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An Unavoidable Delay and Other Stories

Author : Diana Athill
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Choice of a Warning Signal Preceding Unavoidable Shock with Four Signal shock Intervals and Two Shock Intensities

Author : Joan S. Lockard
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From the Unthinkable to the Unavoidable

Author : Carol Rittner
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Well-known scholars of the Holocaust reflect on why they began to study the Holocaust and how their thinking has changed over the years.

The Unavoidable Hierarchy

Author : Michael Hatfield
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The Unavoidable Hierarchy provides an analysis of why, in virtually every organization, members advance or decline in standing for reasons that have little or nothing to do with their merit. Michael Hatfield explains how this dynamic can be observed and analyzed, and insights gleaned from the analysis. With organizations struggling to meet the aspirations of their employees; ill-equipped or patently inappropriate individuals failing in executive posts and need for businesses to be at the top of their game, The Unavoidable Hierarchy is a timely and important book for all managers, particularly those concerned with the human dynamics of the business. Michael Hatfield draws on advancements in Game Theory, Network Theory, Organizational Behavior and Performance Management concepts to capture and evaluate the (previously unarticulated) influencing factors behind the game of corporate snakes and ladders. The resulting analysis will help you identify how these factors manifest as strategies and tactics within the organization, meaning that effective countermeasures can be derived from such an analysis. Whilst these factors are likely to remain ubiquitous, the author’s focus includes ideas and strategies for mitigating their impact and making changes at the level of both the individual and the organization.

An Unavoidable Death

Author : Peggy Rohlman Lee
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There's big trouble at County Metro Hospital. Kate Peters has just reported Dr. Timothy O'Rourke for bad practice and she suspects him of murdering his patients. Unfortunately, he is murdered that very night and the evidence in her office points to her as the number one suspect. She enlists the help of her best friend, Jennifer Smythe, Assistant DA to help the two cops assigned to the case, Burt Connors and Eddie Bolinski to clear her name and find the murderer. The suspects keep piling up and Kate is ready to reveal a few secrets of her own, but then someone attempts to kill her. Her friends realize they must act quickly to find the murderer before Kate becomes the next victim.

Unavoidable Fates

Author : Alexandria Blaelock
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Do you believe in fate or free will? Is your fate fixed and unchangeable? Or would you do whatever you could to change it? Tragic or comic, is there a fate worse than death? Is that perhaps being destined for greatness? Do you courageously accept or fearfully reject your destiny? In a world not so different from our own, even the Fates question their places in the universe. In this collection of fantastical Fate’s Bookshop stories, you’ll see where fate can take you. • Fate of the Fates - Will Claudia break up the team and go it alone? • Fate or Foe - Deirdre doesn’t want to marry a stranger, but does she have it in her to change her fate? • Fate in Your Hands - His holiday over, Erik is going home to complete his Military Service. Will he pay the price for changing his destiny? • It Must be Fate - Laura meets the god of her dreams, but can he win her over? • Charging into Fate - On a whim, Marguerite visits the last bookshop for 1,000 km. Is her fate nearby? • Embracing Fate - Agatha meets a young woman determined to meet her destiny; can she change her mind? This collection of short stories will leave you questioning your place in the universe.

The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin

Author : Steven Levenson
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Tom Durnin did the time for his white-collar crime. Now, he's determined to win back the respect he believes he deserves—even if that means ripping apart the new life his family has so carefully put together in his absence. Tom's son warily allows his father to camp out on his couch, hoping the man who let everyone down has finally turned a new page. After a lifetime of empty promises, can Tom find a place in a family that has worked so hard to move on without him? Steven Levenson gives us this funny, raw and moving play about the price we pay for defaulting on those we love.

Carryover in feed and transfer from feed to food of unavoidable and unintended residues of approved veterinary drugs

Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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Carryover of veterinary drugs in feed can occur during feed processing, handling, transportation, delivery or in feeding animals on-farm. The risk of unavoidable and unintentional veterinary drug residues from feed carryover and/or transfer from feed to food of animal origin is unacceptable when it causes adverse health effects in target and/or non-target animals and/or humans consuming food originating from these animals. If carryover is not properly managed, contaminated feed can directly harm species that are sensitive to the unintended veterinary drug they consume, and /or can result in residues in food of animal origin such as meat, milk and eggs that render them unsafe for human consumption. Even if residues are not a safety hazard, they can pose regulatory and global trade issue as countries/markets may enforce a “zero” tolerance for residues when appropriate maximum residue limits have not been established. Upon request of the Codex Committee on Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods (CCRVDF), FAO and WHO convened an Expert Meeting to review the causes of veterinary drug carryover in animal feed and the transfer from feed to food, as well as the known risks to human health and international trade, and suggest appropriate risk management strategies. This report shows the results of the expert discussions, conclusions and recommendations.

Unavoidable Industrial Restructuring in Latin America

Author : Fernando Fajnzylber
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In the recent economic history of Latin America no country has yet found the means to combine effectively economic growth with equity. Unavoidable Industrial Restructuring in Latin America compares the development path of Latin America with that of the East Asian newly industrialized countries (NICs), the United States, and Europe in the 1970s and 1980s to show the national policies and international cooperation necessary to set Latin American countries on the road to healthy economies. Fernando Fajnzylber argues that technological and industrial progress is the driving force of a positive relationship among dynamism, competitiveness, austerity, and equity. Latin America's failure to master this technological progress underlies its economic difficulties. To overcome the inheritance of past mistakes, the author maintains, Latin America must undergo not only macroeconomic stabilization and a reduction of the debt burden, but also a complete transformation of the production structure. The role of the state and the institutional setup need to be modified and new social and sectoral policies devised. Fajnzylber sees this radical restructuring as an unavoidable step if Latin America is ever to achieve a workable balance between growth and equity.

Growth and Crisis Unavoidable Connection

Author : Mr.Roberto Piazza
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In emerging economies periods of rapid growth and large capital inflows can be followed by sudden stops and financial crises. I show that, in the presence of financial markets imperfections, a simple modification of a neoclassical growth model can account for these facts. I study a growth model for a small open economy where decreasing marginal returns to capital appear only after the country has reached a threshold level of development, which is uncertain. Limited enforceability of contracts allows default on international debt. International investors optimally choose to suddenly restrict lending when the appearance of decreasing marginal returns slows down growth. The economy defaults and enters a financial crisis.