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Typologies and Taxonomies

Author : Kenneth D. Bailey
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How do we group different subjects on a variety of variables? Should we use a classification procedure in which only the concepts are classified (typology), one in which only empirical entities are classified (taxonomy), or a combination of both? Kenneth D Bailey addresses these questions and shows how classification methods can be used to improve research. Beginning with an exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of classification procedures, the book covers topics such as: clustering procedures including agglomerative and divisive methods; the relationship among various classification techniques; how clustering methods compare with related statistical techniques; classification resources; and software packages fo

Special Issue Typologies and Taxonomies of Family Businesses

Author : Donald O. Neubaum
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Author : Danny Miller
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Security Systems Some Taxonomies and Typologies

Author : Leon Hiram Weaver
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Key Concepts in Sport Management

Author : Dr. Terri Byers
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"An accessible and different guide for students and practitioners alike... I'm sure that it will become a standard reference text for sports management" - Peter Taylor, Sport Industry Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University "A must have introductory reference guide for graduate and undergraduate sport management students" - Paul M. Pedersen, Indiana University "Provides students, practitioners and researchers in the field of sport management with a valuable compilation of sensitizing concepts, definitions and interesting references" - Michel van Slobbe, European Sport Management Quarterly Sharp, clear and relevant this book meets the needs of those studying and researching within the growing discipline of sport management. The intelligently cross-referenced entries provide a concise overview of the key concepts in the field guiding you through the important debates, sources and research methods in the management and delivery of sport. The book introduces readers to the concepts at the centre of their studies; it suggests relevant further reading and thoughts for future research and applies academic theory to business and organizational problems in a real-world context. Written for students, academics and practitioners the entries are designed to meet study needs and include: Clear definitions Comprehensive examples Practical applications Effective research methods.

Knowledge Organization

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History Society and Polity

Author : Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya
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Includes a comparison with Karl Marx.

Social service review

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The Review of Archaeology

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Cross cultural Typologies and Folk Taxonomies

Author : Charles Frederick Voegelin
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An Analysis of Major Symptomatic and Etiological Taxonomies of Depression

Author : Kenneth Alan Raven
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The Korean Journal of Policy Studies

Author :
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Strategies in Global Industries

Author : Allen J. Morrison
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Morrison studied 115 global U.S. companies with average annual sales of over $940 million to develop this myth-busting monograph. The volume is filled with well-researched facts and concepts that are readily applicable to the contemporary marketplace where international trade and competitiveness are issues of critical concern. Twenty-six figures graphically display information relating to strategy classification, research methodology, global industries, key business unit characteristics, strategy types and dimensions in global, industries, and more. Morrison develops a comprehensive model of business strategies that is a prescription for increasing the competitiveness of U.S. companies. He argues that many U.S. firms misperceive global industry opportunities and, as a consequence, pursue strategies that may suboptimize performance. Indeed, he found little actual evidence that U.S. businesses are competitive on a global scale.

The Social Nature of Space

Author : Bernd Hamm
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The Taxonomy of Ground Stone Woodworking Tools

Author : Quentin Mackie
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A multivariate study of approximately 1,500 ground stone tools (celts) from the Coast Salishan cultural area of British Columbia, Canada, forms the basis of this book. The traditional and often unthinking quest to find types within this largely unclassified class of material formed the starting point to the author's work. When statistical methods failed to discriminate betweenn typological groups, Mackie was forced to think more creatively about the behavioural environment of their use., especially how use-life would alter shape. This book is therefore both a study of stone tools and an exploration into archaeological systematics which problematises the manic classificatory zeal which is such a peculiar feature of most archaeologists.

The Presidency and Public Policy

Author : Robert Spitzer
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Spitzer's classic study of presidential power, The Presidency and Public Policy examines the annual domestic legislative programs of US presidents from 1954-1974 to show how and in what ways the characteristics of their proposals affected their success in dealing with Congress (success being defined as Congress's passing the presidents' legislative proposals in the forms offered). Presidential skills matter, but Spitzer demonstrates that the successful application of those skills is relatively easy for some policies and next to impossible for others. Certain consistent patterns predominate regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, and to a great extent those patterns prescribe prseidential behavior.

A Provisional Typology of Information System Implementation Situations

Author : M. Lynne Markus
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International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

Author : David L. Sills
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A Free Response Approach to Developing Product specific Consumption Situation Taxonomies

Author : Russell W. Belk
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