE ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE BOOK FOR STAR WARS FANS: Ashley herself guides you through crafting projects, recipes, mindfulness exercises, and party planning ideas that are fun and accessible for Star Wars fans of any age. YEARLONG ACTIVITIES: Designed to be used throughout the year, this book features family friendly activities that are organized by monthly themes, such as Hope, Friendship, and Adventure. PERFECT FOR YOU AND YOUR PADAWAN: A great gift for families obsessed with Star Wars, this book is a fantastic way to create engaging galactic adventures for both parents and children. COMPLETE YOUR STAR WARS COLLECTION: This book stands alongside fan-favorite titles such as Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook.


Author : Graham Fulbright
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If you relish writing which pushes the envelope with the unconventional, Snowcub is for you. Graham Fulbright has struck gold with his quintet of soft animal toys and their shared dreamstate metamorphoses into sharp-minded, flesh-and-blood creatures. Whereas Moby Dick’s creator thought domesticated dogs and horses Man’s cleverest mind readers, Graham looks to the wild side for nature’s shrewdest judges of human nature. But he also rings the changes, putting words into the mouths and beaks of creatures unable to think straight because of unwittingly parodying humankind. And, as is often the case with Graham, language comes under the microscope. There’s no shying away from the fact that the main thrust of this novel will sit uneasily on some readers’ consciences. An intrepid teenager has thrown down the gauntlet: face up to the inconvenient truth that most of us think animals exist to do with as we see fit. Last but not least, let’s not forget the creature after whom this novel is named. You will be hard put not to warm to the furry protagonist and his quest for self-realisation as he grapples with doubts, fears and aspirations mirroring your own. Under this heroic creature’s leadership and armed with lessons learnt from their encounters with animal life across the globe the novel’s five goodwill ambassadors become a young girl's mental support agents in defence of the planet’s threatened fauna.

Cinema Alchemist

Author : Roger Christian
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For the first time, Oscar-winning production designer and director Roger Christian reveals his life story, from his earliest work in the British film industry to his breakthrough contributions on such iconic science fiction masterpieces as Star Wars, Alien and his own rediscovered Black Angel. This candid biography delves into his relationships with legendary figures, as well as the secrets of his greatest work. The man who built the lightsaber finally speaks!

Extraterrestrial Life

Author : NASA Scientific and Technical Information Facility
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Crown of Bones

Author : A.K. Wilder
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Raise. Your. Phantom. In a world on the brink of the next Great Dying, no amount of training can prepare us for what is to come. A young heir will raise the most powerful phantom in all of Baiseen. A dangerous High Savant will do anything to control the nine realms. A mysterious and deadly Mar race will steal children into the sea. And a handsome guide with far too many secrets will make me fall in love. My name is Ash. A lowly scribe meant to observe and record. And yet I might be destined to surprise us all... The Amassia series is best enjoyed in order. Reading Order: Book #1 Crown of Bones Book #2 Curse of Shadows